Trying Foods from Famous Movies! (Cheat Day)

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This Cheat Day isn’t based on horror movies, but we might have just made Sinead’s worst nightmare come true. Sinead and Erin try iconic foods from your favorite movies including Elf, Matilda, Mean Girls, Harry Potter, and more!
Is there a food in a movie you’ve been dying to try?! Let us know in the comments!

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  • Clevver Style

    Clevver Style

    Month ago

    Honeyduke's. Honeyduke's is the word you were looking for. 😂⚡️

  • Seda Guyer

    Seda Guyer

    Month ago

    You need to work on the sound editing!!!!!! It's hard to hear the girls unless we crank the volume but then the intros / cutaways / music basically blow the speakers and out ears!!!!!!! It is not that hard to balance the volume

  • Rachelle McKellips

    Rachelle McKellips

    Month ago

    Fun video, lol love these movies!

  • Vicki Su

    Vicki Su

    Month ago

    @Phoenix Out *Erin

  • Phoenix Out

    Phoenix Out

    Month ago

    I got anxiety watching this because aaron hasnt watched any of these good movies

  • Sara The pig

    Sara The pig

    Month ago

    Clevver Style I like this

  • Ami Giles

    Ami Giles

    3 days ago

    The beans are in the movie and three different flavours because it's a wizarding world they have werid sweets

  • Acoustic Cat

    Acoustic Cat

    7 days ago

    Where are the egg salad sandwiches and raw eggs from Napoleon Dynamite? I'm thoroughly disappointed.

  • S. Jonas

    S. Jonas

    8 days ago

    Does Erin watch any movies at all? I just learned that fact in less than a week without meeting her lol WATCH THEM ALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karlina Garcia

    Karlina Garcia

    11 days ago

    I’ve always wanted the cake from Matilda 😂😱

  • Samantha Conner

    Samantha Conner

    12 days ago

    Eryn, you need to watch some dang movies! 😔

  • WithUr Shield

    WithUr Shield

    14 days ago

    At first I thought they were going to eat the Cereal Sandwich with a side of coke from Breakfast Club. Also, I have seen “Alive”.

  • AJ Bunch

    AJ Bunch

    15 days ago

    The audio is so weird

  • alana harrelson

    alana harrelson

    18 days ago

    im curious what happens to food you dont eat? really hope it doesnt all get wasted

  • Caylee Rhoades

    Caylee Rhoades

    18 days ago

    I suck jello through my teeth😂

  • jerica chadiwck

    jerica chadiwck

    18 days ago

    Not hooves. Chicken fat.

  • Carlie Strahorn

    Carlie Strahorn

    19 days ago

    Can y’all do this again but add Forest Gump?!?!🙏🏻

  • Amy


    20 days ago

    Can we switch out the red hair girl (don’t know her name) with Joslyn please and thank you

  • Amy


    20 days ago

    I hate to be that person but they need people who actually are open minded and are willing to try everything

  • April Lockaby Radford

    April Lockaby Radford

    21 day ago

    Gosh that cake looked so dang good!!!

  • Nancy D

    Nancy D

    23 days ago

    Gelatin is not made from hooves, it's made from bone marrow

  • Phoebe blue

    Phoebe blue

    25 days ago

    Sinead’s voice sounds just like mila kunes (can’t spell 😂)

  • Panda Pies

    Panda Pies

    25 days ago

    Erin honey please.. At least read the harry potter books. That way you can say"i havent seen the movie" and get the reaction you want but secretly you'll know the references!

  • Brynna Safar

    Brynna Safar

    25 days ago

    loving the matching hair lol

  • JabberPanda


    25 days ago

    Gelatine is mostly made of skin and bones of pigs and beef

  • sara96


    26 days ago

    Best show in YouTub😍

  • Minna Waag

    Minna Waag

    26 days ago

    Ahaha lol i have seen alive

  • haya ahmed

    haya ahmed

    27 days ago

    i eat jello the same way sinead does lol its soo much better

  • haya ahmed

    haya ahmed

    27 days ago

    ERIN IS MEEE. i also haven’t seen a good amount of famous movies

  • Trirupa Hegde

    Trirupa Hegde

    27 days ago

    'Alive' is a very creepy movie just for the eating other people part. I 🤢

  • Katherine Pacheco

    Katherine Pacheco

    27 days ago

    I feel like they just made the foods look like the movie ones but they’re not the same things.

  • Dagan Love

    Dagan Love

    28 days ago

    The sorbet!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my dream food

  • Jessica Pappin

    Jessica Pappin

    28 days ago

    Omg! Erin! I'm the same way with Star Wars and comic book movies!!!

  • Stephani Rodriguez

    Stephani Rodriguez

    29 days ago

    I’ve never seen Harry Potter or read Harry Potter but I wanted but I haven’t

  • Taylor Q

    Taylor Q

    29 days ago

    “ Matilda is the greatest” Yes

  • Miranda Custer

    Miranda Custer

    Month ago

    I just love to watch Erin's eyebrows when she talks their very animated😂

  • Kimberly Elizabeth

    Kimberly Elizabeth

    Month ago

    LOVE THESE TWI TOGETHER!! I could watch this episode 10 times back to back!! Please do more videos with the two of them

  • Andrew Jackson

    Andrew Jackson

    Month ago

    Sooo... Are they the just adding scenes from the movie that the food is from after they eat it😂😂😂

  • Vārds Uzvārds

    Vārds Uzvārds

    Month ago

    I never watched Harry Poter because it looks so boring

  • Ashley T

    Ashley T

    Month ago

    I love the cheat day videos but the strobing lights inbetween the treats has got to go!!!

  • Olivia Leamer

    Olivia Leamer

    Month ago

    At 3:08 look how much Erin moves her eyebrows haha luv ya guys

  • K G

    K G

    Month ago

    Ohhh American humor... Cringe.🤦🏻‍♀️

  • max nichole

    max nichole

    Month ago

    I've always wanted to try the chocolate cake from Matilda.

  • dolly y

    dolly y

    Month ago

    Has clevver always been spelled that way???

  • Blooming Mother

    Blooming Mother

    Month ago


  • keri robinson

    keri robinson

    Month ago

    ERIN Please keep in mind your volume when you doing the videos keep in mind that some of us are listening through earphones and when your volume raises all of a sudden then it gives people a shock and hurts your ears. i wouldn't say anything if this is the first time but it not your do this often.

  • Sandyandi


    Month ago

    That cake looked fabulous

  • Torina Hendershott

    Torina Hendershott

    Month ago

    I've seen alive, more than once.

  • Catherine Campbell

    Catherine Campbell

    Month ago

    The Princess Diaries sorbet scene is iconic. I remember the sorbet was too cold for her so she was making all these weird sounds and gestures. Then everyone else around her started making weird sounds and gestures as to not make her feel weird. It was one of the best scenes in the movie.

  • Alejandra salve teichelmann

    Alejandra salve teichelmann

    Month ago

    Wtf erin and her lack of movie knowledge!!!!?!!! *? #? & :? $!

  • Pink Heart

    Pink Heart

    Month ago

    Matilda chocolate cake😍

  • pkmilita


    Month ago

    it will be fun if they at least watched a movie

  • Joaquim Menezes

    Joaquim Menezes

    Month ago

    clevver is sooo underrated like omg how

  • dollie horaney

    dollie horaney

    Month ago

    Lol I have never seen the notebook!

  • marta ghost

    marta ghost

    Month ago

    I've seen alive when I was a child and I'm traumatized I also think it's a real story

  • irienisa carrillo

    irienisa carrillo

    Month ago

    I need them to try to follow the rules for English royalty now. She said its not hard and I want to see her prove it

  • Sinead Robertson

    Sinead Robertson

    Month ago

    Literally am so surprised when I find people with my name🤷‍♀️ plus she’s pretty🥵

  • Angelic Asians

    Angelic Asians

    Month ago

    I have cheat days everyday :)

  • Gilbert Rodriquez

    Gilbert Rodriquez

    Month ago

    I’m sorry I love Erin but why was she even chosen for this episode? She hasn’t seen any of the classics!!

  • Jada Strose

    Jada Strose

    Month ago

    Because she's a legend

  • Amrita Ramesh

    Amrita Ramesh

    Month ago

    Berite Botts is related by... being in the movie? I totally lost my window to want to watch Star Wars, myself and... at this point I'm too ignorant. It's too much, I on't need yet another complicated fictional universe to enrich my life. The Inner World in my Head is a lot, and LotR is my thing, as much as any of it. You kno what's geat to not watch?? Game of Thrones!!! Do you know how much Emotional Energy that saves??? Shared experiences that help you socialize? Don't know her.

  • jem Last

    jem Last

    Month ago

    I never seen Harry potter either or twilight .

  • Gigi Coronado

    Gigi Coronado

    Month ago

    Alive is a great movie

  • Rosegold blue

    Rosegold blue

    Month ago

    Yeahh I haven't seen Harry Potter either. 😊

  • catherine saris

    catherine saris

    Month ago

    Has Erin watched any iconic movies?

  • Madison Findley

    Madison Findley

    Month ago

    i honestly think that it’s just me but i’m laying in bed rn in the dark and i had to skip through the matilda principal scene because of how scary her voice was and i didn’t want nightmares... just me??

  • janelle torres

    janelle torres

    Month ago

    Omg I eat jello like that too! Lololol

  • fangirls daydreams

    fangirls daydreams

    Month ago

    Can Erin just not be on clevver cuz all she does is whine.

  • DIY Gia

    DIY Gia

    Month ago

    I love princess diaries and Harry Potter

  • DIY Gia

    DIY Gia

    Month ago

    And Matilda 🧡💚💛

  • Ivette Days

    Ivette Days

    Month ago

    You guys talk to much just drink and eat the food !!!

  • Leslie Ayres Rifkind

    Leslie Ayres Rifkind

    Month ago

    Erin, you’re disappointing me with the movies you haven’t seen

  • Olivia Seas

    Olivia Seas

    Month ago

    Doesn’t Rhodes actually eat the carrot cake and Annie just thinks raccoons got it because she sees them digging in the box? He says he liked the cake somewhere near the end, unless I’m imagining things.

  • Sophia Caiza

    Sophia Caiza

    Month ago

    Do Disney movie food plss

  • Nicolas Ingersoll

    Nicolas Ingersoll

    Month ago

    Gelatin isn't made from pork any more that's how it used to be made back in the day

  • Honeygames Hello

    Honeygames Hello

    Month ago


  • Krishna Eblacas

    Krishna Eblacas

    Month ago

    Why does erin get mad when people react to her not seeing those iconic movies?

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