The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    HgOST music

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    Human existence doesnt make any fucking sense by occidental logic, so how tf did we come up with the idea of reasoning and logic? Is it natural, is it not? We are such limited beings bro wtf

  • Ray Jen

    Ray Jen

    Hour ago

    Can you explain what would happen with the other 3 varieties of quarks? Or would the same reactions occur?

  • b0nes


    2 hours ago

    How can Earth freeze to death if Earth is converted to Strange Matter?

  • bixylim


    2 hours ago

    If strange matter could convert any other matter into itself, wouldn't it convert completely the neutron star that contains it first? And we should have found many strange stars already, considering strangelets could convert many other stars as well.

  • GigaMan795


    2 hours ago

    So why can't we just follow the splatter of nutron star collisions so see if there is any statistical increase in nutron stars there?

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    Flamer334677 Man

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    George HDS

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    The more i know about our universe, the more dangerous it looks like.. Awesome!

  • Susano


    2 hours ago

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  • Apricots


    2 hours ago

    Strange matter, dark matter, dark energy, black holes... When will we understand them all?

  • Ellie Spry

    Ellie Spry

    3 hours ago

    Before watching the video, I thought that it being called Strange Matter had to do with quarks (Strange and Charm quarks, to be precise) Im only 2 minutes in, so I'm just gonna.. uhh.. keep watching.

  • slashitup101


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  • Alex Hyer

    Alex Hyer

    3 hours ago

    Strange quarks sound like the subatomic equivalent of prions.

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    The Frisk and Sans club !

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    Ben TZK///Ben The Zombie Killer

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    Tom Levinger

    3 hours ago

    If strange matter can destroy stars why can't it destroy netron star ?

  • AimlessPassions


    4 hours ago

    “We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu

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    Cheeseburger Monkey

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  • Cheeseburger Monkey

    Cheeseburger Monkey

    4 hours ago

    is it really green?

  • HECKproductions


    4 hours ago

    if there are so many strangelets why are there not many many suns and planets and asteroids that have been converted to strange matter?

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    One does not simply watch a kurzgesagt video just once. It requires at least two full passes: one to take in the wealth of new knowledge, and one to take in the absolutely adorable animations. Personally, I recommend spending two passes for each of the two.

  • YoloKing


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    Even tho it’s not true it’s hilarious

  • Prebuilt Snow Plays

    Prebuilt Snow Plays

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  • SidKillz


    5 hours ago

    this whole video went into its own contradictory when you said about big bang... its still a theory... otherwise we wouldnt need to find out the origin of universe.... all of this is just contradictory stuff... :/



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    Ronan Shepherd

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    nagarathna gopal

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  • Brian HL

    Brian HL

    10 hours ago

    okay, i watched this due to a healthy scientific curiosity, and now i know that curiosity is a stranglet that will kill the cat that found it and everything else on this planet. that's great; because i didn't already have enough things to be worried and paranoid about already.

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    Yasir Irshad

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    Lukaszix TV

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    I rember video about wormholes You did say that if we want to create a wormholes we need exotic matter, maybe strange matter is that thing, if strange matter is created because of won fight with gravity it may keep wormholes open.

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  • MrOvergryph


    14 hours ago

    5:53 division by zero detected. You say strangelets can cause the sun to become a strange star and earth would freeze to death. Before I can agree that this is possible, I'll have to ask you quite calmly to explain what happens to the energy released from the original 2 stars colliding? You claimed in this video it would spew out in all directions. If that is true, then the strangelets would inevitably bump into other particles of those two stars and convert the entire explosion into, dare I say it, a strange explosion. My argument is, if this stuff is contagious to matter, we'd see its mass before it entered our solar system. Its mass would be huge, having consumed the majority of the original 2 stars which collided, along with space debris for millions of light years before it every came close to physically touching our sun. so, possible/notpossible? you tell me! i suspect strangelets are transformed under the conditions of the neutron star ONLY, which, after exploding, would no longer be applying its rules, and so these strangelets, as well as every other part of the cores of those stars, will transform again, likely no longer being strangelets. if the state of matter that is a strangelet is as ideal as you propose in this video, the entire universe would never have changed its matter to any other form yet we have countless forms of matter and so that suggests different geographical? areas inside the universe might have different "ideal" forms of matter. and so strangelet existing outside neutron star would then, what? evaporate due to hawking radiation? mutate/transform into a not-strangelet? whatever it used to be, perhaps? space dust or something? probably space dust. saying the only way to get rid of it would be to throw it into a black hole could not possibly be accurate because like i already said it's not already everywhere in the universe as this video suggests.

  • Red Pink and twice

    Red Pink and twice

    14 hours ago

    There were probably strange force at some point which get attracted by strange force

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    Avinav Mendu

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    The Subscriber!

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    Eugeny Diduk

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  • Eugeny Diduk

    Eugeny Diduk

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  • Jack Lopresti

    Jack Lopresti

    18 hours ago

    All stars are electricity connected which can only be saw with different wavelengths

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