Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 10

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This is a huge achievement on our Lamborghini Huracan Rebuild! Although we may have failed on a few minor things we managed to keep going and to move along with the process. Follow along and watch as we get this wrecked car back onto the streets!!! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Amora Khorshed

    Amora Khorshed

    3 hours ago

    Good morning from beautiful egypt Keep the fired car sea the burned engine and keep other un burned parts and may be after you finish your lanbo you can sell the rest

  • Whyinem


    2 days ago

    Good work you guys!

  • AbyssWalker240 •

    AbyssWalker240 •

    2 days ago

    I just love Lamborghinis, but I'll never be able to afford the one I want.



    7 days ago

    I think you guy should rebuild the second Huracan.

  • LJ F

    LJ F

    8 days ago

    "It's that dark white..." Say what?!?

  • Fahad Ally

    Fahad Ally

    8 days ago

    why do people put thumbs down here, whats the point

  • Lil_BANG3R_BOY


    12 days ago

    Make a 2 lambo

  • Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo Martinez

    12 days ago

    Send that parts lambo to the recycleparts shop

  • ReDragonDima


    13 days ago


  • Nymph O

    Nymph O

    14 days ago

    Super simple, not a big deal, and thats legit!

  • Alexander N

    Alexander N

    16 days ago


  • c CC

    c CC

    18 days ago

    you take way too long to repair stop talking and work

  • Rick Lake

    Rick Lake

    18 days ago

    I'm sure the Goonzquad knows to disconnect the battery before welding on the vehicle. It could fry the ecm

  • DR T

    DR T

    19 days ago

    the black USB cable looks a bit blackish......... thats legit

  • Vasilis Ellinas

    Vasilis Ellinas

    20 days ago

    i want to join your squad and live with you :) lmao your life is goals my man

  • Topher Bec

    Topher Bec

    21 day ago

    You should watch some USdownload videos on how to weld aluminum.

  • Stay Cool.

    Stay Cool.

    22 days ago

    Woa!!!.....Look at all the cars in their garage...

  • Dewberry DarkSide

    Dewberry DarkSide

    22 days ago

    I just realized i live in the same city as them

  • Mole Man

    Mole Man

    23 days ago

    I wonder if the Chic is watching this

  • Brian Miles Lugsanay

    Brian Miles Lugsanay

    24 days ago

    You know what is legit? making your own design of car and make one 🤘

  • AkSE


    25 days ago

    How much did you pay for the burnt Lamborghini

  • wrxsubaru02


    26 days ago

    Tig welding is pretty hard at first but once you learn it, its like butter and you just get that nice flow going.

  • Jeff Heidbrier

    Jeff Heidbrier

    27 days ago

    Thomas was terrific.

  • Kevin verwey

    Kevin verwey

    28 days ago

    The only channel I'll watch complete ads without skipping to make sure they get that sweet sweet moneyy

  • Martin Nenáhlo

    Martin Nenáhlo

    Month ago

    Tak seš píča???

  • Keith Jobs

    Keith Jobs

    Month ago

    Drops pieces, hits ground.

  • Christer Boysen

    Christer Boysen

    Month ago

  • G R

    G R

    Month ago

    It’s 130 in the morning and I’m super tired but I can’t stop watching

  • Styles40


    Month ago

    and tranny

  • Styles40


    Month ago

    part it out how much for the engine?

  • Mistah Benn

    Mistah Benn

    Month ago

    Fucking retards

  • I V

    I V

    Month ago

    Ohhhh duuuude!!!!!!

  • Michael Gaiser

    Michael Gaiser

    Month ago

    Love the cat and cat shirt, keep the parts.

  • Ben Welles

    Ben Welles

    Month ago

    Sell it to exotic auto reciceling

  • Michael Nickname

    Michael Nickname

    Month ago

    part it. Sell it piece for piece.

  • Flat Foot

    Flat Foot

    Month ago

    Ohhhh DUUUUUDE! Dude, that's epic dude, amazing dude, dude that looks sick dude, dude, that's legit dude. Dude, awesome dude. Kids.

  • Kurt M

    Kurt M

    Month ago

    I challenge you to re-build the parts car :)

  • M Sullivan

    M Sullivan

    Month ago

    A few less DUDES would be a big improvement to your great series.

  • Emory Gaming

    Emory Gaming

    Month ago

    Take apart the parts car

  • Muhammed Ali Inamdar

    Muhammed Ali Inamdar

    Month ago

    I think y’all should strip the parts car down and salvage all the usable parts. It would cut down the maintenance pricing a lot and save a lot of money since you guys do this stuff by yourselves! Kudos

  • Andrew Bewernick

    Andrew Bewernick

    Month ago

    You guys remind me of Phil from Phil's Nails ( money than brains.

  • MathanSaralonde


    Month ago

    Sir I'd say take that engine block and use it to put it in a very small car, like a hyndai i20 or something. I'm sure it will be really fun.

  • oif2combatvet


    Month ago

    Hey Goonzquad, at 1:06 who was up in the rafters?

  • rik foster

    rik foster

    Month ago

    Dude. ............ that's legit. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Super Brit

    Super Brit

    Month ago

    TIG welding is something that takes years to master to professional standards, not something you can learn in a few hours.............

  • Chanse Howe

    Chanse Howe

    Month ago

    welding is an practically an art and aluminum is very hard to weld melts so easily, don't beat your self up over it

  • larryk1978


    Month ago

    It’s all benntup and squiiiiiiiiished!!!

  • fredy


    Month ago

    Oooohhhhhh duuuuude. Siiiiiiiiickkkkkk. Lmao. I feel like they're hilarious getting high with

  • Rolas


    Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 right 🤙

  • Houston Bigfooter

    Houston Bigfooter

    Month ago

    I'm a rig welder and can weld alot of diffrent metals so one channel i know can help you guys out is called welding tips and tricks. Jody is a good teacher and yall can learn alot from him.

  • Jack Jacke

    Jack Jacke

    Month ago

    The parts car y'all should strip for every good part! Personally i'd do the air bag swap myself. Very cool....;

  • Cameron Cook

    Cameron Cook

    Month ago

    7:58 I'm no mechanic, but i think that's called suspension

  • Franklyn Grant

    Franklyn Grant

    Month ago

    I don't care about the 697 dislikes,..... Those are 100 people who clicked here to watch you fellas DOING something while they are WATCHING. PROUD OF YOU GUYS

  • General


    Month ago

    the world need more people like this, that is a awesome work, bring back to life this awesome machine

  • Azza_15149


    Month ago

    make sure you keep the parts im probably to late guess ill find out what you guys did but yeah loving the whole rebuild thing so far

  • Ecks Dee

    Ecks Dee

    Month ago

    Yea tig welding is fucking hard took me almost 30 hours of welding in class to really get it

  • Rain Bitcoins

    Rain Bitcoins

    Month ago

    Don't bother trying to fix that rim... Even if you successfully weld it it would be virtually impossible to get is straight again... Just replace it... I love watching this rebuild guys... Great work

  • aj mckenzie

    aj mckenzie

    Month ago

    I would say take all valuable parts off it and scrap the rest

  • mohammad hossein hodaei

    mohammad hossein hodaei

    Month ago

    @goonzquad I know it's late but you should've swap parts car's other door with main car and paint remaining parts with it's color,because that white is perfect

  • Dhruv Mehta

    Dhruv Mehta

    Month ago

    Now next try fixing a rolls Royce

  • Tre Cardenas

    Tre Cardenas

    Month ago

    what are these guys primary occupation? Or how do they get all the money to purchase and rebuild these cars?

  • Rain Bitcoins

    Rain Bitcoins

    Month ago

    They make their money from USdownload.

  • Jason


    Month ago

    Where did you get the parts car from? And what happened to it that it caught fire?

  • Luis Herrera

    Luis Herrera

    Month ago


  • ryvr madduck

    ryvr madduck

    Month ago

    When someone raises the Titanic you guys could do the rebuild on that ship. Peace.

  • A Banana!!!! Oh no no!!!!

    A Banana!!!! Oh no no!!!!

    Month ago

    Except it will never be raised

  • Ahmad Zia

    Ahmad Zia

    Month ago

    WTF man!!! why are you NOT summing up the whole Process in a Single or a maximum of two Videos?!!!

  • LV sA

    LV sA

    Month ago

    Ahmad Zia because we wanna learn everything they do!

  • Oki_Dingo


    Month ago

    You guys are dangerous. You don’t just buy a tig welder and teach your self real quick.

  • geek nuts

    geek nuts

    Month ago

    disassemble burned Lambo with an impact gun it's going to be fun

  • Seth Lafond

    Seth Lafond

    Month ago

    I would have told the exotic auto wrecker place to come pick the wrecked car up minus all the parts you need to fix the good car and drop off the parts you need fix the good car for the price of the wrecked on that way and they have the hook ups to sell whatever

  • Jackson Pearcy

    Jackson Pearcy

    Month ago

    Turn it into a bed

  • Jackson Pearcy

    Jackson Pearcy

    Month ago

    Repair it

  • James Bretherton

    James Bretherton

    Month ago

    Ok. ❤️⭐️❤️⭐️❤️⭐️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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