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The Last Supper (Poisoned Chilli Scene) | Curse of Chucky


Did the priest like his food?
#Chucky #ChildsPlay
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He's back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer. When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fiona Dourif, True Blood), she doesn't give it much thought. However, after her mother's mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos. The return of America's favourite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is full of blood-splattered thrills and chills.
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  • iiAero Moonlight

    iiAero Moonlight

    3 hours ago

    We learned our lesson:don’t eat or drink anything again :)

  • iiAero Moonlight

    iiAero Moonlight

    3 hours ago

    Dang Nika (whatever her name is) turned into a physco path in the cult of chucky

  • Mick Davis

    Mick Davis

    4 hours ago

    If you eat that poison, you will be dead? Or, just sick?

  • Taylor Coyle

    Taylor Coyle

    4 hours ago

    The end is so unrealistic

  • mo7ammed rafiq

    mo7ammed rafiq

    7 hours ago

    Who 2019



    8 hours ago

    Wow OMG

  • Afroman Harambe

    Afroman Harambe

    9 hours ago

    Wtf. I don't remember this scene in the movie

  • Mafos YT

    Mafos YT

    11 hours ago

    This is why I don’t own any dolls in my house

  • Midnight Wolfy

    Midnight Wolfy

    12 hours ago

    8:55 I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Loredana Constantinescu

    Loredana Constantinescu

    12 hours ago


  • SR Sorrow

    SR Sorrow

    13 hours ago

    The atmosphere in this scene is hella awkward lol

  • Wolf Sisters

    Wolf Sisters

    16 hours ago

    I should not be watching this right before dinner.

  • Jazmim Contreras

    Jazmim Contreras

    21 hour ago


  • Jazmim Contreras

    Jazmim Contreras

    21 hour ago


  • keyla ROJAS

    keyla ROJAS

    21 hour ago


  • Yareli Martinez

    Yareli Martinez

    Day ago

    Me and mom: * talks about chucky* Mom: time to eat Me: yeeeeet wut we eating Mom:chili Me: hell no packs Mom: wth are you doing! Me:packing bc i saw chucky poisen an man by putting a chemical in chili Mom: okkkkkkk * makes tacos* Me yay tacos * puts stuff up*

  • Charles Oxley

    Charles Oxley

    Day ago


  • Lunacolla _okk

    Lunacolla _okk

    Day ago

    Ti 😱😱😱

  • Jelte Habraken

    Jelte Habraken

    Day ago


  • Ayfer Fatma

    Ayfer Fatma

    Day ago

    Wanna play

  • Sheema Priyya

    Sheema Priyya

    Day ago

    5:27 i thought the girl is gonna die... but she never die the father die poor father....

  • Maja Wallman

    Maja Wallman

    Day ago


  • praveen nega

    praveen nega

    Day ago


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    Вызов Страхов принят Вызов Страхов принят

    Day ago

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  • Angel Marie

    Angel Marie

    Day ago

    Geez, what did those tomatoes do to her?

  • Reaper 48

    Reaper 48

    Day ago

    Um hello? Where are the damn SALTINES IN THE CHILI

  • Chelsey Littlefield

    Chelsey Littlefield

    Day ago

    Chucky should of attacked them based on that disgusting looking chili! And the close ups of all theirs mouths eating it 🤢🤢

  • Tomas129cz


    Day ago

    It is funny how director imagine human body and anatomy. Blood is carry by one central tube in the neck x-D

  • Noah Plays

    Noah Plays

    Day ago

    No one Literally no one (Woman cutting vegetables in front a killer doll)

  • ملاك زومبي

    ملاك زومبي

    Day ago

    والله اخخخخخخخخخخف من جاكي 😈

  • Heily Sandoval

    Heily Sandoval

    Day ago

    Probably chucky never tried chili and wanted revenge!

  • زينب وفاطمه fz

    زينب وفاطمه fz

    Day ago


  • Şevval Kisla

    Şevval Kisla

    2 days ago

    Bed babi

  • Olivia Boura

    Olivia Boura

    2 days ago

    But why did chucky tried to kill the kid huh she did nothing btw I am going full screen save me

  • gayest


    2 days ago

    im hungry now

  • бравл time

    бравл time

    2 days ago

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  • Hana Park

    Hana Park

    2 days ago


  • Leidy Alvarado

    Leidy Alvarado

    2 days ago

    Muertos bibientes

  • Ollie VH

    Ollie VH

    2 days ago

    Woman: *agressively chops tomatoes* Chucky: :D

  • Baby Crafter Kennedy

    Baby Crafter Kennedy

    2 days ago

    Why tf is she chopping those tomatoes as if it’s her ex husband??

  • Roxy the noob

    Roxy the noob

    3 days ago

    So there the head that falls off and there the body looking like red pee :p

  • Øranged lemøn

    Øranged lemøn

    3 days ago

    You KNOW you're lazy when you ask someone next to you for salt, when it's in front of you. Smh.

  • Gbtbtbt Baby g

    Gbtbtbt Baby g

    3 days ago

    At the first part when they left I saw chucky eyes move down I was like CHUCKY NO DONT EVEN LOOK AT THAT OK CHUCKY BE GOOD OK

  • Will MacMillan

    Will MacMillan

    3 days ago

    anyone realize that he said 'see you at the cemetery" and he after he said that?

  • AvakinBear Avakin4Life

    AvakinBear Avakin4Life

    2 days ago


  • best animation memes girl

    best animation memes girl

    3 days ago

    Oh shit here we go again

  • Xz Cc

    Xz Cc

    3 days ago

    My name is Lera from Rassia

  • Maya Whitt

    Maya Whitt

    3 days ago

    I know I'm not the only one who cringes when they bite the spoon.

  • Gerald Boy

    Gerald Boy

    4 days ago

    Did anyone else do a school project on the 1980s? I did and for the toys I put a image of a flippin Good Guy Doll

  • ณัฐภัทร แสงเงิน

    ณัฐภัทร แสงเงิน

    4 days ago


  • John Mendoza

    John Mendoza

    4 days ago

    No one: Not a single soul: Jill: I LoVe ChIlI

  • Ggd Ifl

    Ggd Ifl

    5 days ago


  • sameer khitu

    sameer khitu

    5 days ago

    What's that dish👀👀

  • sandy kawaii :3

    sandy kawaii :3

    6 days ago

    Yo tengo un muñeco de esos

  • coso cerrado

    coso cerrado

    6 days ago

    Quien abela español ¿? queno entiendo si maiser

  • Spring Flawer

    Spring Flawer

    6 days ago

    تشاكي شريرة المرعبة 😰😰😂😂

  • InquisitorMaster Hater

    InquisitorMaster Hater

    7 days ago

    Chucky's face looks likes he's dying inside..

  • cheryl Phillips

    cheryl Phillips

    7 days ago

    This is pretty weird I don't know what this is about but what Chucky put in there

  • cheryl Phillips

    cheryl Phillips

    7 days ago

    What did Chucky put in the soup I don't get people these days

  • Whaterkill Gta

    Whaterkill Gta

    7 days ago


  • Jmillz Val

    Jmillz Val

    7 days ago

    Chucky at the table with them still after doing lol that was like when a crack head steal from u n help u look 4 the shit...oh no !?

  • Maya Rodríguez Avelino

    Maya Rodríguez Avelino

    7 days ago

    It's ist death

  • Maya Rodríguez Avelino

    Maya Rodríguez Avelino

    7 days ago

    Wat watttttt!!!!!!!

  • DezzyDoesThings


    7 days ago

    Wow i gotta watch this. It looks far more creepy than gimmicky

  • Crystal Hellm

    Crystal Hellm

    7 days ago

    It dnt take all that to chop up tomato

  • Minecraft o mundo das sementes nascimento

    Minecraft o mundo das sementes nascimento

    7 days ago

    Algum brasileiro ai ❤✌

  • Nia Lavellan

    Nia Lavellan

    7 days ago

    Russian Roulette: Chucky style

  • Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed

    7 days ago


  • Azariah Dantzler

    Azariah Dantzler

    7 days ago

    ME too I don't think

  • Azariah Dantzler

    Azariah Dantzler

    7 days ago


  • Amarachi Ogoke

    Amarachi Ogoke

    7 days ago

    Who chops tomatoes like that ??

  • Ms D Harper

    Ms D Harper

    7 days ago

    Cheky is crazy

  • Elena Cirdei

    Elena Cirdei

    8 days ago


  • Pascale Farah

    Pascale Farah

    8 days ago

    Umm actually the poisoned place should have been eaten by the priest who said the prayer, not the second priest!! if you actually follow the place when it was turning in slow motion you'll know!!!! 😂😂

  • Pája TV

    Pája TV

    8 days ago

    Ahoj, Chucky je strašidelná(ný) v tuto chvíli jsem sama doma takže se Bojím😐😨😱 chucky je ďábel 😈

  • Рисуем просто и легко

    Рисуем просто и легко

    8 days ago


  • Bader Sullaiman

    Bader Sullaiman

    8 days ago

    Dod wtf

  • Вероника Аксёнова

    Вероника Аксёнова

    8 days ago

    Заебист заебись, как будто Афоню смотрю 😄👍🏻

  • Jessica Espin

    Jessica Espin

    8 days ago

    It gives me the creeps if it happens to me

  • Daniel Stewart

    Daniel Stewart

    9 days ago

    What was in the chili that chucky put in there

  • حزن لاينتهي

    حزن لاينتهي

    9 days ago


  • Diana Howe

    Diana Howe

    9 days ago

    Come to New Mexico, you'll find chilli just as good to die for

  • doods manzano

    doods manzano

    9 days ago

    this movie is not scary tho. like if its not scary, comment if it is scary tho

  • arham fida

    arham fida

    9 days ago

    Ppapiosion wrong so scaerf in dum and he's dum Chucyyyyyyyyyy

  • miketubbygamerx yt

    miketubbygamerx yt

    9 days ago

    It could be rat poison..... If someone eats it, people will get poisoninus.

  • Those Rachet Girls

    Those Rachet Girls

    9 days ago

    This is why kids do not play with toys anymore

  • Vanessa Tapia

    Vanessa Tapia

    9 days ago

    I’m scared to sleep now

  • angrl martin

    angrl martin

    9 days ago

    The scariest part is that’s there’s no bread

  • Kathy Schmitt

    Kathy Schmitt

    5 days ago

    Facts! 😂💀

  • Blank Thought

    Blank Thought

    9 days ago

    Thank gosh that those people chew with their mouths closed unlike me brother

  • Silly-_-Josh


    9 days ago

    *father frank has left the chat*

  • Georgia Dawg

    Georgia Dawg

    10 days ago

    Where’s the guy with the weak hand from the scary movie lmfao.. alright everyone diggg in

  • Sadie Hawkins

    Sadie Hawkins

    10 days ago

    That "Barb" actress is the Mater d'Mort in Conjuring 2

  • Pikahachu Pi!

    Pikahachu Pi!

    10 days ago

    where did chucky even found the poison?

  • Samantha Williams

    Samantha Williams

    10 days ago


  • Ronja Vlogs

    Ronja Vlogs

    10 days ago

    This video food look good😋😋😋😋

  • Ненормальный Человек

    Ненормальный Человек

    10 days ago

    Я одна из 2019?

  • Luis R. R ,

    Luis R. R ,

    10 days ago


  • Luis R. R ,

    Luis R. R ,

    10 days ago


  • ahmed nabelL

    ahmed nabelL

    10 days ago

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  • Ellis Da Doughnut

    Ellis Da Doughnut

    10 days ago

    Anxiety kicked in for me in the first half of the film more

  • Rose Theis

    Rose Theis

    10 days ago

    They're slowly eating to their deaths

  • Rose Theis

    Rose Theis

    10 days ago

    They never should've left Chucky alone in that room. That way that whole killing event could've been avoided

  • Miwu úsa Emerson

    Miwu úsa Emerson

    10 days ago

    My color newspaper ink mĩx in thật water =gray

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