The Greatest School Fight Ever - feat SWooZie


Have you ever seen someone get hit with a bicycle? I have.
In this video I get together with sWooZie to tell the story of the most savage school fight I have ever seen.
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Written, drawn, edited and animated by:
Don Hinds


  • Geraldine Harlson

    Geraldine Harlson

    25 days ago

    We gots to gets this to 800,000 views to get a new video tomorrow. So share! SHARE PLEASE!!!

  • Dr Panda gacha

    Dr Panda gacha

    19 days ago


  • blackjesusyt


    21 day ago

    @Theomar Franklin broo 😂

  • Daniel Douglas

    Daniel Douglas

    22 days ago

    fr i been sharing this video like crazy my G

  • cruz animation studio

    cruz animation studio

    22 days ago

    He didnt upload shit

  • Philius Kevens

    Philius Kevens

    22 days ago

    Geraldine Harlson had 25 ppl to watch it on their phone cs they heard me talking about it

  • BruceWaynes Girl

    BruceWaynes Girl

    33 minutes ago

    Lmao!!! Omg so glad I found this channel

  • Joshua Stelzer

    Joshua Stelzer

    2 hours ago


  • MixBeats


    5 hours ago

    In the first 15 seconds u were wrong. One time in my high school a whole race war started and literally ever senior and junior was brawling in the hallway and the cops had to shut the school down

  • Flippygame OP

    Flippygame OP

    10 hours ago

    Oml bro I got hit by a bike too my dude

  • ozzel ozzel

    ozzel ozzel

    14 hours ago

    dude dat song is FIRE my G ive been listeining to it at SCHOOL my G.

  • nickbootyface


    Day ago


  • Bebe Ba

    Bebe Ba

    Day ago


  • That one channel

    That one channel

    2 days ago stop on spotify and I was like that video was lit leeme watch eet

  • powlk xzas

    powlk xzas

    2 days ago

    We had a fight where we had to go on lockdown cuz It was pretty much a riot

  • Dog Lover

    Dog Lover

    3 days ago

    Wait.... *i hear swoozie* My prayers have been answered

  • 100% Tired

    100% Tired

    3 days ago

    Can't stop is so fire my geeeee🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  • Blue lightning

    Blue lightning

    3 days ago

    3:04 that face combinded with the song was is killing me

  • Don Rekter

    Don Rekter

    3 days ago

    i turn around and behold: the heavenly toilet

  • pharrell tomlinson

    pharrell tomlinson

    Day ago

    Don Rekter boondocks nd dat

  • WHY NOT??

    WHY NOT??

    3 days ago

    I would've been scared omg go thing you ran

  • Ghost Hrkyz

    Ghost Hrkyz

    3 days ago

    Ahhh he done it wit snozzie

  • Malik Sims

    Malik Sims

    4 days ago

    Withhhat boi swoozie too

  • Malik Sims

    Malik Sims

    4 days ago

    I've watched this video five times and the music makes me wanna throw a bicycle my g a bicycle

  • Raul Sanchez-Ortiz

    Raul Sanchez-Ortiz

    4 days ago

    True true story, I had a similar thing happen to me. It was like 20 people again me and my friend. We had another friend but he drove away, leaving us behind

  • Billygd06 Bd

    Billygd06 Bd

    4 days ago

    Who won

  • Shaurya Suman

    Shaurya Suman

    4 days ago

    I remember in 7th grade me and my friends were in fight mode but we weren't planning to fight but just have a rough basketball match with our enemy school 7th graders it was all normal till one of our school guys ended up punching some one and then the fight began but the toughest guy it the that you would not want to mess with was drop fainted he didn't come to school for a week due to injury

  • Drench006 North

    Drench006 North

    4 days ago

    Slid in the Madara massacre scene 😂😂 💀

  • blitz


    4 days ago

    A kid took a roll of barbed wire to school let me not explain what happened

  • xd Lo0Ki

    xd Lo0Ki

    4 days ago


  • TG1 GANG

    TG1 GANG

    4 days ago




    4 days ago

    That’s nothing good high school fight are real show

  • Timothy Hinds

    Timothy Hinds

    4 days ago

    What dead ass world do you live in

  • Mr. Mage Gaming

    Mr. Mage Gaming

    4 days ago

    I mean some kid whipped out a gun if that's a crazier fight

  • AtumAmunRA


    5 days ago

    I bet you witnessed some AMAZING JUTSU that day.

  • GameZ PlayeZ

    GameZ PlayeZ

    5 days ago

    Dis right here made me shatt me pantd

  • Pepe da Frog

    Pepe da Frog

    6 days ago

    That is one crazy fight.Tbh I would have left when someone threw a bike.

  • Pheto Malele

    Pheto Malele

    6 days ago

    Bruh no reason why don aint doing 20m views

  • Who am i Products

    Who am i Products

    6 days ago

    2:24 lil boat

  • Fred Poole

    Fred Poole

    6 days ago

    He got hit wit a bike my g

  • Jayme Weaver

    Jayme Weaver

    6 days ago

    3fortiori was mentioned in lil uzi verts sanguine paradise in case you never noticed

  • Itarsi Mystic

    Itarsi Mystic

    6 days ago

    Y do I keep going back over here to see this vid again but not once like the vid

  • Killua Anime dude

    Killua Anime dude

    6 days ago

    Hold up chief bro swoozie

  • Noah Lozano

    Noah Lozano

    6 days ago


  • Sandi


    6 days ago

    bro you had me rollong in my bed at 1am at the bicycle i think my bellybutton fell off.................

  • F. B.i

    F. B.i

    7 days ago

    Not a soul Not a single person Not a mothafuckin soul Don: dis mans got hit wit a bicycle

  • Titas Ringaitis

    Titas Ringaitis

    7 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see this fight?

  • JayCut Throat

    JayCut Throat

    7 days ago

    I hit someone with a bike riding downhill straight headbutt

  • Swerved32


    7 days ago

    3:28 I thought that was Ski Mask the Slump God

  • Kadin Cureton

    Kadin Cureton

    7 days ago

    That’s not a school fight it’s a park fight and I’m 11 and I’ve had wilder ones

  • fantasytraveler


    7 days ago

    I may ask you to voice act Jamaican

  • Zake Deya

    Zake Deya

    7 days ago

    Ur school fight is dip shit my school fight was super insane we had to pull up with 10 cars and the other squad with 15 cars we all jumped in I knocked out five kids in like 3 mins my squad was full of Asian and black the other squad was full Mexican they had like 100 people on their side and we only had like 55 we still sent half of them to the hospital and none of us went to the hospital



    7 days ago

    Lolololol miiinnnneeee ggggeeeee

  • Jayla Hamer

    Jayla Hamer

    7 days ago

    The bass in the song is AMAZING 💯

  • ray ysl

    ray ysl

    7 days ago

    As soon as i heard the bass to the music i was like ahhhhhhhhhh shit🔥🔥

  • Howeisha Dennis

    Howeisha Dennis

    7 days ago

    Nobody: Not a single Jamaican soul: YDSG:Myyyyy G

  • The Sports Center

    The Sports Center

    8 days ago

    My school got into a fight with 200 people involved and it was on the news

  • Itarsi Mystic

    Itarsi Mystic

    8 days ago

    That song is telling me that a need to throw a bicycle at someone

  • Joshua Hamilton

    Joshua Hamilton

    8 days ago

    People brought baseball bats and some nigga got hit with a car but your fight is better in sorry

  • CalmVIBEZZ


    8 days ago

    y the hell does his budddy look like YK Osiris😂😂

  • Tykes Gamer

    Tykes Gamer

    8 days ago

    My g your vids are so funny they almost make me choke

  • 1Tap Vxy

    1Tap Vxy

    8 days ago

    On everything I love I swear on my momma I got hit with a bike in a fight and I broke a rib but I got back up in fight or flight mode



    8 days ago

    Flannigan High vs West Broward High crazy shit happens at them schools

  • Kev C

    Kev C

    8 days ago

    Swoozie man i forgot about him

  • Emmanuel Duarte

    Emmanuel Duarte

    8 days ago

    School shooters

  • Deathman_310


    9 days ago

    Julian is my name😱

  • Keith  Martin

    Keith Martin

    9 days ago


  • Gēmu Kira

    Gēmu Kira

    9 days ago

    That's alot of head for that face Hehe. Blowjob

  • Doomerlight


    9 days ago


  • Doomerlight


    9 days ago

    Hit w

  • Zeeshaan Risalat

    Zeeshaan Risalat

    9 days ago

    I wish there was a car like that

  • kakashi 6ix9ine

    kakashi 6ix9ine

    10 days ago




    10 days ago

    Don u clearly haven't saw a lit carribean fight with gangsters everywhere

  • Icy_ Hot

    Icy_ Hot

    10 days ago

    I remember complicated ahh the good old days

  • MaL JyAire

    MaL JyAire

    10 days ago

    Why you make your hair line so strong

  • Khaz Brown

    Khaz Brown

    10 days ago

    U sure ever heard of philly😂

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