When We Met Other Human Species

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We all belong to the only group of hominins on the planet today. But we weren’t always alone. 100,000 years ago, Eurasia was home to other hominin species, some of which we know our ancestors met, and spent some quality time with.
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  • bademoxy


    17 minutes ago

    so subsaharin africans have no neaderthale DNA. nobody willing to talk about IQ now

  • Jonathan Soko

    Jonathan Soko

    37 minutes ago

    This is all pure speculation and baseless theories. Stop pretending that any of this is factual

  • failtolawl


    29 minutes ago

    nothing says speculation and baseless like actual DNA

  • R. Diaz-McFarland

    R. Diaz-McFarland

    38 minutes ago

    I have not heard a cohesive explanation that satisfies the break from a usual definition for species, namely when seperation and natural selection ultimately leads to pressures to conform to the environment, that will separate two similar types of biologic systems such that they can not interbreed, then that is a species. When your instruction of these findings of DNA from similar, yet distinct hominids (of the genus Homo, yes?), one must be careful not to change the definition of species to accommodate new information. The other species of the world that are subject to the same taxonomic classification will be mistreated if we, who consciously tinker with these laws of nature, are too dedicated by our story telling to make a consistent version with the existing epistemology. "Subspecies" is one of the acceptable nomenclature when two different morphological phenotype are not entirely isolated, so the gametes can still complete meiosis and joining of two sets of chromosomes is successful

  • xGoodOldSmurfehx


    46 minutes ago

    some of the most critical questions in the history of humanity, the very point of our existence is slowly but steadily being answered every single human being should be made aware of these discoveries they said it was never going to happen and that these questions would be eternally unknown well guess what? we are finally starting to get some serious light on our origins and its GREAT

  • Brittany Pearce

    Brittany Pearce

    47 minutes ago

    The evolution or history of coral would be a pretty awesome video

  • Underdawgification


    55 minutes ago

    There already exist other species ie. Africans. Europeans did not come from Africa.

  • Bilb Ono

    Bilb Ono

    58 minutes ago

    1:34 missing his shot at killing a mammoth for dinner... "ayyyo what are ya gunna do, ami rite guys?"

  • Y O J I M B O 用心棒

    Y O J I M B O 用心棒

    Hour ago

    Cavemen with Man-buns... Ok, PBS... 👌

  • CynicalBurns


    Hour ago

    1.1k are triggered because XY & XX ;)

  • OmegaWolf747


    Hour ago

    Two things that might have given us the edge over our cousins: the atlatl (spear chucker) and the dog.

  • borrebeast


    Hour ago

    Your modern humans of 40 odd thousand years ago should have a darker skin tone, the light-skin gene didn't arise in modern humans until 7,000 years ago in eastern Europe and 10,000 years ago in northern Asia.

  • TheyCallMe Doug

    TheyCallMe Doug

    2 hours ago

    Africans are another spices, as they lack Neianthertal DNA, let that sink in... And explain some things..

  • Omar Kouyate

    Omar Kouyate

    2 hours ago

    What if it’s something really simple that explains the dominance of modern hominids? What if we are kind of hyper-sexual and we just tend to reproduce faster and then we tend to take care of our children a little longer? We tend to take care of our kids well into their teen years before we release them to the wild so to speak. I mean think about it, there are about 7 billion of us and we seem to live in about every corner of the earth. What if we are genetically wired to be constantly spreading out, exploring new things, and seeking? What if we are genetically wired to want to dominate, subjugate, and control our environment which has led to our immense success in terms of our population?

  • Sarah King

    Sarah King

    2 hours ago

    You should do an episode about the Mt. Tobo eruption. Also ones on the origins and evolutions of the first bacteria.

  • jimBobuu


    2 hours ago

    Wrong. It all goes back to Hara; Boomer / Sharon / Athena's and Helo's daughter. :-)

  • Brian Flowers

    Brian Flowers

    2 hours ago

    Hey guys, This youtuber has an interesting theory about Neanderthals, that they went extinct because we bred them to extinction. A very interesting theory. usdownload.net/item/video-DX0Dg9MxsOg.html

  • Jeffery Lubinski

    Jeffery Lubinski

    2 hours ago

    The paracus homonids are next for a video i hope.

  • Jeffery Lubinski

    Jeffery Lubinski

    2 hours ago

    So much yes!!!

  • GreenLantern1916


    3 hours ago

    Most people in the world are part Neanderthal, so they didn't really go extinct. Neanderthals are part of most people's ancestry.

  • William Hester

    William Hester

    3 hours ago

    To begin with. We are not the only group of living hominims on the planet. We are merely the most prolific group. There are others,

  • Jeff Engel

    Jeff Engel

    3 hours ago

    You know - with interbreeding that produces fertile offspring going on, and occupation of the same areas, it's arguable that they didn't go extinct at all. Instead, there just ceased to be a species distinction there. Picture species lineages as streams - speciation is a fork in the stream as it flows downhill/ into the future, and in this case, neither branch dries up entirely: they just meet back up again. Granted, at that point, one branch was a trickle and the other was a river, but it didn't just cease.

  • Boneskullzy


    3 hours ago

    I honestly don't believe that Neandertals or Denisovans have gone extinct. Just look at the different characteristics in different races - They're all "human" but not exactly similar. Jaw structure, bone structure, skull structure - each of these things varies from race to race. If anything I think that we are simply different species of human that are all being misclassified as "homosapien".

  • NOCH


    4 hours ago

    Isn't it kind of cool that we need to by diverse and different to evolve and survive different changes?

  • rkitchen1967


    4 hours ago

    When we met other humans...and killed them.

  • Bob C

    Bob C

    6 hours ago

    Umm, it's hominids, not hominins.

  • שת בנ־אברהם

    שת בנ־אברהם

    6 hours ago

    I love how many completely unverifiable assumptions go into this video. A small, inbred family living in Siberia goes extinct, and people assume the unusual genes they had make them into a new species. Perhaps the human genome simply lost variation that uses to exist? That's like saying poodles are a separate species because they don't have certain genes in common with Great Danes. Also, the rate of divergence from other humans is probably based on the mutation rate used to determine how long ago we diverged from ape-like creatures. That itself is a massive assumption, as we can't even agree on the amount of differences we have with chimps. Older studies (and most American textbooks) claim we have 98% of genes in common. But when comparing not just specific genes but also the layout of our DNA and variations in non-coding regions, the amount of similarity goes down to a meager ~70%.

  • ed p

    ed p

    6 hours ago

    Neaderthal DNA is the X factor

  • Tom Elijah

    Tom Elijah

    6 hours ago

    One explanation i have seen repeated several times for the extinction of Neanderthals is that modern humans were better adapted to use culture to create highly cooperative, socially cohesive groups. This gave them the cooperative edge.

  • ABC


    6 hours ago

    probably dna pair number wouldnt match , no diea it could be anything , No comment from me

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

    6 hours ago

    The earth is just one big, huge, and happy family.

  • Yahul Wagoni

    Yahul Wagoni

    6 hours ago

    A new conjecture is that Neanderthals did not die out but rather married into the homo sapiens. Traces of Neanderthals DNA are now being detected among us humans. Fascinating.

  • Oliver Lipsdorf

    Oliver Lipsdorf

    6 hours ago

    How was interbreeding with different species? Wouldnt they be per definition be the same species?

  • failtolawl


    24 minutes ago

    There isn't really a universal definition for "species", as different 'species' of things can still produce fertile offspring. For example, simple organisms often can interbreed but are distinct enough on their to be different species, only in complex species such as mammals does it become more difficult. For the sake of presentation they made the distinction.

  • KageNoTenshi


    6 hours ago

    Then technically doesn’t that makes them our ancestors as well to begin with?

  • Loki Lape

    Loki Lape

    6 hours ago

    So ancient humans made the undercut hair tie popular

  • a guy

    a guy

    6 hours ago

    12:09 he calls hominids "homonyms"

  • Theseustoo Astyages

    Theseustoo Astyages

    6 hours ago

    "...our success as a species..." I'd say it's far too early too early to say that our species is a success... all the more so since it looks very much like we're about to exterminate ourselves, one way or another. You want to see 'successful' species? Sharks are a VERY successful species... as are crocodiles... Modern sharks have been around for about 195 million years, but their evolution actually goes back 450 million years... now THAT is successful! By comparison even crocodiles are relative new-comers... they've been around for about 200 million years. So before we go bragging about our 'success as a species', let's just remember what kind of time-scale we're working on, and not forget what the term 'successful species' actually means, eh? ;)

  • Nautilus1972


    7 hours ago

    But we already KNOW that we have Neanderthal DNA within us .. and some peopl obviously carry more than others. Look at the Welsh!

  • Humphihzly


    7 hours ago

    Humans spread from Africa about 50,000 years ago. Neanderthals and humans diverged about 500,000 years ago. So they were closely related to us, but still separate for about 450,000 years allowing for another genetic variation that they might be considered a different species. For comparison lions and tigers diverged about 4 million years ago and can interbreed at least somewhat.

  • rodica popescu

    rodica popescu

    4 hours ago

    Not true

  • IT Ninja

    IT Ninja

    7 hours ago

    Would love to see a non-woke version!

  • Máté Kovács

    Máté Kovács

    7 hours ago


  • Rob James

    Rob James

    8 hours ago

    PBS using the same stock footage and B-roll over and over again, in the same video, for a short video? Someone got lazy. Lazy or just sucks at making video.

  • Andras Libal

    Andras Libal

    8 hours ago

    Whites intermixed with Neanderthals and the Asians intermixed with the Neanderthals and Denisovans. That is why (sub saharan) Africans today are genetically the farthest away genetically from all other humans on the planet: they did not intermix with these groups.

  • dazhibernian


    8 hours ago

    You say Denisovans, i say Mexicans.

  • Robert Bisard

    Robert Bisard

    8 hours ago

    What Kind of load of crap is this? there is absolutely no scientific evidence of anything you're saying, certainly the timelines of people being around a hundred thousand years ago is a load of crap

  • Jay Kingston

    Jay Kingston

    8 hours ago

    I bet the Neanderthals and other hominids were rapey and I bet they hunted human women for un-hairy attractive sex. I bet rapists and pedophiles are descendants of neanderthals and other hominids. (Just thought i'd add that I'm no scientist hah)

  • Bitchslapper316


    8 hours ago

    I hate to think it but these other species of humans were probably wiped out by our ancestors. The interbreeding species part probably came from the women getting raped. Our ancestors were extremely violent. Even in more modern history there are accounts of human civilizations completely wiping out another human civilization.

  • Dale Press

    Dale Press

    8 hours ago

    They couldn't find a better narrator than this skinny jean wearing hipster with a lisp?

  • BigFarma


    8 hours ago

    We would most definitely be racist (specist?) towards Neanderthals if they lived today if we can’t even get along with our own species

  • Dorothy Joseph

    Dorothy Joseph

    8 hours ago

    It's better this way though. Can you imagine how horrible the racism would have been it we'd had have actual genetic and gene differences?? Damn, that would have been brutal! ☹️

  • Kei Lei

    Kei Lei

    8 hours ago

    I have always felt that racism was an individual choice. My siblings and I were raised/trained by the same parents, and we all have different feelings on the subject. I know similar people from the same families with diverse choices.

  • CJFCarlsson Ensign

    CJFCarlsson Ensign

    9 hours ago

    If they interbred it means they were the same species, silly.



    9 hours ago

    We meet other human species all the time, thanks to (((diversity))).

  • Jinto117


    9 hours ago

    This must have been what it was like when the Dutch met the African Negros.

  • Presumptuous Pseudonym

    Presumptuous Pseudonym

    9 hours ago

    Modern Humans... the Captain Kirks of the Hominids.

  • jensibowable


    9 hours ago

    If were part neanderthal then why are you acting like “we” survived and they didnt? Theyre still here. Both species became one sorta speak

  • failtolawl


    22 minutes ago

    @jensibowable maybe you should finish the video.

  • jensibowable


    7 hours ago

    Kei Lei he keeps inferring that we are a diffrent species though. Like they whent extinct. But when two peoples intermingle they turn into 1 new one. The way he keeps saying “we” infers that he thinks the neanderthals just died out. But they didnt. We are them, as much as we are homosapiens and all the other peoples we intermingled with.

  • Kei Lei

    Kei Lei

    9 hours ago

    I believe he did say just that.

  • Luki26


    9 hours ago

    Wow this guy

  • Kori Jenkins

    Kori Jenkins

    9 hours ago

    This video basically disproves the out of Africa theory. Bravo! You did something nice for once :)

  • failtolawl


    20 minutes ago

    Would you care to explain how this disproves out of africa theory?

  • Kei Lei

    Kei Lei

    9 hours ago

    Wow! That did not even occur to me.

  • Telediario LA 5a

    Telediario LA 5a

    9 hours ago

    The ones who died were called kyle

  • Morgan Plays!

    Morgan Plays!

    9 hours ago

    Human’s greatest survival ability is the desire to have sex with exotic beings. This sounds accurate actually.

  • m zandvliet

    m zandvliet

    10 hours ago

    And the aboriginals are ......???

  • Sixties


    11 hours ago

    Now let's just all think about how bad racism would be if these species were still about

  • Kei Lei

    Kei Lei

    9 hours ago

    LOL I was just thinking the very same thing. But not just racism. Politics could conceivably be worse.

  • Juju Rellama

    Juju Rellama

    11 hours ago

    one human species sufficed me,

  • yopan


    11 hours ago

    Its crazy how we are deep into sciences like this meanwhile some people still think the earth is 6-10 thousand years old

  • Omar Amoodi

    Omar Amoodi

    11 hours ago

    Now Human have allegedly existed for about 300 000 years , and recorded history goes back about 7 ooo years with the first advanced societies that started about 7 000 years ago. Now the fossil records show that humanities 300 000 year history is littered with hominid species that became extinct. This includes an ape like hominid with a larger brain and far greater strength then us modern humans, “that may or may not have been more intelligent than us modern humans”. Now what have people doing for 300 000 years how come all of a sudden in only the last 6000 years have humans developed technology and advanced cultures and societies .

  • Omar Amoodi

    Omar Amoodi

    11 hours ago

    The question is what happened to all those hominid species that no longer exist ? Why does the fossil record have a catalogue of sudden mass animals extinctions?What would course animals to suddenly become extinct suddenly all the same time again and again ?Well maybe just maybe the world might have been just like it is now with advanced technology at some point or maybe at several times throughout humanities 300 000 year history on this world. And maybe just maybe some sort of global disaster large scale Atomic War or ecological disaster reduced that or those pasts advanced societies to almost nothing leaving just a few remains behind ( the pyramids stone henge ect ect ) Hypothesize for a moment on the outcome that a nuclear exchange between America and Russia during the cold war would have had on the world, such an event would have coursed mass animal extinctions , would have reduced the world back into the stone age leaving very little trace of the world behind.

  • Do NOT

    Do NOT

    11 hours ago

    If neanderthals were alive today it would be a grave sin to call them a different species, and everyone would be obliged to pretend there is only one human species in existence and that nobody is better than anyone else.

  • Mark Zink

    Mark Zink

    12 hours ago

    They managed to copulate without Tinder? My mind is shook.

  • Misanthrope


    12 hours ago

    so much sex... what a beautiful time they lived in.

  • Andrei


    13 hours ago

    this is the third channel i find this guy on,wtf?

  • ivan date

    ivan date

    13 hours ago

    and so far nobody complain about this

  • Jessica Gallegos

    Jessica Gallegos

    13 hours ago

    Is it that they went extinct or just fully integrated.

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