The Birth Of Our Son Theodore - H3 Podcast #120


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  • Frogman Waterblast

    Frogman Waterblast

    Hour ago

    meat with cheese really

  • idiot


    3 hours ago

    who the fuck would dislike this

  • Ken A

    Ken A

    3 hours ago

    Man... I'm 33 years old and I've never wanted a kid. Following your baby story has really been an enlightening experience. Hila is a warrior man!

  • misslechateau


    3 hours ago

    Congrats, guys! Your son is so beautiful! Plus I love how you guys love your dog and be involved as the whole family. Believe or not... dogs can make babies less sick. Your son will become dog lover just like his parents! Congrats once again, Ethan and Hila! Much love!

  • The Appleflaps

    The Appleflaps

    4 hours ago

    34:31 “Childbirth is a serious, serious shit” - Ethan 2019

  • Ruben


    6 hours ago

    This gave me a whole new perspective on to child birth and the paternal love my mother truly has for me

  • Abdul Hameed Hassan

    Abdul Hameed Hassan

    6 hours ago

    😍😍😍😍 love peace and blessingsss 😍🥰🥳

  • Phantom Phelix

    Phantom Phelix

    7 hours ago

    I don't know what you heard Ethan but people fear epidurals for 2 main reasons: 1st and most importantly: The Epidural must be administered at the right time. You can't do it too early and doing it too late doesn't do anything for the pain. 2nd: Most of the time the Epidural for pregnancies are given to 1st time nurser or intern residents. This leads to a lot of people missing the spot for the epidural and hitting the spine. Lots of people have complained that because it took their person several tries with the epidural, they have back pain, decades later. In fear of this, women avoid an epidural.

  • kyi ‘

    kyi ‘

    7 hours ago

    i love you theodore

  • Lola Henry

    Lola Henry

    8 hours ago

    I think a lot of the reasons people don't want epidurals come from people being scared of having a needle in their spine and projecting that fear on other reasons to not get it (i.e. it maybe taking longer or whatever)

  • infertile squirrel

    infertile squirrel

    8 hours ago

    I knew she was a strong person and your so bad eaither. You'll make a good dad

  • katie v

    katie v

    8 hours ago

    I was going to comment on how beautiful Hila looks even seconds after giving birth, and then you said it. She really is

  • Benjamin Farlow

    Benjamin Farlow

    8 hours ago

    Teddy's birthday is the day after mine! Congrats Ethan and Hila!

  • punk old man

    punk old man

    9 hours ago

    i've been waiting for this moment for YEARS... these photos of Hila legit made me cry

  • Woke Af

    Woke Af

    10 hours ago

    I literally so happy for you 💗💗💗💝

  • Woke Af

    Woke Af

    11 hours ago

    Congratulations! Beautiful vibes!

  • Daddy Hart

    Daddy Hart

    11 hours ago

    What’s his name!

  • HHorH


    11 hours ago

    Papa bless

  • MrSpanky


    12 hours ago

    Im so happy everything went smoothly and nothing went wrong. Congratulations on a beautiful baby!

  • Joshua Ruiz

    Joshua Ruiz

    13 hours ago


  • Maude Blanpain

    Maude Blanpain

    13 hours ago

    wow my parents never loved me that much

  • WÀBZ


    14 hours ago

    Isnt a early delivery? Dec 27 is when they announced it and june 6-7 is when he was born

  • Veronica Boyer

    Veronica Boyer

    9 hours ago

    WÀBZ At the end of December, she was like 17 weeks pregnant, and was due on June 6th, but gave birth on June 4th.

  • Oz_Nola


    16 hours ago

    Happy Father’s Day Ethan!!!!!0

  • PINK


    17 hours ago

    To the surprise of seeing your favourite USdownloadr having a child, that's a big surprise. It's so surprising, that I was even more surprised also. I want Theodore to grow up with their mum and dad and I wish Ethan and his wife a good upbringing of their child. Also: wow Ethan, great job. Keep it up. I'm proud of you.

  • Helmet is Agony

    Helmet is Agony

    18 hours ago

    who else started sobbing?

  • TheMouseAvenger


    18 hours ago

    Oh, the baby's finally here! :D Congrats to you & Hila! ^_^

  • Shoot Luck Gaming

    Shoot Luck Gaming

    18 hours ago

    Did Hila eat her placenta?

  • Democrat Terminator

    Democrat Terminator

    18 hours ago

    Joey Salads has requested a paternity test

  • StarFox85


    19 hours ago


  • Mihai Craciun

    Mihai Craciun

    20 hours ago

    so cute, great moves, keep it up, proud of you!

  • Lucy P

    Lucy P

    21 hour ago

    Theodore is such an adorable name. Theodorable if you will

  • KomUFlo


    21 hour ago

    My hospital food is amazing they have a whole ass restaurant in my hospital.

  • Lynxcat1


    21 hour ago

    I loved hearing this story! Hila is for real a super human!

  • Brandon Vila

    Brandon Vila

    21 hour ago

    And to think that RiceGum dissed his wife and thought that he could get away with it...

  • Nubian Jay

    Nubian Jay

    22 hours ago

    Watching this on Father's Day and it's so crazy, as a dad, to see a 1st time dad share his experience w/ the birth of his 1st kid. Good shit Ethan.

  • MTGF


    22 hours ago

    Ethan is now officially a boomer

  • Melissa Butler

    Melissa Butler

    23 hours ago

    Congrats! It's a very magical process. I. Also couldn't believe how a baby was actually going to come out. But they did. And with in just a couple days everything downstairs was good in just a couple days, which is incredible

  • siddharth rajan

    siddharth rajan

    23 hours ago

    so what did the baby look like? a JANITOR

  • Solstice


    Day ago

    The only new babu I'm genuinely interested to hear about 🙌

  • foxnest/Isiah


    Day ago

    Shredder & Theodore so cute omg😊

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes

    Day ago

    Congratulations on the cutest beanie baby I've ever seen ;) Hope the beautiful Hila and adorable Theodore are still doing great, and happy early father's day and belated mother's day!

  • Lxnur TV

    Lxnur TV

    Day ago

    He was just born to SUCC.

  • Edgy


    Day ago

    so heckin sweet omeguh

  • Alyssa L

    Alyssa L

    Day ago

    Ethan hyping up Hila the entire duration of this is so cute and pure



    Day ago

    Dude I need the ending theme on Spotify right now

  • SilverSoul


    Day ago

    I walked in the hospital at a 4 and got the epidural at about a 6. I can only imagine how horrible that was.

  • Ey See

    Ey See

    Day ago

    As a nurse, I always love hearing how exciting/scary the labor process is to first time parents.

  • vancy pants

    vancy pants

    Day ago

    Beautiful Hila and Theodore, thank you for sharing those pictures with us😍

  • Vinny Great

    Vinny Great

    Day ago

    At 1:08:37 Ethans mom voice sounds just like from the porn

  • Soft Ciircles

    Soft Ciircles

    Day ago

    I fucking cried. Man, I really look up to this couple, man. ❤😭

  • Garrett K.

    Garrett K.

    Day ago

    Congration, you done it.

  • Pharaoh


    Day ago

    Papa Bless

  • LechugaTortuga


    Day ago

    Family channel now

  • SociallyAwkwardRandomness


    Day ago

    Girl 12:00 am to 12:00 pm is 12 hours so if she gave birth at 9 pm it was 21 hours sksksksi Hila Trooper hours everyone

  • LechugaTortuga


    Day ago

    Hila is an absolute unit

  • ryan


    Day ago

    All these recent drama videos being 45 minutes long and then we have Ethan's 1 hour 20 minute video about praising his wife and child... it's quite refreshing honestly

  • JOSEPH Broseph

    JOSEPH Broseph

    Day ago

    Nobody: Vsauce: How long can a baby survive in a freezer

  • Beya


    Day ago

    me and Theodore share a birthday

  • Mouse Pies

    Mouse Pies

    Day ago


  • TheHolyTrinity


    Day ago

    this made me fuckin cry man so happy 4 u both



    Day ago

    Congrats on Theodore!! I'm so happy for you guys

  • Bob Vague

    Bob Vague

    Day ago

    I wanna be that baby sucking on him as teet

  • naanpareil


    Day ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I want to be a mom someday so this is so useful. Hila is truly a Xena Momma Princess!!!

  • שגהש


    Day ago

    Yay for baby Klein! Love y'all and enjoy the baby

  • MelleBoy08


    Day ago

    You two are the cutest couper ever

  • GD AllOver

    GD AllOver

    Day ago

    I love you guys so much, such a lovely AND loving couple. You are already amazing parents, papa bless

  • Victoria Jayne

    Victoria Jayne

    Day ago

    Hila is an absolute Goddess!!

  • Bethesda Gamer7

    Bethesda Gamer7

    Day ago

    Can y’all put highlights of this podcast on the H3 podcast highlights USdownload channel? That would help

  • Mariana Schwartz

    Mariana Schwartz

    Day ago

    It is such an honor that the legend himself Theodore Klein and I share the same birthday

  • Szymon Lachowski

    Szymon Lachowski

    Day ago

    Me: Oh, I wonder how the Klein's baby would look like Little Theodore: *born in beanie* Me: Oh, ok.

  • Nia


    Day ago

    I have so little interest in babies and get nauseous when I think about pregnancy and birth, but I couldn't stop watching this. I mean, I still felt faint when Ethan was talking about Hila giving birth in great detail (which confirms for me that I never wanna get pregnant), but honestly it's so heartwarming to see Ethan so enamoured with Hila and with so much pride and respect and love, and I gotta say that baby Theodore is a fuckin cutie. I'm so happy for you both, what a gorgeous and wonderful family, appreciate ya.

  • Kat Kat

    Kat Kat

    Day ago


  • mason may

    mason may

    Day ago

    Babies do have an odore but, u named him the odore....i dont know ethan

  • lane riddle

    lane riddle

    Day ago

    Congratulations! Theodore is a beautiful name! Sorry if I spelled his name wrong!

  • Oscar /W B

    Oscar /W B

    Day ago

    12:57 theres a furry costume on the right xD

  • Eyeseeu


    Day ago

    Congrats! 👶🏼💨 🇺🇸

  • Jack's Film Orchard

    Jack's Film Orchard

    Day ago

    Papa Ethan! Congrats my dude. You will be the dadliest of dads!

  • Lydia-Renee Darling

    Lydia-Renee Darling

    Day ago

    This is so sweet and wholesome. You and Hila are the cutest dorks, you remind me of Jenna and Julien in the sense that your relationship is real: you love and appreciate each other and you make each other smile every day. You guys are providing great examples for what healthy relationships look like. Congrats on the birth of sweet Theo, he is adorable and glad both mom and baby are doing well!

  • Nina Bobina

    Nina Bobina

    Day ago

    New DJ Ethan Album: Father of Theodore

  • Alfred Soul

    Alfred Soul

    Day ago

    *Bless Papa*

  • An Di

    An Di

    Day ago

    Ethan, that kid has already poured a ton a wisdom into you. That was remarkable to listen to. Thank you!

  • Brecht


    Day ago

    When I see Theodore I always think of Prison Break's T-Bag.

  • sushi samurai

    sushi samurai

    Day ago

    NAH IM PRETTY SURE ELa is just fat not pregnant

  • Russell banks

    Russell banks

    2 days ago

    I'm really happy for you Ethan and Hila! Been watching you for 5 years now and you've given me some of the best laughs of my life! Papa Bless Jr is in good hands.

  • Tylerzombie416


    2 days ago

    When I was born I was 10 pounds

  • Us er

    Us er

    2 days ago


  • Gokul Krishna

    Gokul Krishna

    2 days ago

    At first when I saw that it was more than 1 hour I was skeptic but after watching I wished it was more

  • Updesh Singh Parmar

    Updesh Singh Parmar

    2 days ago


  • jim jimjim

    jim jimjim

    2 days ago

    Keep that dog away from the baby.

  • Diego Z

    Diego Z

    2 days ago

    The dog was scaring me so much. I thought he was gonna scratch the babies face

  • Kristina Lopez

    Kristina Lopez

    2 days ago

    Hila is truly so beautiful, just glowing 💫

  • Jessica R

    Jessica R

    2 days ago

    I hope he doesn’t turn out like his dad.

  • Ryan Combs

    Ryan Combs

    2 days ago

    Imagine being born and being named Theodore

  • Lana Freeman

    Lana Freeman

    2 days ago

    Epidural actually made my aunts birthing process worse. She said when not getting it during one of her children’s birth is was way better and more like a bad poop

  • Derron laReese

    Derron laReese

    2 days ago

    Ew you guys had sex!?!?! Unsubscribed

  • Aakarshan Chauhan

    Aakarshan Chauhan

    2 days ago

    Everyone liked that. Even the dyslexic people

  • Michael Ip

    Michael Ip

    2 days ago

    i skipped this one because i don't care about the baby

  • no name no name

    no name no name

    2 days ago

    I hope he doesn't be like James Charles

  • Candy Sith

    Candy Sith

    2 days ago

    Got a little teary seeing the pics of Hila teary. *sniffle* Congrats!

  • Tay the Wig Promoter

    Tay the Wig Promoter

    2 days ago

    yea i 1000% recommend getting an epidural. it almost made me forget i was in labor

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