Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)

Craig Thibodeau:
Today I'm going to attempt to solve this $10,000 custom made Puzzle box by Craig Thibodeau and Robert Yarger. I had this puzzle commissioned last year and just received it! Enjoy!
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Chris Ramsay
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St-Sauveur, PQ
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  • Chris Ramsay

    Chris Ramsay

    11 days ago

    Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!

  • Celbrean Pathos

    Celbrean Pathos

    16 hours ago

    I absolutely love these videos, and I'm completely shocked by your patience. :)

  • Anonymous faggot

    Anonymous faggot

    Day ago

    +Maximilian Gustav De Pauw Gerlings he didn't forget it, he specifically said he didn't want to time himself because he didn't want any of the stress associated with it.

  • Matthew ettlinger

    Matthew ettlinger

    2 days ago

    Chris Ramsay hey you should make a puzzle for your future kids to solve for when you pass away, with some important message/items! Like a time capsule!

  • Emanuel Petreski

    Emanuel Petreski

    2 days ago

    Chris Ramsay dumb americans

  • Ben Craven

    Ben Craven

    2 days ago

    +HARVco L.L.C. You realise it doesn't have to be a timer that he has to finish in time, could just be how long it takes him to solve

  • Jam Tha Man

    Jam Tha Man

    Hour ago

    worth $10

  • YooToob Moderator

    YooToob Moderator

    Hour ago

    $10k is the insane part...

  • h w

    h w

    4 hours ago

    the real puzzle will be putting it back together

  • R M

    R M

    5 hours ago

    You paid 10 grand for something basic that was obviously inspired by the Zelda games? 10k? Oh, much better puzzles can be made for 10k

  • Jared Cornall

    Jared Cornall

    5 hours ago

    I'm getting so over getting unsubscribed to youtubers I subscribe too..

  • huhu.awkward


    5 hours ago

    I want this so bad omfg😍😍

  • Groffrey Gauvin

    Groffrey Gauvin

    6 hours ago

    loved this puzzle. its down right gorgeous

  • jmwild1


    9 hours ago

    That's a work of art, regardless whether it's a puzzle box. Pretty ingenious effort put into crafting the puzzle too.

  • nate raczewski

    nate raczewski

    10 hours ago

    yep hand crafted with a machine

  • Parents Basement

    Parents Basement

    10 hours ago

    Takes last box out, whole thing just falls apart. Thats when you find out the puzzle is actually puting it back together.

  • Lucid


    11 hours ago

    Me: *Watches PewDiePie and Tfue* USdownload: 10,000 dOlLaR pUzZlE bOx

  • Daniel Wulf

    Daniel Wulf

    11 hours ago

    Imagine putting it back together

  • David Gaudette

    David Gaudette

    12 hours ago

    Opens it there’s a 1000,000 dollars in it

  • A'jon Orange

    A'jon Orange

    13 hours ago

    Why the fuck its so many ads for

  • Mike Lando !

    Mike Lando !

    14 hours ago

    What do you do after solving a 10000 dollar puzzle? Just put it in a closet and let it collect dust? Doesn’t make much sense to me

  • A Comcowich

    A Comcowich

    14 hours ago

    you could put your valuables in the box , it would frustrate the hell out of anyone who would try to steal from you.

  • Giraffe Juice

    Giraffe Juice

    15 hours ago


  • Yard Byrd

    Yard Byrd

    15 hours ago

    $10,000? There is actually a car key hidden in one of the boxes right?

  • Trogdor The Burninator

    Trogdor The Burninator

    16 hours ago

    Really awesome piece of art. Am I the only one who hears puzzle box and thinks of Hellraiser haha

  • Someone from 2005

    Someone from 2005

    16 hours ago

    I like this type of puzzles because you can store things in them

  • iDarkCandymaker


    16 hours ago

    This puzzle was kinda like jenga except u pull a price it doesn't fall

  • Eric Albrecht

    Eric Albrecht

    17 hours ago

    Mine-as-well throw it away once you complete the puzzle box because you'll never figure out how to put it back together again.

  • Лев Левин

    Лев Левин

    18 hours ago

    This box is amazing. Finally, a decent place to keep all your stuff.

  • Trevor p

    Trevor p

    19 hours ago

    Its made from wood...hammer solved

  • I have no legs I have no legs

    I have no legs I have no legs

    20 hours ago

    If you put a bird in there you’ll probably move at a quicker pace!

  • Tim Michaels

    Tim Michaels

    20 hours ago

    Pandora's box.

  • 0 0 7

    0 0 7

    21 hour ago

    No robber is ever getting into his stuff xd

  • Lemon Playz

    Lemon Playz

    22 hours ago

    probably the best safe with a bunch of draws to store your jewellery in

  • Winter Gonzalez

    Winter Gonzalez

    22 hours ago

    Chris has such positive energy. I'm a fan

  • Nikki shank

    Nikki shank

    22 hours ago

    i watched all ads for you this is the only time i will watch ads for you

  • CharCharMuffins


    22 hours ago

    Thst was amazing 😍

  • Wheeze


    23 hours ago


  • Puber T. Snatches

    Puber T. Snatches

    23 hours ago

    this is like watching a live action movie of The Room game

  • MaiWei


    23 hours ago

    Would love to have something like this! Super cool. Would hide all sorts of goodies inside.

  • Marginis


    23 hours ago

    10k trial and error time waster I can beat quicker with a sledgehammer that serves no practical purpose outside of this 20 minutes. Like, how much could that much money do to help the poor that you just threw away on this oversized overcomplicated fanny pack?

  • k1017


    Day ago

    waste of time

  • Fawexx


    Day ago

    a smugglers paradise.

  • Charles Knowlton

    Charles Knowlton

    Day ago

    Chris, I LOVE watching your videos! This is by far the most amazing puzzle video you have done. The design is gorgeous! Lots of work went into creating this puzzle. Awesome Puzzle! Keep up the awesome videos dude!

  • ami3kbe


    Day ago

    5:40... so fake that he did that randomly...

  • Gum Bum

    Gum Bum

    Day ago


  • Anna G

    Anna G

    Day ago

    Imagine what kind of things you can hide in there

  • idk cuber

    idk cuber

    Day ago

    ThAt HapPeNd

  • Rainer Verteidiger

    Rainer Verteidiger

    Day ago

    People should spend money to finance students' tuition fees to make up for the fuckup that is the US's non-education system. Instead of buying luxury toys and cars.

  • Humayun Khan

    Humayun Khan

    Day ago

    Next: a math puzzle

  • Gina Hansestaat

    Gina Hansestaat

    Day ago

    Man the Designer of these things must be a SUPERBRAIN...... what the ***** ^^

  • king- Fortnite125

    king- Fortnite125

    Day ago

    Smart move to start doing more of the puzzle vids.. Your only magic crap was toxic not BECAUSE of magic but you... If you had not started doing the puzzle you'd still be at 300k not 2.8 million.. Lol

  • HD Ramen

    HD Ramen

    Day ago

    Its not about solving the puzzle, its about putting it back together.

  • SeemsLikeSomething


    Day ago

    I really respect the craftsmanship and skill in creating this thing. But I’m still not quite sure about the price. I spose you can look at it more as art than entertainment. That helps justify the price. And the complexity too. Still though, TEN GRAND?! Haha



    Day ago

    Are you wearing a Peter McKinnon hat?

  • Djent Master420

    Djent Master420

    Day ago

    That thing was just so well freaking made. I couldn't believe how intracate it was. Very good video!

  • UrMomsFavFlav 2123

    UrMomsFavFlav 2123

    Day ago

    omg yasss this is amazing

  • DreamComa


    Day ago

    For the price, I expected the 2 coins to be 1 ounce gold coins...sadly they were not.

  • DreamComa


    Day ago

    What does it do...well, it's a box for one, so you can keep stuff in, I probably would want a car instead.

  • ehsnils


    Day ago

    Now imagine what strange things you would be able to make using 3D printers.

  • Dan O'

    Dan O'

    Day ago

    you can put your weed in it.

  • Timothy Higgins

    Timothy Higgins

    Day ago

    I'd keep my weed in it.

  • JOOS IsLeet

    JOOS IsLeet

    Day ago

    My mouth was open in astonishment of the craftsmanship for the entire solve. Freaking awesome bro, you have great content please don't stop doing you!

  • jay rueff

    jay rueff

    Day ago

    Me: why you just break it him: IDK OK KID

  • Mikataru Kito

    Mikataru Kito

    Day ago

    I want one, and to be completely honest....I would spend $3.4M for one to be made if I had the money.

  • Batxman


    Day ago

    Liked, so that you can pay for that big boi

  • Jayson Siebold

    Jayson Siebold

    Day ago

    I usually don't like or comment on videos but when you drop 10k on one video you bet your ass I'm liking, subscribing, and commenting. Pure dedication

  • CrocoGator


    Day ago

    Imagine if it was just a regular box that he paid $10k for... Chris: Do whatever you want with the box, just don't tell me anything Craig: okay

  • Isamarie Roman

    Isamarie Roman

    Day ago

    It was definitely fun to watch !!!!

  • KatMan Foo

    KatMan Foo

    Day ago

    that fake ass reaction to the playing card was retarded. GASSP! a playing card, WITH THE SAME SYMBOL AS THE BOX! GASSSP!

  • Alex Vida

    Alex Vida

    Day ago

    Awesome video

  • DoubleDJ 93

    DoubleDJ 93

    Day ago

    “You can put your weed in there”

  • DBF Ray

    DBF Ray

    Day ago

    Amazed on how well the puzzle was hand crafted I love wood shop was my only honor class back in high school. Well done 🤙👍👍

  • Geoff Gordon

    Geoff Gordon

    Day ago

    You gonna summon cenobites

  • chauvin84


    Day ago

    Like subscribed and now commenting because any man that drops ten gs on a puzzlebox is truly living the American dream

  • StopWrex


    Day ago

    A sledgehammer would make it much easier

  • antiman909


    Day ago

    I'm amazed you managed to pull it off

  • Malaki Fauo’o

    Malaki Fauo’o

    Day ago


  • Yoh23


    Day ago

    Damn this is the best kinda safe idea ever, I no that's not wat it's for but damn I'd use it as a safe

  • Fairbien A.

    Fairbien A.

    Day ago

    Wow !

  • Thanos A.K.A Thico

    Thanos A.K.A Thico

    Day ago

    The only things which made me excited was the ads...

  • Jared Philibert

    Jared Philibert

    Day ago

    It's nice and unique. But omg 😂😂😂 that thing is not even close to being worth $10k.

  • sunshine la

    sunshine la

    Day ago

    This reminds me of the little box in the movies "escape room" that they tried to solve in the beginning.

  • chuck farley

    chuck farley

    Day ago

    10k!!! Just ridiculous. Also it’s rather stupid to ask if we can see what’s under the box.As well as if we are seeing this, when referring to the playing card. Had you not pointed out that it was there I would have missed it.

  • Joe Cooley

    Joe Cooley

    Day ago

    Me likey have some of my USdownload premium revenue :*

  • Domantas Poškus

    Domantas Poškus

    Day ago

    me before video: will he find gild!? me after video: oh he got two coins :/

  • nodu ᴖ̈

    nodu ᴖ̈

    Day ago

    can i just say the sound of wood boxes is so satisfying

  • Sofia Gama004

    Sofia Gama004

    Day ago

    I would love to have one of this puzzle

  • Cosmic Fool

    Cosmic Fool

    Day ago

    "What does that do"? Uhh, dude.. you put your weed in there.

  • HonooRyu Perrone

    HonooRyu Perrone

    Day ago

    if i had the money i would totally buy something lilke this and i like puzzels and etc so i'll join the fun and watch your future videos

  • Mapuchi


    Day ago

    What’s the outro song ?

  • Nathan Rodriguez

    Nathan Rodriguez

    Day ago

    Found this video while looking through what was Trending on USdownload. Watching this video probably is one of the better things on USdownload.

  • Bob Rickleson

    Bob Rickleson

    Day ago

    What a piece of shit!!!

  • john cedeno

    john cedeno

    Day ago

    do you know what I could do with 10 thousand $, and you just spend it on a puzzle!!!

  • Danish


    Day ago

    Amazing piece of art for both eyes and mind.

  • HjorGaming


    Day ago

    I would store all my cannabis in this one. Cops would smell it but could never open ;)

  • JayFolipurba


    Day ago

    wow, what an amazing thing

  • Spacecookie


    Day ago

    $10,000 is not worth much these days it seems.

  • adam raffone

    adam raffone

    Day ago

    that is soooo awesome!

  • Koin Kingfisher

    Koin Kingfisher

    Day ago

    Yo, so we heard you liked boxes so we put a box in your box's box so you could unbox while you box...

  • Emil Selander

    Emil Selander

    Day ago

    Weed stash

  • Astrid van Namen

    Astrid van Namen

    Day ago

    Wauw Chris! This is by far the most amazing puzzle ever! (Lego is a good nr 2) Enjoyed the journey with you @thumbsup

  • piggy_style


    Day ago

    question what are you going to do with all of those boxes ?? 📦

  • Master Pieces

    Master Pieces

    Day ago

    I would love to hide my weed there :3

  • Danny Powlesland

    Danny Powlesland

    Day ago

    That is just unreal!

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