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  • Sylvain Duret

    Sylvain Duret

    3 hours ago

    Gilets jaunes 😄🇫🇷🔥 !

  • Afonso Martins

    Afonso Martins

    3 hours ago

    Make a video about the punic wars

  • Abbas Khan

    Abbas Khan

    3 hours ago

    if u focus on the Dhong zhoe sleeves. u notice they dont move with the hands lol

  • PandasHyper9000


    4 hours ago

    6:20 why is hitlers dad there

  • Michael Jacobson

    Michael Jacobson

    4 hours ago

    Hey Oversimplified, can you please make the next character pin Lenin or Stalin. I’m studding Russian history in school and would love to show up to the chapter final with an animated Stalin stuck to my shirt. Thanks

  • Nemanja Tomić

    Nemanja Tomić

    4 hours ago

    Please, Make a video about balkan wars PLEASE

  • David Y

    David Y

    4 hours ago

    Plz upload more.

  • Derek Yonkers

    Derek Yonkers

    4 hours ago

    Do the Zulu

  • yyangcn


    4 hours ago

    @0:21 lmao that bird be rick rollin' in Chinese

  • the gamer

    the gamer

    4 hours ago

    Pleas don a face reveal

  • xxJEUX


    4 hours ago

    lol my teacher showed one of ur vids in class

  • Arron Plays

    Arron Plays

    4 hours ago


  • Anees Ur Rehman

    Anees Ur Rehman

    5 hours ago

    6:19 Apparently, Hitler's father doesn't like eunuchs either.

  • 0274066


    5 hours ago

    Dynasty warriors brought me here who else?

  • Charge Beetle

    Charge Beetle

    5 hours ago

    10:17 *FATALITY*

  • Nick Vass

    Nick Vass

    5 hours ago

    Hey oversimplified I want to watch these videos in class but the sponsors you do can confuse my teacher and not play you so try to fix that

  • Sparkle Starley

    Sparkle Starley

    5 hours ago

    u mentioned zhuge liang, who basically fucked over caocao



    5 hours ago

    3:52 i saw what you did there lol

  • The cosmic Latté

    The cosmic Latté

    5 hours ago

    I could watch this for hours, just because I love his videos, it’s like receiving a paycheck

  • Lil Uzi

    Lil Uzi

    5 hours ago

    Spanish Civil war or French please

  • Jacob Chavira

    Jacob Chavira

    5 hours ago

    DYNASTY WARRIORS 4 LITERALLY DID THIS ALREADY. (but I may look into this new game because it is cool and so is this whole part of Chinese History. )

  • Conrado Javier

    Conrado Javier

    4 hours ago

    Member Berries: Member when they mispronouce Cao Cao's name as "Cow Cow".

  • Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka

    5 hours ago

    I think a American civil war would be nice anyone else?

  • eddie teng

    eddie teng

    5 hours ago


  • Hannes Bergvall

    Hannes Bergvall

    6 hours ago

    I just love how he went from ”We must destroy the emperors family in a fuorios wrath” to making a ballon cat (Sorry for any gramatical errors english is not my first languedge)

  • Irma Gavidia

    Irma Gavidia

    6 hours ago

    Hi guys

  • Yiğit Erdal

    Yiğit Erdal

    6 hours ago

    Pls make a video about lenin or trotsky

  • Jurassic Blockade

    Jurassic Blockade

    6 hours ago

    Do American Civil war

  • Gracekk24PL


    6 hours ago

    What about Polish-Soviet war?

  • bandinem


    6 hours ago

    Great vid thank you for making it (altough my head spinned a few times :P) wasnt really sure about this game but now i have hope that it will be great.

  • zaakknight


    6 hours ago

    Man, your videos are the one I wait the most. They're just perfect. Also, this one right here made me buy Dynasty Warriors for my PS4. Now, I'm conquering provinces with Liu Bei, Cao Cao and the Sun Family like real warlord!

  • Rutyreal


    7 hours ago

    It would be cool to see a video on the sino Vietnamese war



    7 hours ago

    Please make Romanian Revolution 1989

  • X-90


    7 hours ago


  • thomas grijalva

    thomas grijalva

    7 hours ago

    6:08 is that hitler's dad in the background? xD

  • moondemon68


    7 hours ago

    DO NOT PURSUE LU BU *Proceeds to fight Lu Bu and get killed.

  • Janez Zuzek

    Janez Zuzek

    7 hours ago

    5:32 is that a refrence to hobbit ?

  • UrDailyDoseOfJad


    7 hours ago

    I just watched a 17 minute advertisement

  • ShadowIsatis


    7 hours ago

    "Romance of the three kingdoms makes A Song of Ice and Fire look like a Dr Seuss book" lol

  • RyeGuy77


    7 hours ago




    7 hours ago

    Hey pls make. A video on the GULF WAR 1 KUWAIT VS IRAQ

  • Jae Oh

    Jae Oh

    7 hours ago

    I was wondering what took you so long to upload a new video.. Damn China.

  • Григорий Кривицкий

    Григорий Кривицкий

    7 hours ago

    Best youtube ad.

  • Naor Davidovich

    Naor Davidovich

    8 hours ago

    Also Vietnam

  • Naor Davidovich

    Naor Davidovich

    8 hours ago

    Do pelopannesian war

  • Iain MacLennan

    Iain MacLennan

    8 hours ago

    TL;DR: "May you live in interesting times."

  • Clement Low

    Clement Low

    8 hours ago

    waaaiiit.. A discussion of Three Kingdoms without Zhuge Liang? or Guan Yu and Zhang Fei? haha

  • fragger2k • 10 years ago

    fragger2k • 10 years ago

    8 hours ago

    ok youtube i'll watch it

  • Terry Phan

    Terry Phan

    8 hours ago

    Doin the vietnam war yet? I cant wait!

  • Ahmed Terrorist

    Ahmed Terrorist

    8 hours ago

    9:40 Thats Battle Royale in ancient China? xd

  • Trey arch

    Trey arch

    8 hours ago

    And the Chinese guy in the background was punished severly

  • Vaggelis Kolotouros

    Vaggelis Kolotouros

    8 hours ago

    Make vietnam war oversimplefied please i am a greek and i am trying to communicate with you boy

  • NinJackTV


    8 hours ago

    Please do Alexander the Greats Empire

  • Endless Nameless

    Endless Nameless

    8 hours ago

    Did you just Rick rolled me with that bird?

  • Raaif Shah

    Raaif Shah

    8 hours ago

    Only if their fathers punished them severely

  • Jordan Kull

    Jordan Kull

    9 hours ago

    The Yellow Vest dude with the Baguette at 3:50 , haha!

  • Benjamin Morgan

    Benjamin Morgan

    9 hours ago

    6:15 in the background 😂

  • Templar Marko

    Templar Marko

    9 hours ago

    15:56 thats me

  • durbo williams

    durbo williams

    9 hours ago

    Do the Vietnam War please

  • Bill Bones

    Bill Bones

    9 hours ago

    Can you do the Spanish Civil War?

  • Ryan Liao

    Ryan Liao

    9 hours ago

    0:22 Never Gonna Give You Up Never Gonna Let You Down in case u wanna know what the bird was singing

  • Red the boi

    Red the boi

    9 hours ago

    3:52 *wrong country bud now get out of here*

  • the gamer2047

    the gamer2047

    9 hours ago

    6:19 He had assasinated a general this angered his father who punished him severely

  • Ega Gunadirdja

    Ega Gunadirdja

    9 hours ago

    please make game of thrones "OverSimplified".

  • 7R1X


    9 hours ago

    I think oversimplified should make a chess set. Like so he can see.

  • ma xvkk

    ma xvkk

    9 hours ago

    It was so great!

  • x24videos


    9 hours ago

    This was the most complex ad for a video game I've ever seem

  • jessica sanchez

    jessica sanchez

    9 hours ago

    Can you do Korean War and Vietnam War

  • ItsShøckWolf 190

    ItsShøckWolf 190

    9 hours ago

    6:13, lol it's Hitler's father from another video on the staircase!!

  • Solid Oxygen

    Solid Oxygen

    9 hours ago

    3 million views for 3 kingdoms



    9 hours ago

    History of kingdom of Brazil?

  • ニッキフロフウラジスラフ


    9 hours ago

    pls make oversimplified history of japans edo period

  • Callum R. Macdonald

    Callum R. Macdonald

    10 hours ago

    Who else caught the yellow-vest Easter egg?

  • Benny Wise

    Benny Wise

    10 hours ago

    now i see why in china people go by their last names first(in china people had to go by their last name first then first name:for example fa mulan but if it was in america should would go by Mulan Fa)

  • Lizard WIZARD

    Lizard WIZARD

    10 hours ago

    6:19 I see u

  • Aaronj roosej

    Aaronj roosej

    10 hours ago

    3:52 i see u

  • History and Alternate history

    History and Alternate history

    10 hours ago

    6:08 there's a call back

  • Nexdro


    10 hours ago

    I already knew this history through dynasty warriors game

  • panchopaton18


    10 hours ago

    Did anyone see hitlers dad spanking the hell out of a...something. This comment enraged Hitlers father who punished me severely. 😥😥😥

  • kydkidd


    10 hours ago

    it is not accurate that Liu Bei declared him an Emperor of Shu (Han). Actually, he declared him as the Emperor of Han (while only controlled the Shu region).

  • James Greenleaf

    James Greenleaf

    10 hours ago

    Great work I love ur channel ur so funny

  • Mark Deckard

    Mark Deckard

    10 hours ago

    Oversimplified u need to do Civil War video

  • Taman Indah Broadcasting Company

    Taman Indah Broadcasting Company

    10 hours ago

    Never gonna let you up, never gonna let you down. Don't know why I said this here? Check 8:36

  • Sharpened Butter03

    Sharpened Butter03

    11 hours ago

    Where can I find your sources???

  • Hoàng Khôi Đỗ Xuân

    Hoàng Khôi Đỗ Xuân

    11 hours ago

    why there are hitler's father in 6:09

  • 林柏特


    11 hours ago

    0:21 The birds are singing never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

  • Lucas Buttercups

    Lucas Buttercups

    11 hours ago

    6:09 Look on the stairs

  • Ben Ewart

    Ben Ewart

    11 hours ago

    I love that yellow vest joke.

  • jacob shorts

    jacob shorts

    11 hours ago

    Can u do Trojan war?

  • M. Rifqy Daffa

    M. Rifqy Daffa

    11 hours ago

    When you upload video again i wast so exicted to wacht it

  • Lil Rysk

    Lil Rysk

    11 hours ago

    This Channel makes history so fun

  • Mr. Puffy

    Mr. Puffy

    11 hours ago

    6:13 I see that Alouis punshing a eunuch severely

  • Angry Watermelon

    Angry Watermelon

    11 hours ago

    6:08 look right

  • MrPyroChef


    12 hours ago


  • Arnold Lao

    Arnold Lao

    12 hours ago

    6:07 why was hitlers dad kicking a butt of the eunichs

  • Adamski


    12 hours ago

    6:10 Hitlers dad spanking a guy in the background.

  • Adamski


    12 hours ago

    3:50 The french guy.

  • James Serrano

    James Serrano

    12 hours ago

    I actually thought "Who is boo hoo?" I'm too dumb it seems

  • James Serrano

    James Serrano

    12 hours ago

    God, this is like... The best history channel!

  • Cam. R.

    Cam. R.

    12 hours ago

    Did anyone else just die when he pronounced Dong Zhuo like Dong Zhou?

  • Deadly Mesh Designer

    Deadly Mesh Designer

    13 hours ago

    One thing the eunuchs always did was make sure the prince married one of their daughters..almost every time...

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