Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour

Zac Efron and Lily Collins take a friendship test. Lily and Zac star in "Extremely Wicked, Incredibly Evil," now streaming on Netflix.
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Zac Efron and Lily Collins Take a Friendship Test | Glamour


  • Krisztina Révész

    Krisztina Révész

    49 minutes ago

    I'd like one of those with Josephine Langford and Hero! 😊

  • Marichka Milord

    Marichka Milord

    54 minutes ago

    If they are not a couple yet, they will be....the chemistry is so real.

  • Choy Rachel

    Choy Rachel

    Hour ago

    I thought she's British

  • skurty bird

    skurty bird

    Hour ago

    Ok just his eyes I’m pretty sure I can tell he’s in love with her

  • Dilpreet Singh

    Dilpreet Singh

    Hour ago

    Man they’re so perfect

  • IsThisRealLife


    Hour ago

    So they are doin’ it on the down low eh

  • Radha Osan

    Radha Osan

    Hour ago


  • mg19cal


    Hour ago

    This is like "mid 90s, 3am movie on HBO" music Real folks know what that music is

  • mg19cal


    Hour ago

    I feel like I just watched them make love without the actual intercourse. Which makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sad that I didn't get to see Lily Collins in intercourse, happy that I didn't see someone other than me having intercourse with Lily Collins

  • Akmaral Abdubalieva

    Akmaral Abdubalieva

    Hour ago

    They remind me of David Beckham and his wife because of visuals

  • Jelaicah Ponce

    Jelaicah Ponce

    2 hours ago

    A real life Love, Rosie storrry!!!

  • Faith Iris MacIlvaine

    Faith Iris MacIlvaine

    4 hours ago

    Omg they are perfect for each other

  • Yvonne N

    Yvonne N

    5 hours ago

    They dated 7 years ago...?!

  • Sophia Stamakou

    Sophia Stamakou

    5 hours ago

    The first thing he wrote was " I love you" in the compliments part and then he tried to explain it with a more friendly way but WE JUST KNOW

  • Claudia M

    Claudia M

    7 hours ago


  • Vic Iag

    Vic Iag

    7 hours ago

    They just don’t stop looking at each other's lips omfg. And the hint that all Zac wants is someone to make cookies for him and watch movies 🤠 I’m dead

  • Art Medina

    Art Medina

    8 hours ago

    So have they smashed

  • Gemm Acaylar

    Gemm Acaylar

    9 hours ago

    i ship them too hard

  • vict oria

    vict oria

    9 hours ago

    They would make BOOTIFUL children 😍😍😍

  • Lana Fan Forever

    Lana Fan Forever

    9 hours ago

    I felt like they fell in love and got married in this video 🤣🤣 and their compliments were the wedding vows lmao, as if this was them getting g eloped and I’m one of the witnesses 🤣🤣

  • Adiba H

    Adiba H

    10 hours ago

    I ship them

  • Josue Alvarado

    Josue Alvarado

    10 hours ago

    I ship them

  • Sycho


    10 hours ago

    I felt kind of uncomfortable watching this.

  • Max Creativity

    Max Creativity

    10 hours ago

    And this is how i got over zac and vanessa

  • GoddammitDarth


    10 hours ago

    Yeah...... y'all ain't slick glamour

  • Lani Jayne

    Lani Jayne

    11 hours ago

    I loved watching that. You could see their connection and you could see that he likes her more than a friend. His eyes in this 😍

  • Stephanie Sanchez

    Stephanie Sanchez

    11 hours ago

    I ship them but they're probably fwb only 😥 should be more

  • Cynthia silva

    Cynthia silva

    11 hours ago

    Can they please date in real life?! 🥰

  • Fysqa Affendy

    Fysqa Affendy

    11 hours ago

    is this like a pre-wedding interview sesh / videoshoot or smn??

  • siosiana fakaongo

    siosiana fakaongo

    11 hours ago

    I ship them hard bro😍😍🙈

  • Yarialis Lopez

    Yarialis Lopez

    12 hours ago

    Please date. They are so cute together

  • Maria


    12 hours ago

    this is how love looks

  • Lindsay White

    Lindsay White

    12 hours ago

    Their so cute!they need to date!

  • Horvath Economics

    Horvath Economics

    13 hours ago

    So sad theyre just friends

  • yikes


    13 hours ago

    2:17 IS SO CUTE BYE

  • Emma Gillett

    Emma Gillett

    13 hours ago

    So when do they get married??

  • Sxnny


    14 hours ago

    i feel like I just watched them fall in love, and my heart???? is so full

  • alessia pietraroia

    alessia pietraroia

    14 hours ago

    they’re literally in love wtf

  • Delaney Davis

    Delaney Davis

    14 hours ago

    I literally smiled for the whole video this makes me happy

  • Nobody


    14 hours ago

    I've watched this so many times, I can't get over their looks!

  • Yongkang Liu

    Yongkang Liu

    15 hours ago

    They are perfect to be together !!

  • Saša Bogdanović

    Saša Bogdanović

    15 hours ago

    you are humble have more gold on him that i ever seen in my life on pictures

  • Victoria Grace

    Victoria Grace

    15 hours ago

    when they winked... i was just... whoooo

  • Aimee Capizzi

    Aimee Capizzi

    15 hours ago

    Zac I saw that sneaky look at her lips when you were staring at her

  • Annie Fyfe

    Annie Fyfe

    16 hours ago

    Does anyone else low key hope they get married

  • Mariana Hernandez

    Mariana Hernandez

    16 hours ago

    Tell me why I totally ship them 😚

  • sofia soto

    sofia soto

    16 hours ago


  • Mary J.

    Mary J.

    16 hours ago

    This melted my heart awww❤

  • GOSIAA _

    GOSIAA _

    16 hours ago


  • Reyhan


    17 hours ago

    Ok well I ship this

  • Greta Caschette

    Greta Caschette

    17 hours ago

    You should do Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice next!!!

  • for LN

    for LN

    18 hours ago


  • Mark Twayne

    Mark Twayne

    18 hours ago

    This Hurts. She seems to see him just like a friend and he's so in love

  • Tarau Marina

    Tarau Marina

    18 hours ago

    they look so in love😙

  • Sophie Carter

    Sophie Carter

    18 hours ago


  • Sophie Carter

    Sophie Carter

    18 hours ago

    if they don’t get married then what’s the point in life

  • Bianca Vlogz

    Bianca Vlogz

    18 hours ago

    I ship soo much😭

  • deleslie


    18 hours ago


  • lila sanchez

    lila sanchez

    19 hours ago

    Zack falls in love with Lily

  • Robin


    19 hours ago

    Glamour what is this, this ain’t a friendship test you set this up to make them fall in love lmao

  • Jennie22.0


    19 hours ago

    only seven minutes? I feel cheated I need more.

  • Really Justreally

    Really Justreally

    19 hours ago

    Jim and Pam right here. PERIOD

  • lina josephe

    lina josephe

    19 hours ago

    This isn’t friendship it’s a « I’ve had a crush on you for the past 5 years but never told you » relationship

  • mxchxllx


    21 hour ago

    When Zac said 🧿👄🧿 I felt that

  • Bethany Grey

    Bethany Grey

    21 hour ago

    Lily Collins is a GODDESS 💖

  • Rebecca Fuller

    Rebecca Fuller

    22 hours ago

    Get married immediately

  • Ileen love

    Ileen love

    22 hours ago

    can you guys just date! this is LOVE!!!! lol

  • mary lili

    mary lili

    22 hours ago

    Please be together . I feel u have something that will last 4 ever

  • Jessica Cardoso

    Jessica Cardoso

    22 hours ago

    Imagine if they got off set and they were like ugh I hate you 😂😂 and this was all for show

  • Luciana Villasante

    Luciana Villasante

    23 hours ago

    The way Zac was looking between Lily’s eyes and lips was everything 😭♥️♥️

  • Ginna Beltrán

    Ginna Beltrán

    23 hours ago


  • Surnatka Ważne jest imię

    Surnatka Ważne jest imię

    23 hours ago

    You should dating 😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍

  • Karla Colon

    Karla Colon

    23 hours ago

    When they’re staring into each other eyes ... Zac, Just kiss her already!!! 😍

  • vidycz15


    Day ago

    Lily Collins looks like a porcelain doll.

  • Truman Tan 喆鸿

    Truman Tan 喆鸿

    Day ago

    They’re so cute but the movie made it so weird

  • Vera Smolyakova

    Vera Smolyakova

    Day ago

    I feel like Glamour just really wanted them to be together LOL Cause the exercises are too cute. I mean.. I don't blame them, welcome to the club.

  • RedLightning17


    Day ago

    I didn't know these two knew each other. Now I wouldn't be shocked if these 2 were engaged tomorrow

  • Fauzia Chairani

    Fauzia Chairani

    Day ago

    Omg who am I to tell that I'm touched while watching this. Like.. I mean I hope both Lily and Zac find their soulmate soon 😍 I can feel how kind hearted they really are

  • sheentheexplorer


    Day ago

    I ship this more than Lily and Noah

  • jenevar rin

    jenevar rin

    Day ago

    Wow their chemistry 😍🥺

  • MDLourdes Mendez

    MDLourdes Mendez

    Day ago

    Almost cried,because I think my love Zac has found his soulmate😍

  • Angelica Restauro

    Angelica Restauro

    Day ago

    Me while watching this: Are they married? Cuz they look so inlove

  • Rebekah Aguero

    Rebekah Aguero

    Day ago

    This makes me cry bc she can’t get it that he likes her

  • Petra Antic

    Petra Antic

    Day ago

    03:49 - 03:52 hmmmm

  • Shawn my love To you

    Shawn my love To you

    Day ago

    They better date, just look at zac how hard he is crushing on her😭 Find a mans like zac

  • Kitten Smithers

    Kitten Smithers

    Day ago


  • DopeDoge21


    Day ago

    I feel like a third wheeler

  • lauren lipkin

    lauren lipkin

    Day ago

    are you all ignoring that zac is rumored to be dating a danish olympic swimmer?

  • lucky Abiezzart

    lucky Abiezzart

    Day ago

    4:35 if i was a girl i would proudly pregnant for him, dangg u can tell zac really into you. Liliy. JUST MARRIED.

  • Julia Vikstrom

    Julia Vikstrom

    Day ago

    Bro they would have the most attractive kids, like Angelina and Brad attractive

  • Julia Vikstrom

    Julia Vikstrom

    Day ago

    Okay the music is what makes it so romantic lmfao Glamour knows what tf they’re doing

  • Eliza Shkafaj

    Eliza Shkafaj

    Day ago

    Huh lilly efron sounds nice



    Day ago

    This is just Lily Collins and Zac Efron reminding me that I’m going to be alone forever. Thanks guys!

  • Bagas Rahman

    Bagas Rahman

    Day ago

    that point the way he told her that she has a great smile,is litterally so romantic,and makes me cant stay still

  • tariro chiviya

    tariro chiviya

    Day ago

    This is not a friendship test. Tryna be slick... foh😂

  • Caroline Cepeda

    Caroline Cepeda

    Day ago


  • Simret Sekhon

    Simret Sekhon

    Day ago

    CAn you please please bring Rhett and Link on this 😩

  • Charlotte Marks

    Charlotte Marks

    Day ago

    Thank you glamour for making them fall in love

  • Melissa D' Angelo

    Melissa D' Angelo

    Day ago

    Zac Efron and Lily Collins Exchange Vows

  • kayla rock

    kayla rock

    Day ago

    I ship so hard IT HURTS!!!👀❤❤😩

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