Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate

Sophie Turner clears her name by pointing fingers at co-stars for that coffee cup left in a Game of Thrones scene, teases how painful the finale will be and describes the awkward way she was rigged to fly in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
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Sansa vs. Daenerys: Sophie Turner Blames Emilia Clarke for Game of Thrones Coffee Cup-gate


  • Rezone Rizu

    Rezone Rizu

    2 minutes ago

    Sansa is a bitch

  • Gab


    25 minutes ago


  • merickful


    43 minutes ago

    It's definitely Clark. Her bad acting and the coffee cup have been battling for years. Coffee cup wins.

  • TheAnalv


    46 minutes ago

    She destroyed her hair.

  • Deux té

    Deux té

    50 minutes ago

    She's muscular

  • Subscribeforabsolutelynoreason k

    Subscribeforabsolutelynoreason k

    53 minutes ago

    Mark my words: This marriage will not last.

  • Sum Gui

    Sum Gui

    Hour ago

    Too bad the last season ended on a wet fart.

  • Bella Atkinson

    Bella Atkinson

    Hour ago

    this is so cutee!

  • Jesslyn Olivia Bun

    Jesslyn Olivia Bun

    Hour ago

    Omg when Jimmy said I love your accent and start mimicking accents, i cringed so bad my phone fell down

  • Hessed Martins

    Hessed Martins

    2 hours ago

    Im in love

  • Ole Petter Hvesser

    Ole Petter Hvesser

    2 hours ago

    I think actually Jimmy downplayed X-Men by saying "biggest movie"! I mean, I am pretty sure Endgame, Captain Marvel, Detective Pikachu, Lion King, Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 are all going to be bigger movies

  • Tyne Mijares

    Tyne Mijares

    2 hours ago

    Sophie Turner livin' the dream. Was cast to (possibly) one of the greatest tv shows, married a Jonas brother, part of the X-Men franchise, and an absolutely beautiful lady. Wow.

  • මයියා #

    මයියා #

    3 hours ago

    they fuck g.o.t end

  • Abhyuday Chaturvedi

    Abhyuday Chaturvedi

    4 hours ago

    No !!! We are not crying after last episode ... We are pissed !

  • Mary Kretsu

    Mary Kretsu

    4 hours ago

    The pain level was indeed at a level 10..

  • Hang Haam

    Hang Haam

    5 hours ago

    Didn't know they created those coffee cup long ago

  • Wiremu Herewini

    Wiremu Herewini

    6 hours ago

    The final episode had a shit ending

  • detailsmove


    7 hours ago

    She's mad chill

  • Yi Hsien Tan

    Yi Hsien Tan

    7 hours ago


  • Chris Sean

    Chris Sean

    7 hours ago

    She fine

  • Héctor Loza

    Héctor Loza

    7 hours ago

    "You're in the biggest movie" Didnt know she was on John Wick 3 "You're on the biggest tv show" Was she on breaking bad?

  • The Vegan Twins

    The Vegan Twins

    8 hours ago


  • The Vegan Twins

    The Vegan Twins

    8 hours ago

    Anyone else binging GoT interviews in depression from the finale?

  • Marcilio Ramos

    Marcilio Ramos

    8 hours ago

    The New Cameron diaz

  • Cari Winter

    Cari Winter

    8 hours ago

    I just can't with Sofie Tuner.... could she be more beautiful and charming and funny at the same time?!?

  • Connor Scott

    Connor Scott

    8 hours ago

    The pain scale was right about episode 6

  • Jossué Alejandro Arce Orozco

    Jossué Alejandro Arce Orozco

    8 hours ago

    5:18 I tell you what, you're damn right because I can't believe the fucking shit of ending we see today. Mother fuckers writers of HBO, I can't believe they did something so stupid.

  • searats20


    8 hours ago

    I thought she was like 18 lol. shes married already?

  • Jeffery


    8 hours ago

    2:43 he mad yo

  • bryce helle

    bryce helle

    9 hours ago

    The only reason I’m in the worst pain possible is because how mad I’m at the Wright’s after how bad they ended the show!

  • khushboo raghav

    khushboo raghav

    10 hours ago

    I don't know why i am getting uma thurman vibes

  • Charlie Lee

    Charlie Lee

    10 hours ago

    Can't wait for Arya to discover America 🛥

  • Bethesda Boy

    Bethesda Boy

    11 hours ago

    Go back to ginger.



    11 hours ago

    Bitchass snitch

  • Ryan Ly

    Ryan Ly

    11 hours ago

    Atleast she was honest the finale really was 10/10 painful

  • ncanders47


    13 hours ago

    her new movie looks god awful why would they cast her as a villain

  • Elena Rodríguez

    Elena Rodríguez

    13 hours ago

    Sophie congratulations for your wedding, for the throne, i love you baby!

  • Alena Teague

    Alena Teague

    13 hours ago

    I don't like Sofie Turner

  • Jake Disraeli

    Jake Disraeli

    13 hours ago

    Joe Jonas needs to rethink his wardrobe. Dresses like a retarded clown.

  • Theman Joe

    Theman Joe

    14 hours ago

    “you’re in the biggest movie, Dark Phoenix.” *Kevin Feige does J. Jonah laugh*

  • Fabigail


    15 hours ago

    Fallon is terrible. Sophie Turner did an interview saying she doesn't want people to say her marriage is an accomplishment but to talk about her career instead. Meanwhile Fallon.........

  • Charlotte Headey

    Charlotte Headey

    16 hours ago

    This is too awkward

  • Anthony Himself

    Anthony Himself

    16 hours ago

    It’s the set coordinator and the editor at fault here

  • General Guile

    General Guile

    17 hours ago

    She has a Zionist illuminati pyramid tattoo gg

  • Shane Mane

    Shane Mane

    17 hours ago

    just quit, jimmy

  • Palupi Sri Anggriani

    Palupi Sri Anggriani

    17 hours ago

    yessss she's my Lady!!! ❤

  • Randall Lee

    Randall Lee

    17 hours ago

    Ill never watch that damn show again that ruined it for me 🤢

  • Gamer Airtias

    Gamer Airtias

    18 hours ago

    Jimmy doesn't shut up.

  • Hmmm


    19 hours ago

    she looks slim

  • Lee Seung Ri

    Lee Seung Ri

    19 hours ago

    Daenarys burned up the whole king’s landing😢

  • stan min yoongi

    stan min yoongi

    19 hours ago

    I’m proud to say that she’s my role model ❤️

  • OWellWellWell


    20 hours ago

    Wow, Natalie Dormer used to be best girl but dam Sophie's hot on the heels.

  • gaby juen

    gaby juen

    20 hours ago

    I love her

  • Nennek Colod

    Nennek Colod

    20 hours ago

    I bet it wont be pain but greater disappointment than last weeks episode

  • stephen abernethy

    stephen abernethy

    21 hour ago

    its like game of cups up in here

  • عبدالله الشريف

    عبدالله الشريف

    22 hours ago

    مين هذي 0:43

  • Emma Eire

    Emma Eire

    22 hours ago

    Every American ever... ‘ OMG UR ACCENT I LOVE UR ACCENT ‘ 🙄

  • Jon Ashby

    Jon Ashby

    22 hours ago

    Dark Phoenix for sure ain’t gonna be a big movie. Looks terrible

  • 124mando


    13 hours ago

    Jon Ashby and you can fuck off

  • Jotdan Cobra

    Jotdan Cobra

    22 hours ago

    Shes not all that

  • herFLYness79


    22 hours ago

    I love how tall she is..legs for days! And I'm so use to her characters being red heads. Gotta get use to the blonde.

  • Geek


    22 hours ago

    That dress looks kinda bad on her..

  • Baby T Rex

    Baby T Rex

    22 hours ago

    Sophie Turner is cool, but Sansa is not.

  • Bellamy Blake

    Bellamy Blake

    23 hours ago

    2:03 The way she said "I would love too"😍 I really hope she makes an asmr video. Her voice sounds so relaxing.

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    23 hours ago

    She's ADORABLEEE omgggggggShe's ADORABLEEE omggggggg

  • Yant Chesney

    Yant Chesney

    23 hours ago

    sophie’s energy here is unbeatable, girl in on fire 🔥 😍

  • Kayling05


    Day ago

    I love her, she's so funny. I wanna be friends with her and Maisie

  • El Lobo Argento

    El Lobo Argento

    Day ago

    Great chemistry between these 2.... they should be married

  • rozaki eki

    rozaki eki

    Day ago

    susunyaa mbaaaak

  • Anshul Saraf

    Anshul Saraf

    Day ago

    Jimmy is so freaking cheesy man!!!

  • S M

    S M

    Day ago

    Amazing legs

  • Treasure Forever

    Treasure Forever

    Day ago

    The red jumper 😻😻😻

  • Veer Singh

    Veer Singh

    Day ago

    This is my favorite l love her so much

  • A


    Day ago

    Love sophie, hate sansa.

  • eli wol

    eli wol

    Day ago

    I Love this girl...

  • Ankur Chatterjee

    Ankur Chatterjee

    Day ago

    Alright Detective Pikachu 😂😂

  • amir SMAIL

    amir SMAIL

    Day ago

    Fuck Sansa

  • Rollingo


    Day ago

    Or was it Kit Harrington?

  • Alex Tapisevic

    Alex Tapisevic

    Day ago

    How can someone be so plain and boring... i'm not going to say stupid.. let see how her premature marriage goes...

  • Irene Kelehan

    Irene Kelehan

    Day ago

    C e y Rfy c

  • Najur Zee

    Najur Zee

    Day ago

    sad clowns. in a time where more pple have jobs, off welfare and food stamps. the rich hollywood are self consumed with selfes and twiter. Trump is helping us poor to becum mid class. so f.u. HollyRich. & smoch my buda loving back side. SAD JIMMY, ARE SO SHE SAID

  • tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    Day ago

    Sold to the illuminati... left arm

  • sahand vakilzadeh

    sahand vakilzadeh

    Day ago

    this season of GOT is so bad

  • Aritam Gaur

    Aritam Gaur

    Day ago

    Biggest movie "dark phonix" Avenger endgame: am i a joke to you

  • Liri Quack

    Liri Quack

    Day ago

    She's ADORABLEEE omggggggg

  • Sean Ping

    Sean Ping

    Day ago

    Ugh Game of Groans

  • J K

    J K

    Day ago

    We're already feeling 10 pain cuz the writing for season 8 is so bad...

  • Why Me

    Why Me

    Day ago

    5:13 She's trying to warn us about how bad it's gonna be guys!!

  • Almighty Doflamingo

    Almighty Doflamingo

    Day ago

    Bro I thought it was Sophia Aspen. I’m leaving

  • zabimaru102011


    Day ago

    lets also clear this up, it wasn't a starbucks coffee cup, it was a local coffee house cup in Ireland where they filmed the scene



    Day ago

    she s so beutiful and talented also👌👌👌

  • HorrorHahn


    Day ago

    At that picture at 1:11 Sophie looks like Jennifer Lawrence and when she talks she sounds like Gwendoline Christie there. Is Sophie Turner adapting too much of her co-stars? That's the real question. :D

  • theBabyDead


    Day ago

    Why are they calling everything "gate" these days... It's like how they started saying about EVERYTHING that it 'broke the internet'... So annoying

  • Charles Partrick

    Charles Partrick

    Day ago

    Joe who?

  • Victor Akinmade

    Victor Akinmade

    Day ago

    She’s got 0.0 lips

  • panggop jio

    panggop jio

    Day ago

    Joe Jonas looks like a switch Hitter!

  • Shock Finger

    Shock Finger

    Day ago

    Don’t watch season 8 it fucking sucks D&D are the laziest writers in the world wtf is this gar bage

  • Neal Capuchino

    Neal Capuchino

    Day ago

    sit down limie....begeezus women are fine then they gotta tat their bodies with crap turnoff!!!

  • Sjef S

    Sjef S

    Day ago

    Its a paper joe's coffeecup not starbucks

  • Samantha Margaret

    Samantha Margaret

    Day ago

    Triangle Tattoo...just saying.

  • mikehtv


    Day ago

    "The biggest show game of thrones" *audience claps* "The biggest movie dark Phoenix" *silence*

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