Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.
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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  • Evee F

    Evee F

    13 hours ago


  • chris Hansen

    chris Hansen

    13 hours ago

    I liked Winona when she was in Edward scissorhands great movie

  • SL W

    SL W

    13 hours ago

    Omg David is hilarious!

  • abiguwu


    13 hours ago

    they're so cute they need to get married like right now

  • Once Always

    Once Always

    13 hours ago

    Is the woman the one that played will’s mom?

  • CyeOutsider


    13 hours ago

    OMG love Winnona Ryder!!

  • Gabriel Rengel

    Gabriel Rengel

    13 hours ago

    Tormund Hopper

  • Bubba B

    Bubba B

    13 hours ago

    Winona is superstar but she seems very normal. love her

  • Chopper Case

    Chopper Case

    13 hours ago

    My birthday is on winona ryder's birthday

  • Cut my Hope

    Cut my Hope

    14 hours ago

    I'm super soft David talks about how he's super tall like an ogre & At around 10:15 Winona tells him "stopppp, YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL THING" with the softest voice 😭

  • Thirtyish Mish

    Thirtyish Mish

    14 hours ago

    Fat Hopper is definitely the best

  • Clémence 8335

    Clémence 8335

    14 hours ago

    Omg well I share my Birthday with Winona too ! Amazing I'm honored ❤️❤️

  • Foreign Wun

    Foreign Wun

    14 hours ago

    I was expecting some reference to BeetleJuice

  • Cloey Aures

    Cloey Aures

    14 hours ago

    David should get Award for best dad in stranger things

  • Bradley Shelton

    Bradley Shelton

    14 hours ago

    This sounds stupid but what if hes growing his hair and beard out for the next season ?????

  • Stefanie Mesa

    Stefanie Mesa

    14 hours ago

    They are very cute together,even in the show together.

  • Nina Strickland

    Nina Strickland

    14 hours ago

    Winona-"What is David Harbour?" David- (mumbled) "a conundrum......." 😂 3:54

  • Moonis Ahmed

    Moonis Ahmed

    14 hours ago

    David if you are leaving the show i won't renew Netflix

  • EsmeralDA HC

    EsmeralDA HC

    14 hours ago

    When Shippeas como cualquier fan de Stranger Things a Joyce y a Hopper Pero te das cuenta de que ellos tienen 1000 veces más quimica en la vida real ..

  • olivia thompson

    olivia thompson

    15 hours ago

    my friend's mom looks like winona ryder its kind of crazy

  • PhallicNipples


    15 hours ago

    David plays VR Kanojo

  • jayla reneau

    jayla reneau

    15 hours ago

    do dacre montgomery

  • Bob Ross

    Bob Ross

    15 hours ago

    my parents look so good 🥺❤️

  • korresia


    15 hours ago

    i love this guy

  • Brynna Salmon

    Brynna Salmon

    15 hours ago

    These 2 are literally the best.

  • ItsJustBre.


    15 hours ago

    Nice shirt David! “Team Steve” Side note: Winona has the same birthday as my Dad!

  • Daud Hicks

    Daud Hicks

    15 hours ago

    ML Fairness Google results

  • Libby Kay

    Libby Kay

    15 hours ago

    They’re so amazing at acting, I mean they’re not the same as their characters at all, it’s so weird😂

  • Katy


    15 hours ago

    Season 1 Joyce: Will isn’t dead. Nobody believes her but turns out she’s right. Season 2 Joyce: Will has more than just flashbacks. Nobody believes her but turns out she’s right. Season 3 Joyce: My magnets aren’t working, this means something really bad. Nobody believes her but turns out she’s right. Stranger things fans: So funny that Joyce is so crazy lol

  • snapascrew


    15 hours ago

    Her real name is Pam Dawson .... or maybe that’s the fake one.

  • Alexis Gross

    Alexis Gross

    15 hours ago

    David stop answering Winona's answers! xD i love u hopper

  • diane ayala

    diane ayala

    15 hours ago


  • Powdered Sugar

    Powdered Sugar

    16 hours ago

    Seeing David/Hopper made me cry haha

  • Bet


    16 hours ago

    I was born on oct 29th and my middle name is Kenneth wtf

  • Pizza Cookie

    Pizza Cookie

    16 hours ago

    Was the video filmed on a Friday at 7pm

  • Isys Alexis

    Isys Alexis

    16 hours ago

    @7:28 Winona finally notices they're Googled questions.

  • Fortnite Propiper

    Fortnite Propiper

    16 hours ago

    I ship it

  • Evelyn Evans

    Evelyn Evans

    16 hours ago

    Winona getting mad at David for fat shaming himself is the thing I need in my life

  • Gaming Mudy

    Gaming Mudy

    16 hours ago

    WILL WILLLL!!!!! WILLL?!?!

  • Patty Fae

    Patty Fae

    16 hours ago

    winona is single handedly one of the most iconic women in hollywood

  • Penguins must get respect

    Penguins must get respect

    16 hours ago

    Yeah I have to sub because it’s stranger things don’t tell me anything ok stranger things is the best movie in the world ok don’t tell me anything I know that I am right

  • Andy Sellin

    Andy Sellin

    16 hours ago

    Im sad there were no beetlejuice questions for winona 😔

  • Karma Plays

    Karma Plays

    16 hours ago

    She is 4 days after me I am October 25 Lucky!!!



    16 hours ago

    He’s still alive guys it’s all good

  • Mediocre Sia

    Mediocre Sia

    16 hours ago

    We saw you pointing at David for that boyfriend question Winona😏😏

  • Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra Brado

    16 hours ago

    my b day is halloween

  • Casey Hancock

    Casey Hancock

    16 hours ago

    These two act like they grew up together and it's kind of adorable

  • PandaLegionz


    16 hours ago

    Should of asked when was Winona Ryder caught shoplifting...

  • Ben Pfaller

    Ben Pfaller

    17 hours ago

    They need to do the office cast

  • Azalea Jamie

    Azalea Jamie

    17 hours ago


  • Invalid Opinion

    Invalid Opinion

    17 hours ago

    Heather Chandler? Nah David your more of a Heather McNamara or Betty Cooper.

  • Keira Sanner

    Keira Sanner

    17 hours ago

    *how to catch david harbour* send up a flayer.

  • Celia Capaldi

    Celia Capaldi

    17 hours ago

    Winona is 48?!? She looks so young

  • Invalid Opinion

    Invalid Opinion

    17 hours ago

    Nothing can express my live for Winona Ryder. My love for her acting started with Heathers. Her acting is so amazing and she can make me feel the emotions she acts!

  • CoolCatCam


    17 hours ago

    Lol I have the same birthday as her

  • Carly Meyer

    Carly Meyer

    17 hours ago

    Winona Ryder half way through the episode: "So these are googled?"

  • Kayla Miller

    Kayla Miller

    17 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about David’s shirt “Team Steve”

  • Aidan Lopez

    Aidan Lopez

    17 hours ago


  • Day-Vids Vlogs

    Day-Vids Vlogs

    17 hours ago

    His beards long because he’s NOT dead!!! Lol I can’t wait for season 4!

  • Melissa Quezada

    Melissa Quezada

    17 hours ago

    She looks great

  • Melissa Quezada

    Melissa Quezada

    17 hours ago

    Winona doesn’t age at all

  • mia swenson

    mia swenson

    18 hours ago

    "STOP. SERIOUSLY" Winona is such a MOM

  • C S

    C S

    18 hours ago

    bruh, I didn't know that i shared a birthday with joyce like jbasuhbdjasbfhyasjfbagfv

  • mwh6536


    18 hours ago

    Looks like David hasn’t been able to shave his beard! Maybe because he is the American in A Russian cell????

  • Here We Go

    Here We Go

    18 hours ago

    my b day is halloween

  • Gee Blocks

    Gee Blocks

    18 hours ago

    I'm shipping this with every muscle in my body it aches!!!

  • Asmrwithme


    18 hours ago

    6:23 this was so cute lollll

  • audio05


    18 hours ago

    She's so pretty 😍😍🥰🥰

  • Juno


    18 hours ago

    Winona looks like she could be related to Danielle Panabaker

  • Nath Axly

    Nath Axly

    18 hours ago

    Anyone else wanna send up a flare for David Harbor 😂

  • NOSiriam


    18 hours ago

    David looks like Arthur Morgan

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