What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

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Tesla made 200 limited edition surfboards, We try to Surf it then CUT IT OPEN! This video was sponsored by LastPass. Start using LastPass now: bit.ly/2RuMF1e Check out our other Tesla videos here: usdownload.net/pllist-PL3BVMyyYBBRG9iCTHV_C8jq9lEmMpO7oq
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  • LucasToyChest


    14 days ago

    Do you have to recharge it?

  • Dark Wolf

    Dark Wolf

    2 days ago

    Is it electric

  • poweredbySRAM


    4 days ago

    Yeahhhhhhhh mate

  • squatchie 105

    squatchie 105

    8 days ago

    no did you not see that there was no batterys

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    8 days ago

    Yes and the charger costs $1,000 with a 6 month wait time. Enjoy!

  • Aqua853


    9 days ago


  • Moga liz

    Moga liz

    4 hours ago

    I can’t handle watching you guys destroy things it’s just a waste.

  • Dust Surfing

    Dust Surfing

    5 hours ago

    I gotta say, when, that board snapped I felt a disturbance in the force...

  • aaronpiper92


    11 hours ago

    so does this have self-surfing mode?

  • Rex


    13 hours ago

    Two words: Daylight robbery!

  • Crack the code Ecq82bn20p

    Crack the code Ecq82bn20p

    15 hours ago

    Crack the code peqst5c

  • casey block

    casey block

    18 hours ago

    you did not have to break that

  • Alexander Weis

    Alexander Weis

    19 hours ago

    Damn rich people

  • zak 4581

    zak 4581

    20 hours ago

    he lied he said when it broke the boys said it had no stringer you realise when stuff is recorded you cant lie

  • Weirdo Kun

    Weirdo Kun

    20 hours ago

    This honestly got me so mad

  • Anyssa Bentley

    Anyssa Bentley

    23 hours ago

    Just use flex tape



    Day ago

    break a new tv in half

  • Dax Shepherd

    Dax Shepherd

    Day ago

    You know let’s spend a thousand dollars on something then cut it open😂😂

  • Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera

    Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera

    Day ago

    What's inside an airplane tire? Please check that out ✈

  • Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera

    Oscar Lukwiya Kinyera

    Day ago

    What's inside an airplane tire? Please check that out ✈

  • Matthew the Thrill

    Matthew the Thrill

    Day ago

    Yes chest

  • cyka king

    cyka king

    Day ago

    u waste

  • cyka king

    cyka king

    Day ago

    wait what if u forget the password for lastpass?

  • Essa Gamer

    Essa Gamer

    Day ago

    *Elon musk Wants to Know your location*

  • Fiordaliza hernandez

    Fiordaliza hernandez

    Day ago


  • oscar lagunas

    oscar lagunas

    Day ago

    This Chanel is the most idiotic Chanel ever they just cut stuff open even though we know what should be awaiting inside

  • 1000 subscribers with 0 videos

    1000 subscribers with 0 videos

    Day ago

    It sounds like elon musk's head is breaking.

  • Blake Romer

    Blake Romer

    Day ago

    Nothings sacred to you guys

  • The Raiders

    The Raiders

    Day ago

    Tesla make surfboards?

  • PBJay n Hunny Cordero

    PBJay n Hunny Cordero

    2 days ago

    wuta kook way of finding out its stringerless at law st in the summer nonetheless

  • Danjw07 YT

    Danjw07 YT

    2 days ago

    9:13 the best part

  • Rudraksh Singh

    Rudraksh Singh

    2 days ago

    where is lincoln

  • Ryan martin

    Ryan martin

    3 days ago

    What a dumb question to ask does a surfboard surf uh let me see

  • L


    3 days ago

    I have one of these Tesla surfboards and am never attempting to surf 🏄 on it... I bought it because it was so limited and it is on my ceiling above ☝ my bed! I also have a mushroom surfboard too! 😂 SERIOUSLY they are real, just search it on USdownload 🌴🌞🌅

  • Alyssa m

    Alyssa m

    3 days ago

    Peep Emma chamberlains dad at 6:45

  • Raiden Perkinson

    Raiden Perkinson

    3 days ago

    No more buying gas for your surfboard

  • SLMK Podcast

    SLMK Podcast

    3 days ago

    What's inside Tesla?

  • _ Juanito _

    _ Juanito _

    3 days ago

    Anyone notice the shark fin at 5:04

  • Vickie Moberg

    Vickie Moberg

    3 days ago

    7:14 how to break a karate board

  • Sean Rsx

    Sean Rsx

    3 days ago

    Life hack get a surfboard spray paint it then get Tesla a decals you got a Tesla surfboard

  • Samantha Doherty

    Samantha Doherty

    3 days ago

    Dude, that surf is so flat... you should of gone to a better beach ... also, i bet flex tape would fix that.

  • Nuclear cookies

    Nuclear cookies

    3 days ago

    Elon musk has left the chat

  • Tazlesaltdevil


    3 days ago

    They barely surfed in in tiny waves then broke it😢

  • Melissa Coca

    Melissa Coca

    4 days ago

    i love you guys i love when you go to the marshmallow concert

  • Stoyalz


    4 days ago

    could have fed a village with that surfboard

  • ezc 600

    ezc 600

    4 days ago

    Yeah I'm just gonna give a random app all my passwords and usernames.........seems legit😂

  • FBI


    4 days ago

    Instructions not CLEAR ended up driving my Tedla Surfboard

  • Scotty Knows Surf

    Scotty Knows Surf

    4 days ago

    Lol why didn't you get someone who can actually surf to test

  • Crazy Girl

    Crazy Girl

    4 days ago

    Do you have to recharge it ?

  • 藤嶋修司


    4 days ago

    What's the name of the black car on the right?

  • The sexy Ford girl

    The sexy Ford girl

    4 days ago

    I thought it was going to be a electric surfboard

  • Jodi Dixson

    Jodi Dixson

    4 days ago

    Next thing you know there going to do what's inside your mom

  • Jon Jon Giang

    Jon Jon Giang

    4 days ago

    you have angered the surfing community worldwide

  • Wolfz Pf

    Wolfz Pf

    4 days ago

    Tiny Balls ha😄

  • Zack Sloan

    Zack Sloan

    5 days ago

    -200- 199

  • Gianluca Fiore

    Gianluca Fiore

    5 days ago

    ben looks like Messi

  • D.L.P


    5 days ago

    What's the music playing does anybody know ?

  • GothamHunter Gaming

    GothamHunter Gaming

    5 days ago

    Lastpass is called ur notes

  • Russian Buck

    Russian Buck

    5 days ago

    Why would you break it

  • nachname


    5 days ago

    we don't wanna c ya child dude xD

  • richie rich

    richie rich

    5 days ago

    Let’s get some bigger waves

  • Kent Kollath

    Kent Kollath

    5 days ago

    2:08 BIRD!!!

  • CasualStuff


    5 days ago

    7:12 thank me later



    5 days ago

    Well , there is 199 left now.

  • Alek Kerkesner

    Alek Kerkesner

    5 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the effect or how to do it at 0:06

  • GuriGG


    5 days ago

    I was expecting something that was boosted like an electrical turbo like a jetski :O

  • Hus 9

    Hus 9

    5 days ago

    Dont brake things

  • Thibault Grignon

    Thibault Grignon

    5 days ago

    The Carbon is not here to bring stiffness, it's just there as a 'carbon show' to make the last layer look of the board ;)

  • SS Gaming

    SS Gaming

    5 days ago


  • james


    5 days ago

    You didn't cut it open! Instant dislike lol

  • travis h

    travis h

    5 days ago

    Meanwhile in India and Bangladesh ...

  • Mateo Ruvalcaba

    Mateo Ruvalcaba

    5 days ago

    Poor Lincoln 🏄🏼‍♂️

  • Ham Man

    Ham Man

    5 days ago

    Stringer!! WHERES WALLACE!??

  • Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown

    5 days ago

    Waves are bad

  • Avalanche


    5 days ago

    "Ben's friend, Ben"

  • goo goo bars

    goo goo bars

    5 days ago

    *That’s a lot of damage* You need flex tape

  • Kevin Choi

    Kevin Choi

    5 days ago

    curiosity > materialism. love this channel and it's underlying ideology

  • gondalathegrand


    6 days ago

    actually surf some waves you kooks

  • gondalathegrand


    6 days ago


  • Shark Sam

    Shark Sam

    6 days ago

    Im sorry for anyone who paid any money for such a flimsy "carbon" fiber board. It failed in the department where carbon fiber is actually good in, tensile strength.

  • Andrew uNelson

    Andrew uNelson

    6 days ago

    Motorcycle open cut open a test of backpack

  • nadeem barghouthi

    nadeem barghouthi

    6 days ago

    Daaaaaamn I remember seeing your comments on other channels telling people to come check you out

  • imh_1037


    6 days ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Boys Babiak

    Boys Babiak

    6 days ago

    You should do what’s(IN)side a magic snake

  • Denny


    6 days ago

    Tesla surf board what the..First Tesla needs to make an affordable electric car and stop wasting money on junk great technology just wasted on over priced autos and things.

  • Joe Porcello

    Joe Porcello

    6 days ago

    Not good

  • Melissa Carraro

    Melissa Carraro

    6 days ago

    No one likes your kid sorry

  • tamer raad

    tamer raad

    6 days ago

    i expicted battries

  • TeChExPo


    6 days ago

    This is a weird flex video!

  • OhhJ.J


    6 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • OhhJ.J


    6 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  • silver sketch

    silver sketch

    6 days ago


  • T X

    T X

    6 days ago

    why would u break something that only 200 of them are on this planet now theres only 199 and a half

  • Setho666


    6 days ago

    7:12 to skip the BS

  • Timothy Gallatin

    Timothy Gallatin

    6 days ago

    The fame got to you.

  • Gunnar Moeller

    Gunnar Moeller

    6 days ago

    You look like a kook, you dress like a kook and you talk like a kook. I want to know what's inside your car, can I jump on it ?

  • Luxurr_YT


    6 days ago

    Do whats inside pop socket

  • noods27


    6 days ago

    Black is the worst color for wax lol

  • TSG


    6 days ago

    >Elon will remember this...

  • rycrack


    6 days ago

    Or you could just use the same thing for everyone

  • Jon Tattersall

    Jon Tattersall

    6 days ago

    this is the future, a "through away society" total waste of time, cash, and a board. F'n kook 🤦‍♂️

  • X- clusiv

    X- clusiv

    6 days ago

    1/200 I wouldn't have broken it tbh

  • Daniel Haywood

    Daniel Haywood

    6 days ago


  • T_H_A_N_O_S


    6 days ago

    In low key salty because this is 1 less of 200 limited addition

  • John Constantine

    John Constantine

    6 days ago

    For the shaping/composit nerds that's two layers of c.f. a plain weave you can see when they peel it, the twill you can see from the outside and then a 4oz fiberglass over its. That's actually a pretty good schedule. A stringer would be a plus. But impressed they didnt skimp on c.f.

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