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  • DCL 308

    DCL 308

    Hour ago

    George R. R. Martin based "A Game Of Thrones" on the historical event know as the War of the Roses. For an encore he should come up with something based on The Three Kingdoms.

  • mantti74


    Hour ago

    6:08 why is there that German guy punishing that dude severally

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    2 hours ago

    Can you do about the Civil War

  • Sorry


    2 hours ago

    This is like the three branches of our system.

  • SZ Nxrth

    SZ Nxrth

    2 hours ago

    French Revolution pleaseeeeee if you don’t do it that would just be uncool

  • JayChiv


    2 hours ago

    best ad ive watched

  • Soivet Russia

    Soivet Russia

    3 hours ago

    Lol when he showed the yellow turbans he also showed a guy in a yellow vest armed with a baguette symbolizing the yellow vest protests In France

  • Xperim


    3 hours ago

    So where does Majin Buu fit into all of this?

  • Raem G

    Raem G

    3 hours ago

    6:07 Alois Hitler in the background

  • Sogeki-_ -Hei

    Sogeki-_ -Hei

    4 hours ago

    Vietnam war pls

  • Nguyên Hải

    Nguyên Hải

    4 hours ago

    Can you make America civil war

  • Thomas Deeley

    Thomas Deeley

    5 hours ago

    Do Ireland

  • Nohi Boy

    Nohi Boy

    5 hours ago

    6:09 look at the background some british is smacking the butt lol

  • Yaboi A5

    Yaboi A5

    2 hours ago

    Nohi Boy it’s Alouise hitler hitlers dad

  • Chris


    5 hours ago

    No one: Oversimplified: *it's Lu Bu*

  • wWonderWaffles36


    5 hours ago

    6:09 look on the palace steps LMFAO

  • Evan tozer

    Evan tozer

    6 hours ago

    Please do something on rome

  • Scorpen


    6 hours ago

    Basically This enraged his father, who punished him severely

  • URMAD 16

    URMAD 16

    6 hours ago

    Chernobyl oversimplified

  • MrFantocan


    7 hours ago

    The Eunuch betrayed the emperor. Which enraged his father, who punished him severely 6:08

  • Kayhotic


    10 hours ago

    Great depression oversimplified Civil war oversimplifed (usa) spanish civil war oversimplified|

  • hugo bregou

    hugo bregou

    10 hours ago

    3:51 This 'gilet jaune' guy is just perfect in this situation. 🇫🇷🥖

  • Aidan


    10 hours ago

    Dude you need to make more videos they're amazing.

  • Andrew Da Man

    Andrew Da Man

    10 hours ago

    American Civil War Simplified please

  • some guy

    some guy

    10 hours ago

    Vikings: am I joke to you

  • jan orehov

    jan orehov

    11 hours ago

    You should made video about crusadet wars

  • Feifei Li

    Feifei Li

    11 hours ago

    Cool China Booo

  • j. luck 2

    j. luck 2

    11 hours ago

    Make a american Revolution video

  • Someone


    11 hours ago

    j. luck 2 but he has

  • Slinger


    12 hours ago

    Also it would be cool to see the Spanish and American war

  • Slinger


    12 hours ago

    It would be cool to see like the battle of the divided states of Greece trying to defend Persia Athens and Sparta and other city states

  • adam zeyad

    adam zeyad

    12 hours ago

    When you try to stop a revolt but ending up losing your power over the country

  • blox watch

    blox watch

    12 hours ago

    Dude ww3 has started on February 🗺💥💥💥

  • Awesome Ryan

    Awesome Ryan

    12 hours ago

    Do 100 years war.

  • Nuj 21

    Nuj 21

    12 hours ago

    Do the seven year war!!

  • Raymond Crawford

    Raymond Crawford

    12 hours ago

    Alois is a time traveler 6:08

  • Drifter


    12 hours ago

    Oversimplified is the New EDUCATION ANIMATION SENSATION

  • SerbiaSupreme


    13 hours ago

    Dong Zhuo did nothing wrong

  • Dutchie


    13 hours ago

    Spanking intensifies in background

  • Adam Gadish

    Adam Gadish

    13 hours ago

    At 6:08, you can see Alois Hitler spanking the unichs in the background.

  • B A

    B A

    15 hours ago

    this gives me a history of the entrier world i guess vibe. like the way youre talking and jumping

  • Connor Warrior

    Connor Warrior

    15 hours ago

    6:17 hitlers dad is spanking a eunich oof

  • chris reilly

    chris reilly

    15 hours ago

    This is the craziest maybe history ive ever heard lol

  • Jamos snitzulberg

    Jamos snitzulberg

    15 hours ago

    the war of 1812 please

  • Elijah Charles

    Elijah Charles

    16 hours ago

    You should do the crusade

  • The unknown comrade

    The unknown comrade

    16 hours ago

    Over Simplified hasn't uploaded since this video This enraged the fans, who punished him severely

  • DerpyGamer0013


    16 hours ago


  • Hyper Gaming YT

    Hyper Gaming YT

    16 hours ago

    Dude got got cao cao and Liu Bei almost correct good job

  • Kukle Maps

    Kukle Maps

    16 hours ago

    Dong Zhou walked in the presence of the emperor This enraged his father, who punished him severely

  • Keza Buraz

    Keza Buraz

    16 hours ago

    China is whooole again, then it brooooke again

  • The MinecraftyNerfer

    The MinecraftyNerfer

    16 hours ago

    At the start and at 8:35 the words are in Chinese:" Never Gonna Give You Up" and "Never Gonna Let You Down". So.... We got Rickrolled

  • Justen Hansen

    Justen Hansen

    16 hours ago

    That art at 1:30 🤣

  • Atif Mirza

    Atif Mirza

    16 hours ago

    Hi the person that is scrolling through the comments!

  • Atif Mirza

    Atif Mirza

    16 hours ago

    Over simplified please upload another video

  • Hey Guy :p

    Hey Guy :p

    17 hours ago

    Hey, that's the fifth time i killed that guy.

  • RandomCards


    18 hours ago

    For ur next vid it should be the trojan war if u want to

  • hiro hito

    hiro hito

    18 hours ago

    Dong zhuo was so fat and oily That oil is mine

  • Philippine Ball

    Philippine Ball

    19 hours ago

    *do vietnam war oversimplified pls*

  • Flora Wang

    Flora Wang

    19 hours ago

    Do a vid about the Korean war

  • Dieter en Tania, Florian & Matteo

    Dieter en Tania, Florian & Matteo

    19 hours ago

    this give us morei nfo instead of ore own history teachers .i cant wait for French revolution one and Belgium dutch revolution one

  • Thomas Teguh

    Thomas Teguh

    20 hours ago

    Many easter eggs. Nice. Made more easter egg in next video

  • Yimo Awanardo

    Yimo Awanardo

    20 hours ago

    The ad is well placed, FOR ONCE a well placee ad for a game!

  • Thijs Knarren

    Thijs Knarren

    21 hour ago

    could you do the eighty years war???

  • you know who

    you know who

    21 hour ago

    *3 months later*

  • słodka kotka

    słodka kotka

    21 hour ago

    3:52 Look at that guy with a baguette 😁

  • Andy_ FrF

    Andy_ FrF

    22 hours ago

    Nice video, compliment from China

  • Gaming Cosmo

    Gaming Cosmo

    22 hours ago

    Can you make a vid about the Indian Mutiny 1857

  • NetherBoats


    Day ago

    it's been 2 months where's the next vid



    Day ago

    I love the British guy spanking the eunuch in the back 😂

  • l33t hax0r

    l33t hax0r

    Day ago

    6:13 top left lol

  • Gintoki S

    Gintoki S

    Day ago

    lmao 3:52 there's French yellow vest protester sneaks in.

  • Im a Weeaboo

    Im a Weeaboo

    Day ago

    Next Mini War video should be the Kosovo War. Where Kosovo broke free from Serbia.

  • Lenna Gading

    Lenna Gading

    Day ago

    Napolenic war

  • justine lawagon

    justine lawagon

    Day ago

    When your next vid coming.

  • Norman Morrison

    Norman Morrison

    Day ago

    Do war of 1812

  • Naila Alma Mufidah

    Naila Alma Mufidah

    Day ago

    I'm now thirsting for a sengoku jidai video

  • Troystructer


    Day ago

    You should do the Irish revolution oversimplified

  • Troystructer


    Day ago


  • Troystructer


    Day ago

    Or the trouble oversimplified

  • Day ago

    Can you do French Revolution oversimplified

  • Victor Chen

    Victor Chen

    5 hours ago

    That’s coming 2027

  • IAimBoots


    Day ago

    Please do the war of 1812 next!

  • DrewCrazy4You Gaming

    DrewCrazy4You Gaming

    Day ago


  • Earthsam12


    Day ago

    But Oversimplified, Jin didn't unify China, the Vikings did!

  • LoveGAMERification


    Day ago

    Can't you make a video about Denmark

  • Isaiah White

    Isaiah White

    Day ago

    Many many many months later......

  • Xrhstos Pex

    Xrhstos Pex

    Day ago

    Ok this is more confusing than maths

  • Josikey joe

    Josikey joe

    Day ago

    If we can get to 10 likes oversimplified will make the french revolution

  • TheMarcinGamesPL


    Day ago

    Next vid, its been already 2 months

  • Kevin Mena

    Kevin Mena

    Day ago

    Civil war oversimplified?????

  • The Block Hell

    The Block Hell

    Day ago

    Legend said that if China was willing to unite, Earth as a whole would be speaking Chinese.

  • The Block Hell

    The Block Hell

    Day ago

    Legend said that if China was willing to unite, Earth as a whole would be speaking Chinese.

  • Richard Mati Kõnnusaar

    Richard Mati Kõnnusaar

    Day ago

    Have you ever seen those names on youtube like “1000 subs with 10 videos” welp This channels is 2,3 million subs with 14 vids



    Day ago

    Sad they dont have battles on the river

  • vivian lam

    vivian lam

    Day ago

    Can you do one on the Great 26 Year War currently taken place between my husband and I? In particular, the ongoing "Battle of Closet Space". He occupies 92% of the territory......the bloody conflict wages on. edit: hì

  • kang C

    kang C

    Day ago

    it's not 张角,zhang jue,its 张角 zhang jiao.

  • české budovatelské filmy

    české budovatelské filmy

    Day ago

    6:08 hitler’s father in the background spanking

  • The DavveEAA Lol

    The DavveEAA Lol

    Day ago

    pls make vietnam war

  • Crimson Fists

    Crimson Fists

    Day ago

    ssooooo to kill a bunch of Dongless guys you need a big Dong Zhuo?

  • Termination9VN


    Day ago

    Next : The USdownload War please

  • Minecraft Tutorials

    Minecraft Tutorials

    Day ago

    Can you make American civil war and Vietnam war

  • Kyle Isbart

    Kyle Isbart

    Day ago

    So, you guys die or something?

  • Lock Devel

    Lock Devel

    Day ago

    The "kill them all" at 6:05 has meme potential Yuan Shao: kill them all

  • qoeienNL


    Day ago

    can you please upload more i like your vids

  • thebest brothersgamers

    thebest brothersgamers

    Day ago

    Dong Zhuo more like dumb joe

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