The Wildest NBA Facts No One Has Ever Told You


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  • Allen Silva

    Allen Silva

    Hour ago

    Top players with consecutive games with double digit scoring... JORDAN:866... *AWESOME* LeBRON:928... *INCREDIBLE* THE FACE OF ALL THE JORDAN FANS WHO HATE LeBRON... *PRICELESS*

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    Jack Whitehouse

    Hour ago

    1st vid of yours I’ve seen very well put together you’ve got a subscriber 👊🏾

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    Emmanuel Diaz

    2 hours ago

    Didn’t lebron score like 7 in the finals one time

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    Chad Gaucher

    3 hours ago

    dope vid

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    Liked and subbed!

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    Whats that beat @ 0:54

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    I thought 62

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    gud vid

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    What the fuck are you doing lmfao

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    If you think Lebrons better than micheal Jordan like and if you don’t leave a comment 🤓

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    That ending was smoother than anything I've seen in a while

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    I really like the content you upload.

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    YOUR VOICE .... your bike ground music amazing EVERYTIME . You are the youngest Morgan freeman ik . If you ever lose the drive to make videos . DONT

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    Kyle G

    6 hours ago

    FUCK LeBron.. He's a pretender

  • lud_genesis


    7 hours ago

    That last fact gave me goosebumps that’s crazy basically king James scored double digits from his debut til now ?

  • Mattyice402


    7 hours ago

    That last bit should include games missed. If you miss a game you scored 0 points.

  • Melo


    7 hours ago

    I like how lebron sat at the top on the end of the video 🐐

  • Joseph Vallejo

    Joseph Vallejo

    7 hours ago

    On the last one you got to Jordan then I had to go back and see where the hell was Lebron? Then finally you went up

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    Ntsako Ndhlovu

    7 hours ago

    Joel Anthony, I'm dying🤣🤣

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    Dawwwwwg that last Lebron/Jordan one was jaw dropping!!!

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    Roy Vega

    9 hours ago

    Get of that lebron d***. Oh yeah I forgot to let you all know he ain’t getting another ring.

  • Will Cummings

    Will Cummings

    10 hours ago

    You misspelt Isiah Thomas as the new one when you really meant the pistons one from the bad boy dynasty

  • martin valle

    martin valle

    10 hours ago

    Lebrons the goat

  • Will Dwinnell

    Will Dwinnell

    10 hours ago

    Which he is

  • Will Dwinnell

    Will Dwinnell

    10 hours ago

    This whole video basically says lebron a the goat

  • Great Lakes Dirt Fishing

    Great Lakes Dirt Fishing

    11 hours ago

    Prolly one of your all time videos..



    11 hours ago

    Best way to end a video

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    Clorox Bleach

    12 hours ago

    that end though

  • Khent Saludo

    Khent Saludo

    12 hours ago

    Imagine if MJ didn't retire and play baseball instead.. Imagine what he can accomplish on those added playing years.

  • Sarge Evangelista

    Sarge Evangelista

    12 hours ago

    Sad for LeBron not going to the Playoffs this season

  • lil Petroleum

    lil Petroleum

    13 hours ago

    Yea the Westbrook one doesn’t count as much cause he’s puts stats over everything sometimes

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    The first beat is astrothunder slowed reverb by Slater

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    We're was curry

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    Darrell Ludlow

    15 hours ago

    How does someone's winning percentage make you physically ill? Flirted with a thumbs down just for that hyperbole.

  • Ariel Aviso

    Ariel Aviso

    16 hours ago

    Lebron the greatest NBA record breaker

  • Keiran Wilson

    Keiran Wilson

    16 hours ago

    13 three point shots a game

  • Hunter Coffman

    Hunter Coffman

    16 hours ago

    Rodman also got fired from being a janitor at American airlines for stealing

  • Christian Ibsen

    Christian Ibsen

    16 hours ago

    Where Kobe at on consecutive games w 20+ points???

  • Emiliano Gandia

    Emiliano Gandia

    17 hours ago

    Genre of the music from the beginning?

  • Saul Urbina

    Saul Urbina

    17 hours ago

    Lebron a BEAST

  • Eoin O ́Malley

    Eoin O ́Malley

    17 hours ago

    I really thought you were gonna hype of Damian lillard for having a longer double digit streak than Larry bird but you were really just flexing lebrons streak lmao

  • Damian Kuoppala

    Damian Kuoppala

    17 hours ago

    Lebrons the goat

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    marc b

    18 hours ago

    For the 1% of people who see this, fook off

  • King Tide

    King Tide

    18 hours ago

    There’s no way wilt doesn’t have the record for consecutive games with double digit scoring

  • Riccardo Portelli

    Riccardo Portelli

    18 hours ago

    Is that Lamelo Ball at 8:02???

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    Fabian Buentello

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    Bro you need to be on ESPN already! I've been watching your videos for years now and I need to see what you can do with the backing of a company like that.

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    TYB Ney

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    These guys videos are busting

  • Doom1


    19 hours ago

    i swear i saw lebron score like 8 points 2 months ago

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    M1LL3R T1M3

    19 hours ago

    Lets all forget LeBron's NBA Finals 8 point game.

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    ashton barker

    20 hours ago

    Fire ass video

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    Jimmy Doherty

    20 hours ago

    dude i was about to bring up the last fact to my bronsexual friend until you said lebron

  • Luke Hellickson

    Luke Hellickson

    21 hour ago

    what about wilt

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    Quiqyz 1

    21 hour ago

    Intro song 0:07

  • Dakota John

    Dakota John

    21 hour ago

    Well Russell Westbrook demands that his team pads his stats and give him rebounds and play only around his passing and shots.

  • Jalen Thomas

    Jalen Thomas

    21 hour ago

    Lebrons the goat confirmed

  • Yabdiel Ubiles

    Yabdiel Ubiles

    22 hours ago

    This video has some smooth transitions 😂😂

  • Randy 233

    Randy 233

    22 hours ago

    What if Westbrook’s team actually tried, LOL

  • Jay B

    Jay B

    22 hours ago

    Joel Anthony must have been high asf. That’s the only explanation

  • basketball all day every day

    basketball all day every day

    22 hours ago


  • Young


    22 hours ago

    Lebron scored 8 points in the 2011 finals And also 7 against the pacer in 2014 conference finals 🙄

  • Butter Trillion

    Butter Trillion

    23 hours ago

    People shouldn’t hate on Draymond Green. His whole basketball career has proved he is good at winning. Two high school basketball state championships, two NCAA final four appearances, and 3 NBA titles and probably one more this year. Everybody pay attention to stats but the most important one is what he’s good at. His track record proves it. It’s not like he bandwagon jumps teams. Him, Steph, and Klay build that warriors teams. Nobody was checking for warriors in 2013. He balled in the final every year and the year they lost to the Cavs. The Warriors was up 3-2 Draymond gets suspended for games six the warriors lose. Kyrie has to hit dam near a last second 3 for the warriors to lose gm 7 and Draymond had a triple double🔥. Plus before KD got their they won 73 games. Draymond is best at the most important thing in sports and that’s winning! Put some respect on my boi name!

  • JD Neathery

    JD Neathery

    Day ago

    I'm not as impressed by Wilt as most people are he played in an era where he was the biggest and strongest player in the league he would not not put up those kinds of numbers in the 90's 00's or today's nba

  • MrSnagsYT


    Day ago

    Lebron goat

  • Andrew Hong

    Andrew Hong

    Day ago


  • Koolaidjammerz


    Day ago

    I love the end

  • Gio Remollino

    Gio Remollino

    Day ago

    That lebron bias at the end haha. I love it 😂

  • The Arsenal

    The Arsenal

    Day ago

    Its crazy how draymond, the last person u would think of, has the highest win % of all time including reg. season and playoffs

  • WizardsFan721


    Day ago

    No shit he would have the highest win rate he plays for the warriors

  • Sam Ptak

    Sam Ptak

    Day ago

    Lebron the mf goat

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    Day ago

    Great videos man!



    Day ago

    YO this is crazy lol I lowkey dont want to belive it!

  • Liam Halford

    Liam Halford

    Day ago

    Surely wilt would have a doubke digit streak up there with those guys?

  • Joe Quiroz

    Joe Quiroz

    Day ago

    What a way to end it fam!



    Day ago


  • EyeSeeYou


    Day ago

    you really need to link to your other "facts" videos in the description or something

  • Clay Effler

    Clay Effler

    Day ago

    Has lebron never scored less than ten

  • Densetsu San

    Densetsu San

    Day ago

    Westbrook dedicated that 20+20+20 to Nipsey Hussle's Rollin' 60s crip gang membership

  • Christopher Andrews

    Christopher Andrews

    Day ago

    That last one killed me!! Lmfao great videos brotha, love the page!

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    Day ago

    Dope vid man. Once again great work



    Day ago

    I guessed 66😂😂

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    StimpAndLiberated Dayz

    Day ago

    payments due chen. please I cant keep doing this. bad guy right? yep .

  • Dogihead


    Day ago

    Enjoyed the ending, really brought the video together and made a statement without saying a word.

  • Jon Vadmand

    Jon Vadmand

    Day ago

    Very cool video and with such good info, thanks

  • Philip Shuford

    Philip Shuford

    Day ago

    Westbrook rebounds are from the big men on his team letting him. He is a stat stuffer.

  • Shakey Flakey

    Shakey Flakey

    Day ago

  • King Leon

    King Leon

    Day ago

    Not gonna lie that LeBron flex at the end was

  • Peter Staltare

    Peter Staltare

    Day ago

    That double digit scoring thing is crazyyyy

  • The_Glutes


    Day ago

    I find it funny LeBron leads the playoffs in scoring, yet he only has 3 championships in 8 attempts 🤦🏻‍♂️ LeBron is not as good as people think 🙅🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • The_Glutes


    Day ago

    alex tribe LeBron is the greatest playoff performer? Ok, I’ll put it in a more simple example for you. A guy goes to a girls house 6 times and bangs her all 6 times. A different guy goes to a girls house 8 times but only hits it 3. Who’s the real man? You don’t look at actual statistics. LeBron has been to the playoffs and finals many more times than Jordan has. He’s been swept, he’s been carried by Irving. Jordan has NEVER scored under 20 in a playoffs game, and LeBron has done it more than enough in the Finals alone. Don’t come for me when you don’t have your statistics straight

  • alex tribe

    alex tribe

    Day ago

    The_Glutes you’re making it sound like LeBron is trying to lose. James is the greatest playoffs performer we’ve ever seen, there’s a reason why he’s a thousand playoff points ahead of the 2nd best, and still has 3-5 more seasons in him.

  • B Singh

    B Singh

    Day ago

    loved the ending

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    Obi Waerniers

    Day ago

    You make the best videos ever🔥🔥

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    The amazing trap sax

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    Omar Assaad

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    Whats the song you use at the start of your videos

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    Alex Wayne

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    Awesome video..

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    Juan Baller

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    Please make a video about Kobe's insane work ethic that shit would be 🔥

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    Juan Baller

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    🐐= Jimmy

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    FirstName LastName

    Day ago

    “I nearly became physically ill...” LMAFAO 😂😂😂😂

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