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"I'm a fairytale b*tch!"
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  • Ladylike


    2 months ago

    Hi y’all! This is my video that I produced. I have actually been planning this video for a long time - all spring, actually. We shot it on April 24th. If you go to my Twitter you can actually see that I tweeted about shooting this video before Saf’s video even came out. It’s wedding season - there is gonna be a lot of wedding content happening everywhere. Sometimes stuff like this just happens, but I’m not going to kill a video just because of a coincidence - because everyone is allowed to try things. Hope this helps, thanks! -Kristin

  • Sammi Jay Watts

    Sammi Jay Watts

    22 hours ago

    You go Kristin!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Melissa Crum

    Melissa Crum

    14 days ago




    28 days ago

    How are they all GODDESES?!?!!!!!??!

  • Niyah _crystalsweets

    Niyah _crystalsweets

    29 days ago

    I shot this vid on my birthday

  • Imogen Ault

    Imogen Ault

    4 hours ago

    Devin looked like the Statue of Liberty

  • pinkpickachu 5656

    pinkpickachu 5656

    17 hours ago

    0:20: Yay kitchen!!! 🤣🤣 Oml help me

  • barlee89


    18 hours ago

    I just don't like the strapless and sweetheart necklines on anyone

  • J R

    J R

    18 hours ago

    Can you guys please make more of these videos!!❤️🙏🏻

  • Sammi Jay Watts

    Sammi Jay Watts

    22 hours ago

    💕💕💕 thank you ladies! You've given me some ideas for my wedding dress!!! I totally wish I had women like you 3 in my life to go shopping with me!!! 💕😭😍

  • Chloe


    Day ago

    I had to pause the video for like a full minute just to stare at and appreciate Kristen in her wedding dress I mean WOW 😍❤️

  • I am tired

    I am tired

    Day ago

    Devin is Robin Scherbatski

  • Julia Schuessler

    Julia Schuessler

    Day ago

    Confirmed - Kristen is the Mom of Ladylike

  • LOVE_GAcHa


    Day ago

    This video actually made me want to get married. like at first I was like their is no way ever in like life am I going to get married.But know I’m like mabye.........

  • SNK


    Day ago

    I want friends like them

  • Lps Champions Gurll

    Lps Champions Gurll

    2 days ago

    I love watching this video because it is so sweet and so cute and those dresses make me jealous because I loved them all 😭😭😭😊😊😊😀😀😀😁😁😁

  • Alison Nicole

    Alison Nicole

    2 days ago

    Where did you get your cactus shirt. I want it more tgan anyythinngg inn the worrlldd. It. Is. So. Friggin. Cute.

  • Pallavi Shetty

    Pallavi Shetty

    2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Kristen is kinda childish and like weird

  • BlackGirlGuidance


    3 days ago

    Devin’s look was amazing

  • BlackGirlGuidance


    3 days ago

    I loved Kristen’s second dress

  • Hannah Kugelmeyer

    Hannah Kugelmeyer

    3 days ago

    They are all sooooooo beautiful

  • Ebony Penny

    Ebony Penny

    3 days ago

    Beeeeeauuty and theeee ghooooost

  • Hi Hi

    Hi Hi

    4 days ago

    Can we just take a minute to realize how beautiful everyone in this video looks even without the dress on 🤭🤩👰🏼👰🏻👸🏻👸🏼👗👠👑👛👒🌺🌴💒

  • rose rose

    rose rose

    4 days ago

    Do a dressing like eleven and max from st3 for a week

  • Ava JoMarie Playz

    Ava JoMarie Playz

    4 days ago

    We got brittney

  • Vimal Bagade

    Vimal Bagade

    5 days ago

    9:40 Devin looks like Hermoine Granger ...

  • xxLunarWolfxx


    5 days ago

    Why is Devon's dream wedding literally mine?!?!?!?

  • M


    5 days ago

    No hate but i feel like Kristen was like idk taking charge and a bit overbearing in my opinion. Love the video tho!

  • Riss Sim

    Riss Sim

    5 days ago

    I can’t be the only one that can see Chantel wearing a suit dress

  • Samara Brown

    Samara Brown

    6 days ago

    no one: literally no one: not even shrek: chantel: what about my *bawwwdy* 😂😂

  • Unkownlyric 2006

    Unkownlyric 2006

    6 days ago


  • Camilla Jefferson

    Camilla Jefferson

    6 days ago

    Devin's description of her ideal dress is literally my ideal dress.

  • Marcella Blythe

    Marcella Blythe

    6 days ago

    This comment has nothing to do with this video. I just watch deven talk for sexual assault story and I thought that it was very moving and Deven is a very powerful woman and she is absolutely amazing person and yeah

  • Grace Billy

    Grace Billy

    6 days ago

    I thought Kristen bought her dress at kleinfeld😑

  • Aoife Noonan

    Aoife Noonan

    6 days ago

    lmao I used to hate mermaid dresses before this

  • Tardisin221B


    6 days ago


  • Thomas Fury

    Thomas Fury

    7 days ago

    Imagine devils boyfriend watching this. He would freak out!

  • Please and Thank You

    Please and Thank You

    7 days ago


  • Karen Gummer

    Karen Gummer

    7 days ago

    I am pleasantly surprised how much I liked this video. Next do prom dresses, but get Freddie and Jen involved too.

  • Nirali Kumar

    Nirali Kumar

    5 days ago

    Karen Gummer not Jen she doesn’t wear dresses

  • kate becker

    kate becker

    7 days ago

    Omg literally they are the best friends. Anytime they walk in the two on the couch are speechless and jaw dropped. They are so supportive. 😭😘❤️

  • Sunny Jenson

    Sunny Jenson

    7 days ago

    Thank you for including plus size positivity!

  • Lilly Maryium

    Lilly Maryium

    7 days ago

    Take a shot whenever someone says “wow”

  • Dagmar jurkič

    Dagmar jurkič

    7 days ago

    Like im Devin 24/7.... A godess😂😂😂😂... Ps im a leo♌

  • Dhanya Stevens

    Dhanya Stevens

    8 days ago

    Devin looks like Emma Watson! Legitimately📽📽📽

  • Jenny Gilchrist

    Jenny Gilchrist

    8 days ago

    Ashley please propose to Chantel

  • Lily Elizabeth

    Lily Elizabeth

    8 days ago

    Devin after Kristin puts on any dress: ooh ooh that ones my favourite

  • Kaylee Sanders

    Kaylee Sanders

    9 days ago

    Hey her boobs twerked!! Lol

  • Primrose Granger

    Primrose Granger

    9 days ago

    Devins dress I want it wow

  • Primrose Granger

    Primrose Granger

    9 days ago

    The last dress though she looked ... wow Kristen’s just so you know

  • Elemental alphas 19

    Elemental alphas 19

    9 days ago

    This video made me CRY REAL TEARS I don't even know them personally, but I cried we they each tried on a dress.

  • Stephanie Lovat

    Stephanie Lovat

    9 days ago

    I....did not cry in my wedding dress. I cried when I got my mother's veil tho

  • Stephanie Wayman

    Stephanie Wayman

    9 days ago

    Rockifeller carnegie melon? Kristin...you are a treasure.

  • maaa hoee

    maaa hoee

    10 days ago

    I can't wait for the day when i try wedding dresses. I just want to know how it feels like to "feel like a bride" and cry

  • Wuendi Sanchez

    Wuendi Sanchez

    10 days ago

    Wow all three of them looked lovely in all of them.

  • Jade Welch

    Jade Welch

    10 days ago

    Devin looked beautiful in that low cut “tattooed lace” dress where they put the veil on. It absolutely looked STUNNING on her. She’s a beautiful woman anyway, but I mean she looked extra beautiful in that.

  • The Demundz

    The Demundz

    11 days ago

    *devon is a motherfucking goddess*

  • BlasianxProud


    11 days ago

    I would only go with my mom, every "important dress" in my life this far she ended up picking haha. In my case, momma definitely knows best! I can't shop with friends, end up talking more than shopping, and forget a consultation...I can't have strangers helping me 😂😭

  • ItsMyChemicalRomanceNotYours


    11 days ago

    *kristin trying to marry everyone for 21 minutes*

  • bellebae 101

    bellebae 101

    12 days ago

    Devin truly is a goddess

  • Noreen O'Neill

    Noreen O'Neill

    12 days ago

    When devin tried on the third dress I was like pat! Go and buy a ring now!

  • born strong

    born strong

    12 days ago


  • Aurora Zambonini

    Aurora Zambonini

    12 days ago

    Kirsten’s face at 7:00 I feel like it is staring into someone’s soul on the other side ❤️ Also where is Freddie I want to see her in a dress

  • The Depressed Gecko

    The Depressed Gecko

    12 days ago

    Kristen looks soooooo good in EVERYTHING! HOW!? Why can't I look that good in dresses!?

  • Bluestar Warrior

    Bluestar Warrior

    12 days ago

    Everyone in lady like is amazing

  • Jaylaraquel & Bri Bri

    Jaylaraquel & Bri Bri

    13 days ago

    I love you guys channel I have been binges watching since last night!! You guys are doing I think I would love to do some of you guys challenges on my channel if that’s okay with you!!??? And I will credit you! P.s. this channel is so fun!

  • MAR IA

    MAR IA

    13 days ago


  • Alecia Gray

    Alecia Gray

    13 days ago

    I love Kristin so much she’s helped me feel more comfortable with my body 💕💕

  • Carito Cabrera

    Carito Cabrera

    13 days ago

    Now make the perfect bride photoshoot so we can continue crying!

  • Yuliana Y

    Yuliana Y

    13 days ago

    Devin is stunning!!!!

  • Evengeline Springs

    Evengeline Springs

    13 days ago

    Short question, Devin looks so familiar to me... Isn't she Cho Chang (y'all) from a very potter series?

  • Federica Piottoli

    Federica Piottoli

    13 days ago

    Yes she is!

  • Jade Kennedy

    Jade Kennedy

    13 days ago

    Chantel: Well done Kris Kris: Your Welcome Me: I think your supposed to say Thank you Also me:🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😕😕🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😒😒🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ruth Chelimo

    Ruth Chelimo

    14 days ago

    There's something about a veil. It brings out all kinds of emotions.

  • sheryl sengkey

    sheryl sengkey

    14 days ago

    the lady in the middle look a bit like emma watson in my opinion☺️

  • Kylie Marie

    Kylie Marie

    14 days ago

    (Devan) Chantel: wow we're like ready to marry you off!! Devan: yeah!! Now time to find a groom!!

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