We Stayed In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

Hello! We are back (for at least this one video)! Here is our experience at a capsule hotel in Tokyo, Japan last May! We slept in small pods and ate giant gyoza, it was a ~good time~.
A big thank you to the Bay Hotel in Ginza and to Amanda for helping us produce the video!
You can check out the Bay Hotel here: www.bay-hotel.jp/ginza/eng/
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  • Tyler Williams

    Tyler Williams

    9 days ago

    hello!! here is a video that we filmed almost a year ago - and we finally got it out! i hope that you guys enjoy it!!

  • Glory Glory Man Utd

    Glory Glory Man Utd

    Day ago

    Do You Get Free Wigi

  • Steve Thea

    Steve Thea

    Day ago

    +Lauren Ludovice are they bf n gf

  • David Ye

    David Ye

    Day ago

    Still gonna do that *perm* ? We've been waiting...

  • Harry Hanlon

    Harry Hanlon

    Day ago


  • T Wik

    T Wik

    2 days ago

    That bitch looks like Igor!

  • Yassmine Eldeeb

    Yassmine Eldeeb

    12 hours ago

    Tyyyleeeerr!!! Congrats u hit 1 million subs.... Where is the HAIR PERM???!!! Pleaaaaaaaaseeee do it!!

  • Flying Kiwi

    Flying Kiwi

    13 hours ago

    Capsule hotels are a life saver for lengthy layovers. I had an 8 hour layover in Tokyo Narita airport and I'd had no sleep on the flight so being able to lie horizontal for any length of time was so nice. The one at the airport dodnt have a common area, it is designed just to be a place for sleep. But if you do an overnight stay they do give you a free breakfast at a nearby cafe.

  • Michele Louise

    Michele Louise

    15 hours ago

    You guys pronounce the word 'gyoza' wrong

  • lawshia priya

    lawshia priya

    15 hours ago

    I didn't realize it's Tyler's channel 😂😂😂



    16 hours ago

    He sounds a bit like Brandon Lee R.I.P. Wish big cities in the U.S. had those style hotels for when you just need a place to sleep.

  • Akash Acharjoo

    Akash Acharjoo

    16 hours ago


  • Pussy PaTroll

    Pussy PaTroll

    18 hours ago

    but... did you fuck?

  • Rhythm


    18 hours ago

    Im tall so I would feel cramped in those pods, fuck that.

  • Laura Pitner

    Laura Pitner

    19 hours ago

    It's 11:30 at night, I'm an oboist and can't get the water out of my side octave key, so I'm watching this at the same time in hopes that I don't fall asleep blowing into the top of my horn whilst toggling the key to try to get the FREAKING WATER OUT

  • Dina Hernandez

    Dina Hernandez

    20 hours ago

    I would not like the girl’s pods. I would prefer the sideways one like the guys

  • ChimChiminy


    20 hours ago


  • a oky

    a oky

    20 hours ago

    i wish this was posted longer ago ): i actually enjoyed this a lot

  • Jane Smith

    Jane Smith

    20 hours ago

    Loved how he used his much more popular girlfriends face for the thumbnail for veiws and $$$$......man up dude, DONT use you gf for cash.....

  • Brooke Roberts

    Brooke Roberts

    21 hour ago

    Any other contact lens wearers cringe when Tyler put his contacts in and THEN said he was gonna take a shower!! No? Just me? Okay..

  • Melinda


    21 hour ago

    what’s ice? like in the beginning when he said they were on ice?

  • xxxxSOSEXYxxxx


    22 hours ago

    I like his horizontal pod though. It’s better than the others. He got like a corner pod.

  • SimplyDevonne


    23 hours ago

    Don’t worry boo, I definitely am always interested in food or drink reviews !!!

  • lawna kate

    lawna kate

    Day ago

    I’m have a lot of anxiety abt this video and the beginning ad is still playing lmaoooo

  • Grace


    Day ago

    "Work hard, play hard, crash hard... *in a capsule*"

  • Livvy Clare

    Livvy Clare

    Day ago

    nooooooooooo so small

  • labiba Hi

    labiba Hi

    Day ago

    Smash or gently tap.. that’s a great end to a great vid lol

  • xopeqch


    Day ago

    I’m very claustrophobic... so this video made me very anxious and sick 🤣😳

  • Karen Lee

    Karen Lee

    Day ago

    No thank you I hope you're not claustrophobic that would do me in I cannot stay in something that does not have major windows the door is the only window you have no thank you.

  • Bryant Fox

    Bryant Fox

    Day ago

    When I saw capsule hotel the first thing I thought of is capsule corp from dragon Ball xD

  • Delilah Bayer

    Delilah Bayer

    Day ago

    I love miss nina

  • Jack Smith

    Jack Smith

    Day ago

    you went to the same hotel as abroad in japan

  • Leonardo Pandeli

    Leonardo Pandeli

    Day ago

    Tyler looks like Jimmy Page

  • Sophie Harding

    Sophie Harding

    Day ago

    Please do another one this year!! would love you to do multiple ones with different themes of them maybe?

  • Brandon Cavormay

    Brandon Cavormay

    Day ago

    It's just like on Seinfeld.

  • Rocio Madrid

    Rocio Madrid

    Day ago

    lusito comunica did this too

  • Lena Mroczkowska

    Lena Mroczkowska

    Day ago

    Im a little claustrophobic and i think i would be ok in Tyler’s pod, but idk if i would last long in Safiya’s pod 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Ms. Night

    Ms. Night

    Day ago

    I enjoyed watching the part of what was in the vending machine , i thought it was pretty interesting

  • The_Vivien _Show

    The_Vivien _Show

    Day ago

    HAPPY 1 MILLION!!!!!!!!

  • karla alejandra

    karla alejandra

    Day ago

    I'm living for Tyler's whispering, 100% ASMR!

  • Alex Esposito

    Alex Esposito

    Day ago

    This is effing with my claustrophobia!

  • Abdulrahman Al Jandali

    Abdulrahman Al Jandali

    Day ago

    She says cool and clammy... Im thinking a stroke...

  • kawaii chan ships Official

    kawaii chan ships Official

    Day ago

    this is on my to do list now XD

  • Angela Simmons

    Angela Simmons

    Day ago

    What does on Ice mean???

  • Guadalupe Mendoza

    Guadalupe Mendoza

    Day ago

    is it me or Tyler keeps coming after Sofia, and sounding a bit like a dick

  • Micha Dhanjal

    Micha Dhanjal

    Day ago

    You guys say like way too much... is it on purpose? A drinking game?

  • Melisa Becerra

    Melisa Becerra

    Day ago

    Oh my gosh you finally hit 1 million subs!!!

  • Nakshita Khokhar

    Nakshita Khokhar

    Day ago

    You guys are the cutest!!!!!!!!!! And your videos are so detailed I just love 'em all!

  • Chloe Douglas

    Chloe Douglas

    Day ago

    💜 u saf xxx

  • Gil Terrero

    Gil Terrero

    Day ago

    A Close phobics nightmare

  • gahman


    Day ago

    I stayed here for 10 nights!!!

  • Yangchen Dolker

    Yangchen Dolker

    Day ago

    My love for her bloom even more when I came to know she is half indian

  • L&S


    Day ago

    Time for a meet me at mac Donalds

  • Multi fandom Edits

    Multi fandom Edits

    Day ago

    If I slept in there I would be so claustrophobic!! Especially if I woke up in there I would freak out.

  • sarahmac


    Day ago

    When u getting the perm

  • slave No. 4028

    slave No. 4028

    Day ago

    - have some left over footage you forgot about for a year - get 7 million views within one week

  • MemesAreHealthy


    Day ago


  • coldaswinter2


    Day ago

    They should put these in the airport

  • ThatOneRandomGirlRenee


    Day ago

    Saf is one of those lucky people who are pretty with makeup, and gorgeous without it

  • V- WOLF

    V- WOLF

    Day ago

    I could not even last a minute inside a pod because I’d get claustrophobic right away,,even tho it’s not that small..I’d keep thinking of it.

  • Allene Alteza

    Allene Alteza

    Day ago

    Actually even if it isn't lit up, it is still available unless there's a red x on the buttons.

  • Am Adam Soso

    Am Adam Soso

    Day ago


  • Natasha Mkundi

    Natasha Mkundi

    Day ago

    i like this i would this

  • Tekaya Tekaya

    Tekaya Tekaya

    Day ago


  • Japan Hiroshima

    Japan Hiroshima

    Day ago

    its great 👍😊

  • TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    TARAdaycatal or Tara if your normal

    Day ago

    I had a panic attack watching this.

  • Shawni Ysais

    Shawni Ysais

    Day ago

    Can't. "Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like." Lost, like COUNT.

  • XBrii Lav

    XBrii Lav

    Day ago

    I feel like it would be too hot and not enough air

  • Ashley Sagastume

    Ashley Sagastume

    Day ago

    10:47 sorry I’m whispering😂😂😂😂

  • Pyper Mcfarlane

    Pyper Mcfarlane

    Day ago

    Just me or would they make a good couple??

  • Minx 30

    Minx 30

    Day ago

    We've been on ice.. don't do drugs kids

  • Bae J

    Bae J

    Day ago

    why r they on ice

  • Disney World Videos/Randomness

    Disney World Videos/Randomness

    Day ago

    Every one of your videos is just basically a buzzfee vide WTF

  • Jim legacy

    Jim legacy

    Day ago

    So they travel all the way to Japan... But he's not getting any? Separate pods?

  • 0Cross0d0a0


    Day ago

    I love that peach water, though! So good!!

  • alyssa 123

    alyssa 123

    Day ago

    Idk but I actually wouldn’t mind staying here for a night or two

  • Natashka C

    Natashka C

    Day ago

    feeling claustrophobic just watching this

  • Drew Habi

    Drew Habi

    Day ago

    I would have a panic attack if I was in that small of a space lol

  • Yozo Slimes

    Yozo Slimes

    Day ago

    Only 35$ wat

  • Bailey Fowler

    Bailey Fowler

    Day ago

    Why do I love watching this before bed

  • Emma Saleem

    Emma Saleem

    Day ago

    This reminded me of a mental health facility

  • Apricot Jam

    Apricot Jam

    Day ago

    I’ve had that peach water

  • Sheri A

    Sheri A

    Day ago


  • Product of Grace

    Product of Grace

    Day ago

    You guys are hilarious!!! I just watched this vlog again

  • Anime Lover

    Anime Lover

    Day ago

    Try visiting Saipan after you go to Japan, please.

  • Jordynskyeballard


    2 days ago

    Why are some comment sections getting turned off?

  • good girl

    good girl

    2 days ago

    Next up staying in a air pod capsule

  • Poppy Toop

    Poppy Toop

    2 days ago

    U the best

  • Ursula Lucero

    Ursula Lucero

    2 days ago

    Tyler looks like Spencer Treat Clark

  • Lena Mack

    Lena Mack

    2 days ago

    What did they mean by “on ice” ????? Please mean something other than what I think😖🥺

  • Tahlia Rose

    Tahlia Rose

    Day ago

    they meant because they haven't uploaded to this channel in 11 months

  • Moonlight Gucci

    Moonlight Gucci

    2 days ago

    Why did u go to japan there is a killer

  • Kayla Kemp

    Kayla Kemp

    2 days ago

    Wow Tokyo is beautiful!

  • Christopher Bly

    Christopher Bly

    2 days ago

    How many times do yall say like, like alot like a whole lot is that like, your favorite like word?

  • SwirlieStudios


    2 days ago


  • Kamm M

    Kamm M

    2 days ago

    Felt claustrophobic watching this ahha

  • under89223


    2 days ago

    Gyoza dog is an actual thing at Tokyo Disney Sea.

  • Mahrukh Farooq

    Mahrukh Farooq

    2 days ago


  • Katie H

    Katie H

    2 days ago

    Who else would get SUPER claustrophobic??? Just me?

  • Annie De La Rosa

    Annie De La Rosa

    2 days ago

    Love you both Tyler and Sofia huge fan I wish I could meet you both you inspired me to do my USdownload channel don't know what talk about yet I would have to say Tyler ,Sofia ,Shane,ryland,the try guys are huge impact in my life keep doing you cause you both inspired us to be better each day and made want to travel more

  • Lydia Davies

    Lydia Davies

    2 days ago

    Tyler needs to get a perm now !! He’s hit a million subs !

  • chiquitalatinafun


    2 days ago

    Seems a little claustrophobic , but I would try it!

  • TheArt AndCrafter

    TheArt AndCrafter

    2 days ago

    any small youtubers looking for support🤗

  • Taylor Hairston

    Taylor Hairston

    2 days ago

    You couldn't pay me enough to put my feet in that bath.

  • Adriana Stache

    Adriana Stache

    2 days ago

    I want to go there looks cozy

  • J R

    J R

    2 days ago

    Idk looks cute but scary

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