The Movie That Destroyed Pixar's Reputation


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  • Cosmodore


    8 days ago

    Welcome to The Untitled Cosmodore Video About Dinosaurs

  • A clever and Witty username

    A clever and Witty username

    20 hours ago

    What is your opinion on the movie Brave

  • Samurai Cat Studios

    Samurai Cat Studios

    Day ago

    The Untitled USdownload Comment About The Untitled Cosmodore Video About The Untitled Pixar Movie About Dinosaurs

  • Leo Alexander

    Leo Alexander

    3 days ago

    @Marc Schofield So He Isn't Gonna Review Season 11

  • Marc Schofield

    Marc Schofield

    3 days ago

    Leo Alexander he did he ranked them all

  • Leo Alexander

    Leo Alexander

    3 days ago

    Can You Do A Spongebob Video

  • chimaican chimaican

    chimaican chimaican

    Minute ago

    Sorry, but worst Pixar film is Cars 2.... Bad story line that had nothing to do with the previous Cars. More like Disney meddling in order to sell Toys. As for the Good Dinosaur: the animals were animated that way for a reason... how realistic would you have liked them to have been drawn? Realistic enough to scare children? They dumb down the character animation and focused on background.

  • jet4212006


    37 minutes ago

    Cars 2 was so bad, everyone forgot about it.

  • We Interupt This Program

    We Interupt This Program

    47 minutes ago

    Lol, my math class and I watched this movie about a year ago and I kid you not... It made me fall asleep 😴💤 I never would've guessed a movie would bore me more than any classroom lecture

  • Hazeunix


    54 minutes ago

    I'm hearing the pokemon mystery dungeon soundtrack

  • Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    Hour ago

    I didnt like the story and the cartooney look of the dinosaurs. Making it more realistic and a good story would have saved it.

  • Avoyt


    Hour ago

    I hear PMD music

  • lyla joan

    lyla joan

    3 hours ago

    did everyone just forget about the movie planes?

  • Wendy Rice

    Wendy Rice

    4 hours ago

    I’m sorry

  • Dragonosx


    4 hours ago

    I agree with some other commenters about the backgrounds- the scenery and background imagery are stunningly beautiful, but the oversimplified cartoony characters clash with it. As unappealing as I find the character designs, the contrast against the gorgeous panoramas makes the character designs look that much worse, knowing the creatures could have looked as polished as the environments do. As someone who loves dinosaurs it was a real letdown, unfortunately the story left a lot to be desired as well so even overlooking the dinos' design didn't make it a very enjoyable film. The key emotion of the movie is "frustration" with little variance, and was consequently frustrating to watch.

  • Yoboi Sweezy

    Yoboi Sweezy

    4 hours ago

    Cars 2 wants to know your location

  • Sarah J Jacobson

    Sarah J Jacobson

    5 hours ago

    I dont know why people are bashing cars 2 in the comments. Its a pretty good film and it goes get with a can of beans.

  • Carbon Knight

    Carbon Knight

    5 hours ago

    This is crazy I had no idea what this movie had gone threw behind the scenes and the negative feedback. I actually thought it was a good movie.

  • ArcTic.


    5 hours ago

    But isn't the dinosaur movie just there to support the Pixar theory?

  • Nikola Jory

    Nikola Jory

    7 hours ago

    Wait....people didn't like Brave? WHAT?!

  • Dawn Simms

    Dawn Simms

    7 hours ago

    I like this movie. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who does.

  • James Richards

    James Richards

    7 hours ago

    Cars 2, finding dory, monsters university are also poor stories imo.

  • Noah Bartlett

    Noah Bartlett

    8 hours ago

    "will go down in history" not likely

  • Velvet Sphincter

    Velvet Sphincter

    8 hours ago

    The dad dinosaur has the same head as Otis from barnyard

  • Alexander Homeyer

    Alexander Homeyer

    8 hours ago

    I always forget the name of this movie so I just call it “The Lion King but with dinosaurs”

  • Donut Hurt My Honey

    Donut Hurt My Honey

    9 hours ago

    15:45 1.) Did Cars do that? 2.) Why is there a question mark after "CARS"? 3.) What in the everliving fuck did I just witness? 4.) Why is the text red?

  • TheCharmanderChannel


    10 hours ago

    I hate the good dinosaur. It had an annoying ROBLOX event.

  • Sara3346


    10 hours ago

    ''He also wanted to tell a far simpler story'' that where things started going wrong?

  • Ngaariki L Muru

    Ngaariki L Muru

    10 hours ago

    Fuck bro you need a content warning for that buzz light year scene

  • Niobesnuppa


    11 hours ago

    I never bothered to see this movie just because I absolutely hate the character designs. The backgrounds are beautiful, but the character designs in this movie are honestly probably the worst designs I've ever seen in a Pixar movie, they look like they belong in a Hanna Barbera cartoon, just 3D instead of 2D. They look so out of place in the photorealistic backgrounds that it's really jarring to look at.

  • wylinder


    11 hours ago

    Watch you are umasou instead it’s a good Dino film for kids

  • Marlon


    11 hours ago

    Dear Parents: this movie is great. My 16 month old grandson watches this movie daily. Just the first 25 minutes of the movie is really terrible for a kids movie. Just to loud and too much dinosaurs. But after the 25 minute mark the movie is great for small kids.

  • Loan Nguyen

    Loan Nguyen

    11 hours ago

    I still like the movie though

  • Joshua DeBadts

    Joshua DeBadts

    12 hours ago

    Oh please, Pixar has been going downhill since Cars and even more so once John Lasseter left

  • htown11465


    13 hours ago

    I liked it

  • kid goku

    kid goku

    13 hours ago

    The good dinosaur: am the worst movie in history Cars 2: no no no I can do why worst 😈 Sonic the hedgehog trailer : I'M I A JOKE TO YOU other video game movies : YES

  • blackkitty369


    13 hours ago

    I liked Cars 2. I don't think it deserves all the hate. Sure its not as good as the first but I liked Mater's story.

  • Tobori


    13 hours ago

    19:10 is it just me or does he sound exactly like Todd Howard?

  • Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    13 hours ago

    But Good Dinosaur is my favorite movie of all time

  • Lucas Peacock

    Lucas Peacock

    14 hours ago

    "Were back!" has easily the best villain death since The Horned King got sucked into The Black Cauldron. Don't sell it too short.

  • The Lone Chipmunk

    The Lone Chipmunk

    14 hours ago

    I loved that movie. x) wtf

  • NatureGirl567


    14 hours ago

    Cars 2 was my first run in with the dreaded Pixar sequels. I love Cars to bits but Cars 2 was just a cash grab disguised as a generic spy story. I didn't even bother with Cars 3.

  • NeroAction


    14 hours ago

    I liked ole Good Dinosaur more than I did Up. I think this movie gets slept on too much.

  • Derrick Parham

    Derrick Parham

    15 hours ago

    Cars 2 would like to know your location.

  • Vixx Celacea

    Vixx Celacea

    15 hours ago

    The characters are hideous and it's the most stark contrast considering the world and environment is beautiful. The dad dying was the worst cliche and the movie was just ... fracking weird. The drug trip, the T-rex's, the hallucination of his dead dad.

  • JustShayPlays


    16 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought Inside Out was pretty bad?

  • Vipa Noire

    Vipa Noire

    16 hours ago

    I remember watching the movie with my little sister and laughing and enjoying it and her comforting me when I was crying a little at some point. Very lovely memory. Don't remember anything about the movie though... ^^

  • Winter Cream animations

    Winter Cream animations

    17 hours ago

    I absolutely hated the good dinosaur, idk why

  • raexenos


    17 hours ago

    I like the pokemon mystery dungeon music in this review lol

  • Halo Nostalgia Theater

    Halo Nostalgia Theater

    17 hours ago

    It was just Ice Age but less engaging

  • Andrei Riza

    Andrei Riza

    17 hours ago

    8:30 what movie is that?

  • Tigerwolf102


    18 hours ago

    lowkey Coco was incredible

  • Kirk Bupkis

    Kirk Bupkis

    18 hours ago

    Is that really how you say bad movie in Turkish? And pussy in Japanese?

  • ad ad

    ad ad

    18 hours ago

    Personally i'm still yet to see a bad Pixar film.

  • Xenoz WG

    Xenoz WG

    18 hours ago

    idk about yall but my fav pixar movie is cars 2

  • CaitieLou


    19 hours ago

    Apart from the massive story problems, the thing that bothers me the most about The Good Dinosaur is how little they take advantage of their own settings and premise. I get that Sohn didn't want something silly like dinosaurs in spacesuits and all. But they pushed the whole "set in the present, but the meteor didn't hit 65 million years ago and dinosaurs became the dominant, intelligent species" thing SO HARD that dinosaur cities are exactly the audience expected to see. But instead they got something that might as well have been set 65 million years ago, with how much they took advantage of the premise. At the very lease give us a dinosaur town, or neighbors they're on good terms with. Give us SOME evidence of the society they're supposed to have formed. The lack of other settlements similar to Arlo's family farm makes the world feel weirdly small and isolated. Like they're the only actual "civilized" dinosaurs on the entire planet. I still have a hard time imagining the story being set in the present. The world looks so prehistoric, and once Arlo is off the farm there's no societal structure to reinforce the setting. If you missed the very start of the film where it shows the meteor missing earth, you could go through the entire rest of the film and have no idea it's supposed to be set in the present with sentient dinosaurs who are actually speaking an actual language they came up with. It would just come across like Land Before Time--anthropomorphic dinosaurs talking because that's what they do in cartoons.

  • Vailwolf


    19 hours ago

    I didn't mind this movie, it's definitely one of the weakest movies by them but it was alright. Very odd concept and ugly character models. But eh, it was okay.

  • GohanLSSJ2


    19 hours ago

    18:30 Inca, actually. Emperor's New Groove is set on the Andes rather than Meso-America.

  • Pink Princess

    Pink Princess

    19 hours ago

    I actually thought this movie was funny, but only because me and my sister laughed at how terrifying arlos dads death and disintegration was 🤣🤣

  • Androkon


    20 hours ago

    You kinda sound like LiveOverflow :0

  • Jonathan M

    Jonathan M

    20 hours ago

    I think what contributed to the failure of The Good Dinosaur was Inside Out, it was still in theatres, people were still talking about it and of course it was coming out on Blu-Ray DvD etc people forgot about the Good Dinosaur, I remember seeing a few posters and commerical, but Inside Out was still going strong.

  • Jackie Pan

    Jackie Pan

    20 hours ago

    I'm being completely honest, I liked The Good Dinosaur more than Inside Out. Maybe it's because I haven't seen a lot of other Disney cartoons (I say cartoons because I've seen a lot of their live action movies), but The Good Dinosaur was better than Inside Out in my opinion.

  • Reuben


    20 hours ago

    Ok, so the whole idea that the characters don't get enough screen-time contradicts the films story. It's a road-trip home, and meant to have meaningful interactions along the way. The T-Rex trio, for instance, gets almost 20 minutes of screen-time. However, they use it to no avail as the characters never open up. The whole point of a coming home story is to meet people along the way who open up personally as they all feel like they are just wandering without a purpose.

  • Zace Bradforde

    Zace Bradforde

    20 hours ago

    really bob peterson and peter sohn REALLY

  • Ryan NatoOo0oR

    Ryan NatoOo0oR

    20 hours ago

    23 minutes to discuss why "good dinosaur" has ruined pixar .....

  • Bamboozle Man

    Bamboozle Man

    21 hour ago

    Bruhé moment

  • devalt1


    22 hours ago

    You thought I didn't recognise the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon song thrown in there. Love that soundtrack. Also great video, subbed!

  • Armando Snow

    Armando Snow

    22 hours ago

    I cant unsee the background video music as pokemon mystery dungeon music

  • MihaTWD 94

    MihaTWD 94

    22 hours ago

    I LOVED The Good Dinosaur!! Edit: I didn't like Inside Out

  • Jacob Esterson

    Jacob Esterson

    22 hours ago

    Anyone else notice the PMD music?

  • Terron Joiner

    Terron Joiner

    23 hours ago

    Inside Out sucked

  • Minerva Ulthir

    Minerva Ulthir

    23 hours ago

    I would like you to know, I learned French from this film... I failed the class but yeah. (It was the only french film i could find that spoke slow enough for me to understand)

  • Joshua Everitt

    Joshua Everitt

    23 hours ago

    Doesn't know what "begging the question" is lmao reported

  • Zenrage


    23 hours ago

    "It has been the lowest Rated Pixar Movie as of until now" Cars 2: "You might wanna check again"

  • Wave Train

    Wave Train

    23 hours ago

    Zenrage It's the lowest grossing

  • josue Fuentes

    josue Fuentes

    Day ago

    You sound familiar. 😮

  • PKownzu


    Day ago

    did he just call incredibles 2 mediocre? is that what people think about the movie? sure, it was no original, but it was quite a good sequel and having watched the first movie at 10 years old, I enjoyed every second of the sequel

  • ThePreciseClimber


    Day ago

    The suspension of disbelief? In Cars? ... No.

  • Hleghe


    Day ago

    wait, were the croods mentioned in this video?

  • Mega Magikarp

    Mega Magikarp

    Day ago

    Nice video! Keep it up!

  • DakNJaxter


    Day ago

    I honestly preferred this to Brave and Cars. It's simple, but it has such a charming off-beat quality to it.

  • Areshy


    Day ago

    Good nigga

  • Rishabh Singh

    Rishabh Singh

    Day ago

    9:36 which movie is this?

  • Max Himbigger

    Max Himbigger

    Day ago

    I actually forgot this was a pixar movie

  • Mr. MadMan

    Mr. MadMan

    Day ago

    Why the hell the homosapien kid white when homosapiens are from africa?

  • Jimmy Siwik

    Jimmy Siwik

    Day ago

    I'm just gonna say it. I legitimately did not even notice when the good dinosaur came out. Usually there's a lot of buzz about a new pixar movie coming out and it's unavoidable to hear about it, but with the good dinosaur, I saw a "Coming soon" trailer and then like, 6 months later I was in epcot, saw some toys in a gift shop and asked myself "Wait, that came out?"

  • enzmondo


    Day ago

    I think at this point there really can’t be a film that can singlehandedly ruin Pixar’s reputation. Not even Cars 2 was able to destroy Pixar’s reputation. Not Shrek. Not any DreamWorks film.

  • enzmondo


    Day ago

    I hardly think this destroyed Pixar’s reputation. This is but a mere blip in their library of films, like Cars 2. Cars 2, on the other hand, destroyed the reputation of the Cars _movie_ franchise.

  • Robert Moat

    Robert Moat

    Day ago

    Watch Disney's Dinosaurs. Even if you thought they were boring and by the books, they were by no means a mess, and the visuals blow this out of the water.

  • Nathan gonzo

    Nathan gonzo

    Day ago

    i never even heard of this movie

  • Franklin Bonnefoy

    Franklin Bonnefoy

    Day ago

    The original idea sounded like something I would have watched and it sucks that they threw it out. That lady producer in my opinion was purposely being a bitch. She wanted to control everything so saying that "it was the hardest professional decision" is a lie. They still could've aged Arlo down and created a workable plot out of the three that was left behind. But they didn't. I kinda hope that the movie gets remade with the original idea because that dumpster fire (along with Brave and Cars 2) should be forgotten and remade

  • El Pookie

    El Pookie

    Day ago

    Only 2:37 in and already there's a fucking ad. left video

  • The Narwhal King

    The Narwhal King

    Day ago

    Dude, they do fucking mushrooms in this movie, it's not a kids movie.

  • silentandcliche


    Day ago

    How dare you talk shit on we're back!

  • Oryaam L

    Oryaam L

    Day ago

    I didnt go to watch The Good Dinosaur. Glad I didnt waste that money

  • Kay Haven

    Kay Haven

    Day ago

    This was truly the first time that I felt that felt Pixar had a TERRIBLE film. Cars 2 was bad....but it was no where near as bad, bland, and forgettable as this film. Holy hell, you can’t even relate to ONE SINGLE CHARACTER in this film. You can’t even remember their names.

  • Greg Gorden

    Greg Gorden

    Day ago

    nicw voice

  • Christian Amaya

    Christian Amaya

    Day ago


  • Annahi Garcia

    Annahi Garcia

    Day ago

    For a 23 minute video, I felt like I was watching this for 50 minutes straight.

  • Scorspi


    Day ago

    yo i heard that mystery dungeon music in there

  • lightning


    Day ago

    tried to watch this whole video, but the voice/tone is just intolerable

  • Mega Man

    Mega Man

    Day ago

    HEY! Finding Dori was awesome! That blind whale had em laughing hard and for fuck sake i was like 29 ha ha

  • Adrian Moreno

    Adrian Moreno

    Day ago

    If dinosaurs haven't gone extinct then humans would have never come into existence

  • Little Noob

    Little Noob

    Day ago

    8:49 "50 minutes of anus"

  • GoldReus


    Day ago

    The character design was uhhh

  • Ontos


    Day ago

    The film always reminds me of Bolt but just not as interesting

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