The Try Guys Old Age Makeovers


The guys get professional makeup to get a taste of what they'll look like when they're 80, and then show their loved ones to gauge their reactions. The final video of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Ariel Fulmer
Becky Habersberger
Jae Yang
Make-up Artist - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Make-up Artist - Jen Osborne
Make-Up Assistant - Brenna Haukedahl
Make-Up Assistant - Alexa Coleman
Devlin McCluskey
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Executive Producer - Eugene Lee Yang
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Production Manager - Alexandria Herring
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Camera Operator - Miles Bonsignore
Sound Operator - Kasiemobi Udo-okoye
Production Assistant - Sam Johnson


  • Teal Chastain

    Teal Chastain

    7 hours ago

    I love Becky. She's so no B.S.!

  • Mallary Toner

    Mallary Toner

    7 hours ago

    unrelated to the video but Maggie is gorgeous that's all

  • Valarie Ortiz

    Valarie Ortiz

    8 hours ago

    Eugene: BeCAuSe of ThE WaR

  • Regen im_winter

    Regen im_winter

    8 hours ago

    Hello eveyone Anyone has questions about islam or he /she is interested in islam Join us here to open a "respectful" conversation about islam.. Have a nice day 🌿

  • iqra sattar

    iqra sattar

    8 hours ago

    Skipped alllll video to reach the end . Why is this video soooo long for no reason ?

  • lunar


    8 hours ago

    *Mmmmm mmmmm I like it*

  • Bimin Park

    Bimin Park

    8 hours ago

    Zach:Like I got cursed by a witch Me:he is a child lol

  • Mika_ Wilder

    Mika_ Wilder

    9 hours ago

    The ending got me..I’m literally crying 😭

  • MR FOOX. foox

    MR FOOX. foox

    10 hours ago

    Eugene still looks hot he's my daddy now 😍

  • Ciara Carberry

    Ciara Carberry

    10 hours ago

    Eugene’s JaGiYa!!! Omg gives me life saranghe 💚💚

  • Gamer Kakatron Da potato Salad Elf

    Gamer Kakatron Da potato Salad Elf

    10 hours ago

    Eugene Looks Like When He's Transformed Like A 49 Year Old!

  • Paper Crane Trips

    Paper Crane Trips

    10 hours ago

    Aww, Ariel is the sweetest girl ❤️

  • Apollo


    10 hours ago

    God this made me wish I had grandparents

  • T 800

    T 800

    11 hours ago

    Eugene already looks so much like my dad it unsettles me, I fucking screamed at the transformation

  • Grace Kora

    Grace Kora

    11 hours ago

    11.54 is lit

  • erika pellot

    erika pellot

    12 hours ago

    Since you had to reflect on your lives with these “getting old” videos, you should all make a series in which all of you complete your bucket list! 😁 just an idea 💡😉

  • Justin Jonathan

    Justin Jonathan

    14 hours ago

    Zach looks amazing completely bald tho

  • Zaakirah A

    Zaakirah A

    15 hours ago

    I cried

  • Amrita Ramesh

    Amrita Ramesh

    15 hours ago

    Becky is the BEST!!! ... And her SKIN!!

  • Amrita Ramesh

    Amrita Ramesh

    15 hours ago

    Eugene is so funny and I want to not like him as much as I do because I wouldn't in person. But I guess I'll just enjoy that. From afar. As opposed to my very immediate plan to move across the world and join showbiz? Hehehe The makeup was GREAT, and so was the editing. Y'all profesh. Professh.

  • Marii Garcia

    Marii Garcia

    16 hours ago

    10:00 - 10:09 😂 i love zach

  • Steven B

    Steven B

    16 hours ago

    Ned totally looks like Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty ... :P

  • Victoria Wangsadira

    Victoria Wangsadira

    16 hours ago

    they should try going out and test whether ppl treat them as old ppl

  • BadLactose


    17 hours ago

    War is so goddamned inconvenient!

  • ke ne

    ke ne

    17 hours ago

    Show your girlfriend older and turn the table!

  • Wtf iswrongwithyou

    Wtf iswrongwithyou

    17 hours ago

    16:08 The way Ariel looks at Ned literally makes me want to cry😩❤

  • Artemis Baxas

    Artemis Baxas

    18 hours ago

    why does zach look better bald

  • BelloVita


    18 hours ago

    Is Eugene gay?

  • Izumi's Apprentice

    Izumi's Apprentice

    18 hours ago

    I would talk to my grandparents, but uh...they all died before I was even 10yo... :/ Also, this 'episode' didn't seem much different to me than when they went bald so no big surprises. Eugene cracking up about the war was hilarious!

  • Elsa Cheung

    Elsa Cheung

    19 hours ago

    you guys make me happy

  • kathy alvarado

    kathy alvarado

    19 hours ago

    Omg the raisin comment

  • Ma’at Ruiz

    Ma’at Ruiz

    19 hours ago

    “You know how many creams I put on him? A lot. If Keith’s in there looking wrinkly as fuck I want. My. Money. Back.” 💀

  • Alaunt


    19 hours ago

    Eh... There was a significant lack of wrinkles on their faces. The skin just looked oily and spotted from the synthetic material.

  • Tyler Lewis

    Tyler Lewis

    20 hours ago

    Eugene is like someone's hot grandpa that you don't wanna admit that you wanna fuck.

  • Ashley Gatewood

    Ashley Gatewood

    20 hours ago

    All of their wives/girlfriends are sooo beautiful!

  • Broken Bones

    Broken Bones

    20 hours ago

    Eugene ages like wine, he gets finer with time......... My cousin: “Say no homo...” Me: “What?” My cousin: “You gotta say no homo for it to not be gay, so say “no homo”.” Me: “........” My cousin: “..oh lord he’s not saying it l- WHY AREN’T YOU SAYING IT?!” Me: “No homo...sapiens :)”

  • xxoxx ooxoo

    xxoxx ooxoo

    20 hours ago

    Zach can do better ...

  • xxoxx ooxoo

    xxoxx ooxoo

    11 hours ago

    😂yes, he’s too too precious

  • stillnotstill


    16 hours ago

    xxoxx ooxoo um, from a few moments of video you assessed this?

  • Ashley Smith

    Ashley Smith

    21 hour ago

    Awesome series, y'all.

  • kiara turcotte

    kiara turcotte

    21 hour ago

    I love how Eugene is supposed to be 20 years older but he looks better than anyone

  • alexandria armstrong

    alexandria armstrong

    21 hour ago

    "The more I look at you, the more you look great" I love Eugene's Dad :)

  • Jacey Huang

    Jacey Huang

    22 hours ago

    You should do "The Try Wives/Girlfriends Old Age Makeovers"

  • Mia Lashley

    Mia Lashley

    22 hours ago

    11:35 dying 😂🤣

  • Nicky Nicole

    Nicky Nicole

    22 hours ago

    Me: Thinks of some day being old and bald Also me: nope can't deal my hair is my life I will never go bald

  • Jared Haigh

    Jared Haigh

    22 hours ago

    I low key want a back to the future reboot with old ned

  • n v

    n v

    23 hours ago

    It's very bad makeup. As we age our ears and noses grow and the one guy didn't even get makeup for his neck.

  • XxbadasswearingpinkxX


    23 hours ago

    Keith: she’ll love me no matter what Becky: *roasts the actual shit out of Keith*

  • Starla Archangel

    Starla Archangel

    23 hours ago

    Because of the war

  • Amanda Mapayo

    Amanda Mapayo

    Day ago

    one punch man

  • Aluri


    Day ago

    This was very cute.

  • Beckett Galloway

    Beckett Galloway

    Day ago

    Maggie is a fucking ANGEL!! I adore her!!!

  • Jesse Mae

    Jesse Mae

    Day ago

    Becky's smile is so beautiful

  • Destiney C

    Destiney C

    Day ago

    It’s because of the war

  • Yes it is I, Satan

    Yes it is I, Satan

    Day ago

    Keith baby you look like a corpse

  • MegaChocoFun


    Day ago

    Wait Eugene is older than Ned?? Eugene is the oldest? :O

  • Emilee Heili

    Emilee Heili

    Day ago

    The music in the background when they were explaining about their grandparents almost made me want to cry! Getting old is going to suck! But also being old is a good thing because it means that you were able to live a long happy life!😊

  • Laundan Monet

    Laundan Monet

    Day ago

    Them: Laundan here comes your crush! He's right behind you! Me: 13:25-13:27

  • GraceAction


    Day ago

    *The old transformation just makes me think of "This is Us"*

  • greeneyes❤


    Day ago

    ned and ariel will be the cutest old couple and do everything together, can you imagine ned's old man laugh/cackle? and becky and keith will be that old couple that is always roasting each other and making jokes, blowing the paper off the straws at each other in the restaurant...super cute. I thought keith and eugene looked the most realistic. They looked like older versions of their dads. zach and ned looked a little unrealistic with all that fake hair and the skin looked mostly the same as without makeup.

  • Annie Lynn

    Annie Lynn

    Day ago

    Those makeup artists did a bomb job wow

  • Shaniahhh A

    Shaniahhh A

    Day ago


  • SniperLyfe Parry

    SniperLyfe Parry

    Day ago

    Eugene looking tanned. Looks super good

  • Kara Oliver

    Kara Oliver

    Day ago

    I thought zack was gay 0-0

  • stillnotstill


    16 hours ago

    Kara Oliver why

  • Savvanah_B


    Day ago

    Anyone else become shocked when they saw that Zach has a gf? XD

  • Erin Morticia

    Erin Morticia

    Day ago

    It took this video for me to realize that Zach has skin like a baby. He’s gotta do something to preserve that! He’ll age really well if he does.

  • Laurel Dill

    Laurel Dill

    Day ago

    Please do this make over to your wives!!!!!!!!

  • Jo Anne

    Jo Anne

    Day ago

    Was eating chips when it was Keith’s turn and I ended up spilling it all over the couch when 😂😂😂

  • Tori Malatesta

    Tori Malatesta

    Day ago


  • Meiying


    Day ago

    I really appreciate this series... I can speak for myself and my friends as simple college kids that aging seems so terrifying, so unreal, but this has made me really think about how I want to take care of myself and my older family and to live life just the best possible way. Thank you XD

  • Charleigh West

    Charleigh West

    Day ago

    Keith looks like jud Crandall off pet sematary

  • Melissa Thrun

    Melissa Thrun

    Day ago

    How does Eugene look so good still 😂😂

  • Rafael A. Cárdenas-Heredia

    Rafael A. Cárdenas-Heredia

    Day ago

    Zach will be Bernie Sanders

  • _SGL_ _Queen_

    _SGL_ _Queen_

    Day ago

    Because of war....😂

  • Alora O'Bryan Gleason

    Alora O'Bryan Gleason

    Day ago

    Zach would look really good with a shaved head

  • Amber Isley

    Amber Isley

    Day ago

    Zach=One punch man

  • _Kplays_ Xoxo

    _Kplays_ Xoxo

    Day ago

    Eugene’s profile: Asians Don’t Raisin Me: -_- Me: why is this true tho 💀 😂

  • Deloreon Legacy

    Deloreon Legacy

    Day ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I think all of their makeup is really muddy and fake looking, especially the hair. Becky's reaction was magic though.

  • Mecca Johnson

    Mecca Johnson

    Day ago

    Becky reaction was hilarious.

  • Ivy Turner

    Ivy Turner

    Day ago

    3:37 ... yo Zach looks kinda hot bald

  • Emma Heart

    Emma Heart

    Day ago

    You should Age up Becky Ariel and Maggie

  • Mila R

    Mila R

    Day ago

    Lol becky's reaction is the fucking best 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jazmin Santiago

    Jazmin Santiago

    Day ago

    I’m just like Zach omg. I literally don’t do anything to my face and my skin is fine. I thought it was weird but guess not

  • Min yoonji genius

    Min yoonji genius

    Day ago

    15:36 ik what you talking about Eugene 😂😂lmao cause you do look like them

  • ViviKibou


    Day ago

    Don't you love it when she says how drinking ages you faster and you're in the middle of a glass of wine...

  • Ben Munro

    Ben Munro

    Day ago

    Ned looks like Dr. Suess

  • Jacqueline Garces

    Jacqueline Garces

    Day ago

    "What causes liver spots? Fried Chicken?!"

  • Im eating icecream

    Im eating icecream

    Day ago

    Who else is in tears

  • Jessica Cavitch

    Jessica Cavitch

    Day ago

    😁😁Is this Maggie’s first official video? ♥️♥️♥️

  • tayfez


    Day ago

    Becky’s reaction has me dyingg 😂

  • Jasmine Yong

    Jasmine Yong

    Day ago

    Becky was the freaking highlight of this video. Why is she not in more videos?!?!

  • QuirkyAngstyTeen


    Day ago

    First five seconds in and Ned is getting friendzoned by his own wife, jk

  • stillnotstill


    16 hours ago


  • Chunk Funk

    Chunk Funk

    Day ago

    I’m gonna learn how to do this makeup so I can buy alcohol from the shops

  • Kayleigh


    Day ago

    any problem occurs: Eugene: bEcAuSe oF tHe wAr

  • kate duran

    kate duran

    Day ago

    why does keith look like me rogers’s 😭😭😭

  • jonae rohilliard

    jonae rohilliard

    Day ago

    I think Becky lowkey hurt his feelings 😂

  • Hannah Groth

    Hannah Groth

    Day ago

    Eugene looks like my grandfather!

  • Raion Sukae

    Raion Sukae

    Day ago

    Damn this was way damn too cute...

  • Mason Guthrie

    Mason Guthrie

    Day ago

    Nobody: Eugene: I AM ASIAN

  • Alice Badgero

    Alice Badgero

    Day ago

    Ugh Ariel and Ned and like so cute I can’t even

  • ggukedpotaeto


    Day ago

    i thought i got an ad at 0:29 but it was just the intro thingy

  • Danielle Lippert

    Danielle Lippert

    Day ago

    Eugene is looking the best for sureeee

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