We Style Each Other For The Holiday Party • Ladylike

"Who did this to me?!"
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Jim Carrey Stars As The Grinch The Green Monster Who Disguises Himself As Santa Claus
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Close-Up Of Christmas Decorations Against White Background
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holly with fruits
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Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Opens at El Capitan Theatre
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  • Dizzy


    Hour ago

    I want to see the bloopers on that intro 😂

  • Tardisin221B


    4 hours ago

    Mike's eyes are just the most beautiful and mysterious things in the whole world

  • Chami Sen

    Chami Sen

    22 hours ago

    wow jen.....she is awesome..love her and she is kinda looks like park hyunsik right? but our jen is more adorable

  • Kate Gordon

    Kate Gordon

    Day ago

    Va va boom! God damn, you ladies look absolutely INCREDIBLE! & Mike - holy bananas, lookin' like a snack! 🤤😍

  • Amy Gabs

    Amy Gabs

    Day ago

    Devins giving me classic Hollywood vibes ♥︎ she’s so photogenic ♥︎

  • Dagmar jurkič

    Dagmar jurkič

    Day ago

    Devin and Chantel👌gonna buy devins dress like😂

  • bella kearney

    bella kearney

    Day ago

    chantel slayyyed that

  • Elemental alphas 19

    Elemental alphas 19

    2 days ago


  • Nikko Wilkerson

    Nikko Wilkerson

    2 days ago

    I want to see Kristen in a plaid blazers more🔥😍

  • Frances Best

    Frances Best

    2 days ago

    Idk why but I died at the fact that Kristen kept her glasses on over the blindfold 😂

  • Quinton Zakasky

    Quinton Zakasky

    2 days ago

    “Everyone go around the circle and tell something unique about you.” Kristin: I OWN THREE CHRISTMAS APRONS.

  • XJay HeavenX

    XJay HeavenX

    3 days ago

    Do Illinois

  • Jessica Price

    Jessica Price

    3 days ago

    I love How mick is all About the wine and drink

  • Happymy098 -Msp-

    Happymy098 -Msp-

    4 days ago

    I want to be devinnnnn♥️♥️

  • Lucy johnson

    Lucy johnson

    5 days ago

    devins pictures infront of the gold was just 😍😍😍😍

  • Kodi Asmr

    Kodi Asmr

    5 days ago

    Is it real holo

  • kattie martin

    kattie martin

    5 days ago

    Im straight, but at the same time im totally gay for Jen.



    5 days ago

    15:42 Chantel thoooo

  • Jowan Alfailakawi

    Jowan Alfailakawi

    5 days ago

    I think I like Devin's look and chantel's, the old Hollywood theme on Devin is always Breathtaking💃 *I LOVED ALL THE LOOKS TOO*

  • Unix Studio

    Unix Studio

    5 days ago

    I've dreamed of Jen wearing a suit just me? She looks amazing in one it makes her look strong and fancy >.



    6 days ago

    devin looks like a 40s goddess

  • andrea


    6 days ago

    ladylike wont have a trans girl in their team but a crazy gay scientist dude is ok? alright ms fritz im boutta head out

  • kim davBG

    kim davBG

    6 days ago

    End of video: Oh, my... That's what Devins hair looks like with a comb through it.

  • avery


    6 days ago

    why is mike my favorite person from ladylike???

  • Esme A

    Esme A

    7 days ago

    Chantel is the best person on earth

  • samantha sherman

    samantha sherman

    8 days ago

    “it’s like a short dress... *bUt It’S aLsO a LoNg DrEsS”*

  • Maddie Rose

    Maddie Rose

    8 days ago

    Is Devin Marilyn Monroe??

  • Apee regmi

    Apee regmi

    8 days ago

    Jen looks so good I cannot ❤️

  • Marla Stanfield

    Marla Stanfield

    8 days ago

    I love Jen because most of the girls are super girl but Jen gay so she’s very tomboyish and she reminds me of my best friend

  • Alyssa Stevenson

    Alyssa Stevenson

    8 days ago

    Omg my name is missy,

  • iDraw_ aLot1

    iDraw_ aLot1

    8 days ago

    10:55 is that the Freddie Barbie Doll cur our back there?? (Behind the mirror)

  • Itspatricija 123456789

    Itspatricija 123456789

    8 days ago

    10:48 its freddie as a barbie and its FUNNY

  • kirt Khungura

    kirt Khungura

    9 days ago

    💃🏻this is Kristen. Ps sorry I spelled your name wrong

  • Avery


    9 days ago

    How are they all so photogenic?

  • Nevaeh Cordeta

    Nevaeh Cordeta

    9 days ago

    It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten chocolate oranges

  • Petrina Cheryl

    Petrina Cheryl

    10 days ago

    "Hi everybody I'm Santa! Santa's hot now!!!" Jorn!!!!

  • Athena Padgett

    Athena Padgett

    10 days ago

    Jen: what up everybody? I'm santa. Santa's hot now Me: yes tf she is. HOT DAMN SANTA JEN!🔥🔥🔥

  • Charlotte Lohman

    Charlotte Lohman

    10 days ago

    Hwoman? Hwheel?

  • JackEn DeBox

    JackEn DeBox

    11 days ago

    Loooved everybody’s look!

  • Coopkake Kuween

    Coopkake Kuween

    11 days ago

    I found it funny how Kristin’s hair looked like Chantel’s in the end

  • Megan D

    Megan D

    12 days ago

    I love how mike is slowly making his was into the group

  • Chantelle-Rose Hall

    Chantelle-Rose Hall

    12 days ago

    I'm watching this in July #whatevenareseasons

  • Tiget Lilly

    Tiget Lilly

    12 days ago

    What is a butch nun

  • LPS Animations

    LPS Animations

    12 days ago

    Drink🍾 Eat 🎂 Look hot 💃🏽



    13 days ago

    As anew England resident,mikes outfit if very new England Christmas

  • Marisol Bloomfield

    Marisol Bloomfield

    14 days ago

    5:28 Fred’s hair and lipstick is SUH GUHD!!!

  • Marisol Bloomfield

    Marisol Bloomfield

    14 days ago

    2:10 Clarice is Rudolph’s GF

  • Lana The sloth

    Lana The sloth

    14 days ago

    why is there a dude on ladylike- sorry i’m rude-

  • Kiera


    14 days ago

    hello does anyone know where jens green/emerald tie is from i’m looking for a tie for formal/prom for my boyfriend to match my dress xx

  • Ren Hall

    Ren Hall

    16 days ago

    "It looks really nice on this model, so I think that's a good sign...." **literally every girl during prom season** only on ASOS does it actually look the way it did on the model.....

  • Samantha Valdivia

    Samantha Valdivia

    16 days ago

    “Santa’s hot now” lmao 🤣

  • Viola Overlord

    Viola Overlord

    17 days ago

    The👏 nightmare👏 before👏 Christmas👏 is👏 not👏 a👏 Christmas👏 movie👏

  • Harmony 320

    Harmony 320

    17 days ago

    Rudolph has antlers meaning he's a boy. You can never trust twitter

  • Cassidy Raye

    Cassidy Raye

    17 days ago

    Did anyone else notice Kristin's picture on the wall of the ladylike stage?

  • Cassidy Jones

    Cassidy Jones

    17 days ago

    no one: not a single soul: jen: what up everyone! santa’s hot now

  • Katyanna Horvath-Joukes

    Katyanna Horvath-Joukes

    17 days ago

    Devin in the photoshoot having high key Gatsby vibes is everything

  • Andrea Davies

    Andrea Davies

    18 days ago

    Devin killed it

  • Kolbey Robinson

    Kolbey Robinson

    18 days ago

    Im inlove with Freddie's hair

  • Yesenia Gutierrez

    Yesenia Gutierrez

    19 days ago

    Love u girls

  • Aoife Daly

    Aoife Daly

    19 days ago

    Mike is everything in this video

  • HELLO it's me

    HELLO it's me

    19 days ago

    Holosexuals? Devin dress

  • Aleina Lauren

    Aleina Lauren

    20 days ago

    Devin looks like the shiny version of Maryland Monroe

  • Judith Morales

    Judith Morales

    20 days ago

    6:03 Kristen outfit was sooo cute

  • Saviola de Mello

    Saviola de Mello

    21 day ago

    I have a girl crush on Jen..

  • Wolfie Girl

    Wolfie Girl

    21 day ago


  • Katwoodz


    22 days ago

    Devin actually looks so glam

  • Molly Ash

    Molly Ash

    22 days ago

    Who saw the life size barbies in the background

  • SkyezDemon *

    SkyezDemon *

    21 day ago

    *-i did :D-*

  • Gabriela Perez

    Gabriela Perez

    22 days ago

    Mike is just talking to Jen and she’s just staring into infinity ♾

  • •Mel_Mag!c•


    23 days ago

    Is this halloween or christmas cause the options are christmas and halloween 🎃🎅🏻

  • Non Lep

    Non Lep

    23 days ago

    freddie's hair though

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