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The Chevrolet Corvette is probably one of the greatest American cars of all time. It is the pride and enjoy of Chevy in the racing world, capable of taking on the likes of Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin in the GT circuit. But at one point Chevrolet wanted to kill this Corvette Grand Sport and this is its story …
Make sure to visit the Petersen Automotive Museum's exhibit on Zora Duntov!
Huge thanks to Superformance for letting us borrow their Corvette! Check them out:
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  • Donut Media

    Donut Media

    6 days ago

    Which Corvette is the best Corvette? 😎

  • BamBam72 Overton

    BamBam72 Overton

    Hour ago

    67 L88.

  • Altima NEO

    Altima NEO

    15 hours ago

    My Corvette is best Corvette because LS swap -wait...

  • The Randoms

    The Randoms

    Day ago

    1977 Stingray

  • Andrew Charles Evanch

    Andrew Charles Evanch

    2 days ago

    The next one C8 7-18-2019 You missed the fact that Carroll Shelby after winning Le Mans with Aston Martin wanted to win again with American car that he could have more influence on. Check out the 1959 Corvette Scaglietti also called the Corvette Italia only three were finished by Scaglietti. Enzo Ferrari was said not to be happy about these GM cars having lightweight bodies made in Italy by Scaglietti and told him to stop making them. Carroll Shelby had one of the three Corvettes on order however never took delivery once it was obvious GM was not going to back a factory racing team. Shelby found a partner in Ford and history was made with the Ford GT40.

  • hypeobesity


    2 days ago

    ZO6 in my opinion

  • Jefferson Graves

    Jefferson Graves

    Hour ago

    Fucking skinny jeans. Zora is the godfather of corvette along with Bill Mitchell. Harley Earl is the farther of the corvette.

  • jshdwhite79


    6 hours ago

    I want a car that startles me when I start it.

  • Lincoln Setter

    Lincoln Setter

    7 hours ago

    Thanks for metric

  • nonotnyet


    12 hours ago

    most aggravating host ever.

  • kevin roberts

    kevin roberts

    15 hours ago

    Most annoying person ever

  • FMChimera


    18 hours ago

    Guy needs to lay off the meth.

  • Facundo Ordoñez

    Facundo Ordoñez

    20 hours ago

    Thanks for disclose also the Kilograms measurements for us, the non-wired-measurement-units people

  • Francs Bryce

    Francs Bryce

    22 hours ago

    Honestly, Thank you for curiosity stream.

  • lsxmack


    23 hours ago

    really dropped the ball on "Winning races and filling cavities." "Winning races, and fitting braces" would have been much better.

  • Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo

    Day ago

    Why can I never find any info on the motor? Anyone....

  • Dr Snooz

    Dr Snooz

    Day ago

    Me want!!!

  • Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster

    Day ago

    Where can I buyyyy onneee

  • Tesla Roadster

    Tesla Roadster

    Day ago

    High performance cars and EVs will always be my #1 but who doesn't love a perfectly restored and maintained classic sports car?

  • Jack Zijdenbos

    Jack Zijdenbos

    Day ago

    James convincing me to take out more loans on top of loans to pay off deposits for cars like this is really going to ruin my credit score

  • Wedneston Sulau

    Wedneston Sulau

    Day ago

    Dudes should become our next jack black...haha

  • Trace 23

    Trace 23

    Day ago

    Can you imagine if Zora would've gotten to build the mid-engine version that he really wanted to?🤔🤔

  • Density YT

    Density YT

    Day ago

    How can America be known for pizza when pizza is Italian, I hate You enough as it is, I just wanna learn more about cars and you happen to be the one that made this video. Your a fucking idiot and sound autistic.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    Jonathan Wilson

    Day ago

    I dont get how building a race car somehow creates anti-trust issues.



    Day ago

    You clearly know a lot. You clearly are able to present facts in an interesting manner. Just STOP ACTING LIKE A CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really a good advice. Out of curiosoty: how do people on the street react to you? Do they always take you serisouly? Or do people who meet you in person just take a selfie with you and then very quickly go away? Are you perhaps taking some drugs? Are you high during some of those shoots? Were you always like that? Even as a child? Did you have problems growing up?

  • Justin Kehr

    Justin Kehr

    Day ago

    Gotta love how Chevy ordered these cars to be destroyed numerous times, yet have no problem using the Grand Sport name nowadays to sell more corvettes.

  • Darian Murcott-Istead

    Darian Murcott-Istead

    Day ago

    Soooo, purpose built racecars beat modified production cars... Nooo shit lmfao.. They never went door to door as they never homolagated them. Hence, a Ferrari 250 gto could afford you all 5 of the original grand sport Vettes and a far more common 427 Cobra is still valued in the millions..

  • CTSM07


    Day ago

    Why not the flying Dick eh?

  • Tom Upchurch

    Tom Upchurch

    Day ago

    In 1993 there was of these at Fraser Dante in Roswell Georgia for $100K

  • YouTube crazy

    YouTube crazy

    Day ago

    Pontiac Banshee is better!🙃

  • Reese Bramlett

    Reese Bramlett

    2 days ago

    2:51 he can’t handle American muscle

  • niet janken

    niet janken

    2 days ago

    Sodas are German and pizzas are Italian dude

  • Andrew Charles Evanch

    Andrew Charles Evanch

    2 days ago

    Duntov walked into the general managers office at Chevrolet with the finished blueprints for the mid rear corvette in the 60's and was told NO. "I'll raise the money and make it myself." Well that never happened however the C8 will soon be out and will finally be mid engine and rear wheel drive.

  • Andrew Charles Evanch

    Andrew Charles Evanch

    2 days ago

    Oh wait was this a Superformance commercial. OK just checking??? Does the mean we will see a video on the Ford GT40? Superformance has been making the GT40 since buying the rights a long time ago.

  • Andrew Charles Evanch

    Andrew Charles Evanch

    2 days ago

    The videos are getting better and much less cheesy. The history of the Grand Sport is very interesting, This view was packed with great explanations, videos, and images.

  • Chaz Channel

    Chaz Channel

    2 days ago

    There are no bumpers on this car

  • Christian Hansford

    Christian Hansford

    2 days ago


  • Luke Vincel

    Luke Vincel

    2 days ago

    see, this guy is joking, he's over the weight he said, but I'm taller than 6 FT. and I'm below 140 LBs. my ribs curve in at the bottom just because I'm so skinny by the way, I'm a male

  • Derrick Farrar

    Derrick Farrar

    2 days ago

    The Flying Dentist : Winning Races N Installing Braces

  • Dylan Rutland

    Dylan Rutland

    2 days ago


  • samurai1833


    2 days ago

    Great show!

  • Travis Gibson

    Travis Gibson

    2 days ago

    Really hoped this would be about the banshee

  • Evan Parker

    Evan Parker

    2 days ago

    Can’t stand this guy

  • Sorrow Song

    Sorrow Song

    2 days ago

    Great job! Subscribed!

  • Your_main _man_matt

    Your_main _man_matt

    2 days ago

    I fucking love this

  • ss x lbc

    ss x lbc

    2 days ago

    Hi y'all, I think I need the source for this background music.. it's freakin sickkk lol. TYIA! PS: not the intro song btw

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    Alexandar Hull-Richter

    2 days ago

    I interned at a suspension company with a guy called Lingenfelter.

  • Kaden Doell

    Kaden Doell

    2 days ago

    my new dream car😂

  • Burnn It

    Burnn It

    2 days ago

    We need mopowar bebehh

  • Wendy's Twitter

    Wendy's Twitter

    2 days ago

    This is literally the best sounding car I have ever heard

  • vetteboy1024


    2 days ago

    For 200k someone needs to polish out all the swirls in the paint. Awesome car and great story.

  • Jean Ortiz

    Jean Ortiz

    2 days ago

    We're bulding one in the shop I work.

  • Jean Ortiz

    Jean Ortiz

    2 days ago

    We also have a cobra superformance.

  • StormGamer555 jesus or Vsøş

    StormGamer555 jesus or Vsøş

    2 days ago

    Everything on it looks epic

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    2 days ago

    Oh, if only someone had the fucking balls to have literally shot the fucking bastard that killed this vehicle project, as well as Bill Thomas's Cheetah, and made damn sure that said bastard was dead, and was also never found, I can assure you that Ford and GM would have had one hell of a rivalry on the track in the 1960s.

  • Pax Humana

    Pax Humana

    2 days ago

    Donut Media, the biggest bit of irony is that, in more recent years, GM actually built several legitimate mass production Grand Sport versions of the Chevrolet Corvette.

  • Brodey Mecrate

    Brodey Mecrate

    3 days ago

    Yo this channel is the fucking shit.

  • Michel Angelo

    Michel Angelo

    3 days ago

    wish the hotwheels ones were hard tops

  • Bob Barker

    Bob Barker

    3 days ago

    That's one UGLY car lol



    3 days ago

    These cars are even fast by today's standards, the original cobra can actually out track a mk4 supra stock for stock.

  • SG21337


    3 days ago

    11:39-11:45 For some reason I kinda felt that. That *"STOP!"* at the end is what got me.

  • akarilotube


    3 days ago

    Very entertaining.

  • Lord Brathwaite

    Lord Brathwaite

    3 days ago

    There’s NO WAY this dude is 132 pounds lmao🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Thomas Joseph

    Thomas Joseph

    3 days ago

    Why do people act like they from the streets when they hit you with an ad? Like yo dawg,.. it don't make you any cooler... stopped this video mid "spondser" pitch and just left. If I wanted to hear a lame ad, I would turn off adblock.

  • Grant 69

    Grant 69

    3 days ago

    I'm not much of a Chevy guy but that red Chevy light whagh is one sexy car

  • Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher

    3 days ago

    gm is really stupid telling him to stop making the car!!

  • Lewis R

    Lewis R

    3 days ago

    This was a great story, I can't tell if I like B2B or Up To Speed more, so good!

  • Amano Yuuji

    Amano Yuuji

    3 days ago

    Duntov is a madlad

  • ShadowYeeter


    3 days ago

    GM sounds like boss of american car factories

  • Shannon E

    Shannon E

    3 days ago

    I like it 🗝

  • Paul Medlicott

    Paul Medlicott

    3 days ago

    Speed holes!

  • Alex Cantoran

    Alex Cantoran

    3 days ago

    I love the Simpsons reference. Speed holes do make the car go faster.

  • John Smith

    John Smith

    3 days ago

    I want it!

  • cole leg

    cole leg

    3 days ago

    Steve Miller band reference was 👌

  • battletoads22


    3 days ago

    And it's decisions like that that have led to GM's downfall and their eventual obsolescence.

  • Lachlan Morgan

    Lachlan Morgan

    3 days ago

    please do bumper to bumper on the R33 400R PLEASEEEEEE

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