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Slipknot - Unsainted [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


Directed by M. Shawn Crahan
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Oh, I’ll never kill myself to save my soul/I was gone but how was I to know?
I didn’t come this far to sink so low/I’m finally holding on to letting go

I’m just weathering a rough patch… another villain with an itch to scratch
Denial is the darkest when you live in a hole
Why does the Hell make you feel so cold?
Make a move and you pay for it/Pick a Lord and you pray to it
You’re so demanding when you want the truth, but your stories don’t read for me
Oh, I’ll never kill myself to save my soul/I was gone but how was I to know?
I didn’t come this far to sink so low/I’m finally holding on to letting go

Indecision Overload/Keep a buckle on the Devil and your eyes on the road
Reaching out for the hand of God, but did you Think- You’d- Shake- Your- Own?
This Killing Field is all grown over- the Motherfucker wants it wild
Go sew your oats in alphabetical order/the Anti-Antagonist is back- in- style
MYOPIC/Cannot See Straight/DYSTOPIC/One Sin Too Late
You got to lie if you want to believe, but your Bibles don’t work on me
Oh, I’ll never kill myself to save my soul/I was gone but how was I to know?
I didn’t come this far to sink so low/I’m finally holding on to letting… GO

Did you think you could win? And fill me in?
Did you think you could do it again? I’m not your sin
I was all that you wanted and more- but you didn’t want me
I was more than you thought I could be
So I’m setting you free- I’m setting you free

You’ve Killed The Saint In Me
How Dare You Martyr Me
You’ve Killed The Saint In Me

Oh, I’ll never kill myself to save my soul/I was gone but how was I to know?
I didn’t come this far to sink so low/I’m finally holding on to letting go

You’ve Killed The Saint In Me/How Dare You Martyr Me
You’ve Killed The Saint In Me/How Dare You Martyr Me


  • Slipknot


    Month ago

    WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND New Album August 9 Pre-order & Watch "Unsainted" | #WeAreNotYourKind

  • Curt Withrow

    Curt Withrow

    10 days ago


  • Dot Van horn

    Dot Van horn

    10 days ago

    Can’t wait for the new album to drop. Definitely buying

  • Vencent Valentame

    Vencent Valentame

    19 days ago

    500 kjk

  • Noah Ramirez

    Noah Ramirez

    21 day ago

    4:03 Me walking out of the courthouse after paying off a parking ticket and see another one on my wind sheild 500TH REPLYYYY

  • Comics__ Gamers

    Comics__ Gamers

    26 days ago


  • Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    Faithless Humanity [Official Band]

    3 minutes ago

    1:53 - Not Talking About The Mask, But what's that Upside Down Pointy Building on The Side of His Face For?



    15 minutes ago

    Смотришь это, и понимаешь, как же они круты

  • Jonah Swayzer

    Jonah Swayzer

    18 minutes ago


  • Nuno Sampaio

    Nuno Sampaio

    30 minutes ago

    This is problably the worst video clip i saw in my life

  • pakaco pa

    pakaco pa

    34 minutes ago

    Love slipknot

  • Tontsuli


    37 minutes ago

    FIRST Tuuli

  • Nome Sobrenome

    Nome Sobrenome

    Hour ago

    not that great without crish fehn

  • suederson vaes

    suederson vaes

    Hour ago

    Indicação do Nando Moura

  • The Dude

    The Dude

    Hour ago

    Director:What do you want your new mask to be Mick? Mick:What's "a new mask"?

  • John Rocket

    John Rocket

    Hour ago

    his mask makes him look fat not scary

  • Gabriel Monteiro MTB & FreeRide

    Gabriel Monteiro MTB & FreeRide

    Hour ago

    Capirotagem tá foda hj em dia kkk

  • Lã Basili

    Lã Basili

    Hour ago

    #paguem o merchã pro Nando Moura 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lã Basili

    Lã Basili

    Hour ago

    A falta de Deus e molestação anal, causam danos irreparáveis! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nightraid yourface

    Nightraid yourface

    Hour ago

    I really don’t give a fuck what anyone says, SlipKnot is a GOAT and itll be a sad fucking day if they ever stop putting out music

  • aderlan cabral

    aderlan cabral

    Hour ago

    Eu não consegui gosta desse batera, juro que já Tentei.

  • Hildebrando Santos

    Hildebrando Santos

    Hour ago

    Capirotagem 100% Slipknot kkkkkkkkkkk bom demais!! Escuto os caras desde Iowa.

  • Will Davis

    Will Davis

    Hour ago

    I am so hype for this new album

  • Aneki Ken

    Aneki Ken

    Hour ago


  • Tito Ortiz

    Tito Ortiz

    Hour ago


  • Ω SirFlank Boring Ω

    Ω SirFlank Boring Ω

    Hour ago

    Gato Felix KKKKKK

  • Tio Pikachu

    Tio Pikachu

    Hour ago

    Vim pelo Nando Moura

  • Daniel De Francesco

    Daniel De Francesco

    2 hours ago

    If "the antagosnist is satan" so "the Anti-antagonist is.... " who's back in real good style.

  • Hey!


    2 hours ago

    gato felix essas hora deve ta correndo pelos mato com sua guitarrinha golden

  • Henry Santos

    Henry Santos

    2 hours ago


  • Daniel Amorim

    Daniel Amorim

    2 hours ago

    First part of the song: great Second part of the song: great Solo: great Bridge: great Chorus: sounds like a pop band. Thats Just my opinion!

  • Daniel Amorim

    Daniel Amorim

    Hour ago

    Sim. Algumas musicas deles são assim. Mas soa esquisito pra mim. Haha

  • João Siqueira

    João Siqueira

    2 hours ago

    Acho q a intenção é um pouco essa. Tipo em duality. A musica pesadona mas no refrão um vocal mais suavs

  • Ricardo Hernán Muñoz Espinoza

    Ricardo Hernán Muñoz Espinoza

    2 hours ago

    I came here (again) after listened the new Korn's song. 2019: KoRn and Slipknot new albums! Fucking amazing i feel like in school again.!!!

  • Colono RS

    Colono RS

    2 hours ago

    Vim ver depois de ter olhado o vídeo do Dando Boura

  • ana clara santos

    ana clara santos

    3 hours ago

    Clipe sensacional ☠

  • Jeremy Coleman

    Jeremy Coleman

    3 hours ago

    Ginger's are scary

  • daventx


    3 hours ago

    I just bought my first CD in 10 years.

  • The Sleep

    The Sleep

    3 hours ago

    MURDEROUS!!! 🤘🤘

  • taufik qurrohman

    taufik qurrohman

    3 hours ago

    3:05 best dab ever 🐐

  • Mark Lapham

    Mark Lapham

    3 hours ago

    All i can say is i miss old slipknot

  • Matt


    3 hours ago

    I wonder if Slipknot thinks people forget that they ripped off their entire existence from Mr. Bungle. I sure didn't.

  • Kim Cook

    Kim Cook

    5 minutes ago

    Just listened to mr bungle, that is strait up trash, Slipknot did what they couldn't and made it big if you really Wana say they stole it it sure seems Slipknot is way better musicly and visually

  • Miss Swan

    Miss Swan

    3 hours ago

    36k fuckers who prefer to listen to shit.

  • Eduh


    3 hours ago


  • Junior Carlos

    Junior Carlos

    4 hours ago

    4:34 Meister YODA

  • The First Solution To Over Population

    The First Solution To Over Population

    4 hours ago

    Exceptional as always

  • Awaludin Tribowo

    Awaludin Tribowo

    4 hours ago

    I hope joey jordison cover this song 🙇

  • Charizard elite

    Charizard elite

    4 hours ago

    Que bom Ita essa música ela me faz um roqueiro eu tenho 9 anos

  • Misaki Yuki

    Misaki Yuki

    4 hours ago


  • Elson Martins

    Elson Martins

    4 hours ago

    Só gostei do primeiro minuto. O resto, eu dispenso.

  • wagner ramos

    wagner ramos

    4 hours ago

    quem veio aqui depois que o Nando Moura falou da capirotagem kkkkk

  • Ismael Nunes De Oliveira Brandino

    Ismael Nunes De Oliveira Brandino

    4 hours ago

    Slipknot is my life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Рустэм Дадашев

    Рустэм Дадашев

    5 hours ago

    Как всегда- АХУЕННО😈🤘

  • Sabina Klarina

    Sabina Klarina

    5 hours ago

    I love rap and hip hop but this is amazing 😍

  • Euzebio Silva

    Euzebio Silva

    5 hours ago

    Oh, I'll never kill myself to save my ass hole (2:41)

  • Joolz Loves8

    Joolz Loves8

    5 hours ago

    cerasus bomb puellis

  • Joolz Loves8

    Joolz Loves8

    5 hours ago

    quæ emuncta sunt

  • Joolz Loves8

    Joolz Loves8

    5 hours ago

    .... omnia saecula saeculorum ....

  • Mason Parker

    Mason Parker

    5 hours ago

    Jay is a fucking Monster!!! See you around Joey

  • Rock Infatuation

    Rock Infatuation

    5 hours ago


  • Alexis Rondeaux

    Alexis Rondeaux

    6 hours ago

    4:03 when you just got your wisdom teeth removed

  • Emídio Walter

    Emídio Walter

    6 hours ago


  • Leandro Hartmann

    Leandro Hartmann

    6 hours ago


  • Nicolás Rodríguez

    Nicolás Rodríguez

    6 hours ago

    New Ghost Song!

  • MEyo AkEsh

    MEyo AkEsh

    6 hours ago

    Love from Nepal ❤

  • Chris Millington

    Chris Millington

    7 hours ago

    Crazy metal at least they look like there having fun

  • Cameron Elworthy

    Cameron Elworthy

    7 hours ago

    One of my favourites! SLIPKNOT is THE best band! Also, I can’t believe that this was No.1 on Trending at one point. I swear when I saw the thumbnail, I nearly freaked out. Never have I tapped on something so quick in my life.

  • Jason Holbert

    Jason Holbert

    7 hours ago

    Those drums, tho.

  • d a r k

    d a r k

    7 hours ago


  • Алекс Верджил

    Алекс Верджил

    7 hours ago

    mr hahn? 3:05

  • Joel Asher

    Joel Asher

    8 hours ago

    I'm ready to battle the evilness of this world it is time to get ready for war on evil

  • Rostislav Makashov

    Rostislav Makashov

    8 hours ago


  • Schlomo Rabbiwitz-Chaim-Nosenbergstein

    Schlomo Rabbiwitz-Chaim-Nosenbergstein

    8 hours ago

    00:15 *The average white woman age 35 and a used up unwanted rotten tinder slut "Im ready to settle down now"*

  • Rogers Silva

    Rogers Silva

    8 hours ago

    Quem ta aqui por causa do Nando Moura?????

  • *Nobrezzas*


    8 hours ago

    Vim pelo Nando Moura 🇧🇷

  • aiman


    9 hours ago

    damn this christian band is amazing

  • hdksnsjhdkanhdnajhxnkBd jajshdgha

    hdksnsjhdkanhdnajhxnkBd jajshdgha

    9 hours ago

    Stay you dont always know where you stand

  • Marco Antônio Corrêa da Silveira

    Marco Antônio Corrêa da Silveira

    9 hours ago

    Eita som loko da porra👏👏👏

  • jim pickens

    jim pickens

    10 hours ago

    This is scary as hell at 3am

  • Глеб Осадчий

    Глеб Осадчий

    10 hours ago

    А на перкуссии у нас Мистер Блинчик.

  • New Anomaly Productions

    New Anomaly Productions

    10 hours ago

    Wow. After years of some really queer shit, they are finally back! This is awesome!

  • Ashley Goscinsky

    Ashley Goscinsky

    10 hours ago

    My BOYS ARE BACK !!!

  • Raphael Rocha

    Raphael Rocha

    10 hours ago


  • onni Jokilehto

    onni Jokilehto

    11 hours ago

    Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiIl-chan


    11 hours ago


  • felipe marques

    felipe marques

    11 hours ago

    Ficou ó, um cu. Padrão slipknot.

  • Optic500


    12 hours ago

    Now im gonna put this song on repeat all day until i get sick of it.

  • F F

    F F

    12 hours ago

    Slipknot: New band member Slipknot fans: 4:15

  • Quincy Jonez

    Quincy Jonez

    12 hours ago

    slipknot been over since sub3..Naw I'm out they were way harder I'm 98

  • Anime AMV BR

    Anime AMV BR

    12 hours ago

    Na moral, esse clipe ficou macabro pra krl com essa véia

  • DesignerCabbage


    13 hours ago

    I fucking vibe with Corey’s new mask tho

  • Diamond Craft

    Diamond Craft

    13 hours ago

    Boomb effect

  • Алексей Крылов

    Алексей Крылов

    13 hours ago

    Why does the snare drum sound like a bucket?

  • deadborg 4

    deadborg 4

    12 hours ago

    it's a beer keg

  • Tyler Whaley

    Tyler Whaley

    13 hours ago

    I love the meaning behind this song it's a brutal and harsh reality when you battle depression but to try and kick it and move on I love it. It sounds like he's trying to stay the same person but is self aware enough to know that he's not naive to how cruel the world can be and feels some resentment to that realization. However all in all he finds a new form of himself by his own power and no one else's. While I am a Christian I can respect that inner strength to push yourself to fight depression or any other problems you have and understand that we all believe different things and keeping an open mind about things

  • Lifted State

    Lifted State

    14 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this video has a filthy pussy

  • Daun With Sickness

    Daun With Sickness

    14 hours ago

    ты нахуя-то прозрачную купил? белой не было...

  • hh hh

    hh hh

    14 hours ago


  • andres Sanchez

    andres Sanchez

    14 hours ago

    4:41 my ears exploded🎚

  • James Grant

    James Grant

    14 hours ago

    To think wwe superstar Bray Wyatt actually wants this song as his new theme.....makes it perfect.

  • Polo Surf

    Polo Surf

    13 hours ago

    Wwe is gay



    14 hours ago

    Capirotagem das boas !

  • re re

    re re

    14 hours ago

    I ❤JESUS!



    13 hours ago


  • Nick G

    Nick G

    15 hours ago

    Jay should have his dad Max fill in for a set. That would be epic and hilarious.

  • Fearless Conqueror

    Fearless Conqueror

    9 hours ago

    That would be legendary!!

  • Vitor Emanuel

    Vitor Emanuel

    15 hours ago

    Que Delícia cara!!!

  • Nick G

    Nick G

    15 hours ago

    Bad ass song actually. Interesting.

  • Jeff Schneider

    Jeff Schneider

    15 hours ago


  • 15 hours ago

    the book of soyga. needs to be on the next album

  • Edward Acevedo

    Edward Acevedo

    16 hours ago

    Cant get enough of that trash can snare

  • FFG


    14 hours ago

    I love the sound of it haha

  • José Neto

    José Neto

    16 hours ago

    What kind of people like this shit? I can only see pedophiles, torturers...

  • FFG


    14 hours ago

    Shut the fuck up you brainwashed degenerate

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