WORST Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing


WORST Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing
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Studios invest millions of dollars and countless hours into their next big hit, but despite the best efforts of everyone involved, no movie is ever perfect. What we end up seeing is just a tiny part of everything that went on behind the scenes, and it’s up to the editors to actually make it work. It’s easy to lose focus after hours spent in the editing room, going through the same shots over and over again. That’s why mistakes sometimes slip through the cracks and end up making it into the final cut. Let’s take a look at 10 worst movie mistakes that slipped through editing.
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  • luka machavariani

    luka machavariani

    11 hours ago

    What about you edited it?

  • Basch Fon Rosenburg

    Basch Fon Rosenburg

    14 hours ago

    if you have fellowship of the ring on vhs the car is not edited out

  • Gaza Darmie Up top boss

    Gaza Darmie Up top boss

    16 hours ago

    In Guyana we call them sneeker

  • A Purple Kiwi

    A Purple Kiwi

    18 hours ago

    Video doesn’t start until 1:00

  • ChArlIe ThE L3gEnD

    ChArlIe ThE L3gEnD

    Day ago

    No Nike trainers? Ok I got clickbaited

  • st.clair mac aulay

    st.clair mac aulay

    2 days ago

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  • st.clair mac aulay

    st.clair mac aulay

    2 days ago

    and the nike thing not cool!! thumbs down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • st.clair mac aulay

    st.clair mac aulay

    2 days ago

    they forgot twister

  • Castro Nericks

    Castro Nericks

    3 days ago

    where's the Nike logo????.......I aint seeing it

  • Juke Box

    Juke Box

    4 days ago

    By this videos own definition violets hair wasn’t a mistake that slipped through editing

  • true MC player

    true MC player

    4 days ago

    Then you should've been the animator of the icredibles

  • Kaalulangus Dietoloog

    Kaalulangus Dietoloog

    4 days ago


  • vineeth kumar

    vineeth kumar

    5 days ago

    I think he missed nike logo??

  • Hari haran

    Hari haran

    5 days ago


  • andrew solava

    andrew solava

    7 days ago

    You photoshopped the Nike simbol on Thor’s cape

  • Happycolabae161


    7 days ago

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  • It's Shaqib

    It's Shaqib

    7 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are violet I got clickbaited So did you Resaon: No nike

  • Amarachi Eboe

    Amarachi Eboe

    7 days ago

    In Frozen: When Elsa is singing in her ice castle that she just made, she pushes her hair over her right shoulder, but instead of pushing the hair over, it goes through...

  • Foxplays YT

    Foxplays YT

    8 days ago

    C L I C K B A I T T H E R E I S N O N I K E L O G O

  • Hdhfj Hdhfjff

    Hdhfj Hdhfjff

    8 days ago

    Where’s the Nike logo I came for that

  • River Loo

    River Loo

    8 days ago

    SuRe bLaMe iT aLl On ThE EdiToRs

  • ღDevin Wolfღ

    ღDevin Wolfღ

    8 days ago

    I have 500+ screen-shots to edit

  • dacsus


    8 days ago

    Pulp Fiction - dude, those were not bullet holes, but holes where some shelf was installed. You can even see dowels in them.

  • Alex and Ellie

    Alex and Ellie

    9 days ago

    Nike is great!

  • draven agustin

    draven agustin

    9 days ago

    What are you trying to achieve here?

  • GoG Oofie

    GoG Oofie

    9 days ago

    The suit has its own shoes. That’s why it makes noise. DUH

  • Maydidyoushart xD

    Maydidyoushart xD

    10 days ago

    Gonna delete this comment clickbaiters?

  • pewdiepie memes101

    pewdiepie memes101

    12 days ago


  • Holly actor

    Holly actor

    13 days ago

    I knew that logo is not there but yet here I am.

  • Dan Romo

    Dan Romo

    13 days ago

    Your worse than Looper

  • Team Samarahan 4X4

    Team Samarahan 4X4

    16 days ago

    the last one the shadow also different XD

  • Charlie DiDomenico

    Charlie DiDomenico

    21 day ago

    Don't delete this comment

  • Joseph_3


    23 days ago

    I was first to comment it’s deleted :’( I’m unsubscribing

  • Jakob M

    Jakob M

    24 days ago

    Violets hair INDIE incredibles

  • I *totally* agree with you because

    I *totally* agree with you because

    28 days ago

    Here’s a comment you can delete 👌

  • Kenny Wells

    Kenny Wells

    29 days ago

    Lmao 😂 he was not wearing the sneakers with the black panther suit.

  • Tiffany Thomas

    Tiffany Thomas

    Month ago

    I don’t think the sneakers were even on the new suit? They were just prototypes.

  • Ayush Bhuwania

    Ayush Bhuwania

    Month ago

    Bloody hell, I saw it for the Nike sign



    Month ago

    Lol i always saw that smoke in LOTR but i always tought it was chimney of the house

  • Kalob Norris

    Kalob Norris

    Month ago

    The Nike thing is so photoshop I don’t see how people got fooled

  • ODer Hunter

    ODer Hunter

    8 days ago

    @Kalob Norris If only it was real life and not the internet where everyone told the truth.

  • Kalob Norris

    Kalob Norris

    8 days ago

    ODer Hunter I wasn’t here for the picture

  • ODer Hunter

    ODer Hunter

    8 days ago

    Yet you're here lolol

  • Isaac Ashby

    Isaac Ashby

    Month ago

    You know he was wearing the "sneakers" right?

  • Jeffrey Clement

    Jeffrey Clement

    Month ago

    you may delete this comment but good luck deleting my thumbs down. Good job clickbaiting to failure.

  • animal lifetime

    animal lifetime

    Month ago

    Trash. really. Shoes making noise.

  • Digby Koe

    Digby Koe

    Month ago


  • M C

    M C

    Month ago

    I want 2 minutes and 2 seconds of my life back.

  • Billy Rohoia

    Billy Rohoia

    Month ago

    Who cares.. We love it.. You're just wasting our data..!!

  • luz pineda

    luz pineda

    Month ago

    What if... TheScreeny just edited the mistakes there :O

  • tommy y

    tommy y

    Month ago

    Yea where is nike

  • Johnnie Butler

    Johnnie Butler

    Month ago

    terrible video

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    Stephen Croft

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  • Laser 69 gaming

    Laser 69 gaming

    Month ago

    I got jebaited by nike logo

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    Ferry Anolin

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  • Rameez PM

    Rameez PM

    Month ago

    Wastage of time _ ! _

  • The One and only cat

    The One and only cat

    Month ago

    Wait... So now it's a mistake to zip up your fly?

  • souad Ali

    souad Ali

    Month ago

    i come here just for nike but watching all of stupidtiest thing no without nike

  • adkoemek PL

    adkoemek PL

    Month ago

    5 mil viewes 234 coments?? Hmm..🤔



    Month ago

    1. *_The entire Sonic trailer_*

  • murcielagofeliz


    Month ago

    Not even with 1080 hd could i see that auto!!

  • BELLjr8


    Month ago

    Black panther wasn't wearing the sneakers through the rest of the film. Tit.

  • Brado Mendi

    Brado Mendi

    Month ago

    What about the La La Land umbrella scene?

  • Daniel Alexander

    Daniel Alexander

    Month ago

    Starwars fans get beat up in high school

  • iris zahoor

    iris zahoor

    Month ago


  • stevo0195


    Month ago

    You Delete comments



    Month ago

    I know another movie screw up you dont have one there

  • W A R R I O R

    W A R R I O R

    Month ago

    Black panther probably doesn't where the sneakers while he's in his suit

  • André Brown

    André Brown

    Month ago

    I kept thinking, “the Nike logo is next...” 😂

  • Dominic


    Month ago

    The airplane in Gladiator made me fall out of my chair because of laughter!!

  • TTV_ SweatyTryhardYT:/

    TTV_ SweatyTryhardYT:/

    Month ago

    I'm ninjas dad

  • adam stielstra

    adam stielstra

    Month ago

    Also: Can any typical USdownload viewer use the English language even semi-correctly?

  • MagicalMax


    Month ago

    Video starts at 0:58

  • Bradley Buyer

    Bradley Buyer

    Month ago

    Ugh. Stopped watching at 'sneakers'.

  • 2012 sport

    2012 sport

    Month ago


  • offbeatartistry


    Month ago

    Got on this path from seeing GoT coffee cup

  • Prince


    Month ago

    2019 Starbucks in Game of Thrones

  • Badr Kheirallah

    Badr Kheirallah

    Month ago

    did i just get clickbaited

  • David Rock

    David Rock

    Month ago

    And i though i was weird i always wondered about the shoes in black panther and just assumed they where lab prototypes and he used others in the movies

  • Triger H4ppy

    Triger H4ppy

    Month ago


  • Alaa Alamad

    Alaa Alamad

    Month ago

    You're mistake by your parents

  • Josue Ramos

    Josue Ramos

    Month ago

    for the black panther mistake, thats cause the Black Panther Suit doesnt use the sneakers. Duh. otherwise they wouldve mentioned it in the movie.



    Month ago

    That’s photoshop dummies

  • Wouter de vries

    Wouter de vries

    Month ago

    Seems I got clickbaited, hopefully, since YT doesn't automatically play my video, you won't get my virtual money from me viewing it. Thanks comment section!

  • Priscilla Nelms

    Priscilla Nelms

    15 days ago


  • Xavier Vratny

    Xavier Vratny

    Month ago

    This man just said tripping its trippin

  • LoudNoises993


    Month ago

    She called them sneakers cause they he was wearing sandals

  • Im the Critic

    Im the Critic

    Month ago

    Clickbate ...Im here to see the nike logo at the suit of thor but its not here.....

  • marko hegeduš

    marko hegeduš

    2 months ago

    Mistakes ?????? please dont ...this mistakes in video is set up....bulshit

  • Jason Parker

    Jason Parker

    2 months ago

    too many Abos for cheating the viewers!

  • Askld Dlksa

    Askld Dlksa

    2 months ago

    Can this video suck more ?

  • Mr Haaris

    Mr Haaris

    2 months ago

    No Nike wtf

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    BlackWolf Gaming

    2 months ago

    More talking then showing, bla bla bla...

  • PorkandBeanFilms Films

    PorkandBeanFilms Films

    2 months ago

    Nobody cares

  • Joe Nagel

    Joe Nagel

    2 months ago

    0:59 where the video really starts 😒

  • יוני יוני

    יוני יוני

    2 months ago

    There is now mention to “Thor” layers.

  • mira pervin

    mira pervin

    2 months ago

    Came here for thor's nike logo mistake and found out that i got clickbaited

  • Abdiel David-Ejor

    Abdiel David-Ejor

    2 months ago

    if ur gonna talk about the sneakers making sounds at least give some real footage to confirm

  • ODer Hunter

    ODer Hunter

    8 days ago


  • Jake Jensen

    Jake Jensen

    2 months ago

    Skip the first minute if you want to get to the actual video

  • 10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    10, 000 Subscribers with no videos

    2 months ago

    Hmmm. I heard you delete comments here :D wanna take mine away?!?

  • Marzi


    2 months ago

    That Nike logo text was higher quality then the cape

  • Donut Chan

    Donut Chan

    2 months ago

    Sponsored by nike

  • Rim Enerio

    Rim Enerio

    2 months ago


  • Pikeel Kevin

    Pikeel Kevin

    2 months ago

    What about that Nike logo

  • D0sk


    2 months ago

    ‘Editor forgot to take out footsteps’ has no clips with audio to prove his point... 👌

  • Chris O'Brien

    Chris O'Brien

    Month ago

    It wouldn't be the editor who was responsible for the sound track, anyway.

  • Clean Dishes

    Clean Dishes

    2 months ago

    I just came here to say your editing skills need some help.

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