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Travis Scott - CAN'T SAY


Directed by Nathalie Canguilhem
Produced by Saint Laurent
All clothes Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello
CAN'T SAY feat. Don Toliver
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2019 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.


  • Kurtz Supremo Kurtz

    Kurtz Supremo Kurtz

    11 hours ago

    Cade os BR fã de Travis 😍

  • J JR

    J JR

    11 hours ago


  • Mike .t

    Mike .t

    11 hours ago

    I’m still getting confuse with Travis and ASAP πŸ’€

  • twixt


    12 hours ago

    the 10k dislikes are from the people who can say

  • fred G

    fred G

    12 hours ago

    never gotten a like on if you think don toliver killed this.....

  • TrendTube


    13 hours ago

    *Am I the only one who thinks Don Toliver sounds like Akon?*

  • WoodMxn Midoriya

    WoodMxn Midoriya

    13 hours ago

    Mind if y'all check me out too?

  • Karen Howard

    Karen Howard

    13 hours ago


  • Blin


    13 hours ago

    well i was travelling and it was night, i woke up with this song playing from my playlist and lemme say it, at a night time full of stars its another experience...

  • victor lucas

    victor lucas

    14 hours ago

    goat no cap

  • Micchan 2.0

    Micchan 2.0

    14 hours ago

    2:10 sounds like usher I THINK NOT!!

  • Rameen aka Mack

    Rameen aka Mack

    16 hours ago

    Travis Scott Videos r the only ones that can fuck with Kendricks visuals πŸ’―πŸ’―

  • Jepiz


    17 hours ago

    Dope music videoπŸ”₯

  • Bob Watson

    Bob Watson

    17 hours ago

    Wtf Guys travis just say 3 words ! Tom Toliver - Can’t Say Feat. Travis Scott

  • Bob Watson

    Bob Watson

    17 hours ago

    Imagine if Travis Scott singing on this song x)

  • Toryn Ch

    Toryn Ch

    20 hours ago

    Addicted to thisss!!! wth I get addicted to almost every Travis Scott song

  • Alexander Ocampo

    Alexander Ocampo

    21 hour ago


  • Robert Kennedy

    Robert Kennedy

    21 hour ago


  • Koffi Jerry

    Koffi Jerry

    21 hour ago

    This song is on Magma

  • ViiZion Vortex

    ViiZion Vortex

    22 hours ago

    *Editor* : What effects you want Travis? *Travis* : YES

  • I Exist

    I Exist

    22 hours ago

    Dude... I thought this was Starboy 2.0 (Nevertheless way better than Sicko Mode)

  • Gaza Kid

    Gaza Kid

    22 hours ago

    Who else reading comments while listening?

  • Adrian Alanis

    Adrian Alanis

    22 hours ago


  • Adrian Alanis

    Adrian Alanis

    22 hours ago


  • Adrian Alanis

    Adrian Alanis

    22 hours ago

    I love YOU TRAVIS !!!! Xoxo -Adrian

  • Adrian Alanis

    Adrian Alanis

    22 hours ago


  • Michael Mansouri

    Michael Mansouri

    22 hours ago

    Don gives me Akon vibes

  • Davegod _96

    Davegod _96

    22 hours ago

    Travis’s auto tune is lit

  • It's the Music Guy

    It's the Music Guy

    23 hours ago


  • ReaL BalleR

    ReaL BalleR

    23 hours ago

    Travis Scott (The Best Rapper): Like Travis Scott (Realist One Ever): Comment

  • Adnane Mahtali

    Adnane Mahtali

    Day ago

    this is some fu@cked up clip yo

  • itz jacob23

    itz jacob23

    Day ago

    I busted like 100000000 times when he started singing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Henrique Fettel

    Henrique Fettel

    Day ago

    Bom demais

  • Clorox Disinfecting wipes

    Clorox Disinfecting wipes

    Day ago

    Finally nigga.

  • Tranae Edwards

    Tranae Edwards

    Day ago

    Hearing how awesome this song is now, what if it was The Weeknd and Travis Scott? Just wondering

  • FRS


    Day ago

    Why didnt Travis hit up HOUSTON BIKE LIFE for this video, we could have 500+ Bikes pull up! #H-TOWNSTRONG

  • curlyhead _xanity

    curlyhead _xanity

    Day ago

    How many times Travis bust his ass on that bike A lot....

  • Doughboy BJ

    Doughboy BJ

    Day ago

    Who is that basketball player with the flaming ball?

  • Karlos Vinicius

    Karlos Vinicius

    Day ago


  • Mc Wesley

    Mc Wesley

    Day ago

    O melhor sem dΓΊvidas πŸ”₯🌎

  • Javoney Fleming

    Javoney Fleming

    Day ago

    This shit dope asf πŸ”₯

  • Isidora Garcia

    Isidora Garcia

    Day ago

    OOOoooOOOOoo my favorite part

  • Sick Beats Productions

    Sick Beats Productions

    Day ago

    Whoever the engineer is.. damn... smh

  • __ kayalexis

    __ kayalexis

    Day ago

    Workout playlist started with this song ✨πŸ”₯πŸ’―

  • Chris Shelton

    Chris Shelton

    Day ago

    Ummm so who's the featured artist?

  • Marc Donnelly

    Marc Donnelly

    Day ago

    Where was the bike scene filmed?, cant find the location.

  • iodaBeatsMV2


    Day ago

    Travis "hit" Scott

  • iodaBeatsMV2


    Day ago

    Esse cara Γ© muito foda!

  • The Black Bamba

    The Black Bamba

    Day ago

    Best song on the Album, ASap Rocky still better but ok... But his New ALBUM Testing sucked but it's okey:)

  • Per Egil Wibye

    Per Egil Wibye

    Day ago

    Remember when artists could actually sing?

  • Grey Ninja

    Grey Ninja

    Day ago

    just like 2016

  • YaBoiSmitt


    Day ago

    whats the feat?

  • Seif AbdoAlgder

    Seif AbdoAlgder

    Day ago


  • Hubert BolaΕ‚ek

    Hubert BolaΕ‚ek

    Day ago

    WOW!!! the best of 2019!!!

  • Desmond Woodson

    Desmond Woodson

    Day ago

    Aye saw this live hes amazing

  • Aubreyus1


    Day ago

    this song is pretty dope! love the visual!! you Reading this!! it would really mean a lot to me if you could check out my music and leave a comment...I would greatly appreciate it! it only takes a second and Don't forget to Subscribe Thanks in Advance!

  • jerry dzik

    jerry dzik

    Day ago


  • Jiwa Shamji

    Jiwa Shamji

    Day ago

    I always like his video

  • Chloe Lovesanime

    Chloe Lovesanime

    Day ago

    I honestly don’t know who the guy who’s featuring but he low key sounds like Akon πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

  • Nqobile Xulu

    Nqobile Xulu

    Day ago

    i love Travis scott

  • Clare Faye

    Clare Faye

    Day ago


  • The Latest And The Greatest

    The Latest And The Greatest

    Day ago

    he makes the best music videos that none of us can understand

  • Ida Kadir

    Ida Kadir

    Day ago

    Director- how many effects Do you want in this video? Travis Scott- CANT SAY

  • B7r weed

    B7r weed

    Day ago

    Xxxtentacion ?-->1.20

  • B7r weed

    B7r weed

    Day ago

    Xxxtentacion ?-->1:20

  • Diana Msallam

    Diana Msallam

    Day ago

    Favvv song

  • Austin Hymel

    Austin Hymel

    Day ago

    You gotta watch out where ya rockin cause shit get real πŸ”₯

  • Mainotrix HD

    Mainotrix HD

    Day ago

    Sooo dopeee πŸ’£πŸ’₯

  • UΓ– Savage

    UΓ– Savage

    Day ago

    Selam tΓΌrk trapcΔ± tayfa

  • Fresh Salad

    Fresh Salad

    Day ago

    Does anyone know what the meaning of this video is?

  • OneEyed Willay

    OneEyed Willay

    Day ago

    What did I just watch

  • Charlie Cullen

    Charlie Cullen

    Day ago

    This is best song of the last 2 years

  • TopNotchVisuals
  • Mallory Pineda

    Mallory Pineda

    Day ago

    Stop trying to be God

  • Marcelo MUSICAS

    Marcelo MUSICAS

    Day ago


  • Sasha Titow

    Sasha Titow

    Day ago

    Ne bres

  • Pnut_moms


    Day ago


  • Kid Tsu

    Kid Tsu

    Day ago

    This video cost more to make than my house is worth smh 😰πŸ”₯

  • Critically Pit4cle

    Critically Pit4cle

    Day ago

    Me: black suit? John wick is that you John:yes I’m in a Travis Scott music video with clones Me: yay Travis:no you are wrong get out of the comments

  • Just a name passing by

    Just a name passing by

    Day ago

    Autotune shit is still selling looks like.

  • RodWasOnU


    Day ago

    2:04 Careful Travis your kick stand down

  • Vibes Only

    Vibes Only

    Day ago

    SO dope

  • Nicole


    Day ago

    i swear 20 years i'ma still be playing this song on my momma

  • Milinax Cheche

    Milinax Cheche

    Day ago

    Travis the goat

  • Noisy


    Day ago

    I didnt knew this was in AstroWrld

  • Chicago galaxy

    Chicago galaxy

    Day ago

    1ok dislikes? they must have lost their mind

  • akshiv gulati

    akshiv gulati

    Day ago

    YO, Toliver has the greatest flow; too bad literally all his songs are mumble



    Day ago

    Well The Ad Brought Me Here....

  • charan charan

    charan charan

    Day ago

    big fan of travis scott gangsta if u have a chance i meet u conform mfg

  • ImmScarzz


    Day ago

    yall see don toliver lost weight. if u dont know go look at his song diamonds and in that music video he was chunky

  • Definitely NOTCodybarrett

    Definitely NOTCodybarrett

    Day ago

    This is big trash

  • Zach Thomas

    Zach Thomas

    Day ago


  • Alfredo Graulau

    Alfredo Graulau

    Day ago

    Travis went hard but that other dude... he on a whole new lvl

  • kevin ramirez

    kevin ramirez

    2 days ago

    Watched this when I was high....🀯

  • Janaiah Kinsey

    Janaiah Kinsey

    2 days ago

    Yo fortnite tpose anyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • keturah Williams27

    keturah Williams27

    2 days ago

    Who is the guy name that's singing second verse? This song πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  • keturah Williams27

    keturah Williams27

    Day ago

    +Me. Succer thanks... I'm going to look him up

  • Me. Succer

    Me. Succer

    Day ago

    Don toliver

  • chief


    2 days ago

    That industry plant actually sounds really good

  • whatever something

    whatever something

    2 days ago just wanted to throw this out there

  • Squilliam Fancy Son

    Squilliam Fancy Son

    2 days ago

    Who else ready for Scott to drop a new album

  • Justin San Gil

    Justin San Gil

    2 days ago

    EDITOR: How many effects you want Travis Scott: yup

  • South Park

    South Park

    2 days ago

    ok can travis not make the best music videos? because I get addicted to them wayyy to quick

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