The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song


Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink dish on bonding over disobedience while filming Stranger Things, and they summarize Season 3 in one word.
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The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song


  • Vishal Das

    Vishal Das

    9 hours ago

    I think will likes El 😂, just saying

  • Jan moleno

    Jan moleno

    9 hours ago

    Gaten really looks like adam devine

  • chickenXbacon


    10 hours ago

    I now have cancer and am blind.

  • Jonathan Cabrera

    Jonathan Cabrera

    10 hours ago

    Will shooting his shot on eleven on national tv

  • delrey


    10 hours ago

    sadie and finn at 4:56 🥰

  • Nothing Nonsense

    Nothing Nonsense

    10 hours ago

    Dustin always be dustin

  • kayla _

    kayla _

    11 hours ago

    gaten: bigger Noah and Millie: *laughing* gaten: yOu ArE fOuR

  • Sierra Davis

    Sierra Davis

    12 hours ago

    Am I the only one that saw Noah/Will rap his arm around Millie/ eleven

  • Aidan Vader5

    Aidan Vader5

    12 hours ago

    Millie gave the best word



    12 hours ago

    Hes like why did i invite so many teenagers to be on my show at the same time

  • raspy the rat

    raspy the rat

    13 hours ago

    they put a cone *but then we moved the cone*

  • R & A

    R & A

    13 hours ago

    Mille and Noah are having the time of their life while Gaten is sitting next to them annoyed to pieces 😂❤️😂❤️

  • Jeruel Jagessar

    Jeruel Jagessar

    14 hours ago

    Who watched the third season and still doesn’t get how “spreading” sums it all up?😂😬

  • Sean Glatts

    Sean Glatts

    14 hours ago

    damn millie really disrepesctin will at 2:25 n shit smh

  • C N

    C N

    14 hours ago

    too much confidence, take care with that kids

  • louwt.donny91


    10 hours ago

    Yeah they are very confident but I think that is amazing. Really shows how close of a bond they all have with each other and also how comfortable they are with Jimmy...(after all, they have done interviews with him for years!) Honestly, I would kill to have as much confidence as them.. Would be really boring to watch if they had no confidence or humour...

  • and i -oop

    and i -oop

    14 hours ago


  • Mike Henry

    Mike Henry

    14 hours ago

    how many of u actually remember the never ending story, ?? great movie, its the nothing.....

  • Mike Henry

    Mike Henry

    15 hours ago

    will looks like he is aging the most and looks the most different from his character

  • Stella Maassen

    Stella Maassen

    15 hours ago

    Love them and stranger things😍🥵❤

  • Mr. Jelo

    Mr. Jelo

    16 hours ago

    Is it only me or is that Finn wasn't singing Chicken Noodle Soup 😅😂

  • Aleena Andrea .

    Aleena Andrea .

    16 hours ago

    7:13 😂noah and Millie thought worng😂😂

  • Breanna Queen

    Breanna Queen

    16 hours ago

    I was getting my nails done and when y’all sang everyone was looking at me lol

  • Kat E

    Kat E

    16 hours ago

    5:53 And I oop-

  • Madi Dardar

    Madi Dardar

    16 hours ago

    4:21 ..... I gotchuuuu!!

  • Armando Arteaga

    Armando Arteaga

    17 hours ago

    Caleb resembles a young 1990s Kobe Bryant.

  • Rebeca Modena

    Rebeca Modena

    17 hours ago

    podia ter legendaaa

  • Lexis


    18 hours ago

    The mall is in my city!!!

  • Xxempaigexx 201

    Xxempaigexx 201

    18 hours ago

    When Gaten said bigger and Noah reacted the way he did his laugh is so cute 😂😂

  • brian molina

    brian molina

    18 hours ago

    Is jimmy high?

  • pink panda

    pink panda

    18 hours ago

    the only reason i watch stranger things is because millie is in it

  • Sabina


    19 hours ago

    Is this Even an interview? Jimmy Just sits there and doesnt say anything, while they are talking to each other 😂

  • Jaro Jaric

    Jaro Jaric

    20 hours ago

    4:25 your welcome

  • Hollister 365

    Hollister 365

    20 hours ago

    I love how when Gaten said bigger, Millie and Noah just looked at each other and started laughing

  • Kauê Malheiro

    Kauê Malheiro

    20 hours ago

    Alguém br de bom coração poderia traduzir e legendar

  • Wendy Jensen

    Wendy Jensen

    21 hour ago

    Finn always looks bored during interviews.

  • Fuzzy Bobo27

    Fuzzy Bobo27

    21 hour ago

    7:13 haha Millie and Noah with those dirty minds 😂💀 gotta love em❤️❤️❤️

  • BESSEM Obenofunde

    BESSEM Obenofunde

    21 hour ago

    What my average day is like: Eat Sleep *Obsess over stranger things cast*

  • victoriaa camp !

    victoriaa camp !

    22 hours ago

    they film in georgia and starcourt mall was in gwinnett county 🖤

  • Emma Nguyen

    Emma Nguyen

    22 hours ago

    Is Noah still the smallest or Gaten

  • meh idk

    meh idk

    23 hours ago

    everyone had it in for millie because she used to be loud and interruptive in interviews yet finn and gaten can be just as bad and don’t get any hate for it

  • beste gn

    beste gn

    Day ago

    finn is the bad boy of our dreams

  • beste gn

    beste gn

    Day ago

    omg finn is so handsome im nineteen and i dont wanna get arrested but i want him

  • Mick Swagger

    Mick Swagger

    Day ago

    Chicken noodle soup another banger!!!!

  • Himanshu Meena

    Himanshu Meena

    Day ago

    [ Indistinct talking ] 😄

  • Zachary Daviu Amorin

    Zachary Daviu Amorin

    Day ago

    Like si eres de España

  • Bubbles Sweetie

    Bubbles Sweetie

    Day ago

    I wish I could meet them🥺

  • laurashasta


    Day ago


  • Chelsy Lasheras

    Chelsy Lasheras

    Day ago

    Season 1: Will is missing Season 2: Release this monster out of Will Season 3: mY mAgNeTs Btw the song is at 4:24

  • Xx_CaShA_BeE_xX


    Day ago

    You know. Hopper is Alive. You did hear Them say *Not the American* SO Here Comes season 4....:3

  • Samry Alemu

    Samry Alemu

    Day ago

    Im not being rude but to me it looks a lot like noah has a crush on millie bobby brown it's kinda cute look out finn wolfhard he's coming 😍😍😍😊😉

  • Lilly YANAR

    Lilly YANAR

    Day ago

    I love stranger things 💖

  • Kuba G

    Kuba G

    Day ago

    Caleb Shoes :o

  • AwesomeAngel angela09

    AwesomeAngel angela09

    Day ago

    Guess who’s getting a job at scoops ahoy!

  • Laila CARMONT

    Laila CARMONT

    Day ago

    great except for jimmy fallon just shut ups jimmy!!!!!!!1

  • Scooby Doo

    Scooby Doo

    Day ago

    Caleb remind me so much of Eddie murphy

  • s a d b i x c h

    s a d b i x c h

    Day ago

    [chicken noodle soup]

  • s a d b i x c h

    s a d b i x c h

    Day ago


  • s a d b i x c h

    s a d b i x c h

    Day ago

    _oh wow_

  • Gacha Shaynee

    Gacha Shaynee

    Day ago

    4:25 your welcome

  • Deanna Rider

    Deanna Rider

    Day ago

    Noah and Sadie have chemistry... Just saying 😉

  • Isaac Saesee

    Isaac Saesee

    Day ago

    I’ve saw that curly head kid at universal studios last year in 2018

  • Madison Armstrong

    Madison Armstrong

    Day ago

    They are like brothers and sisters

  • Derpy Gamer

    Derpy Gamer

    Day ago

    No one- Not a soul- Random Shopper- Stranger things kids- ChiCK3n n00Dl3 S0u9!!!!

  • Snowy


    Day ago

    Is it just me or does Millie try to get Finns attention but Noah’s trying to get Millie’s attention

  • Justinhulk


    Day ago

    4:52 this smooth ass motherfucker lmfao. nice one noah

  • Mark Louis V. Sayson

    Mark Louis V. Sayson

    Day ago


  • Talonna Martinez

    Talonna Martinez

    Day ago

    My cousin was singing this song he said he made up right there on the spot🤔mhm😂

  • Ellyn Cabañog

    Ellyn Cabañog

    Day ago

    OMG 😊❤

  • Meiyan Laforme

    Meiyan Laforme

    Day ago

    No one: No one at all: Not a soul: Caleb: 🎶 chicken noodle soup 🎶

  • Jamie Bevan

    Jamie Bevan

    Day ago

    Is it me or is Gaten always wearing converse

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