Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Scarlett Johansson is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, and you can catch her as Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame, hitting theaters everywhere on April 26. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the actress joins Sean Evans for the season 8 finale of Hot Ones. As she attempts to jump kick the wings of death, Johansson learns about memes, talks about the best movie-set food, and tries to avoid spoiling Avengers: Endgame. Thanks for another great season, spice lords!
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  • First We Feast

    First We Feast

    8 days ago

    From Gordon Ramsay to Scarlett Johansson, what a season it's been! Thanks for all the support, spice lords. Season recap, more specials, and a brand-new season coming before you can say "this camera, that camera..."

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Emmanuel Rodriguez

    5 hours ago

    But when is Dwayne the rock Johnson coming on the show tho

  • Mustafa Kale

    Mustafa Kale

    9 hours ago

    we need Ryan Reynolds

  • IntelliXun


    10 hours ago

    We enjoy you a lot in China and soon we will have a vs people vs people here with our wings and your sauces, you are awesome people making awesome food and awesome shows. Thanks

  • Docktor Jim

    Docktor Jim

    19 hours ago

    When ScarJo said "hold my hand", you had to be thinking "Maybe I don't need my own late night show. This is working."

  • BuckMinister


    Day ago

    i have next season for you...can you get Dave Grohl, Colin Furze, Adam Savage, John Oliver, Michio Kaku, Peter Fonda, Jeff Daniels, Jim Carry, Willie Nelson, and/or Les Claypool on hot ones please

  • linhD


    Hour ago

    If y'all are able to get BTS on here, I will kneel down and film myself callinf you journalist Gods.

  • Baré Multiplayer

    Baré Multiplayer

    Hour ago

    she was bound to be Black Widow, afterall she was attacked by a giant spider in Eight Legged Freaks♥

  • DrFartBlossom


    Hour ago

    I think I love her

  • deadmeat1240


    Hour ago

    She seems very cool... I like her more now than before.

  • BPMoments


    2 hours ago

    She can hold my hand anyday

  • StillSendingIt


    2 hours ago

    I've been waiting all my life to see this it feels like

  • Darius Bennett

    Darius Bennett

    2 hours ago

    Interesting that she nodded when he asked the Captain America question. Hmm.

  • Trake Haney

    Trake Haney

    2 hours ago

    I like to think about the screaming hot shits she had after she made it home..sweaty forehead and all that

  • Ryan Pottichen

    Ryan Pottichen

    2 hours ago

    Sean, ScarJo had a little twinkle in her eye, not sure if it was for you or from the hot wings.

  • Kenny Laysh

    Kenny Laysh

    2 hours ago

    Scarlett is so adorable in this, lol. "HOLD MY HAND!" hahah. Lucy was an interesting movie, but I didn't know it had a following. Hell, I still watch The Island...I don't care, it's a fun movie, lol.

  • Dan Luckins

    Dan Luckins

    2 hours ago

    fyi sodium benzoate is just a preservative that has no flavor, no worries

  • Ajster1234


    2 hours ago

    I just want Will Smith to do one of these just to say "oh that's hot, that is hot"

  • Nico Damato

    Nico Damato

    2 hours ago

    Sean Fucking Evans shared a glass with Scarlett Johansson. . . fuck you sean fuck you to nowhere and back you son of a bitch. . . love it hahahaha

  • takia26


    2 hours ago

    I like how she went from sweet to like F this question, lol.

  • Gurt McDirt

    Gurt McDirt

    2 hours ago

    Well, that gave me a whole new perspective on her. What a badass.

  • Rene Mendez

    Rene Mendez

    2 hours ago

    Amazing episode!!! Great questions!!! Like wow now this is how a interview needs to be!!! Not that stupid trying to be funny,cringe trying to get clout interview. Y’all got a sub from me! How come I never seen this channel b4?!! This is a great channel!!!

  • Kaz S.

    Kaz S.

    2 hours ago

    you should try to get pete buttigieg or andrew yang on here

  • pleasantcrew


    3 hours ago

    Come on Sean! Shoot your shot!



    3 hours ago

    She's a beast though



    3 hours ago

    He mentioned joji in a scarlet johanson interview

  • Ottee2


    3 hours ago

    I rarely watch this show, but having Scarlett fucking Johansson on is a must see.

  • Arash Koushkebaghi

    Arash Koushkebaghi

    3 hours ago

    YOU LUCKY JERK. YOU HAVE HELD SCARLETTS HAND!!!!! SO JELOUSSSSS.. not hate though. good show :)

  • Justin Smith

    Justin Smith

    3 hours ago

    Preview makes her look like the Brent Rambo meme.

  • Arash Koushkebaghi

    Arash Koushkebaghi

    3 hours ago

    she is so pure. just like I fantasied her in my dream

  • Alex Goebel

    Alex Goebel

    3 hours ago

    Wing 3 or 4, accidentally says "shit", apologized. Past wing 7, "fuck off with this flowery fucking language, this is fucking my shit up"

  • Micha3lA Arts

    Micha3lA Arts

    3 hours ago

    She was so funny 😂 I loved it!!!!

  • Matthew Ray

    Matthew Ray

    3 hours ago

    She so fine

  • TheRickTheKiller


    3 hours ago

    "Shit, sorry" - Scarlett Johansson 11:03 2019

  • Juan Orozco

    Juan Orozco

    3 hours ago

    Should have asked about theory of antman going into thanos butt

  • Shaheer Bashiri

    Shaheer Bashiri

    4 hours ago

    where is will smith

  • Alexis Samarra

    Alexis Samarra

    4 hours ago

    Space Jams i cant even be mad😀

  • Adam Cheklat

    Adam Cheklat

    4 hours ago

    3:56: I bet that when she got to the last sauce, her tongue must feel like the Battle of Berlin!

  • Arthur Tutu

    Arthur Tutu

    4 hours ago

    Prefiro o queimando a língua do jovem nerd

  • Young Vices

    Young Vices

    4 hours ago

    She gave him her drink and he drunk after Scarlet Johansson!

  • William Jackson

    William Jackson

    4 hours ago

    I got an odd feeling that if you're making a pass at Scarlett fucking Johansson, you're gonna need more than the scarf in the fake thumb gag. You had better step that shit up, son!!!

  • Michael Marshall

    Michael Marshall

    4 hours ago

    You need Wim Hof The Iceman on... now.

  • Noho Mosher

    Noho Mosher

    4 hours ago

    Didnt clean her wings

  • Philo16 61

    Philo16 61

    4 hours ago

    Why? WHY? WHHHHHHYYYY???? Scarlett is the bomb(pepper) though!

  • Ian Dellapina

    Ian Dellapina

    4 hours ago

    scarlett is hot and all but if i hear her say space jamZZZ one more time...

  • Treats and Threads youtube

    Treats and Threads youtube

    4 hours ago

    Scarlett Johansson FOR LIFE. or death. Depends on movie. She rocks

  • Keagan rodrigues creative

    Keagan rodrigues creative

    4 hours ago

    Get pewdiepie in hot ones

  • Peter SChweise

    Peter SChweise

    4 hours ago

    Get nardwuar

  • ZAR1N


    4 hours ago

    first time hear her voice, and it`s awful((( sadnes...

  • Mac DaDon

    Mac DaDon

    4 hours ago

    Hot or Spicy ijs

  • hellboundTX333


    4 hours ago

    You guys need to do a vid on how you cook your wings. Fried or BBQ’d? Sauces before or after cooking? THE WORLD MUST KNOW!!!

  • Paul Waller

    Paul Waller

    4 hours ago

    I like to try the wings Tommy Chong had.

  • Joe S

    Joe S

    4 hours ago

    19:55 she should really stop bouncing like that. lol

  • havock1013


    4 hours ago

    Nothing’s hotter than hearing Scarlet ask for a beer!

  • goddess of mischief

    goddess of mischief

    4 hours ago


  • John Kingston

    John Kingston

    4 hours ago

    Scarlett is a bae!!!

  • Robert Bordley

    Robert Bordley

    4 hours ago

    I love how she ruined the one time she said space jam correctly. The pun would’ve been on point too

  • Aldo Lopez

    Aldo Lopez

    4 hours ago

    Holding hands with Scarlett Johansson. Some days in the office are better than other.

  • Crossbreaker91


    4 hours ago

    sarah silverman next pls

  • Darrell Tealer

    Darrell Tealer

    5 hours ago

    Not bad, pal. Basically had a date with Scarlett Johansen, held hands, ate wings, good convo. Not a bad date lol

  • Ry Guy

    Ry Guy

    5 hours ago

    Did she just dip her tongue in a pitcher of water that they were SHARING???!!!

  • Leonie Sta

    Leonie Sta

    5 hours ago

    This was great, thnx!

  • jonny jonjon

    jonny jonjon

    5 hours ago

    I'd eat the same wings that she's had when they come out her arse!!! Dayyymn

  • Su Kitil

    Su Kitil

    5 hours ago

    scarjo boobs oh my god

  • Tim K.

    Tim K.

    5 hours ago

    Scarlett is the best,she is the whole package!!!

  • Deep Andersson

    Deep Andersson

    5 hours ago

    holy shoot i love her, so down to earth eating chicken and drinking beer.

  • Kami Sakura

    Kami Sakura

    5 hours ago

    She is so cute, she should lead mcu not brie 🙄

  • Geraldo Damaso

    Geraldo Damaso

    5 hours ago

    Over the years I'v seen may interviews of Scarlett Johansson. This one has to be the most #REAL interview I have every seen and heard her give. #ThankYou Sean Evans and Thank you Scarlett Johansson

  • TheDBZtler


    5 hours ago

    She is such a delight.

  • famaplay


    5 hours ago

    19:12 there is still channels that censors some words, damn pussyes, learn from Johansson, fuck GZ to the channel xD

  • Marcus David

    Marcus David

    5 hours ago

    Yes, I would love to drink or eat after Scarlett. My God. 😍😍

  • Friendly Potato

    Friendly Potato

    5 hours ago

    15:28 Oh my

  • axecalliber


    5 hours ago

    @14:37 Is it just me or is he indirectly telling Scarlett he wants to bang her??......... .. ...... ............. ................... Yup.... he definitely wants to bang her, never seen a magician stuff a piece of clothe like that with so much aggression.

  • Michael Matthews

    Michael Matthews

    5 hours ago

    Make! More! Hotsauce!

  • Louden Brickley

    Louden Brickley

    5 hours ago

    I kinda want Tom Holland on here but I also dont want spoilers

  • John Wayne

    John Wayne

    5 hours ago

    It’s comforting to know even millionaire celebrity’s have burning ass holes

  • Raine Sindicich

    Raine Sindicich

    5 hours ago

    Scarlett dropping f bombs makes my pants tight

  • since1876


    5 hours ago

    15:35 story of my life: "I don't wanna swallow!"

  • FuzzyDancingBear


    5 hours ago


  • Gabriel


    5 hours ago

    PLEASE PLEASE do one with Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber !!!

  • SESHskeleton


    5 hours ago

    She's awesome

  • Nicolás Alejandro Larenas Lolas

    Nicolás Alejandro Larenas Lolas

    5 hours ago

    do you guys deliver to Chile?

  • Catarina Ja

    Catarina Ja

    5 hours ago

    You should call BTS' RM ^^

  • QuantumQuasar


    6 hours ago

    This dude is a pro, and a gentleman. He kept his cool and didnt go full creeper when SJ asked for his hand. I would have forgot my name, my girlfriends name and the name of the show. Lol

  • danielson055


    6 hours ago

    She seems pretty normal and cool. What a champ!

  • keepmelovely com

    keepmelovely com

    6 hours ago

    Sean, "fletcher" next season

  • Hussain Ali

    Hussain Ali

    6 hours ago

    You know water is worst choice for hot wings

  • Roadrage 1263

    Roadrage 1263

    6 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but I can't stop thinking about how bad Scarlett Johanssons beautiful asshole is going to be burning tomorrow.

  • jero toro

    jero toro

    6 hours ago

    bring zlatan to the show

  • John Mitchell

    John Mitchell

    6 hours ago

    Look at all the douchebag presenters on tv, then look at how good Sean is.

  • Frank Van Rijn

    Frank Van Rijn

    6 hours ago

    Finally... a really, really hot one... lol!

  • LaughingMan


    6 hours ago

    The fuck is a "Flower Film"?

  • Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones

    6 hours ago

    Her personality is so great! She kinda reminds me of a female Mr. Peanutbutter.

  • antkk1998


    6 hours ago

    She is one of the most gorgeous woman I have ever laid eyes on. She’s a perfect 10 and then some

  • Timothy Nordgren

    Timothy Nordgren

    6 hours ago

    16:33 she starts her mating call and dance.

  • Esporcs K

    Esporcs K

    6 hours ago

    She's so sweet and chill like the opposite of Brie Larson

  • Tom Tennant

    Tom Tennant

    6 hours ago

    The best #Avengers promo stop of all time. Who doesn't want to have a beer with ScarJo now? (Oh, and it's Northeast Ohio [Cleveland] and not Southwest Ohio for both "Avengers" and "Captain America: Winter Soldier").

  • ExcessiveHandshakes


    7 hours ago

    Bring trump on here so we can watch him cry and suffer plz

  • Lillian Swaim

    Lillian Swaim

    7 hours ago

    I love how real she is! And she actually went as hot as she actually can! Most don't go too hot! She did! she's just too hot! Even though she made a silly comment about 'bad sounding' ingredients

  • max odgaard

    max odgaard

    7 hours ago

    She is HOT as hell..... and cute too...........

  • Jobel Usi

    Jobel Usi

    7 hours ago

    Her attitude is so much better than Brie Larson’s 🙂

  • Filberto Vandette

    Filberto Vandette

    7 hours ago

    Captain America sauce confirmed

  • 9YO spongebob

    9YO spongebob

    7 hours ago

    Id like to watch will smith here He would say "oahohhoo thats hot thats hot"

  • dachi mtiulishvili

    dachi mtiulishvili

    7 hours ago

    i just want likes on my comment

  • OutlawzGhost


    7 hours ago

    Ive always liked Scarlett Johansson, but she is a much cooler person than I thought. This was a good interview.

  • breveR TV

    breveR TV

    7 hours ago

    Stop being flowery, just tell me what the fuck to expect.- Scarjo 2019

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