We Melted 29 Cheeses To Make A Grilled Cheese Sandwich • Ladylike

"Don't be mad at my cheese mountain, I raised him from a boy."
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Cooking Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast
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  • Ladylike


    3 months ago

    Love a good role reversal video -Kristin

  • spongygames


    12 days ago

    I came from the future, to request a video about throwing cheese slices at various beings' faces. Like a cat or dog. Or a human, if you're daring.

  • KratosTheKrill


    17 days ago

    I was eating a grilled cheese while watching this xD

  • banana_bread bre

    banana_bread bre

    Month ago

    Heat. Acid. And what ever Kristin says about things that taste good

  • kcanded


    Month ago

    @DJ 553 You can get lactaid tablets....they're really cheap at Costco. My husband and I take 4 to 6 tablets before pizza, and about 2 tablets before ice cream or yogurt. Take them maybe a couple minutes before you eat the dairy so they have a chance to start working.They really really work.

  • Leacroft Fries

    Leacroft Fries

    Month ago

    Babybels are so fricking goooodddd

  • Readsalot 06

    Readsalot 06

    14 hours ago

    Videos with Jen and Kristen are so chaotic and *i live for it*

  • Readsalot 06

    Readsalot 06

    14 hours ago

    Omg Jens line in the beginning 😂

  • Hayden Daviau

    Hayden Daviau

    Day ago

    Man... now I want cheese. XD

  • Amilia Murray

    Amilia Murray

    Day ago

    Kristin 😂😂😂

  • mari reverend

    mari reverend

    Day ago

    Real content

  • Chloe VanWinkle

    Chloe VanWinkle

    Day ago

    Is it me or does that look delicious?

  • A Sabetti

    A Sabetti

    2 days ago

    I raised him from a boy Fuck yes

  • Wynn


    3 days ago

    "I love beating you." Kristin are you a Dominatrix XD

  • Cat Face

    Cat Face

    3 days ago

    Who else loves Jen and Kristins relationship

  • Joanna Middendorp

    Joanna Middendorp

    3 days ago

    Kristen is extra goofy spice in this vid. I’m not mad about it.

  • L R

    L R

    4 days ago

    1:37 Jen: (runs into a stand with a cart) Jen: ow Why is Jen me?

  • tracy martel

    tracy martel

    4 days ago

    3:51 oh how the tables have turned

  • Anna


    4 days ago

    “i don’t swing that way” ..spiderman pun? i think so

  • olivia craft

    olivia craft

    4 days ago

    Jen and Kristen combined is me

  • Steve Bernard

    Steve Bernard

    5 days ago

    I love cheddar cheese

  • Anna Carter

    Anna Carter

    5 days ago

    Jen has been added to my long list of crushes

  • Abbie 57

    Abbie 57

    5 days ago


  • Maybelline Jaime

    Maybelline Jaime

    5 days ago

    6:53 who else saw that middle finger

  • Lena Taylor

    Lena Taylor

    8 days ago

    I love how Jen just slam right into the stand😂😂😂😂

  • Mariah Brooke Owens

    Mariah Brooke Owens

    10 days ago

    My lactose intolerant self is screaming

  • Joselin Nunez

    Joselin Nunez

    11 days ago

    Love them doing videos together

  • Tamara Smith

    Tamara Smith

    11 days ago

    Ooooh, another grilled cheese video!

  • Jessica Chung

    Jessica Chung

    11 days ago

    “too hot to lift” “same” LITERALLY ME

  • Dizzy


    11 days ago

    Kristen's inner Julien coming out We had to do it to em!

  • TheOddBrecott


    12 days ago

    Who new Jen and Kristin are witches of cheese, o they are cheese goddess

  • Christian Yvonne Wolff

    Christian Yvonne Wolff

    13 days ago

    Jen : ,, she's just too hot to lift " Kristin : ,, same " I felt that

  • LennysaurusB


    14 days ago

    Did I just go out with the sole intention of getting cheese to make a grilled cheese???? .... maybe

  • Destiny Ortiz

    Destiny Ortiz

    16 days ago

    you didn’t get gouda :-(

  • qiping cen

    qiping cen

    17 days ago

    The only time buzzfeed gives credit to being inspired or ''copying'' other youtubers Its a joke

  • Jake Bair

    Jake Bair

    17 days ago

    They should make a cheese tree sandwich 🥪 😆 I also think the sandwich will taste like cheese 🧀

  • NoOdS oof

    NoOdS oof

    18 days ago

    i want

  • Jady Machado

    Jady Machado

    19 days ago

    They were worried about blue cheese while causally throwing the goat cheese in the mix 🤦🏻‍♀️😳

  • Lunala Chan

    Lunala Chan

    19 days ago

    Kitchen and jorn

  • SylentTiger


    20 days ago

    Laughed so hard: How's it taste? I wanted them to say "cheesey"!

  • Samantha Zoromski

    Samantha Zoromski

    22 days ago

    Me when I find my fave cheese: *holds cheese like simba*

  • Samantha Zoromski

    Samantha Zoromski

    22 days ago

    Cheese mountin? Gimme

  • Positivexsaphara vibes

    Positivexsaphara vibes

    23 days ago

    “ just kidding I don’t swing that way “ 😂 KSKSSKSKS JENN

  • Ronja Mathiesen

    Ronja Mathiesen

    23 days ago

    I literally had 2 ads about blue cheese 😂

  • Josy does stuff 27

    Josy does stuff 27

    24 days ago


  • Tiffany Bumgarner

    Tiffany Bumgarner

    25 days ago

    So now when I get paid this Friday, I know what I have to get, tons of cheese 😍

  • Tiffany Bumgarner

    Tiffany Bumgarner

    25 days ago

    Yes cheese💜

  • Kennadee Brown

    Kennadee Brown

    25 days ago

    Who are you 1:Jen 2:Freddie 3:Chantel 4:kristin 5:deven

  • olivia craft

    olivia craft

    4 days ago

    Jen and Kristen combined.

  • Amellia conn

    Amellia conn

    9 days ago


  • Poppie Longmore

    Poppie Longmore

    9 days ago

    Kennadee Brown thx

  • Kennadee Brown

    Kennadee Brown

    9 days ago

    Poppie Longmore I’ll believe yoi

  • Poppie Longmore

    Poppie Longmore

    9 days ago

    I’m so Jen. Just ask ALL of my friends.

  • AwksitsRoz


    26 days ago

    i just made myself a grilled cheese out of all the cheeses in my fridge because of this

  • CrystalPeach25


    26 days ago

    i was legit eating grilled cheeses while watching this XD this made me crave grilled cheeses, thanks kristen and jen X3

  • Javine Whitter

    Javine Whitter

    26 days ago

    4:14 Kristen hoping noone else noticed

  • Skia The Planet

    Skia The Planet

    27 days ago

    Did you know that cheese can have the same effect as heroin on your brain? Cheese happens to have pretty addictive properties because it contains the protein "Casein", which creates "Casomorphins" when the dairy breaks down in your body. "Casomorphins" attach to the brain's opiate receptors to cause a calming effect in much the same way heroin and morphine do! So excuse me while I go eat an entire block of sharp cheddar...

  • Destiny Garcia

    Destiny Garcia

    27 days ago

    Jen: She's too hot to lift Kristen: Same.

  • Gemma Diaz

    Gemma Diaz

    27 days ago

    1:36 💀😂

  • Faye Hawthorn

    Faye Hawthorn

    28 days ago

    I laughed at literally every sentence Kristin said in this video

  • Duchess Liz

    Duchess Liz

    28 days ago

    anybody else get a sargento cheese ad where they're making grilled cheese? x'D I couldn't stop laughing when it popped up!

  • Kingsman315


    28 days ago

    is this secretly another trader joes video lmao

  • Keira McLaughlin

    Keira McLaughlin

    28 days ago

    *crash* Jen:ow

  • Leatrice Reickart

    Leatrice Reickart

    29 days ago

    Simply nailogical does not want to be a associated with buzzfeed but I love ladylike

  • Hannah Czarnecki

    Hannah Czarnecki

    Month ago

    What we have learned: Jen's scrambled eggs are the consistency of dough

  • AudreyGolightly13


    Month ago

    why is Kristin me

  • Ella Bonn

    Ella Bonn

    Month ago

    We’re gonna chaste

  • Ella Bonn

    Ella Bonn

    Month ago

    I love cheese

  • Alyricals


    Month ago

    I just want someonento look at me like Kristin looks at her cheese mountain

  • Addie Goebel

    Addie Goebel

    Month ago

    Honestly my favorite USdownload video. No joke.

  • Bitchmetoo DaFuq

    Bitchmetoo DaFuq

    Month ago

    5:33 But you know I had to do it to 'em

  • Amal Abdulrazaq Jarhki

    Amal Abdulrazaq Jarhki

    Month ago

    I have never heard someone say cheese this much in my life.

  • mittie rowland

    mittie rowland

    Month ago

    Kristin looks ahmazing in this video. Love the dress and lipstick

  • Atenea Diaz

    Atenea Diaz

    Month ago

    If you love cheese you should come to Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • Its Lexxo

    Its Lexxo

    Month ago

    Jen: it's too hot to lift Kristen: same 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leisha Riddel

    Leisha Riddel

    Month ago

    Kristin is the best lmao

  • Tuba Yosofzai

    Tuba Yosofzai

    Month ago

    I love cheese!!!

  • Jordan Harris

    Jordan Harris

    Month ago

    O M G 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Cookie’s Journey

    Cookie’s Journey

    Month ago

    Love this cheese video

  • Carol Ilse Anne

    Carol Ilse Anne

    Month ago

    It's 01.55hrs, I just had to go and make a cheese sandwich! 🙄🙄🙄

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