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I always open Scrawlrbox a month late, nothing new here, hehe. Lets make some art with the art supply I just don't understand...Colored Pencils!!
Id love to be your #drawingbuddy! Let me know if you draw along with me!
► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPLIES: (Ends April 19th, 2019 - 4:00pm EST)
Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencils
Derwent Blender and Burnisher Pencils:
Mobius + Rupperts Double Hole Sharpener
Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil: Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil
Pilot V Ball 0.7 in Black:
YPO Jumbo Graphite Pencil
West Design Purple Sketchbook
Illo Sketchbook:
► (For Prices and More Information. This Box was provided to me free of charge and was not otherwise sponsored.)
► Featured Artist: Sakuems

Artist I mentioned: Loish:

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  • chrysta woolley

    chrysta woolley

    12 minutes ago

    “Sailor moony” 💕💕💕💯💯💯

  • THE minion king Maldonado

    THE minion king Maldonado

    22 minutes ago

    The Burniture made the drawing 3D

  • Gacha_girl_ 2010

    Gacha_girl_ 2010

    24 minutes ago

    U might want to loosen up ur wrist when ur using the pencil and go light and just do more costs and put one coat of one color and one coat of another color

  • some shitty youtuber

    some shitty youtuber

    32 minutes ago

    The whole time I was like _her hair better be fucking Red_

  • Libby Warbucks

    Libby Warbucks

    33 minutes ago

    Thumbnail: what dose a clear color pencil do?!!! My mind: draws in clear...

  • I have to wait 90 days to change my name That’s me

    I have to wait 90 days to change my name That’s me

    35 minutes ago

    Where is the clear color pencil!?!

  • Stella Viglielm

    Stella Viglielm

    38 minutes ago

    I just realized how similar your voice is to blackpink’s Rose. I just needed to say it.

  • belmooreArtistry 5101

    belmooreArtistry 5101

    41 minute ago

    22:06-22:08 Same hee hee...I would try not to push too hard on the colored runs the color down and hurts my hand :)

  • Princess Ally

    Princess Ally

    42 minutes ago


  • mswhitegirl100


    50 minutes ago

    Why would you clickbait

  • Pixel_verse_


    Hour ago

    I can’t draw hands... Halp T-T

  • bai bruh

    bai bruh

    Hour ago


  • Casey Donley

    Casey Donley

    Hour ago

    Final: 25:50 Your welcome peoples.

  • Gacha Gamer

    Gacha Gamer

    Hour ago

    A tip is to go in a straight direction aka line direction and dont press down to hard cuz u can alwasy go back later for more pigment

  • Flake and friends draws

    Flake and friends draws

    Hour ago

    That dress looks like its from brave

  • d d

    d d

    Hour ago

    [b] hi

  • d d

    d d

    Hour ago


  • Kawaii Køala

    Kawaii Køala

    2 hours ago

    -fake thumbnail- ~nu~

  • Moongachalife 0

    Moongachalife 0

    2 hours ago


  • WhatTheFridge 1o1

    WhatTheFridge 1o1

    2 hours ago

    Her heads huge hahha

  • Colby and Sam

    Colby and Sam

    2 hours ago


  • 큐핏Cupid


    2 hours ago

    I love how you turn messy scribbles into really beautiful art!

  • WhatTheFridge 1o1

    WhatTheFridge 1o1

    2 hours ago

    The cloak reminds me of journey

  • dorika csomor

    dorika csomor

    3 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I've just got clickbated so have you

  • WhatTheFridge 1o1

    WhatTheFridge 1o1

    3 hours ago

    Waffles: who doesn't like rainbows Me: Westborough Baptist Church

  • Love 4 Dead

    Love 4 Dead

    3 hours ago

    Soften the colored pencils in a watered down tea lemon zinger I prefer i got my prismacolors working that way

  • Hannah Tooke

    Hannah Tooke

    3 hours ago


  • Sniper _gacha76

    Sniper _gacha76

    3 hours ago

    I hate your thumb nail!!!!!😡

  • Jessica Kennedy

    Jessica Kennedy

    3 hours ago

    0:34 doesn't make a WHOLE lot of sense

  • CuteCupCakeDrop P

    CuteCupCakeDrop P

    4 hours ago

    Noooooo it ended well I’ll look forward to the next one

  • Glenda Rodriguez

    Glenda Rodriguez

    4 hours ago

    Tdh her drawings are very messy

  • Lucy Somerville

    Lucy Somerville

    4 hours ago

    Do you ever just remember something embarrassing you did ....Years and years ago 😂same waffles same

  • Glenda Rodriguez

    Glenda Rodriguez

    4 hours ago

    Where is the clear pencils thats why i clicked the video to see it not watch This lady vids again

  • Chandra DeVaul

    Chandra DeVaul

    4 hours ago

    I am a color pencil artist and my tip to using them is patience. They take SEVERAL light layers to deepen the pigment (like at the very least, 3) , then use either the colorless blender OR Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) and a paint brush.

  • Katana G7_ Ahgase

    Katana G7_ Ahgase

    4 hours ago

    Interesting it looks beautiful 😍 💚

  • BeautyElisa


    4 hours ago

    Why does she lowkey look like the enchantress version of the Virgin Mary?

  • Julia Stackhouse

    Julia Stackhouse

    4 hours ago

    I was literally15 minutes too late to enter the giveaway lol but wither way, I hope you're doing well! Love your art as always!

  • ashlea dhein

    ashlea dhein

    5 hours ago

    That is A LOT of products for this box. Thank you for this video. I always love your videos

  • Poison Fox

    Poison Fox

    5 hours ago

    Do a rainbow girl

  • Alastia KatzeTM

    Alastia KatzeTM

    5 hours ago

    Someone has probably pointed this out before, but my art teacher taught me that going in circles when using colored pencils works better than straight lines and it also helps the colors blend. Maybe you could try that next time. Also start softly and work your way up to a darker color.

  • Avneet Dhaliwal Avneet Dhaliwal

    Avneet Dhaliwal Avneet Dhaliwal

    5 hours ago

    Did anyone else only click this vid because of the thumbnail???

  • Rediona Zani

    Rediona Zani

    5 hours ago

    Please stop talking in that cringy as way

  • M and K M

    M and K M

    5 hours ago

    Do a face reveal

  • Raven The Collie

    Raven The Collie

    6 hours ago

    Floaty magic bits

  • elwira jachulska

    elwira jachulska

    6 hours ago

    1500000 subs can you PLEASE do a face reveal or a draw my life video

  • Captain LazyArtist

    Captain LazyArtist

    6 hours ago

    I love seeing rainbow of art supplies.They make me happy

  • Al Fair

    Al Fair

    6 hours ago

    Nice drawing, I always like seeing your process. With colored pencils, it is all about patience. You're actually not supposed to press so hard because is creates a shiny sheen over your work. When working with colored pencils, be prepared to take your time because it is all about layering and lightly coloring with small circles. To blend, you just layer lightly and build up the colors. Coloring a little hard is okay but it should never be at the expense of your wrist. As you said, you're "a lazy artist," or rather an impatient one, which is both a detriment with some mediums and a pro with certain techniques-sketching. But yeah, working slow and building up color is the best way to work with colored pencils.

  • Princess 17389

    Princess 17389

    6 hours ago

    you make me wanna buy color pencils😂😫

  • 1000 followers with one video

    1000 followers with one video

    6 hours ago

    Eleven loves you waffles

  • Izzy Pena

    Izzy Pena

    6 hours ago

    my experience with smaller leads have led me to use the smaller sharpener exposing more of the lead than all you have to do is tilt the pencil so the edge of the lead is on the paper giving you more coverage. i hope you understand what im trying to say and i hope i works

  • thorn lilyn

    thorn lilyn

    6 hours ago

    the burnisher mostly jus smooths out your pencil strokes.

  • Jessica Reider

    Jessica Reider

    6 hours ago

    My favorite drawing was the second sketch of the girl with the stars around her head where she's looking back. I don't know why but I just fell in love with it

  • Arthur


    7 hours ago

    Thank you for making me realize I need to sketch for my drawings to not look horrible and how to do it! Seriously though I never sketched my characters for some reason

  • Karina Hart

    Karina Hart

    7 hours ago

    Wallfles is great woot woot

  • Gypsy Atelier

    Gypsy Atelier

    7 hours ago

    The two different sized holes in the sharpener have a specific purpose. The smaller one is designed to give your pencil a sharp narrow point, and the large hole is to give your pencil a shorter sharpen, with a larger tip to shade, use flat, etc.

  • Destiny Hartman

    Destiny Hartman

    7 hours ago


  • Concrafter Game

    Concrafter Game

    8 hours ago

    Omg you are so lucky I wish I could have this colors too but I'm never gonna buy it :/

  • Moonlight starz

    Moonlight starz

    8 hours ago

    I love it!

  • Kimberly Lim

    Kimberly Lim

    8 hours ago

    Ooh I'm soooo inspired!!!i wanna try one of her sketches 🤩🤩🤩 THANK YOU FOR THE CONSTANT MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION!!!

  • Lorrainegladys Daloba

    Lorrainegladys Daloba

    8 hours ago

    You know I would so watch that show if you make it one

  • Sarah Bannon

    Sarah Bannon

    8 hours ago

    Your videos inspire me. I so so so soooo appreciate the captions and how you include your annotations I love it

  • bryce panda hat

    bryce panda hat

    8 hours ago

    I draw so much fucking better when I'm bored at school, I drew this Seanery of a dragon egg under a lamp in a house and it's fucking amazing

  • Madlin Flores

    Madlin Flores

    8 hours ago

    How do u got the box i want that

  • Snow kitten

    Snow kitten

    9 hours ago

    Keep your hand tilted and lightly color - to not make your hand hurt as much. Also I love the drawing

  • Army Animals

    Army Animals

    9 hours ago

    She said T POSE anybody here from fortnite?? :3

  • Lili Cools

    Lili Cools

    9 hours ago

    You are soooooo good at drawing ✍️ you have to be a artist ❤️🤩🤩

  • Lili Cools

    Lili Cools

    9 hours ago


  • Ima CheckinNugget

    Ima CheckinNugget

    9 hours ago

    Same I hate coloring I love sketching though Loved The Vid (I always do) 💖💖

  • Hayvyn Smith

    Hayvyn Smith

    9 hours ago

    One drawing *uses whole sketchbook

  • kirsten buan

    kirsten buan

    9 hours ago

    the outside is mint and then the inside is caramel

  • kirsten buan

    kirsten buan

    9 hours ago

    i think the candy is humbugs

  • Grace Moreno

    Grace Moreno

    9 hours ago

    I suggest watercolor pencils when you put water on them they act like watercolors

  • Weeabo Named Kat

    Weeabo Named Kat

    9 hours ago

    I missed his channel. So glad I found his in my reccomended! TY, USdownload!

  • Ցɑςհɑ Σհɑժ

    Ցɑςհɑ Σհɑժ

    9 hours ago

    Clear pencil eh... now i can draw glass

  • Josslyn Riley

    Josslyn Riley

    9 hours ago

    Your excitement about art supplies is like my excitement about art supplies. Had to sub! Love your personality!!

  • Bubbly Starters

    Bubbly Starters

    9 hours ago

    Here's just something for you to imagine: I would have made her hair bright green, pink eyes, purple starry space kind of cloak that goes lighter the lower we go until complete white, The inside of the cloak would be the sky at dawn, pink dress, and vine tattoos or stripes. Bright colored too. I dunno. I like to be unusual.

  • Mia Garcia

    Mia Garcia

    9 hours ago

    Hi hi

  • Aowyn Phillips

    Aowyn Phillips

    9 hours ago

    3:43 WhAt Is ThIs? Huhuhuhuhuh it’s so shiny.... Ooh so shiny!

  • Angelica Lucio

    Angelica Lucio

    10 hours ago

    I thought and enchantress was a beautiful witch that was more powerful than others or it was a beautiful nice lady who all had magic

  • Blossom Tea

    Blossom Tea

    10 hours ago

    It’s like water wings in ajpw

  • Julia Myburg

    Julia Myburg

    10 hours ago


  • Blue Opal Wolf

    Blue Opal Wolf

    10 hours ago

    We have the same phone cover and maybe the same phone lol (mine is Samsung Galaxy s5)

  • catspurrdogsrule 36

    catspurrdogsrule 36

    10 hours ago

    Waffles: *puts out a fake thumbnail* Me: -Am I a joke to you?-

  • Heck


    10 hours ago

    I stopped watching this channel for a good bit, then saw this was uploaded so I thought I would try giving this video a chance. I regained some hope when I saw her sketching out that really interesting and unique bald tattoed lady, then lost all hope again when she scrapped that idea to draw yet another conventionally attractive girl with flowy hair. reminded me why I stopped watching this channel, everything she makes is exactly the same.

  • Savanna Rocha

    Savanna Rocha

    11 hours ago

    Put hair

  • Solara Ali

    Solara Ali

    11 hours ago

    Particles,MAGIC PARTICLES! *stabs paper violently

  • Exo triper

    Exo triper

    11 hours ago


  • Jazzy#101 S

    Jazzy#101 S

    12 hours ago

    This was such a scame you said in the thumbnail trying a clear coloured pencil. Ugh first time at your channel and you SCAME ME

  • pinksock_ Jin

    pinksock_ Jin

    12 hours ago

    Am i the only one that thought that the thumbnail was for vat9

  • Cathy Richardson

    Cathy Richardson

    13 hours ago

    R u dating Drawing With Jazza?

  • Annabel Makotkina

    Annabel Makotkina

    13 hours ago

    I awlays skip to the scetch part😂💙

  • Anna nicole Abasola

    Anna nicole Abasola

    13 hours ago

    what do you call that box again? and where can i buy them and how much

  • Jessica ThunderHeart

    Jessica ThunderHeart

    14 hours ago

    Just a helpful tip to help with the wrist pain use wrist weights when you draw and it'll cushion and strengthen your wrist and if that's not working well use a wrist support because that will reduce strain and help prevent carpal tunnel in the future.

  • Nancy Jane

    Nancy Jane

    14 hours ago

    I hate the original THE FACE RUINS IT

  • Simply Vanilla

    Simply Vanilla

    14 hours ago

    this video took my mind off of the flu because i was on holiday but we all got sick in the caravan so we came home early so thank you

  • Simply Vanilla

    Simply Vanilla

    14 hours ago

    in the future i think it would be really cute if you did a painting like fanart of something you like. idk just a suggestion =3

  • Karma Jaden

    Karma Jaden

    15 hours ago

    i rly liked the sketch with the poncho 😊

  • Divinty Rosewood

    Divinty Rosewood

    15 hours ago

    I I d I do I don I don' I don't I don't w I don't wa I don't want to waste my time writing this

  • Cheeky Chops

    Cheeky Chops

    15 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are swell The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell😃 Luv ur vids😁

  • xXMiuXHond GachasXx

    xXMiuXHond GachasXx

    16 hours ago

    Her drawing reminded me of Rapunzel's Kidnapper, the witch

  • Richard Elizer Torres

    Richard Elizer Torres

    16 hours ago

    *Shocks* You gave me an idea for my next art work I'm not gonna copy yours i'm just going to use is as a reference heheheh thanks

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