STOP wasting your life (2019)


Before You Waste Your Life Watch This. Time is limited and its Time to Go After the Life You Always Wanted.
Directed, edited, produced, cast and colored by
Dr. BluePinch Muck (@spencersharp7)
Music By Hannah Parrott (@h_parrottmusic)
Visual Aging Graphics by
Hodja Berlev (Maketrix)
Neema Sadeghi
Make up:
Mana Afshar
Shaina Paulson
John McCarthy
Danielle King
Brian Benson
Robert Evans
Alexander Bruckner
Javier Rivas
Gabbie Concha
Tom Plumey
Chris Q Yong
Knutt Lingmann
Sélynne Silver
Gaffer: Sebastien Nuta
Key Grip: Adrian Nieto
Best Boy Electric: Nasser Akkari
Best Boy Grip: Michael Proa
Swing: Chris Van Lieshout
1st AC: Connor Lambert
2nd AC: Kourosh Farhangi
Steadicam Operator: Chris Loh
Set Design: Jessica Garrison
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  • Prince Ea

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    THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!

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    Alberto Diego Chisilevich

    Day ago

    I like your videos but this one was just....useless.

  • Nizamettin CINDIK

    Nizamettin CINDIK

    Day ago

    Will you let me voice you over in my language, Turkish, so that they can understand your message clearer. (Our people do not like reading subs)

  • hamza TYSEN

    hamza TYSEN

    Day ago

    soooooooooooooo HAAAAAAAAAPPPPYYYYY

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    In every single video you upload, you’re goddamn right.

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    Christian Bilato

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    Void xD

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    Didnt i waste 7:06 minutes of my life?

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    rammah nageeb

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    literally speechless . i love you man

  • Cassius Westen

    Cassius Westen

    14 minutes ago

    Maybe just die... then you’ll happy. Maybe I should do it.. Write Yes or No. Which one wins I’ll do

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss

    DJDEmooN B0Ss

    16 minutes ago

    Money its just a paper with a numbers and color Why people need those Money not buy happines But happines Buy money

  • Nikolai Bjerke

    Nikolai Bjerke

    17 minutes ago

    Ill finish my last year of college... and-then I can start becoming a right-now. :D

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    Hole New World

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    Bitch dont bring hardvard

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    Hole New World

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    This bitch got some problems making videos and with his voice

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss

    DJDEmooN B0Ss

    20 minutes ago

    Life is a waste Let me tell u this U spend 18% or 20% Of ur life on school And then wat a job? U dont like and then married and then have kids And wat u grow old And wat? Life is not about being happy life about Useing it wisely Do a thing that u want i mean Use it wisely dont waste it And dont be like me wasting my life Watcing youtube and be a useless and stupid be diffrent be .. Surpass ur limetation Haha sry for some grammar and wrong spelling wait there's no wrong becuze I am the 1 doing this dont tell me the right spelling is this dont tell me stap is a stop I gona do wat ever i want haha U waste ur life reading ha :/ End

  • nakul suneja

    nakul suneja

    24 minutes ago

    I think we are wasting time by watching your video 🤣

  • DJDEmooN B0Ss

    DJDEmooN B0Ss

    28 minutes ago

    Cheatcode to control oh the why some terorist get banned

  • Mr Nagvlian Saxa

    Mr Nagvlian Saxa

    40 minutes ago

    Does every one of his vids start with sad music?

  • mine obssesion

    mine obssesion

    45 minutes ago

    The problem is *you think.. you have time.*

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    this kind of video should be highlighted, it should even be displayed on all billboards

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    wtf today is monday

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    Arya Roohi

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    Great and important content

  • Universal Awakening

    Universal Awakening

    57 minutes ago

    “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.” ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

  • Glacy3l frost

    Glacy3l frost

    Hour ago

    Now I feel like I wanna do everything that goes through my mind, I’m moody and a bit sad cause I understand how I waste my time’ till now

  • Matteo Venturini

    Matteo Venturini

    Hour ago

    7:06 minutes of chills.

  • Ahboon Yeoh

    Ahboon Yeoh

    Hour ago

    I'm 10 years old and I find you very insparational

  • OoF EriC

    OoF EriC

    Hour ago

    I'm not happy about school what should i doo 😣

  • kingLemourios


    Hour ago

    Woaaaa! I have been amazed. You really touch my heart and reprogram my mind. No more "i'll do it tomorrow" or "i have time. I'll study at the night before the exams". The time is NOW.

  • fun pop tamizha

    fun pop tamizha

    Hour ago

    Any body here from #India got inspired from prince

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  • Aaron 420

    Aaron 420

    Hour ago

    But you never thought about people in the criminal life that can’t get jobs and the people who can’t effort anything

  • Paperw0rks UwU

    Paperw0rks UwU

    Hour ago

    This has been so inspiring, i am going to ask this girl out now.

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    Asma Iqbal

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    You will find happiness in Christ

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    Thank u

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  • X-__OtherSide__- Dz

    X-__OtherSide__- Dz

    2 hours ago

    Bro. Let me tell you something. The real Happiness is not in this life. You may be happy for something you did great or if you succeeded in something or when you get money from your own job. But this happiness is just a while and it gone. the Happiness which never ends is after life bro. This life is just a test for afterlife .if you do good in this life you will be very happy after you die but if if you do wrong and you be a devil to people in this life so be sure that you will get punished after you die. So if you want to be happy for all time. Not just a time where you don't know even when you die. You must search about why am I created. Who created me. What true religion should I follow. And many other things . Trust me We didn't get created to live 60-70 years and die and then nothing will happens. This life is just a dream when we die we wake up

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    RAP DZ NATION فن الشارع

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    Hell yeah man halallouya

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    i only have one thing to say about this and that is woaw

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    this man is running one of the best channel where you can find yourself before its too lateee love you prince

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    You have honestly influenced me ever since I was young. You are my role model man

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    Yeah u r absolutely right, this is what's gonna make us triumphant in our venture❤❤💟

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  • Yasmine Uchiha

    Yasmine Uchiha

    3 hours ago

    This video helps me understand. I find it shameful to say but I'm going to a special education soon because the normal high school is too difficult for me and due my emotional problems i can't focus in the current school where I am right now. I always wanted to be normal that's why I fighted for 5 years in the normal high school but I was unhappy these 5 years but I'll be happy when I go to follow a special education even tho I won't have much money with the jobs as long as I can live with it its fine atleast I'll do a job that makes me happy and that I'm good at.

  • efu


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    Fck those ppl who dislikes this awesome vid! 🔥💓

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    Thamsanqa Sibandze

    3 hours ago

    This is what everyone needs to allow them to re-evaluate why we are here! thanks Brother, your words bring life always! Salute!

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    Damn this hit me hard. I wish you all, everyone happiness!❤️ Please also visit and subscribe to my channel to make me happy 💗💕💙✨

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    Vusale H-li

    3 hours ago

    I like your videos, your thoughts ❤ Thank you, Prince Ea

  • Weird World

    Weird World

    3 hours ago

    When you live in the worst country in the world "iraq" and you can't do what you love to do what should you do then

  • good advice

    good advice

    3 hours ago

    Believe in Allah (god) and you'll be happy, bcoz all the happiness is from Allah!

  • Vortrex


    3 hours ago

    can't love school brother, boring af

  • Pappu plays Pubg

    Pappu plays Pubg

    3 hours ago

    Yes I did stop my wasting my life how?? I just watched your video for 10secs and 5more second for writing this comment bye bye goodbye I'll never waste my life now onwards watching your videos

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    Daniel Rojas

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    Prince EA is amazing!

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    Brandon A. Vera Izalde

    4 hours ago

    Do one about the environment so you can get some eyes to the issues.

  • Leah Schumacher

    Leah Schumacher

    4 hours ago

    Boi, at the beginning when you were asking all the questions, I got them all right on my first try 😆

  • Lil Durro

    Lil Durro

    4 hours ago

    I’m grateful to god for only being 15, and having a TRUE vision. We are human beings that the government has put under rules, laws, LIES, etc. get answers from yourself, be humble, and work happy

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    Shay Westhoff

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    I see teachers have been teaching for almost all there life helping all of us have a better life and we cant listen to them and help them by listening. What im trying to say that us kids should make them happy and listen to what they have to say like how they listen to us.

  • Atharva Kharbade

    Atharva Kharbade

    5 hours ago

    What to do then????!!!!!

  • Danny Dager Dick

    Danny Dager Dick

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    Why is it people like you and hopsin who get shit on for speaking about real life problems, and not the people worrying about how many followers they have.

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    Blasty 6

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    Holy shit bro, best message to the world.

  • II aram II

    II aram II

    5 hours ago

    Bro these doesn't make any sense, he's saying that "stop wasting your life". He don't know what it's like being broke, he's just saying "be happy" if you don't have any problem in this life, you can be happy, i hate people like this who just talks positive and not about reality, this is how life works, School then work, if you don't spend your money on bad thing, and do fun things with that money, you can be happy, he's not wrong, people in the comments saying that this video will change people's life, i dont think so.

  • lachlan bolton

    lachlan bolton

    5 hours ago

    Great video but you missed something MASSIVE! True happiness comes from knowing and loving the one and true living God, Jesus Christ. Committing everything you do to Him is the root of happiness because you know, when this life comes to an end, you will spend ETERNITY with Him. Whether you believe it or not, Jesus is the only way to Eternal happiness. Stop wasting you life and get to know Jesus Christ.

  • Dumbly Destin

    Dumbly Destin

    5 hours ago

    This cuts deep🖤It is kinda hard to be happy though when literally everyone is pulling you down because you don’t know how to do what you want to do without money🙄

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    Lil Omo

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    I need my brain to stop forgetting about you.

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    Blue Shirt Kid

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    6 hours ago

    Life should be great rather then long.

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    If you learn islam. . you will know people in islam be called for success everyday .. "Try to know the meaning of azan ( The calling of pray )" And you might already know that success is what people need .. We are succeeded everyday .

  • ynfwl


    6 hours ago

  • ynfwl


    6 hours ago

    And you will know what is there in pray more than happiness.

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    What really got me is when he said that we think we have time!!!

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    Salute. What a way to awake people 😂

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    Find God everybody

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    You inspire me so much.You also speak the truth because I always think the same things said in your videos.Keep going with these videos because they give so much hope.

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  • Rohit RwT jr

    Rohit RwT jr

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    Jae: When I die, I'll be happy. Jae died. He still wasn't happy.

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