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Shannon Sharpe: 'The Steelers lost huge' in trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED


Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless reacts to Antonio Brown being traded to the Oakland Raiders. Hear why Shannon believes the Pittsburgh Steelers lost this trade by not receiving at least a first round pick in return.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe: 'The Steelers lost huge' in trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    12 days ago

    Raiders or Steelers - Who won the trade for Antonio Brown?



    8 days ago

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED tell skip to put is cowboys jersey back in the trash

  • TJ 52

    TJ 52

    8 days ago

    Raiders obviously

  • Jabari Thomas

    Jabari Thomas

    9 days ago

    Pittsburgh Steelers gave up Antonio Brown for free they should have called Carolina at least they would have received a second round pick.

  • b5150b2012


    10 days ago

    Julian Smith on top of that cooper was getting locked up you must forgot the corners that was in the afc west Hayward, Peters, Harris, I said you must not watch football...the only decent corner that he will have to play against in the nfc east is Norman and he on a decline.

  • Pancho Villa

    Pancho Villa

    Hour ago

    Is skip on drugs???? Amari cooper makes plays ? Maybe if you in the circus 🎪 balls 🏈 bouncing off your face mask 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Outlaw89


    3 days ago

    Skip gonna be a sad Cowgirls fan once Amari Cooper's alter ego, "Butterfingers" comes out and play.

  • Jorge Pavon

    Jorge Pavon

    4 days ago

    The true goat of the NFL for wide receivers is Julio Jones #RISEUP

  • bobsjess


    4 days ago

    For some reason the steelers still find virtually unknown recievers and turn them into super stars so i dont think they are worried

  • Will Stephens

    Will Stephens

    5 days ago

    you can trust Coop to drop balls

  • onshawntae milo

    onshawntae milo

    6 days ago

    Skip bayless as wrong as usual lol I have never seen an Sports Analyst , who is always wrong , how this man even has an job lol Wow!!!

  • Sandy Stevens

    Sandy Stevens

    7 days ago

    Amari Cooper can’t shine Antonio’s shoes 😂😂😂😂

  • Heriberto Santiago

    Heriberto Santiago

    7 days ago

    Antonio Brown looks way better on the steelers uniform...

  • Falcon


    7 days ago

    Amari over AB any day.

  • Daniel Gavin

    Daniel Gavin

    7 days ago

    I can't stand Shannon most times but today he made a little sense. Skip saying AC was better than AB? huh? AC didn't start catching balls until Dallas. Skip is just going off of AB's antics to get out of Pitt. It's clear he doesn't like AB because of that. John Gruden didn't let the pressure get to him... he actually ended up with lots of draft picks and more cap, that's why he's doing this, because he can. When you are the media and you don't have full grasp of everything, DON"T COMMENT! ... Kellerman, S. A. Smith and Skippy. Don't go away mad, just go away!

  • Welton Murray

    Welton Murray

    7 days ago

    John Gruden only won a super bowl with a team Tony Dungy built he isn't that good of a coach.

  • Ephesians 5:11

    Ephesians 5:11

    8 days ago

    A solid O-line & RB/P Jordan Berry is all the 2019 Steelers will need - ground & pound baby! A talking parrot for Colbert & Omar Epps for Tomlin...only (entertainment) business, nothin personal.

  • Guy VanBuren

    Guy VanBuren

    8 days ago

    Tonkin will be out next year

  • J.D. Hague

    J.D. Hague

    8 days ago

    As a lifelong Raider fan I trust Amari Cooper to drop passes and come up small in most situations.



    8 days ago

    ill take juju or julio over ab

  • Nikki Jackson

    Nikki Jackson

    8 days ago

    Lmao, The raiders can't even pass the ball. Look at odel Beckham with the formal Giants .AB just gonna get his money and retire early.

  • Bb Thompson

    Bb Thompson

    8 days ago

    Thats an interesting tie shannon has on.

  • Sarah


    8 days ago

    Steelers LOSE...…….Raiders WIN...……...yayayayayayayayyaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daryl Cray

    Daryl Cray

    8 days ago

    People are saying Steelers lost however we have ten picks!!!! Which will be utilized to fill team needs and although cheap moves Wr Moncrief DB Nelson solid add on guys

  • Brandoe Breeson

    Brandoe Breeson

    8 days ago

    am i the only 1 who skips skips part?

  • Aaron


    6 days ago

    1 minute in and I'm considering it. He reminds me of the ball boys that never touched a football in his life other than to hand it to a ref.

  • kenchun24


    8 days ago

    Lol let me fix it for you Skip "I'll take sad face, drops the ball, gets punked on the field by Pacman, Talib & Peters his whole career as a Raider (and a little as a Cowboy) super inconsistent, beta Amari Cooper over ALL PRO, ALL WORLD, ALPHA ANTONIO BROWN!"...yeah right. Shannon 100% won this one over goofy Skip's rebuttal.

  • Charles Woke

    Charles Woke

    9 days ago

    The Steelers don't have Bell & Brown anymore :/ Their two top rated players are gone

  • Marshawn TV

    Marshawn TV

    9 days ago

    Bron need to have shannon on the shop

  • Nick Covillon

    Nick Covillon

    9 days ago

    AB has more touch downs in 2018 than Cooper had in all of 2017 and 2018 combined. Cooper has also lead the NFL in dropped pass rate, twice in 2015 and 2017 "Wrote Scott Barrett of PFF: “Cooper led the league in drops (18) and drop rate (20.0 percent) in his rookie season (2015), but then seemed to get past the issue in 2016, dropping only four passes. In 2017, Cooper again led the league in drop rate (17.2 percent). Not only are these numbers bad, but they’re historically bad. Since 2007, there have only been three players to see at least 100 targets and post a drop rate of 17 percent or worse: Braylon Edwards (2007 and 2008), Greg Little (2011) and Cooper (2015 and 2017).”" But yeah, sure take Amari over AB...

  • Guido Sarduche

    Guido Sarduche

    9 days ago

    Shannon has gone from sharp tongue as a player to mumbo jumbo as a commentator.

  • Legendary Tony

    Legendary Tony

    9 days ago

    AB pimped the Steelers out lmfaoo

  • Giants Fan12

    Giants Fan12

    9 days ago

    just like hockey all the nfl players are gonna wanna play in vegas cause no state tax

  • Sean Lutke

    Sean Lutke

    9 days ago

    AB that Dude!

  • John Bravo

    John Bravo

    9 days ago

    Getting rid of a team cancer is never a loss.

  • Marcus Burnett

    Marcus Burnett

    9 days ago

    Owner get rid of players...all is good Player leaves team....all is not good Double Standard much

  • George Is Straight Elite

    George Is Straight Elite

    9 days ago

    We will be fine. I don’t care what nobody says.

  • vanta J

    vanta J

    9 days ago

    So what do we say if ab acts like he was acting with the Steelers with raiders throwing fits ?

  • Fraser Simpson

    Fraser Simpson

    9 days ago

    Steelers got a 3rd and a 5th but they also got rid of AB. Three plusses. Only drawback is the 21mil dead space.

  • Patrick Fouhy

    Patrick Fouhy

    9 days ago

    Skip, you are an absolute fool if you'd take Cooper of AB. Amari Cooper is soft. He's a solid route runner, with average hands. How has he done for your Cowboys? He had a few good games, then he went back to being the ghost that he was in Oakland.

  • T Hunter

    T Hunter

    10 days ago

    😂😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Skip

  • KingRod


    10 days ago

    top 3 wr. julio ab odell , what do dhop do better than odell ???? tell me

  • KingRod


    10 days ago

    don't say catchin cause thats false

  • John Arch

    John Arch

    10 days ago

    I get what Skip is saying about him only Cooper but he’s not even close to a B talent Nor is Odell for that matter by simple numbers

  • Jcrow275


    10 days ago

    Steelers lost sorry skip 🤣🤣🤣

  • Handsome Devil

    Handsome Devil

    10 days ago


  • Big Mo Thompson

    Big Mo Thompson

    10 days ago

    Shay Shay better look at Michael Thomas numbers the last 4 seasons. #cantguardmike

  • Maniac Rider

    Maniac Rider

    10 days ago

    Wide receivers are easy to find. Good riddance to the cancer

  • AestheticsisLife


    10 days ago

    I like how everyone thinks taking Amari over AB is so ludicrous but it really isn’t. AB is a locker room cancer and cares more about himself than the team. Amari has never been associated as a bad teammate and has been respected by all. AB is also a 30 year old wide receiver whereas Amari is merely 24 years old. Amari hasn’t even entered his prime and already has 3 Pro Bowls to his name as AB begins his physical decline. AB is also demanding an absurd amount of money and you’ll be salary cap restricted from improving your team for years to come as you continue to up your pay for a declining asset. So taking Amari over AB isn’t crazy at all. I wouldn’t be the least surprised seeing AB on the sidelines next year screaming at Gruden or Derek Carr as they are getting clobbered😂

  • Friedberg Blender

    Friedberg Blender

    10 days ago

    Cleveland No way that either of them has a bad thing to say about what Cleveland has done so far this off season

  • Friedberg Blender

    Friedberg Blender

    10 days ago

    AB is old news now... Cleveland is the conversation

  • Ron Jon

    Ron Jon

    10 days ago

    Skip you a fool for this one. Need to change that name to Trip.

  • Marine Brat Buschard

    Marine Brat Buschard

    10 days ago

    F***k yes the Raiders came up with the money for AB! Hope he gets what he wants.....You will be missed AB

  • Chris Harper

    Chris Harper

    10 days ago

    Didn’t longshot have Brown traded to the raiders...

  • Chris Yeah

    Chris Yeah

    10 days ago

    @1:30 "Stop playing Skip Bayless." Lol

  • J A

    J A

    10 days ago

    I live in Vegas and it true almost about 15.000 Raider fans out here no lie there a lot of raider stores and skip said its true there is a size Chucky bill board

  • Moss 590A1

    Moss 590A1

    10 days ago

    Sometimes its not about a player's stats but rather how toxic or positive his energy is with other teammates

  • xSM0K3Yx


    10 days ago


  • The NERO

    The NERO

    10 days ago

    Skip just said Amari Cooper better than AB, somebody please fire him...

  • The NERO

    The NERO

    10 days ago

    Brown to the Bay, OBJ to the Browns. wait what the fu...

  • Luna Serene

    Luna Serene

    10 days ago

    Does he know he’s a meme?😆

  • EL Guero

    EL Guero

    10 days ago

    Shannon won this round by a long shot

  • Randy Ayo

    Randy Ayo

    10 days ago

    They got rid of a loud mouthed idiot with speed....

  • Dion


    10 days ago

    That ain’t no problem. That ain’t no problem. That ain’t no problem.

  • islandbee


    10 days ago

    If the Steelers end up somehow getting 2 mega talents from these draft picks, then they won. Time will only tell.

  • Jordan A

    Jordan A

    10 days ago

    Raiders won the trade

  • BattleChief8418


    10 days ago

    Steelers are my team man all my life that’s all I knew in football. Trying to be like Troy P. And trying to be like Hines W. AB is a great player! But idk man maybe it’s better we get rid of someone who may just hold out like Le’Veon but I’d rather keep the running back then a WR. And plus JuJu is a beast so we didn’t really lose skill

  • Flakez Justin

    Flakez Justin

    10 days ago

    I understand the trade but for 3rd and 5th round picks..... why

  • Tiffany Lewis

    Tiffany Lewis

    10 days ago

    Ok so the coach tells the player to follow Ben's lead. He's the captain if not Ben then who?

  • Khalil Ali

    Khalil Ali

    10 days ago

    Steelers got bent over

  • Hockeygod98


    10 days ago

    I can't wait to hear what all the pro bono AB apologists have to say the first time he throws a tantrum on the sidelines, and gets in the face of Carr and/or Gruden.

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance

    10 days ago

    Hello, Humans. There is a place that doesn't have sand or water. A place that allows you to manipulate the very fabric of reality. Nothing can prepare you for the unknown. The water and sand throughout the universe will create life. That life will end, in order to create more sand and water. Sometimes in life.... TERRANCE OUT

  • Carson Davis

    Carson Davis

    10 days ago

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved

  • Bernando Turner

    Bernando Turner

    10 days ago

    This is only about the Raiders! Noone else! Antonio Brown! Got tired of them cold winters in the summer time in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!😀

  • Billy Smith

    Billy Smith

    10 days ago

    Nice to see a segment of this show that isn’t about LeBron James or the lakers...I’m a lakers fan but sheesh that gets old

  • mrsaxplayer 23

    mrsaxplayer 23

    10 days ago

    I feel bad for amari cooper tho, he had nothing to do with this trade. He was mad happy in Oakland 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Daniel Madden

    Daniel Madden

    10 days ago

    Raiders need a team so feared, that will turn circus clowns back into Raider nation.

  • Goofy Dog

    Goofy Dog

    10 days ago

    good riddens to AB.........too much drama and showboating.

  • Battlefielding


    10 days ago


  • Jake Hawkins

    Jake Hawkins

    10 days ago

    Notice how two snakes went to Oakland.🤔🤭

  • EJ Gonzalez

    EJ Gonzalez

    10 days ago

    Cooper over Brown !!! You lost your credibility Skip and your mind..... Bias 🤠 cowboy fan lol.

  • EJ Gonzalez

    EJ Gonzalez

    10 days ago

    Skip Bayless is shameless 🤣 Brown isn't just a receiver he is the best receiver and a top ten or five player. Shut up Skippy lmao 🤣

  • James Wicker

    James Wicker

    10 days ago

    Wow this guys a detective lol

  • ShrekLiveActionMovie420


    10 days ago

    Yuck it people AB finna realize Big Ben made him Amari in a better position

  • Wafilawad  Wafilawad

    Wafilawad Wafilawad

    10 days ago


  • Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek

    10 days ago

    This was ALWAYS only about the money. Brown just manipulated the situation over social media to make others look bad. I’d be willing to bet that there was no real problem with Brown and Ben or Tomlin that couldn’t have been talked through over a few beers. He just blew it way out of proportion to make it seem there were reasons that weren’t money. That’s probably why Rooney flat out said that a trade was the best option. He wasn’t giving in to Brown’s posturing for more money.

  • Idiotic Explosion

    Idiotic Explosion

    10 days ago

    "Everyone Disliked That"



    10 days ago

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  • Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek

    10 days ago

    Why does everyone give Brown a free pass for throwing Ben R under the bus to the media after the third game of this past season? A reporter asked AB about not having a 100 yard receiving game after three games. AB said “I don’t know what to tell you. Go watch the tapes, I can’t throw the ball to myself”. He flat out blamed Ben R for it to the media. Why does that always get left out?

  • J T

    J T

    10 days ago

    Steelers won! AB is gone!

  • John


    10 days ago

    Makes me so happy to see the Steelers implode

  • justin sakamoto

    justin sakamoto

    10 days ago

    Minus the fumble against the saints game. Juju has been more clutch. Two difficult catches against jags, huge touchdown against Denver and great game against raiders. And if you never noticed, AB only celebrates with his team when he scores. If anyone else scores he just heads to the sidelind

  • Neville Evergreens

    Neville Evergreens

    11 days ago

    Skip Bayless this for you! 1) cooper has had the most drops in the NFL since he came to the league 2) since he took his talents to Arlington he has had 2 100 yard games and 6 games of less than 50 yards 3) stop lying to the American public you know good and damn well cooper is NOT on AB level! 4) AB has 6 straight seasons of 100 catches and 1200 yards nuff said!

  • Brandon Infante

    Brandon Infante

    11 days ago

    He has a point......

  • Luz Ávila

    Luz Ávila

    11 days ago

    Aprende Ingles gratis suscribete Al canal Engvid with Alex.

  • Wayne Josey

    Wayne Josey

    11 days ago

    Should the raiders trade the 24th and 27th for odell?



    11 days ago

    That's so disputed.

  • Max Zamora

    Max Zamora

    11 days ago

    Mark my words everybody in the entire USdownload community Antonio Brown will be injured on his debut year with the Raiders guaranteed this is not a wish or hoping call it what you want karma ..!!!!!---/watch and see

  • AR


    11 days ago

    Trading a cheater

  • Government Duck

    Government Duck

    11 days ago

    AB is in his prime and is going to destroy with the raiders

  • Deja Voodoo

    Deja Voodoo

    11 days ago

    How many rings do the top 3 WRs have? That’s what I thought. Keep playing for the Pro Bowl boys.

  • George Is Straight Elite

    George Is Straight Elite

    9 days ago

    Thank you.

  • Cayde


    11 days ago

    Steelers had a cancerous tumor removed.

  • ricky worthington

    ricky worthington

    11 days ago

    9:51 Sorry what? You can trust Amari Cooper? You can trust the guy who has had more dropped balls than 98% of receivers since 2015? OK then lol.

  • Kevin Espinoza G

    Kevin Espinoza G

    11 days ago


  • YaKuZa moon.

    YaKuZa moon.

    11 days ago

    AB is a Gruden Grinder now

  • Matthew Wilkins

    Matthew Wilkins

    11 days ago

    This is the JU JU smith era now

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