This Low Budget Movie Is a Disaster

Standing Ovation is a movie with big aspirations and even bigger flaws. From the plot to the writing and characters. It is bad. Very bad. Very low budget. Even the music. No Good. I react now.
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  • Byakuya Togami

    Byakuya Togami

    2 minutes ago

    That girl who was trying to get in a band is Kourtney from Smosh. Lol. Jk.

  • Ihopeyou Steponalego

    Ihopeyou Steponalego

    11 minutes ago

    I watched it before I saw this and I don’t think anyone noticed that the competition was supposed to be in New York, but later in the movie after the competition she’s back in her house. Wtf???

  • Rachel Liza

    Rachel Liza

    42 minutes ago

    I watched this movie as a child and I have no idea why I thought this movies was ok

  • QDJW Production

    QDJW Production

    42 minutes ago

    6:46 I’m sorry Danny but no one with common sense would think that , those obviously just jokes to give that little girl a quirk that she’s into occult type stuff, no one would think ohh this movie has supernatural elements



    44 minutes ago

    Nobody: Lil Uzi Vert: 15:55

  • Crafts And drawings

    Crafts And drawings

    2 hours ago

    I have always thought that on the picture under the Greg sign said “Peach for the stars”

  • Izzy P

    Izzy P

    2 hours ago

    I am truly GREG

  • Dr. Geez

    Dr. Geez

    4 hours ago

    oh my gosh why do I keep on watching this amazing video?!?!

  • humble buble

    humble buble

    7 hours ago

    I can't stop looking at his t-shirt and his eyes... They're matched

  • Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet

    7 hours ago

    The rich dad always made me uncomfortable

  • caroline emma

    caroline emma

    9 hours ago

    i want to watch this movie now

  • no no

    no no

    9 hours ago

    I can't believe when the movie first came out I enjoyed it. But I only watch once and watching it again is making me cringe so hard.

  • Pretty pretty Eyes

    Pretty pretty Eyes

    9 hours ago

    Americas got talent

  • Macy La Rue

    Macy La Rue

    9 hours ago

    Please please - I never post comments on stuff - but please you have GOT to do one over Murder on the Cape . It’s on Netflix and it’s actually the greatest......... please. (Hint: the murder doesn’t happen until)

  • Crafty OwO

    Crafty OwO

    10 hours ago

    4:32 look at the eyebrow😂

  • That's So Kate

    That's So Kate

    10 hours ago

    Yooooooo Standing Ovation was my EVERYTHINGGGG back in the day loool

  • Mia Martinez

    Mia Martinez

    10 hours ago

    I nearly had a stroke during the flickering and buzzing part.

  • Jolie Brown

    Jolie Brown

    10 hours ago

    dammit i’ve seen this

  • Anna Hewitt

    Anna Hewitt

    10 hours ago

    How do I remember this...but like...don’t remember it

  • Ramen Lover

    Ramen Lover

    10 hours ago


  • Anna Adams

    Anna Adams

    10 hours ago

    I don’t want no fucking balayage djjdjdj

  • Ramen Lover

    Ramen Lover

    10 hours ago

    Why does the *rival gang* look like there 18 and the other team look like there 12? Edit: Oh wait he said that too 😂

  • Ramen Lover

    Ramen Lover

    11 hours ago

    *Sees the first clip* Kill me

  • Morgan Vlogs

    Morgan Vlogs

    11 hours ago

    Why did I watch this video as a child??

  • Morgan Perry

    Morgan Perry

    11 hours ago

    standing ovation is the best movie ever. don’t diss the wiggies like that

  • Violet_Potatoes


    11 hours ago

    I believe the "maloikies" the witch kid talks about is actually meant to be a reference to maloiks, which is like an Italian evil eye/curse thing.

  • Display Study

    Display Study

    11 hours ago

    Who else thinks Danny should make a song about this

  • Kiya Bourdeau

    Kiya Bourdeau

    11 hours ago

    So wait, your telling me when you get stressed you DONT turn Hindu? Is it just me!

  • Marissa M

    Marissa M

    11 hours ago

    I’ve seen this movie before

  • A Random Gamer

    A Random Gamer

    11 hours ago

    14:53 Wait... What's the background music in this part?

  • Freetime's Stuff

    Freetime's Stuff

    11 hours ago

    12:47 why is nobody talking about this moment???!!! it's so riduculous

  • isabella carvajal

    isabella carvajal

    12 hours ago

    bro this is a good movie idc what you say #dumbisdumbandthereaintnothingdumber 😔😔

  • Oolix Alex

    Oolix Alex

    7 hours ago

    isabella carvajal honestly plot twist of the century

  • alli west

    alli west

    12 hours ago

    dude i LOVED this movie

  • nedisded


    12 hours ago

    Subscribed and turned on notifications, an I truly Greg now?

  • LifeWithoutMak


    12 hours ago

    You know its good when the video makes u watch it twice

  • Re eee

    Re eee

    12 hours ago

    The manager for the other main girls looks like and sounds like a mafia boss

  • Kieragr1 Is better than u

    Kieragr1 Is better than u

    12 hours ago

    I watched this on Netflix 3 months ago.

  • Emma Cerak

    Emma Cerak

    12 hours ago

    I know someone who is in this movie 😂

  • Blue


    13 hours ago

    Danny! You have to do a video on the movie "A 2nd Chance". I just finished watching it with my sister, and it's just so... You just have to watch it at least. Or just literally ANYTHING made by Marvista Entertainment...

  • Marissa Perciado

    Marissa Perciado

    13 hours ago


  • Claire Mann

    Claire Mann

    13 hours ago

    Danny if you keep making videos the MELOKIEYS are gonna get you

  • Bela Welch_XOXO

    Bela Welch_XOXO

    13 hours ago

    It's called show choir



    14 hours ago

    Hey I was watching a old vid and it said something about how Greg is the fastest growing army on USdownload and you should look it up so I looked it up and Greg is the fastest growing army on USdownload

  • Ballin Productions

    Ballin Productions

    14 hours ago

    If troom troom had a movie

  • isaac neyman

    isaac neyman

    14 hours ago

    i saw this movie

  • katie elizabeth

    katie elizabeth

    14 hours ago

    this was my favorite movie as a kid 💀💀

  • OppositeRun180


    14 hours ago

    Hey! That was filmed in NJ!

  • Dill Doe

    Dill Doe

    14 hours ago

    When Standing Ovation was on Netflix, my sister watched it, and she liked it. I thought it sucked absolute donkey balls.

  • CrazyCreativeCookie :3

    CrazyCreativeCookie :3

    14 hours ago

    i like your nose

  • damian ツ

    damian ツ

    13 hours ago


  • CrazyCreativeCookie :3

    CrazyCreativeCookie :3

    14 hours ago

    it's pointy

  • Brandy Edwards

    Brandy Edwards

    14 hours ago

    U have a wife

  • actually he's a squirrel

    actually he's a squirrel

    14 hours ago

    I think the weird song that the little girl sings is in 5/4 On a side note, I do remember watching this movie when I was younger. Another one I watched was this one from 2009 with the Jeanette McCurdy (very smart me does not remember the name)

  • Just Tom

    Just Tom

    15 hours ago

    This movie is shit but after you say that you don't know what contest there in it shows there in a talent contest

  • Luci Grace

    Luci Grace

    15 hours ago

    Damn it the wiggies have been watching troom troom

  • Jamie Ruthie

    Jamie Ruthie

    15 hours ago

    bro i watched this movie so much as a kid

  • Owen Lewis

    Owen Lewis

    15 hours ago

    my room light switch is a dimmer and looks exactly like that, you click it to turn the lights on sooo

  • Carlos Guilarte

    Carlos Guilarte

    16 hours ago

    I gotta admit, until the 17 minute mark of this video, me, being a half deaf idiot, kept thinking the group was called "the five of asians" until I finally figured out by myself that that was a dumb name, I need to get new headphones :/

  • Xx_Daily Jayden_Xx

    Xx_Daily Jayden_Xx

    16 hours ago

    Im supposed to be Irish but I've NEVER heard anyone in Ireland talk like that

  • Anvi Bhagavatula

    Anvi Bhagavatula

    16 hours ago

    Oh yes yes. People put red dots on their foreheads not because they're Hindu (like I am) but because they meditated. This is why I stopped answering when people say do you speak Indian

  • Nora Clausing

    Nora Clausing

    16 hours ago

    These are my favorite kinds of videos 😂

  • jordan corrigan

    jordan corrigan

    16 hours ago

    A good low budget movie to watch is Like Mike

  • arrowkayden 1

    arrowkayden 1

    16 hours ago

    Were you in a movie?

  • Em !

    Em !

    16 hours ago

    i remember watching this as a kid only because netflix didn’t have high school musical and i was so disappointed

  • KidBlueRB27


    16 hours ago

    Wait.. are the performers wearing old Xbox 360 headsets 😂😂😂 oh no no no noooo Edit: he mentioned them and they literally are Xbox headsets 😂😂😂 I can spot those anywhere

  • TheRedCardnol


    16 hours ago

    The moral - don't watch low budget movies

  • Beth Forgue

    Beth Forgue

    17 hours ago

    I am now part of the strongest and fastest growing army: GREG

  • Rebekah Brown

    Rebekah Brown

    17 hours ago

    I used to LIVE for this movie (For whatever reason)

  • Rebecca Jones

    Rebecca Jones

    17 hours ago

    I remember my mom made my sister's and I watch this while they were gone. And all I remember is the one scene with the frogs and the one with the roller coaster.

  • your_mom_ 3443

    your_mom_ 3443

    17 hours ago

    When ur relaxing and someone tells you to do work

  • your_mom_ 3443

    your_mom_ 3443

    17 hours ago

    Never mind

  • your_mom_ 3443

    your_mom_ 3443

    17 hours ago


  • Ty Tims

    Ty Tims

    17 hours ago

    Me, can we watch the next step? Mom, we have it at home *takes dvd* 😳😳😳😳😳

  • Tanishk Productions

    Tanishk Productions

    17 hours ago

    FBI: Open Up Danny: Why FBI: Calling little girls cute Danny: Troom Troom FBI: (Replaces Danny with Drew) Danny: But my wife FBI: Your wives are exactly the same

  • nancy allbritton

    nancy allbritton

    17 hours ago


  • Awesome Ally Cat

    Awesome Ally Cat

    17 hours ago

    I subscribed and turned on the notifications, I AM TRULY GREG

  • Emma Marand

    Emma Marand

    17 hours ago

    Brooo I used to looove this movie when I was younger

  • YugiohDeckProfiles Yay

    YugiohDeckProfiles Yay

    18 hours ago

    I just turn notification on, am truest Greg. Now must bust down like the fattest rat.

  • Flora Luisa Richter

    Flora Luisa Richter

    18 hours ago

    I turned on notifications. I am now greg

  • Kate Dankowski

    Kate Dankowski

    18 hours ago


  • Nightmareboy Productions

    Nightmareboy Productions

    18 hours ago

    *dad comes home after girl wins singing contest* does that sound like anything to you?

  • Flex Seal

    Flex Seal

    18 hours ago

    fact of the day Swimming with the fishes refers to ny mobsters covering your feet with cement and dropping you into the Hudson

  • Ms. Dudette

    Ms. Dudette

    18 hours ago

    Why is this movie on Netflix? I'm watching it now and I nearly threw up.

  • Ma Farukh

    Ma Farukh

    18 hours ago

    Plz react to 123go there same as troop troop but better

  • Hush Hush

    Hush Hush

    19 hours ago

    Does anyo2 else think that sometimes Danny sounds like James from the Odds1Out sometimes?

  • Emma 365

    Emma 365

    19 hours ago

    I have

  • Jada Maria

    Jada Maria

    19 hours ago


  • Litzy Garcia

    Litzy Garcia

    19 hours ago

    I use to love that movie lmao 😂

  • Kaleah Destiny

    Kaleah Destiny

    19 hours ago

    I like this movie😂😂😂

  • eat_a_brick jr.

    eat_a_brick jr.

    19 hours ago

    When I was little I thought this was amazing.

  • karlin finder

    karlin finder

    20 hours ago it's a dinging competition

  • 리비


    20 hours ago

    17:31 "She is so stressed Because of the contest *_that she became hindu_*

  • ThatWeird Pigeon

    ThatWeird Pigeon

    20 hours ago


  • Donutz Productionz

    Donutz Productionz

    20 hours ago

    I just had a hella low budget school play of “Frozen” at my school, me being a crew member. I totally understand what you mean now.... it’s like the movie but worse.. if that’s even possible I can never look at Olaf the same again.

  • Rebecca K

    Rebecca K

    20 hours ago

    I'm so confused because, Joey? forgave him too? He basically indirectly killed her dad, but she's like nah lit party

  • hannah taplin

    hannah taplin

    20 hours ago

    That movie use to be my

  • simply f

    simply f

    20 hours ago

    oh my god I saw this movie 😂

  • Kaylee Guy

    Kaylee Guy

    21 hour ago

    When I was younger, my family used to call the penis “wiggies” (I know, it sounds weird), so hearing that this is the name of a children’s girl group makes me uncomfortable

  • Fia Flora

    Fia Flora

    21 hour ago

    Oh god I’ve seen that movie 😂😂 I always thought it was weird too

  • Paul Stevens

    Paul Stevens

    21 hour ago


  • McKenzie Smith

    McKenzie Smith

    22 hours ago

    That was a light switch, but insted of having to flip the switch up and down you simply click it once and the light turns on, it is also however dims the lights when you turn it, i have them throughout my entire house, they were used a lot more in older homes

  • The gummy cat 2

    The gummy cat 2

    22 hours ago

    Daddy issues the movie

  • Me_me. Mariah

    Me_me. Mariah

    22 hours ago

    Don’t come for standing ovation 7 year old me 🤣

  • Tess


    22 hours ago

    was this movie shot in ocean city nj i-

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