Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Huracan Part 11

Howto & Style

This is what we have all been waiting for!!! This Lamborghini build is moving right along and we can't wait to get it on the streets. We are going step by step and making it happen. Be sure to stay tuned and follow along this awesome build. Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Silver Spoon

    Silver Spoon

    18 hours ago

    German Sheperds knows how to be excessively dramatic.

  • Raffia16th Blaze

    Raffia16th Blaze

    Day ago

    safety squints engage

  • Frankiecoast


    Day ago

    You guys are great! Positivity can get you through anything, atleast make a bad situation a lot better! Thanks for sharing, yall!

  • Rev. David

    Rev. David

    2 days ago

    I love that these kids work so well together. Cooperation beats competition every time?

  • Max Hammontree

    Max Hammontree

    3 days ago

    20:57 is it just his accent, or did he say that’s back when we use to do porn n stuff?

  • Logan Emily

    Logan Emily

    3 days ago

    That RC car you got is SUPER LIT. I used to have one back in the day, they came in single cars or car kits. You can buy various bodies, wheels, motors, suspension, and tires for the little ripper and let me tell you them things can drift

  • mark Hayward

    mark Hayward

    3 days ago

    Love the videos the whole process is just amazing u guys rock

  • Mihyar Sallouh

    Mihyar Sallouh

    3 days ago

    the 1st people i saw that really deserve to own a Lamborghini

  • J_King_Namo


    3 days ago

    what is the title soundtrack o 9:30

  • Ali Hawli

    Ali Hawli

    4 days ago

    Qld is Queensland Australia

  • Jeff Dean

    Jeff Dean

    4 days ago

    That one gift for Thomas is from a Steve Bilenkey... is that the legendary custom bicycle builder Steve Bilenkey? His shop is in Philadelphia though if I'm not mistaken. Just a thought. You should look him up if it is him. Great videos. Fun to watch.

  • Daniel Bargas

    Daniel Bargas

    5 days ago

    Puts on a welding jacket but angle grinds inches from his toes

  • Shredder74


    6 days ago

    You have Christmas every day when fed-ex arrives to your garage "all the gifts from your followers 👍🏽"

  • Richard Wright

    Richard Wright

    6 days ago

    any color is amazing when its on a lambo

  • TOTh33_999 Da God

    TOTh33_999 Da God

    6 days ago

    "Oh my gosh" lmao he was so distraught...I bet he thought it was gon break lol

  • Neil Collis

    Neil Collis

    6 days ago

    The overspray removal cloth and scraper was from the city of Rockhampton which is in Queensland Australia

  • Robert Breda

    Robert Breda

    6 days ago

    Dude l am worried you ground all the welds away that car at high speeds cornering and brakeing puts al lot of stress on those parts 🤭

  • Deon Zeelie

    Deon Zeelie

    7 days ago

    I love the fact that you guys are so humble 👊🏻👍🏻 stay awesome

  • Deon Zeelie

    Deon Zeelie

    7 days ago

    Nice fan mail 👌🏻 love the special flag

  • Dark_Baron


    7 days ago

    QLD is Queensland in Australlia

  • serbest meslek

    serbest meslek

    8 days ago

    çok konuşuyon yaa

  • TheKnowledgeThurst


    8 days ago

    Military kill what and whoever they are asked with no questions. I don't support that, they'll do the same to you if ordered. #Fact

  • Benjiboy1962


    8 days ago

    Not sure if you just said "positive battery cable" but you should always disconnect the negative cable. You get less fire that way :)

  • HR2635


    9 days ago

    did you guys bother to check if the frame is straight?... maybe I missed it.. but I dont think I heard you mention that?.. maybe just my old ears ;-)

  • phillip gordon

    phillip gordon

    9 days ago

    HuracAn no O

  • Haidara O

    Haidara O

    9 days ago

    So it's a family tradition to buy wrecked cars

  • MathanSaralonde


    9 days ago

    Wait, Is Canada a country?

  • TyeBoi


    9 days ago

    20:41 was that a spider at the bottom of the screen??

  • Raif


    10 days ago

    20:19 jake paul?

  • bigginhillant


    10 days ago

    well done guys love ya videos keep up ya fantastic projects

  • darkwolf games

    darkwolf games

    10 days ago

    lowkey like the grey/white

  • Simon Media

    Simon Media

    10 days ago

    you guys are awesome!! :)

  • kaulin allen

    kaulin allen

    10 days ago

    Are your parents Russian you mom said hello my son and sounded Russian

  • Daemel Thomas

    Daemel Thomas

    10 days ago

    The only annoying thing is , is when they put parts on then take it all off then put it on again just to add a piece

  • Oakley The Husky

    Oakley The Husky

    12 days ago

    QLD = Australia boyz (Queensland)



    13 days ago

    what's up guys Jason from South Africa love your channel can't wait to see what's next

  • 3rd X

    3rd X

    13 days ago

    Only Young kids can look at the whole back end of a car missing and say "Super close".

  • Tomas Williams

    Tomas Williams

    13 days ago

    Are you guys brothers or just really good friends

  • TurboBass


    13 days ago

    Canadafriend here! We are a country in that we are a country, we are not a country in that we are like the same population as California while being almost as big as the USA land mass wise.

  • Sam Hammett

    Sam Hammett

    13 days ago

    So much admiration for you guys , I'm new to the channel but guys you really do yourselves proud, nice one chaps 🤘🏻

  • monkusbee


    14 days ago

    Very talented!

  • CHTV


    14 days ago

    04:02 your dog is like: NOOOO not more cars in my yard!!!

  • Maddox Epperly

    Maddox Epperly

    14 days ago

    Holy shit that weld is strong

  • chhau123


    15 days ago

    sanding without mask...? you just taken in all the metallic dust

  • Rixstarz


    16 days ago

    Did he say from “Jake Paul” the glasses? That’s s famous fan!!



    17 days ago


  • Vinia Sumaylo

    Vinia Sumaylo

    17 days ago

    Hi Guys! I'm a new subscriber to your channel. I was just curious about this rebuild and now I'm your new fan in Las Vegas. Love how your Goonzquad is a family affair.

  • Andre Lewis

    Andre Lewis

    18 days ago

    Being a veteran, I appreciated that flag. God bless you guys and the family that made it.👍🏽😀

  • Pedro Phil

    Pedro Phil

    18 days ago


  • aCanuckDownunder


    18 days ago

    That letter was from rockhampton qld (queensland) Australia

  • Mitchell Muzza

    Mitchell Muzza

    18 days ago

    Rockhampton Queensland Australia

  • L6901Malice


    19 days ago

    Damn you guys are thorough, respect

  • Jason


    19 days ago

    Your guys' attitudes are great. This is an awesome channel. Awesome work!

  • michael j musgrove

    michael j musgrove

    19 days ago

    I am 76 yrs old and I have watched your channel and I also thank you for not using the lords name in vein , keep up the good work.

  • James Moriarty

    James Moriarty

    20 days ago

    It’s just a Volkswagen should have let it rot

  • Oliver Storbråten

    Oliver Storbråten

    20 days ago

    U suck

  • Giuseppe Figus

    Giuseppe Figus

    20 days ago

    Sei bravo in tutto tranne la saldatura.. come saldatore fai schifo 🙄

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    Iftikhar Mir

    20 days ago

    DUH!!!!! Canada is a country a very big one with way lovely people than anyone else in the world DUDE !!!!

  • geek nuts

    geek nuts

    21 day ago

    socks and sandals optimal Footwear except when Sparks are flying around

  • Zachary Anderson

    Zachary Anderson

    22 days ago

    Man I'm a welder and my bootyhole was puckering the whole time knowing I could do a much better job than you guys if I just lived closer, but good on you for getting it done good enough! Alum is the worst but you guys gave it a good shot and I would say a passable weld for a non pro 😀 PS I would have done all that welding work for free for a ride when it was done haha

  • Jackson Pearcy

    Jackson Pearcy

    22 days ago

    2:01 *puts on a bunch of protection equipment* 2:03 *is in shorts and sandals*

  • Shannon Chuna

    Shannon Chuna

    22 days ago

    am I right? if you don't have the skill set you learn it, to complete the job. i am so impressed good on you. great channel

  • Sergio Dane Luna III

    Sergio Dane Luna III

    22 days ago

    BRO!!! I literally just ordered a Knuckle Buddy bc of this video... but damn that price...

  • adam turchak

    adam turchak

    24 days ago

    I have a 71 AMX javelin id like to restore any ideas??

  • Speeddemon3


    25 days ago

    It is great to finally see the younger generation actually doing things properly and taking pride in your work! Very well done!

  • Rosemary McCammond McCammond

    Rosemary McCammond McCammond

    25 days ago

    Love meeting your parents (on the video). Seems they have gotten the rebuild bug too.

  • Super_john_ 647

    Super_john_ 647

    27 days ago

    In the fan mail I Heard Jake Paul so what??????

  • dropped panda757

    dropped panda757

    27 days ago

    Spray paint the lambo the flag that the car is made in

  • feersty


    27 days ago

    What happened to his PPE through the weld?

  • Philly


    27 days ago

    Can I get a job cleaning up? lmfao just to look at them cars all day

  • Raimondo Mailleur

    Raimondo Mailleur

    29 days ago

    i like what your doing building a car from scrats bud i am expert in alluminium and mor shit it makes me puke if i see that welding on a car with that force

  • Raimondo Mailleur

    Raimondo Mailleur

    29 days ago

    i am an expert in alluminium welding if you cut those bad weldings its gonna cost you life's

  • aaron elsey

    aaron elsey

    Month ago

    You guys do not realize what you have achieved with this channel. Not only are you guys pushing great content but you are showing people that with a little, research and will power, you can achieve the unknown. You are showing the younger generation that it is OK to jump into the unknown and to get your feet wet.



    Month ago

    You make my life so easy . My children are so well behaved after the threat of making them watch all of your you tube channel if they misbehave. May I also add, It sends the dog to sleep nicely .

  • Robert Villa

    Robert Villa

    Month ago

    "Yup, As soon as we put that on it turns into an all wheel drive."🤯 That's crazy.

  • Rosemary McCammond McCammond

    Rosemary McCammond McCammond

    25 days ago

    Brilliant humor!!! That one got to my funny bone too.

  • alek vodka

    alek vodka

    Month ago


  • Dru’s local Lawn care

    Dru’s local Lawn care

    Month ago

    is Canada a country lol yes it is lol

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    Robbert Morgan

    Month ago

    That car is filthy!

  • HypeShoesReview German

    HypeShoesReview German

    Month ago

    I‘m not sure if I would feel safe in this Caro at 250mph

  • Max


    Month ago

    finally!!! Some canada appreciation!!! Lol

  • Brett Meth

    Brett Meth

    Month ago

    Frenchville Rockhampton is in Queensland Australia boys.

  • Arnie


    Month ago

    Totally LEGIT dude. Totally Fucking LEGIT.

  • Pauly Shore

    Pauly Shore

    Month ago

    I popped in b/c it looked kinda interesting now here I am, part 11! Great work and beautiful family btw. Canada is 2nd largest country in the world btw boys.

  • Dre' M.

    Dre' M.

    Month ago

    Don't get me wrong that Lambo is nice as heck but that f250...oh my gosh. I reckon it's just my country roots lol.

  • Maureen Sommerfelt

    Maureen Sommerfelt

    Month ago

    You guys rock!! Please ask Thomas why you guys have not covered the fuel line with a cap or cover with a plastic bottle bottom wrapped with tape or zip tie to seal off vapors from the welding flame.

  • Maureen Sommerfelt

    Maureen Sommerfelt

    Month ago

    How did Thomas the technician not point out your wearing sandals and socks while welding in an industrial area? Guys get you some safety work boots, preferably steel toes, We prefer Dr. Scholes with gel soles built in for comfort! All day comfort and SAFETY for your feet!!!!!!

  • lee jones

    lee jones

    Month ago

    where you live

  • Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez

    Month ago

    are you a redneck?

  • Brian White

    Brian White

    Month ago

    I sure hope you show the cost in dollars and labor hours to get it to completion. Otherwise, what's the point?

  • Kristic


    Month ago

    What are paint tempores or however it’s spelt

  • MT07


    Month ago

    please make a total cost video, I am really curious

  • Rydyfrydy


    Month ago

    At least 3

  • Gabriel Martinez

    Gabriel Martinez

    Month ago

    over 20k forsho

  • Andrew Rose

    Andrew Rose

    Month ago

    Welding with the fuel cap off .and not covered ???

  • Dave Gray

    Dave Gray

    27 days ago

    Whoops! Close call eh!

  • MMKJ


    Month ago

    👍🏻Nice job

  • Reinhard Eder

    Reinhard Eder

    Month ago

    awesome Job!

  • Reinhard Eder

    Reinhard Eder

    Month ago

    Hi Guys ! there is a saying ,....if you have a grinder you do not to be a great welder ......... HAHA ! kidding

  • Milton Mobley

    Milton Mobley

    Month ago

    Im not a welding expert, but I thinks you should use inert gas techniques, e.g. mig or tig to weld aluminum, to prevent inclusion of oxygen in the weld

  • Park Justin

    Park Justin

    Month ago

    tig abomination

  • Rick Matzke

    Rick Matzke

    Month ago

    To Cool,,, for real, lots of respect.

  • Bielecki Jean

    Bielecki Jean

    Month ago

    quand tu soude il faut toujours enlevé la batterie déjà dans les années 85 on me l avais appris au cours de carrosserie soudure lol et si pour certain sa semble bizarre , pour ces années , tu pouvais mettre a mal ,la bobine,vise platiné,fusible,démareur, et ouiii que le temps passe si vite mdr Nous voyons bien que ton métier te tiens a coeur ,, continue tu es très très bon dans se que tu fais l ami cool cool cool

  • Francesco PI

    Francesco PI

    Month ago

    Welding 2 inches far from the gas tank?!



    Month ago

    Worked didn't it???

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