The Sidemen take on the toughest strength test they've ever had to face, Who do you think is the strongest Sideman?
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  • Ellis Martin

    Ellis Martin

    51 minute ago

    Who else thinks jjs ego is so bad

  • Master Rambo

    Master Rambo

    Hour ago

    Who else felt the back pain when they were doing the deadlifts,

  • NNS 12

    NNS 12

    Hour ago

    4 MINUTE PLANK!?!? I’m lucky if I make it to 30 seconds

  • SyroKing YT

    SyroKing YT

    2 hours ago


  • kaien and the wolf

    kaien and the wolf

    2 hours ago

    JJ got 180 that is the weight of is forehead

  • Rowan DixonSmith

    Rowan DixonSmith

    2 hours ago

    when they bench they should tuck there elbows in, makes it more differcult

  • Chris Dilly

    Chris Dilly

    4 hours ago

    Simon seems to get out of a lot of these challenges

  • Chris Dilly

    Chris Dilly

    4 hours ago

    10000 calorie challenge=food poisoning and this one =broken arm😑😑

  • iKnoxy


    5 hours ago

    253 pounds isn’t that much

  • Omtixninja


    5 hours ago

    17:53 we can't ignore Tobi getting rejected

  • Jdogg-TheSnipe


    7 hours ago

    I fcuking hate ethan

  • Zinzz altunc

    Zinzz altunc

    7 hours ago

    Tobi looked like the hunchback while planking

  • Hugo Franco

    Hugo Franco

    9 hours ago

    I don’t get why people like KSi so much he’s just a jerk he thinks that he is better than everybody 😡

  • Brodie Nottle

    Brodie Nottle

    9 hours ago

    Did no one worn JJ your meant to wear black

  • JacobFilms Stuff

    JacobFilms Stuff

    9 hours ago

    There is no way KSI weighs 99 pounds

  • Bow •

    Bow •

    14 hours ago

    7:26 lmfao

  • Cameron Days

    Cameron Days

    14 hours ago

    115kg that it??????? Lol. Try pushing 310 pounds

  • Edy Cervantes

    Edy Cervantes

    15 hours ago

    Only the black people won

  • Just Another Day

    Just Another Day

    16 hours ago

    Wow pretty low bar for strength for the sidemen

  • Oskarr Szymczak

    Oskarr Szymczak

    16 hours ago

    I'm asking because he is a rapest

  • Oskarr Szymczak

    Oskarr Szymczak

    16 hours ago

    How likes ksi

  • Matthew Kanaylo

    Matthew Kanaylo

    17 hours ago

    My older brother can bench press 160 kg, and he’s only 17.

  • murtazaplayz


    18 hours ago


  • TheTheHotgun


    18 hours ago

    where is the damn squat

  • Destiny Agbagwu

    Destiny Agbagwu

    19 hours ago

    Pause at 4:33 I have never seen a more chaped lip in my life 😂😂 jk much love for u jj

  • RanSacc the AwesoMe possum

    RanSacc the AwesoMe possum

    23 hours ago

    This is just sad

  • Liam Games 9000

    Liam Games 9000

    23 hours ago

    *Before the video* Tobi,Josh,Vik,Simon and Ethan altogether Ethan: Let's all wear black and not tell JJ and Harry

  • ThatGuy


    Day ago


  • OutGrown


    Day ago

    Y only black man win discrimination

  • ApeX _924

    ApeX _924

    Day ago

    My record at the last challenge is 6:30 min

  • H.G WT

    H.G WT

    Day ago

    My brother (how is 15) can lift 100kg

  • Kevin Ataalla

    Kevin Ataalla

    Day ago

    17:50 tobi just got rejected so hard by josh

  • George Bonnet

    George Bonnet

    Day ago

    Why weren’t they wearing belts for the deadlift

  • War_ Josh _

    War_ Josh _

    10 hours ago

    Belts are for people with weak cores

  • William !

    William !

    Day ago

    Is it bad that I can do more than chin-ups then all the sidemen and I am only 12

  • Reyna Ramirez

    Reyna Ramirez

    Day ago

    He trying to twerk

  • Mirza singgih

    Mirza singgih

    Day ago

    Ksi is actually really strong

  • CrackedSnipesYT


    Day ago

    Who else was using google calculator to convert kgs to pounds lol

  • Jrmints


    Day ago

    Get Brian Shaw in there and do a 2.0

  • _datgrizzlybear_


    Day ago

    It hurts my back when some of them deadlift

  • Theginger1 Adam

    Theginger1 Adam

    Day ago

    11:24 look at Ethan he got a twitch? I’m investigating in this ting

  • Ottoman Emperer

    Ottoman Emperer

    Day ago

    Didnt they do a plank contest 2016 and it was N/A? Correct me if im wrong but i think they did

  • DrippWaves


    Day ago

    love how the trainer doesn't say anything about them not touching bar to chest

  • 1Million Subcribers

    1Million Subcribers

    Day ago

    toby is so skinny

  • rupa rabeya

    rupa rabeya

    Day ago

    dont were headphones in this video please

  • Daniel Torp Søgaard

    Daniel Torp Søgaard

    Day ago

    I have relly underrated Harry

  • Lucas Hurtado

    Lucas Hurtado

    Day ago

    Bro all that is light weight



    Day ago

    British man takes a Belgian girl to an American shooting range and shoots a Malaysian gun

  • Roberts Gaming

    Roberts Gaming

    Day ago

    I can pull up 45 times

  • Andrew Vosburgh

    Andrew Vosburgh

    Day ago

    Whoever that guy in the red shirt is he’s so annoying

  • Andrew Vosburgh

    Andrew Vosburgh

    Day ago

    I don’t even know who these people are

  • NiceTry Kidd0

    NiceTry Kidd0

    2 days ago

    Who else lowkey came here for the intro😂

  • Jess Hardin

    Jess Hardin

    2 days ago

    Holy crap I am way younger than KSI and I way like 20 more pounds than him

  • Josh Lowe

    Josh Lowe

    2 days ago

    1:58 ‘bit wonky’

  • Zakariya Khan

    Zakariya Khan

    2 days ago

    I didn’t subscribe because I was already subscribed.. (;

  • Z Money

    Z Money

    2 days ago

    115kg This is nearly two tobi’s

  • Areeb Qidwai

    Areeb Qidwai

    2 days ago

    28:47 what song is that

  • Football Analytics

    Football Analytics

    2 days ago

    28:35 I thought “Toby is dead”

  • monhal


    2 days ago

    27:28 Harry ahh no

  • bernburg hotel

    bernburg hotel

    2 days ago

    ksi his face xD 18:58

  • Omsai Brahmbhatt

    Omsai Brahmbhatt

    2 days ago

    Anyone else notice how Ethan said it’s 2 eze like donny Jones does when he speaks of montel??? No just me

  • Daniel Bloomfield

    Daniel Bloomfield

    2 days ago

    I could’ve beat KSi in the deadlift

  • Alicia Hardwick

    Alicia Hardwick

    2 days ago

    i would like to see this video animated tbh

  • Limitless Trading

    Limitless Trading

    3 days ago

    KSI - Not bad at all bro... 👍

  • Hdhihdjs Oajsnnd

    Hdhihdjs Oajsnnd

    3 days ago

    Considering they have no jobs I suppose they did ok

  • John Doyle

    John Doyle

    3 days ago

    I would like to see their bench press of reps of 10

  • Petrus Voutilainen

    Petrus Voutilainen

    3 days ago

    Tobi:breathes Ethan: THAT LOW BODY FAT

  • RH


    3 days ago

    Fernando Torres left football and became a fitness coach?

  • San Dan

    San Dan

    3 days ago

    8:35 Tobi lifts jj with so ez

  • David Anderson

    David Anderson

    3 days ago

    why am i 13 and weigh more than ksi??? oh ya and im skinny wtf

  • Lauren Ashley

    Lauren Ashley

    3 days ago

    The noises harry makes every time

  • real waris

    real waris

    3 days ago

    Good to see Fernando Torres into fitness coaching 🤧

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