The Best Upcoming HORROR Movies 2019 (Trailer)


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Included in this compilation are BrightBurn, Pet Sematary, The Curse of La Llorona, Escape Room, The Prodigy and X-Men: The New Mutants. Other movies like It: Chapter 2, Annabelle 3, The Grudge and Zombieland 2 don't have official trailers online yet.
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  • Roberto


    4 days ago

    Any one saw the last one yet ?

  • Dick Folk

    Dick Folk

    5 days ago

    The New Mutants with a song from another movie, what did happen with creativity? And the James Wan's La llorona is real piece of shit that is not related to the original Mexican legend.

  • Tee m

    Tee m

    6 days ago

    We need some actually horror movies over this paranormal ghost nonsense where the slasher movies at omgggggggg😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • 24 g

    24 g

    8 days ago

    Just the worst version by far no Brad Dourif not a real Chucky movie at all

  • 24 g

    24 g

    8 days ago

    Ian another remake nothing new

  • 24 g

    24 g

    8 days ago

    Another remake yawn

  • Mrs. Thompson

    Mrs. Thompson

    9 days ago

    9:47 i thought it was Harry Styles 😂

  • Trevor Claborn

    Trevor Claborn

    11 days ago

    Who eles knew it was pet semetary when u see the parents and the kids

  • Archer The Big Dog

    Archer The Big Dog

    14 days ago

    they have jonathan from stranger things

  • YaBoiTrex


    15 days ago

    The music for pet cemetery sounded so good

  • Serenity Paden

    Serenity Paden

    16 days ago

    It chapter 2 should’ve been on this list😡 I’ve read the book, and watched the original movies; and the first remake movie

  • The Ferryman

    The Ferryman

    17 days ago

    You were wrong about pet semetary

  • Bethany Urban

    Bethany Urban

    17 days ago

    Brightburn was really good😍and so was Escape Room👌

  • {Gaçhã_Røsę Płaŷs}

    {Gaçhã_Røsę Płaŷs}

    18 days ago


  • Amy Jonathan

    Amy Jonathan

    18 days ago

    What's the name of the second movie there?

  • LilTwinkie 121

    LilTwinkie 121

    18 days ago

    Ayyy who else watching at night Like if you are or comment

  • oops!!


    19 days ago

    God damn nothing is scary than a fire hand in a washing machine

  • A K

    A K

    19 days ago

    My paa told me about brightburn, that it's gonna be a horror movies of superman's child hood

  • A K

    A K

    19 days ago

    I'm in love with horror movies!!😍

  • Taylor H

    Taylor H

    19 days ago

    How is escape room ??? If y’all haven’t seen the prodigy it’s a must watch !!

  • Oussama Moussaoui

    Oussama Moussaoui

    21 day ago

    Wasn't Fire Fist Ace Dead ? How Com He's In This Movie ? O_o

  • Cyan


    24 days ago

    Jump scares on mass and showing the monsters...does nobody know how to make a good horror movie anymore? Apart from the one that's 'based on the novel by SK' none of these look interesting to me. I recommend Hereditary in the off-chance whoever's reading this hasn't seen it yet.

  • Rona Pooe

    Rona Pooe

    28 days ago

    James Wan is THEE horror movie plug

  • help store

    help store

    29 days ago

    what is movies name??

  • Kulsom Bilal

    Kulsom Bilal

    29 days ago


  • sunyyxo MSP

    sunyyxo MSP

    Month ago

    I’m reading the comments to make me feel better...

  • Joel Saldana

    Joel Saldana

    Month ago

    Marvel Scary movie ???

  • Liger raptor

    Liger raptor

    Month ago

    Policy for dealing with suspicious people : Shoot on sight, decapitate to be sure, especially evil clowns and cults

  • Armani J

    Armani J

    Month ago

    I love playing the escape room games on the phone. It was bound to be a movie just like angry birds

  • Sandra Myers

    Sandra Myers

    Month ago

    Wow, Mork from ORK is alot younger is this version. NANOO NANOOOOOOoooo!

  • Sandra Myers

    Sandra Myers

    Month ago

    Sometimes dead IS better

  • Introvert Girl_ in love

    Introvert Girl_ in love

    Month ago

    A Truck as big as that doesn't just pop out of nowhere and hit you cause you can literally hear them coming from a mile away! I really hate that scene being repeated in every damn movie

  • Gaming With Rony

    Gaming With Rony

    Month ago

    Whosoever came directly to the comment section after starting the video like 👍👍

  • Onslaught Of Agony

    Onslaught Of Agony

    Month ago

    Obviously Hollywood has lost any ability to be unique or creative. *1.Superman with a twist* *2.REBOOT* *3.The Conjuring but Hispanic* *4.Cube + Saw + Panic Room* *5.X-men 7: Another Rehash*

  • Raynorth Abraham

    Raynorth Abraham

    Month ago

    Just be positif thinking.. Maybe that baby boy came from Krypton planet. Then he growth up different. In this movie ..the parents could not controlling him better..until he being teenage. That boy still pure Krypton.. So..let us say..this is Karl El childhood darkness periode. Do you unbelieve..? Ok..back from beginning this thriller. You will realize something 😆😆😆😆

  • Blzee Wilk

    Blzee Wilk

    Month ago

    Which movie is the thumbnail from?

  • Abbie Jones

    Abbie Jones

    Month ago

    Omg Jonathan off of Stranger Things😱

  • Джокер Хитмэн

    Джокер Хитмэн

    Month ago

    5:13 What is the name of the movie ...?

  • Juancarlos Mendozalopez

    Juancarlos Mendozalopez

    Month ago

    Superman pero no

  • Kelly Marie

    Kelly Marie

    Month ago

    how can you list these movies in description as best upcoming horror movies? 😂😂😂😂

  • Itsme Tavga

    Itsme Tavga

    Month ago

    I watched PET SEMETARY yesterday, it was really gooddddd !!!

  • _depression _

    _depression _

    Month ago

    2:10 heart attack

  • NighLight Sky

    NighLight Sky

    Month ago

    I watched escape room and it's not scary, it's just a weird type of sadness. I wanna watch "The new mutants" because it is crazy and scary, I'm into those scary movies. Such as "hereditary" scary movie.

  • kaan yüksel

    kaan yüksel

    Month ago

    Super horror :))

  • melissa perez

    melissa perez

    Month ago

    La llorona I hear her on my gramma window house i was sleeping i hear some one crying i was 11 years old i never knew horror but i try to check the window i hear her running like some one flipping sandal hard it was fucking scary ...

  • G. Brooks

    G. Brooks

    Month ago

    Escape Room shows us THE ENTIRE FIRST SCENE OF THE MOVIE wtf Producer: How much of the movie do you want to reveal in the trailer Director: Yes

  • TheBeag1


    Month ago

    Scaryman..... its new superman .....Man is he going to BurnBright.....Or BrightBurn.....

  • Born Yesterday

    Born Yesterday

    Month ago

    Brightburn is a spinoff of Superman

  • KyddTwinsA Gaming and more

    KyddTwinsA Gaming and more

    Month ago

    That noise..... very unsettling

  • K ris

    K ris

    Month ago

    Sometimes, dead is better

  • I am Mysterious

    I am Mysterious

    Month ago


  • jxsilicon9


    Month ago

    Looks awful

  • Moa Boberg

    Moa Boberg

    Month ago

    In the Stephen king book( pet semetary )it is really differente from what they show us in the trailer like changes that did not have to be made

  • 123thebasics


    Month ago

    I agree with other commenters, Brightburn ....that little boy,looks like a superman dark side but the movie looks great looking forward to it. the only other I haven't seen is New Mutant curious about that one. The others I've seen and they were all very good ...I won't spoil anything but, I hated the endings in the fact that they pissed me off ...well done . AHHH!!! :(

  • bellimaus 1

    bellimaus 1

    Month ago

    Kids are monsters

  • aesthetic_ queen101

    aesthetic_ queen101

    Month ago

    y’all I watched La Llrona like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i’m still scared so I kinda don’t really recommend if your not into jump scares and that stuff

  • Seulgi Bear

    Seulgi Bear

    Month ago

    oh... the chick from Fear of the Walking Dead. haha

  • adiksadiatabs


    Month ago

    They killed the evil super kid with kryptonite.

  • Jasmine Smith

    Jasmine Smith

    Month ago

    NEW MUTANTS! YES YES YES These are the movies we need

  • Juliane Peters

    Juliane Peters

    Month ago

    What is with IT 2?

  • hepaticapropria


    Month ago

    Didikt like any of those movies in the trailer!

  • johnpope


    Month ago

    Remake children of the corn

  • Jericho Magno

    Jericho Magno

    Month ago

    That sign on brightburn look like one of those bloodborne game signs.

  • Joyce Danele Andaya

    Joyce Danele Andaya

    Month ago

    I want to watch escape room

  • Alia Waseem

    Alia Waseem

    Month ago

    Its totally insane to buy a one n lonely house on a cheap rate in jungle or far away to city.....if u do ....then should b ready for all creepy things

  • Dominguez Art

    Dominguez Art

    Month ago

    LA llorona is a fictional movie. waste of money. but you want to see real scary looks. my step daughter will. scare you. no lie. she's. 25. bearded woman. she shaves her back. ones a week. kids don't come out after. 6;00pm.

  • Dominguez Art

    Dominguez Art

    Month ago

    Shit you wanna see scary hairy. things. come to my house. and I dared you.. to. my step daughter. will scare the fuck out you and your soul.

  • s 8

    s 8

    Month ago

    I definitely gonna watch escape room

  • Sivan Fishman

    Sivan Fishman

    Month ago

    i am 37 years old the original film in my opinion was the most scariest film i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZELDA in the original film is my nightmare untill today!!!!!!!! because of her i cant watch the original film today!!!!!!!! she kills me!!!!!

  • Aaron Peralta

    Aaron Peralta

    Month ago

    Pet cemetery nice ✌😎

  • Badvibes K

    Badvibes K

    Month ago

    I watched this on birthday

  • Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein

    Month ago

    A bunch of shitty movies.

  • BTS Lovers

    BTS Lovers

    2 months ago

    The Curse of La Llorona SCARED ME TO DEATH OMG I WANNA WATHC IT 😭😢😭😢😭😢

  • lamaya lawrence

    lamaya lawrence

    2 months ago

    Caution: Don't watch with earphones in, almost throwed away my phone

  • karen evangelista

    karen evangelista

    2 months ago

    for those who doesn't want to go through the whole video, these are the movies: -Brightburn - Pet sematary - The Curse of La llorona - Escape room - The new mutants

  • Eden & Eivy

    Eden & Eivy

    2 months ago

    Omg im watching La Llorona tomorrow 😭😂😅

  • Jamie Kargus

    Jamie Kargus

    2 months ago

    The best upcoming horror movies of 2019 my ass and Pet Sematary should never have been remade

  • Mandy Coultis

    Mandy Coultis

    2 months ago

    Way to many adds.

  • Yati DA KINGTV Patterson

    Yati DA KINGTV Patterson

    2 months ago

    Why tf did they ruin a classic by redoing pet semetary just ugh 🤦🏾

  • Sunny Webb

    Sunny Webb

    2 months ago

    Brightburn is Superman’s evil twin

  • declan gibo

    declan gibo

    2 months ago

    no this not where should say this,, But can anyone anyone at all in dublin get LSD, acid pls mail me if can thanks ,

  • Sana Smadi

    Sana Smadi

    2 months ago

    that scared me this child face omg

  • LeyRai


    2 months ago

    The first movie is HORROR or HERO ????

  • johnny durko

    johnny durko

    2 months ago

    yeh because everyone`s going to pick up a baby that just fell out the fkn sky LOL

  • Cekirdek Katakombo

    Cekirdek Katakombo

    2 months ago

    none of them was scary.. but escape room reminded me of cube..

  • poshya


    2 months ago

    Please what’s the name of the movie

  • Lilx Riku

    Lilx Riku

    2 months ago

    Is brightburn about superman's bad twin?

  • O Bartô O espetáculo Dog

    O Bartô O espetáculo Dog

    2 months ago

    Tipo jogos mortais 😱😱😱

  • phumlani peter

    phumlani peter

    2 months ago

    IT chapter 2?

  • Stormrage


    2 months ago

    2:11 Superman under the redhood😂😂😂😂

  • 100 Subs no vid

    100 Subs no vid

    2 months ago

    Guys spoiler I’m apart of the crew for bright fire ITS NOT AN EVIL SUPER MAN U FUKS THAT BIZZARO

  • 808 Aqua

    808 Aqua

    2 months ago

    brightburn reminds me of burgerburn like holy crap

  • Denise Davies

    Denise Davies

    2 months ago

    Can some one write down names of all the trailers not got a pen or paper on me

  • Addy Barrett

    Addy Barrett

    2 months ago

    WARNING SPOILERS P et sematary looks so bad. The book was AMAZING. the movies a out to get it all wrong. In the book the boy dies. The father goes crazy, the boy doesn't do anything but burn up the neighbor and his house after the wife dies. NEVER WATCHING PET SEMATARY

  • frances ambrose

    frances ambrose

    2 months ago

    Good gob

  • Ginger Vaughn

    Ginger Vaughn

    2 months ago

    Now just waitup MARVEL made a horror movie RU kidding me?!!

  • Julissa Trenado

    Julissa Trenado

    2 months ago

    I thought escape room was child’s play

  • Peloton HQ

    Peloton HQ

    2 months ago

    Nothing can beat the Exorcist, 1973

  • Cory Schmitt

    Cory Schmitt

    2 months ago

    Marvel made a horror movie?!

  • UrbanExplorer1000


    2 months ago

    these all look horrible lol

  • Zoey Burns

    Zoey Burns

    2 months ago

    Brightburn looks like Superman lol

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