Unboxing 10 of the WORST RATED Products on Amazon!


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Amazon is a wonderful site that offers so many DOPE products (and it's actually where we buy a lot of the products for our videos), and we could spend days looking at all the cool things we could buy on there (...and we actually do 😂). But we also know that while there's tons of awesome products on there, there are just as many horrible ones - products that were so badly reviewed by people who purchased them, that those products should never see the light of day... or should they??
Today we're unboxing and reviewing some of the WORST reviewed products on Amazon, in order to find out if they truly deserve all the negative reviews they got. Sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing some of the worst that Amazon has to offer!
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  • The BOSS Baby

    The BOSS Baby

    Hour ago


  • Ethan Chromiak

    Ethan Chromiak

    Hour ago

    Tanner definitely looks like Mac Miller R.I.P

  • K I N G D O M

    K I N G D O M

    Hour ago

    8:53.... 33% is like the whole population of Canada 😂😂😂

  • Paralee Brown

    Paralee Brown

    2 hours ago

    when you looked out the window you scaree the f* out of me!!!

  • Noah Riddle

    Noah Riddle

    2 hours ago

    No offense...I love this channel but why did mathias have to hate on a lyric from aerosmith: dream on...23:15

  • Sub_To _Pewds

    Sub_To _Pewds

    3 hours ago

    The first one isn't slime. IT'S OOBLECK!

  • jj CringeyKAT

    jj CringeyKAT

    3 hours ago

    I love this channel but I hate how hard my heart fell out of its chest😂😂🥺😫

  • Andrew Entwistle

    Andrew Entwistle

    4 hours ago

    I remember seeing a few of these on Good Mythical Morning. Anyone else?

  • Freedom Star9

    Freedom Star9

    8 hours ago

    11:04 this looks like a bad alien mpvie trailer

  • X Ray God

    X Ray God

    9 hours ago

    That ain’t even slime that’s obleck

  • That's Genuis

    That's Genuis

    12 hours ago

    19:04 watch that is slow mo

  • Dan The man

    Dan The man

    16 hours ago

    After pressing the like button 100.000 time I realist you waned 100k likes

  • Ruth P

    Ruth P

    17 hours ago

    15:33 I bought some of those. It is a banana cutter. Cuts into bite-size pieces. It was ok.

  • Ruth P

    Ruth P

    17 hours ago

    about 3:15 You used it in the future, so funny.

  • matts091


    18 hours ago

    i litteraly have the same jacket as micheal!! it came from h&m

  • Raya Xx

    Raya Xx

    21 hour ago

    I have the “dream” sticker and I love it. I also have Freddy Krueger Art next to it. But it wasn’t difficult to use. Lmao

  • Pyro Smoak

    Pyro Smoak

    22 hours ago

    Tanner's blue hair and yellow bow gets a dope from me

  • Springtrap


    23 hours ago

    16:53 an abacus

  • Sas Squash

    Sas Squash

    Day ago

    So that's where team edge got that fake cockroach when Bryan and J-Fred had to do the mystery box. sP3cIfIc

  • lion gacha maker

    lion gacha maker

    Day ago

    I loved penny i think you guys should bring her/him to the videos

  • Eat_a_b r i c k

    Eat_a_b r i c k

    Day ago

    I would get the membership if I was not a kid

  • Revinit


    Day ago

    As if 11:23 really scared the life out of me

  • Klaire Starkey

    Klaire Starkey

    Day ago


  • Wj Badenhorst

    Wj Badenhorst

    Day ago

    He looks like pat

  • Adrio Welman

    Adrio Welman

    Day ago

    mi cat raw ś dop or nop

  • Adrio Welman

    Adrio Welman

    Day ago

    mi gonis jo skerd me 😱

  • Random Meme Girl

    Random Meme Girl

    Day ago

    11:25 scared me so bad

  • Reverse_Editz _yt

    Reverse_Editz _yt

    Day ago

    I couldn’t take tanner seriously

  • james B

    james B

    Day ago

    Tanner looks like Matt's wife. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • Sergio Ferater

    Sergio Ferater

    Day ago

    The alien product made me jump how about you?

  • Tae Tae

    Tae Tae

    Day ago

    Hobi J-Hope

  • Kaina Menjivar

    Kaina Menjivar

    2 days ago

    "BTS not the Korean KPop band" and the gif of Hobi killed me for some reason 😂

  • Chubby Chubby Chipmunk

    Chubby Chubby Chipmunk

    2 days ago

    Ooohhhh Squibens

  • Juliana R. Berg

    Juliana R. Berg

    2 days ago

    At 11:26 that scared me soooo bad!

  • Nacho Obsessed

    Nacho Obsessed

    2 days ago

    11:25 That scared we so much 😆😆

  • Haxters 108

    Haxters 108

    2 days ago

    11:26 omfg that scared me half to death

  • kikicutehusky


    2 days ago


  • Ivy Broussard

    Ivy Broussard

    2 days ago

    The monster "slime" isn't slime, but oblek. It is a thing

  • Mik Firerim

    Mik Firerim

    3 days ago

    13:40 Pokemons when coming out the poké-ball 😂

  • Sofia h

    Sofia h

    3 days ago


  • XLenBoiX27690


    3 days ago

    He looks like Brian from family guy when he became a realtor 😂

  • Rechelle Nguyen

    Rechelle Nguyen

    3 days ago

    who remembers tanner and mathias

  • Lucid_xxKeYsxx _

    Lucid_xxKeYsxx _

    3 days ago


  • andrew healey

    andrew healey

    3 days ago


  • Xi Chen

    Xi Chen

    3 days ago

    11:26 Ahh! XD You made me jump so hard! XD ITS A JUMPSCARE!!!!!! XD

  • Xi Chen

    Xi Chen

    3 days ago

    3:07 Okay that is gross. How? Because your basically playing with you're food. Lets say for explain: You just itched you're foot okay? Then you touch the slime jello it gets gross from you're foot

  • Cari Hill

    Cari Hill

    3 days ago

    14:07 taner said teethers

  • Mavreck Nicoloff

    Mavreck Nicoloff

    3 days ago

    The one you guys said it is like a disinfectant

  • Alfredo De Anda

    Alfredo De Anda

    3 days ago

    Get the nelk boys on tanner he is a half sender!

  • Gacha fox 123

    Gacha fox 123

    3 days ago

    Just from the title this should be called nope or mega nope and stop saying " I wish we the old matt was here" or "who else remembers this being called mattlies" he has a channel names mattlies so stop!

  • demondragons xx

    demondragons xx

    3 days ago

    Michael has the best hair

  • boltsnroy


    3 days ago

    That wasn’t slime it was oobleck 😂😂😂

  • Russell Holmes

    Russell Holmes

    3 days ago

    5:18 why would you wear white shoes to a dope or nope shoe?

  • bleach


    3 days ago

    Cat in the hat is now tanner with those teeth!

  • Jocelyn canonico-may

    Jocelyn canonico-may

    4 days ago

    tanner with the fake teeth looks like patrick

  • Pinku da werewolf

    Pinku da werewolf

    4 days ago

    Um, I got a Scruff a Luv and after you open it you have to let it soke in more water and dry it and brush it, I promise Luna would have loved the final result!

  • JSC 988

    JSC 988

    4 days ago

    Thanks for the Jump Scare Matt bout had a damn heart attack

  • PZ18


    4 days ago

    Your getting hacked for scaring me MATT WITH A JUMP SCARE!!!

  • icecxeamcake


    3 days ago

    You’re getting hacked for using “your” instead of “you’re”!

  • Willow Guernsey

    Willow Guernsey

    4 days ago

    Lol when they test the grass in the background you can see pure confusion on Connors face.

  • CAR3 B3ARS

    CAR3 B3ARS

    4 days ago

    i am scared to look out my window now

  • Aracely Vara

    Aracely Vara

    4 days ago

    11:24 scared me

  • Russell Rompal

    Russell Rompal

    4 days ago

    tanner looks like pat from rekt with the teeth

  • Potato


    4 days ago

    11:15 Me: I fear no thing... But that thing...

  • Turkey Animations

    Turkey Animations

    4 days ago

    I like Tanner's hair better

  • Army Sisters

    Army Sisters

    5 days ago

    ahahaha the moment where they had to clarify BTS as behind the scene and not Bangtan Sonyeondan 😂😂😂😂😂at 21:52 and i love how they used a Jhope Meme 😂😂😂😂😂

  • The sly Guy

    The sly Guy

    5 days ago

    When Mathis look out his window and put in some stuff really fast it scared me so muck

  • Sam the Septiceye

    Sam the Septiceye

    5 days ago

    I was watching thos.in my bed and when it got to the cockroach picture I kept checking around my bed and on my legs for roaches

  • Alexis castaneda

    Alexis castaneda

    5 days ago

    Bruh he lookes like conner

  • Blisterybrush86 Yo momma

    Blisterybrush86 Yo momma

    5 days ago

    Mathias should review a Onewheel!

  • BotClan OG

    BotClan OG

    5 days ago

    Mac miller

  • cody


    5 days ago

    could someone link me the green wig??? lmao i want it so bad

  • Isabel Fishwick

    Isabel Fishwick

    5 days ago

    More live stuff plzzzzzz

  • Gregs has a Dyl

    Gregs has a Dyl

    5 days ago

    U should do a colab with shane dawson

  • adnan rafiq

    adnan rafiq

    5 days ago

    This video should be renamed as the 10 products that are absolutely nope

  • OREO The ART

    OREO The ART

    5 days ago

    11:26 that scene scared me so bad i fell of my bed XD

  • 7Forward Gaming

    7Forward Gaming

    5 days ago

    Tanner with blue hair actually look really good

  • Person Guy

    Person Guy

    6 days ago

    11:20 scared me so much

  • Ben Tolentino

    Ben Tolentino

    6 days ago

    The jomp scare jomped me to death

  • Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    6 days ago

    Does Tanner mean Porg???

  • Wut the Flip flop

    Wut the Flip flop

    6 days ago

    I hate all bugs too

  • Jayden Hoskins

    Jayden Hoskins

    6 days ago

    I was about to throw my phone during the jump scare

  • Connor S

    Connor S

    Hour ago


  • 秀一秀


    10 hours ago

    same to me hahaha

  • John


    Day ago

    When does it happen

  • Cody Yoder

    Cody Yoder

    2 days ago

    @Simone The D3mon me too

  • Simone The D3mon

    Simone The D3mon

    3 days ago

    Jayden Hoskins same I literally almost had a heart attack😂

  • Ratko Balog

    Ratko Balog

    6 days ago

    when my mom got those fake teeth i thought i was with a stranger

  • Lauren Nicole

    Lauren Nicole

    6 days ago

    That’s just cornstarch haha

  • Madison Archer

    Madison Archer

    6 days ago

    7:04 Matthias pretending to be jacksepticeye

  • Quiet Guy Person

    Quiet Guy Person

    6 days ago

    I mean, blow it straight, nothing guys

  • Aidan Noordhoorn

    Aidan Noordhoorn

    6 days ago

    Yah yeet

  • Tric P

    Tric P

    6 days ago

    That's obblec they made

  • knight乡 Sayan

    knight乡 Sayan

    6 days ago

    23:37 Godzilla on a rampage

  • Potatoes & Gemini

    Potatoes & Gemini

    7 days ago


  • CHARINA Marcelo

    CHARINA Marcelo

    7 days ago

    Tanner u look like Patrick 😂 in the studio

  • Addaire Morris

    Addaire Morris

    7 days ago

    Shane Dawson has entered the chat Also 11:27 scared me so much I fell off my bed

  • Lisa Steele

    Lisa Steele

    7 days ago


  • Dawn Marie

    Dawn Marie

    7 days ago

    Matthias: I don't like you with those Tanner: have you ever liked me?

  • Caleb Burroughs

    Caleb Burroughs

    7 days ago

    Mac Miller

  • OnlyMidnight


    7 days ago

    My sister literally has the Scruff-a-Love

  • nnniikkka


    7 days ago

    honestly , tanner looks like patrick from high five

  • Holly Shinn

    Holly Shinn

    7 days ago

    21:47 ……… i'm now thing that tanner just watches K-pop videos by himself but honestly i do that my self because like 95% of my friends like K-pop and the other half just don't like it at all saddle *cry's* *laughing*

  • kittykathasclaws


    7 days ago

    Why you little...

  • Kongakar 06

    Kongakar 06

    7 days ago

    Tanner looks like a different person with the blue hair and the dentures he looks so weird 😂 anyone agrees with me?

  • Oaklynn Alvey

    Oaklynn Alvey

    7 days ago

    no one: jacksepticeye: Matthias with a green wig: TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA

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