Why are people so mad at Game of Thrones?

The final season of Game of Thrones, and especially the last 3 episodes, have divided and angered many fans of the show. But why? Well, there are a number of reasons for this, so let’s break down the biggest and most recent problem first - Daenerys.
In last night’s episode, Daenerys and Drogon rain fire down upon King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocents. This is all after Cersei’s armies have surrendered. Now the show’s writers justify this by claiming it’s the Mad King storyline coming full circle with his daughter. And, if the show had more episodes and time to develop this extreme choice, it could have made more sense. But we’re only given 6 episodes this season, as opposed to the usual 10, and the decision to make Daenerys the “Mad Queen” seems rushed and hasty.
Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen Daenerys promise she’s nothing like her father, as she’s freed slaves and ruled mostly benevolently. So last night’s episode largely felt like a betrayal to both fans and her very character. An entire city going up in flames makes for a great visual, sure, but narratively it’s questionable. Now it appears Daenerys is the show’s “Big Bad,” and not Cersei.
And that’s another big problem - Cersei and her fate. Fans were out for blood and wanted a gruesome end for the cold-hearted tyrant. But instead of getting a knife in the heart (like many predicted), she fell victim to rubble. Now one could argue that Daenerys ultimately killed Cersei...but her end still seems somewhat anticlimactic. And that doesn't even begin to address Jaime's problem.
Jaime's redemption arc - where'd it go?! The Lannister most changed from a character standpoint after years of questioning his actions and his loyalty to his lover went back to his old ways all too quickly. In the previous episode, after leaving Brienne, fans had hoped he was on his way to King's Landing just to finish Cersei off himself. But this latest episode proved - NOPE! - he just wanted one last cuddle with his sister-lover. Hm.
In conclusion, we only have 1 episode left, and frankly I’m excited to see where this all goes.
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    I haven't seen any of the infinity wars movies yet. What order and should I view them in? Long fighting scenes makes me dizzy, so I will probably watch the movies half speed to keep score of who punches who and where. Do I have time to watch all the movies half speed before Thongus pull the plug on the universe?

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    Daenerys spent the entire series rationalizing butchering anyone who crossed her or hurt others because "they deserved it." The only difference between butchering your enemies and butchering innocents is whether or not you can justify seeing those innocents as your enemies. Which she did. She was quite clear the entire time that she felt the people were siding with Cersei and she was infuriated that they only surrendered after things were clearly not going their way instead of before her friend was murdered and one of her dragons killed. She hates those people and sees them as weak and cowardly and people and creatures she loved died because of them. As far as her fucked up mind is concerned they are her enemies and she's doing what she always does to her enemies: making a brutal and swift example of them so no one will ever cross her again. And just like every other time she won't feel bad at all because she's always willing to rationalize her butchery. She's a fanatic who's presently paranoid and barely holding herself together after seasons of her barely being held back by anyone else as it was. She likes to say she's doing what she does for noble reasons but it's always just been a rationalization for her. She is driven by greed of power and materialism, being so, non of her murders can be justify. Her comfort zone was recently destroyed and that lead to her loosing control, showing her true self in all of her glory. This has been, if anything, her most consistent character trait throughout and the only thing that ever held her back at all before were her trusted advisors. Now her trusted advisors are either all dead or people she no longer trusts and thinks are actively plotting against her.

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    I knew that the last season will suck send a meteorite and destroy Westeros so we can all be happy

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    I understand that this is not serious video, but Arguments presented in the desccription are total garbage. There are no black and white characters in GoT, most of their actions are based on long character development process. We could see how Dany has been changing due to all tragic events in the past episodes, and how the anger for Cersei and other rulers of Seven Kingdoms builds up. Shemany times reminded that her main goal is to destroy the ones who took the throne from her, and what she did in the last episode was the climax of her rage and this craving. Same goes for other characters, GoT was not meant to be just another regular Hollywood show, where the good guys always beat the bad ones and everything is done to please the audience. It takes more realisctic approach at showing characters and their personalities. That always was and still is the biggest advantage of the show. If someone preffers regular action/fantasy shows, GoT is simply not for them. (but ok, battle of winterfell from ep.3 was just very bad both in script and execution)

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